You Might Die - But it Will Cost Too Much To Do Anything So Let's Not.

If you were told that you had a fatal disease and a Doctor told you how to get better, but then an economist came along and told you that the cost of treating you would be too high so it would be better not to do anything - would you sit there and wait to die?

It's that kind of inane logic that governs this quote from Cato Institute Senior fellow, Jerry Taylor who said, “scientists are in no position to intelligently guide public policy on climate change.” Scientists can lay out scenarios, but it is up to economists to weigh the costs and benefits and many of them say the costs of cutting emissions are higher than the benefits”.

Enough is enough and in what media is calling an unprecedented move, over 200 climate scientists have signed a petition urging government leaders in Bali this week, to take urgent action on climate change, stressing that the clock is ticking and that the time to act now is upon us.

Today's action follows last week's petition signed by over 150 global business leaders calling for a 50% cut in emissions. On the one hand we have a huge body of scientists from around the world who study what is happening to the planet and are raising major alarm bells and on the other hand, we have the business leaders who drive the economy calling for action. What stands to delay us are the very people we elected to represent us in the first place. (Or at least appeared to be elected.)

Thanks to Think Progress for pointing us to this article.


Shouldn’t those same economists ask for the externalities of carbon emissions to be internalized, so the market functions better.

I was under the impression that most economists agree that a carbon tax is the best way of doing that. It sure beats doing nothing.

Personally I view anyone who used to claim climate change was a hoax, and now claims there is nothing we can do with a bit of skepticism.

I think the problem is that the science isn’t mature yet. There is a credible body of science which does not agree with the general Co2 global warming theories, and this is increasing all the time.

There are still some serious questions to be answered, and whilst we do need to act quickly we should also recognise that it might be imprudent to make huge decisions based on science that isn’t yet 100% right - the biggest risk of all being that we end up making the wrong decisions and make a bad situation worse.

It is a common refrain of the political Right that it will cost trillions of dollars to address the problem of global warming and that if it’s a false alarm it will be trillions wasted for no good reason.
Here is some simple logic for you…
If we do act on the assumption that the threat is real and it turns out not to be, then we will indeed have spent trillions that could have been spent elsewhere.
In that scenario, we will have unnecessarily freed ourselves up from our dependence on fossil fuels through the huge investments in developing their alternatives that we will have made.
We will have needlessly reduced our industrial and vehicular emissions, leading to cleaner air for our increasingly asthmatic children to breath. Not to mention the benefits to the global ecology.
We will have pointlessly improved household efficiency in terms of thermal management and general power consumption leading to more people having a bit more cash in their pockets, to spend on the things that our captains insist we all need, (like that shiny new super efficient, internet enabled, washer/dryer/water recycler/irrigator). Need I go on…?
I could also mention certain demonstrably needless trillions that have been spent very recently, for which the knock-on economic and social results have been…well, not quite as fortuitous as those I’ve just outlined. Unless you happen to be an arms dealer or an oil barron that is…
On the other hand, if we do spend those trillions and it turns out to have been necessary, then few would argue that it would be the best spent trillions in history. In fact it seems increasingly likely that this threat is real and immediate despite what a very few highly compromised ‘scientific’ commentators have claimed.
Of course if we choose not to spend the trillions and this all turns out to be a false alarm, then there are no losers except for those who are loosing already. Nothing changes. Business as usual.
The worst case scenario is that we do nothing to mitigate the effects of global warming and the threat materializes as predicted by the climatologists, ecologists and other scientific professionals who for many years have been working to try to understand these things.
In that case we will have witnessed the most catastrophic failure of intelligence in history.
Not a failure in the delivery of that intelligence.
A failure in the assimilation of it.
We were warned but we did nothing…
When the experts in a particular field have a strong opinion on the likely behavior of a system they are studying and that the outcome could be disastrous if appropriate action is not initiated, ignoring the experts is begging for disaster.
It strikes me as being disturbingly similar to some recent willful discounting of intelligence that resulted in the needless spending of those trillions I alluded to earlier…By the very same folk who are leading the charge in discounting the uncompromised, credible climate scientists what’s more!!
Is there a pattern forming here?
A simple diagram with the decisions to act or not act heading the columns and the reality or otherwise of the threat heading the rows illustrates the decision making quandary beautifully. Do the math. This diagram yields four end possibilities. They are outlined above and summarised below for your convienience.

Either the threat is real or it isn’t.
Either we act to protect ourselves or we don’t.

We have no choice as to the reality or otherwise of the threat.
Therefore the only control we have over this situation is the choice as to whether or not to act.

If we don’t act, we get either;
(1 Business as usual, or
(2 A potentially catastrophic future for which we are utterly unprepared and over which we have no control.
If we do act, we get either;
(1 A better, cleaner, hi-tech world, or
(2 A better, cleaner, hi-tech world and the mitigation and control of what would otherwise be a potentially, catastrophic future.

It doesn’t seem to be a difficult choice, but then my wealth is not dependant on oil or guns and bombs to any great extent.

I understand your argument, and I hate the neo-con uninteligence movement, but there really are some good reasons for looking at this issue some more before we act.

1) Just because it might be a dooms-day scenario is not a good enough reason to blow tons of money on the issue

2) Politics, activism, and. government getting all mixed up in the scientific process is bad news…. the scientific community is all about pier review and scientific process, which is slow, but much better than the emotional world of the first three groups listed.

3) Pascals wager isn’t good enough of an argument for action. It is the same argument that Christians use for belief in god (i.e. we have 4 scenarios, god exists and i believe, god doesn’t exist and i believe, god exists and i don’t believe, and god doesn’t exist and i don’t believe….) The problem with that logic is that we use the emotional view of 1/4 odds of being right, and not really “losing anything” if god doesn’t exist. WELL, there is a big problem with this… first, you didn’t have to PROVE that god exists…. second, it is a gross over simplification of a very complex issue. It just isn’t that simple.

I know that were i stand puts me with terrible bed fellows. Oil companies, neo-cons, etc, BUT I that doesn’t change how I feel about the topic. There isn’t enough proof that climate change will do more harm than good, there isn’t enough proof that co2 is the ONLY major factor in climate change. Al Gore and many other fear mongers on the doomsday scenario are also profiting substantially in making people like you and me fear for the future (he has one of the biggest “carbo offset” companies in the world… if that doesn’t say conflict of intereset i don’t know what does.

my point is, it isn’t that simple, and if global climate change is indeed caused by human contributed co2 emissions, we need a clearer indication.

consensus does not equal truth
correlation does not mean causality

How much clearer of an indication is needed? The world’s scientists have spoken on the matter. The evidence in favour of AGW is increasingly strong - and the indicators are coming in at the higher end of the predicted scale.

This comes out of the scientific process you spoke so highly of in point #2.

And quite frankly, your attack on Al Gore doesn’t do much for your argument.

Let me sum it up for you:

1) The scientific evidence is clear
2) The effects are measurable and are getting worse
3) We know what to do in order to address the problem.
4) Not spending money on the problem will lead to much bigger and more expensive problems in the medium-long term.

Let’s put it this way. If you knew you had a leak in your roof and 99 out of 100 roofers told you that it would cause your roof to cave in, wouldn’t you want to fix it now?

It may cost a lot, and it may affect your cash-flow for a short time. But if you left it to fester, the problem would get worse and worse. And the cost of dealing with it would get more and more expensive.

Or would you rather claim that the matter isn’t settled, and that the roofers who told you to fix it might have a vested interest in the problem. And in the end, you really don’t know if having your roof cave in is a “doomsday” scenario, so why should you pay for it now. You can always ignore the drops of water leaking through the ceiling, and in the end, it’s your children who will have to pay the costs of a full roof replacement anyways. Why should yuo compromise your lifestyle?

Using your analogy Al, many people are looking at their roof and don’t see it caving in.

That many of the world’s scientists have spoken does not take the decision out of the hands of the people in a democracy. And so far, people in Canada will not allow their elected officials to take drastic measures.

I do support moving on from oil to some other eventually harmful energy source in a rational manor.

A few thoughts i found were missing from the page…

More than 26,000 science professionals have said that earth stopped warming over eight years ago. Antarctica is getting colder. Numerically, more of the world’s population would benefit from a warmer planet with more rain than will be forced to relocate due to rising sea levels and drought.

By early on in December 2007, more than 19,000 members of the scientific community had, in writing on a single document, stated clearly that the science used to come to this conclusion was not honest, accurate nor did it resemble the outcome of dozens of other theories.

Don’t forget Paul, that even today, numbers are still numbers and math can’t be argued, more scientists with advanced academic degrees do not support the theories of the Kyoto accord and human induced warming than do.
Remember, this is a Republic.

Here is a short excerpt,
“The treaty is, in our opinion, based upon flawed ideas. Research data on
climate change do not show that human use of hydrocarbons is harmful. To
the contrary, there is good evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful.The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind.”
-Dr. Frederick Seitz, U.S. National Academy of Sciences

It is important to note that this petition was funded entirely by private donors and not from the industry, much unlike the Kyoto accord and Al Gore’s emissions trading company that has dipped generously into the nearly US$100 Billion dollar market.

So, i believe that our view on the issue is merely one based how many hours the issue has gotten on CNN and NPR not on science, at least that is what the majority of the scientific community currently understands to be true, and again Paul, this is a Republic.
Please do try to find truth, even if it comes from the other side. -Kenneth

Kenneth Valles, have you ever read even one scientific paper on the basic science behind AGW? Why do you only talk about the many frauds of the AGW deniers such as the Oregon petition and others. These are completely fraudulent and do not speak to the science. The scientific community is completely behind the science of AGW, except for a handful of dishonest “scientists” who are the orchestrators behind the various frauds which you have swallowed hook, line and stinker.

Ian Forrester

An open mind and heart!

It is so good to see you coming to this with a clear mind and a desire for the truth.

I Teach Physics. I have read well over eighty book on the subject as well personally stood on and study all seven of the continents on this issue.
Last week i was on a glacier in Argentina and i leave tomorrow for Canada.

What are your qualifications and experience Ian the wise?

Kenneth wrote More than 26,000 science professionals have said that earth stopped warming over eight years ago. Antarctica is getting colder. Numerically, more of the world’s population would benefit from a warmer planet with more rain than will be forced to relocate due to rising sea levels and drought.

Kenneth, how about you provide citations for each of these three statements because I think every one of them is false. If you really teach physics, you should know how to cite your sources.

Here you go

“More than 26,000 science professionals”
-Meltdown by Patrick J. Michaels
(Patrick J. Michaels, Ph.D., (born February 15, 1950) is a part-time research professor of Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia. He is a former university Climatologist for Virginia, a position he held from 1980 until 2007. His professional specialty is the influence of climate on agriculture.) -Wikipedia

“Antarctica is getting colder”
“Peter Doran of the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a team of scientists, report finding a marked decrease in temperature—as much as 0.7 °C per decade since 1966.”
-The BBC, CSmonitor, Enviro science and technology, CAPMAG,

“Ocean levels will rise less than 23 inches.” -David Legates PH.D Climatologist UNIV. of Delaware.
Thus affecting A very minimal number of people. While increased tempuratures will increase rainfall. Here are a few large bodies of unused land that are so due to extreme cold or lack of rain fall. Antarctica, Northern Canada, Siberia, Australia, Mongolia, the Gobi, the Sahara and Greenland.

Next time please do try to have the hocks to put your name down brave and bright,
Kenneth Valles

Read all about Patrick Michaels by searching for Michaels here at DeSmogBlog. Likewise Legates, another denialist.

As for Peter Doran:
“Our results have been misused as ‘evidence’ against global warming by Michael Crichton … and by Ann Coulter… In the meantime, I would like to remove my name from the list of scientists who dispute global warming. I know my coauthors would as well.” – Peter Doran, Op-Ed Page, New York Times, July 27, 2006

Your citations are inadequate Kenneth. If you were a real scientist you would not brag about reading 80 books, because you would have read thousands of articles. Science books are apt to be out of date by the time they are published.

Oh, and Kenneth, what are hocks? Animals’ hind legs?

And I hope you’re not including Michael Crichton’s books among your 80 books. Jurassic Park is fiction, you know.

VJ”, Very good!
Yes, hocks are indeed an animals hind legs, well lets be honest, a portion of an animals hind legs around the centre or “knee” of the leg.
Hocks is also a term used by humans to express a feeling, Usually tied to honour and genitals. I.E. the honour of standing naked in front of those you revere with your penis and testicles still attached to your groin.
Don’t worry about not knowing this VJ, not everybody can know everything, you know.

“the quote about misusing our findings is true but don’t misunderstand that too… Our study did find that 58 percent of Antarctica cooled from 1966 to 2000.” -Peter Doran, August 16th 2007
Doran’s name has been removed from the list (see below).

I do read a lot of articles VJ, but i don’t have a close count on how many and it would be foolish to guess up a number. I also know from many i have worked with that articles can be dangerous because they are often written with haste.
And VJ, I didn’t “brag” about the books but was rather scornfully asked.
It is also important though, to remember that this debate is a lot older than your interest in it is. I’ve been reading a little while now and i do take information in from many sources, as you know, i am here.

Allow me to tell you something VJ, yours, and the others here, obvious fury with my skepticism is tragic for you and for humanity, Skepticism is the very drive of science and your warming debate. I, and any other educated or intellectual person will tell you,

Avoid skepticism and you will avoid truth.
-Kenneth Valles

Kenneth, you are talking to grownups here. When you make adolescent remarks like “grow a pair!”, the grownups roll their eyes and assume you are an idiot. It is especially ineffective when you are addressing grownup women who neither want nor need that anatomical feature. Grow up, Kenneth.

If you are silly enough to think the Oregon petition means anything, all your reading has not benefitted you.

Your skepticism shows no sign of being educated. You have not learned to be skeptical of the denialists’ arguments. You could educate yourself by reading the articles on this site instead of wasting time making the same old arguments which were exploded years ago.

Now VJ,
Your lying. i never said “”grow a pair”“. This is the first line from you that has disappointed me.
Don’t ever fabricate a quote from me again.

If you should want to crush all trust your readers might have had in your opinions and words, utterly making something up, slapping it in quotation marks is surely the way to do it.

It’s ok if you don’t think i’m educated VJ, i don’t even know your name.

“Silly”, me. i do still consider the Oregon petition to mean something, i think of as a way of saying “i have a science degree from a respected institution, i have relevant work experience and reports to prove so and i don’t think that enough is known to go ahead with the Kyoto protocol at this time” but times about 19,000.

If you do, and i mean this honestly, have something i should know about the petition that has brought you to your view on it, please do share it with me.

Interestingly enough, it was an article from this site that brought me here. I have read a decent amount here in the past few days because i was sitting in airports and found the site’s perspective a little unique.
I do challenge the “denialists’ arguments” quite intensely,
but not here on this page that seems so decided already, that would not be adding something new to think about.

I’ll tell you what VJ, i’ve spent a decent amount of time here in the past few days, reading and writing. why don’t you try out a site that puts you against the wind for a little while and we’ll share our findings.

Let me know,
Kenneth Valles

It was not a direct quote of you, though it is a quote of someone else who shares your fixation with your sexual organs; but it is an example of the kind of thing you were saying. Grow a brain, Kenneth.

I read some rightwing sites as well as plenty of argument on real science sites. I don’t spend too much time on the rightwing sites because the mass stupidity there is so annoying.

Tell you what, go read gristmill’s discussion of the Oregon petition and what is wrong with it. I’m sure you can find the link if you try.

Kenneth Valles, you can say what you want on a blog about qualifications but they are absolutely meaningless since no one can confirm whether you are being honest or not.

What counts is how one explains the science. Since you are trashing the science of AGW, that makes you a very poor example of a “physics” teacher since physical laws are in agreement with the causes of AGW. Claiming to have all sorts of “qualifications” is common practice by the AGW deniers. However, their lack of basic understanding of the simple laws of physics and chemistry shows that they are either completely ignorant of the subject they claim to have expertise in or are dishonest. Take your pick, Mr. Valles.

Ian Forrester

Ian, claiming that climate scientists have a solid understanding of all the major factors influencing climate is not true either. That is not “trashing” the science of AGW, it is recognizing the current limits of the science.

Paul S/G, once again you are showing that you do not understand how science operates. It works on the 90 to 10 ratio. That is 90% of the understanding is accomplished in the first 10% of the work. The remaining 90% of the time is spent on polishing the basic findings.

That ratio also seems to work here where 10% of the posters (Rob, JD, Paul S/G, Kenneth Valles) provide greater than 90% of the rubbish promoted by the AGW deniers.

Paul, why do you hate scientists (James Hansen in particular) and try to denigrate their positive contributions to society? You are a very disturbed person.

Ian Forrester

Dear Mr. Valles,
I found your post quite humorous and would like to thank you for the entertainment.

Among the many issues that I found particularly enjoyable are the assertions that some 26000 and 19000 scientific “professionals”, at various times, considered climate science to be dishonest. Being in the field of earth science myself, I’d estimate that there are fewer than several thousand climate scientists worldwide as opposed to the numbers you propose. It strikes me that you may be including TV weather people and dental hygienists in your estimates.

I also applaud you for introducing me to Dr. Seitz. Based on my brief google search (and some wonderful links on wikipedia), it appears that Dr. Seitz was quite a promising physicist… in the 1930’s. After a long career in physics and academic administration Dr. Seitz went to work as an advisor to R.J. Reynolds (of the US tobacco industry) in their Medical Research wing (1979). In 1989, the CEO of Reynolds is quoted as saying, “Dr. Seitz is quite elderly and not sufficiently rational to offer advice” ( Quite an indictment coming from a pre-settlement Tobacco Executive. Dr. Seitz’s assertions that climate change is bogus stem from a report written in 1994 (5 years after the Tobacco industry considered him senile and 13 years ago at a stage when climate science was not nearly as well supported as today) and consists primarliy of Dr. Seitz criticizing scientific conclusions w/o the basis of any real evidence or work of his own… just the opinion of a scientist retired for ~27 years (at that point) who had been elected to the National Academy for work done some 40+ years earlier in an completely unrelated field. But, Hey! Who’s counting?

The Tobacco Industry considered him too loony at 78 to help them gain any traction in trying to deny the link between cancer and cigarettes, but the Climate Change deniers haven’t quite gotten their fill of Seitz yet… thats a sorry state to be in since he was 83 and must have been in a much better frame of mind when he wrote his now irrelevant piece on the state of climate science.

Thanks again for the laugh!

Maybe you’re right!

A old scientist is a bad scientist! So, after some thought and reflection and 23 seconds on Goolge i found a few more names for ya that signed that petition about the kyoto protocol so you might do the needed research on them too!

Earl Aagaard, PhD, Roger L Aamodt, PhD, M Robert Aaron, Ralph F Abate, Hamed Abbas, PhD, Paul Abbett, Wyatt E Abbitt III, David M Abbott Jr, Ursula K Abbott, PhD, Riaz F. Abdulla, PhD, J M Abell, Philip H Abelson, PhD, Wayne Aben, Grady Ables, Earl A Abrahamson, PhD, Bernard Abrams, David Acerni, J Wayne Achee, D T Achord, PhD, Ernest Achterberg, John R Ackerman, Gene Ackerman, William Ackerman, Richard E. Ackermann, Terry Ackman, Donald O Acrey, Lee Actor, Robert K Adair, PhD, Brian Adam, PhD, Chris Adam, Donald Adams, William D Adams, Louis W Adams, PhD, James W Adams, Dell Adams, Henry Adams, William W Adams, Steve W Adams, Gail D Adams, PhD, Roy B Adams, George B Adams, PhD, Eugene Adams, Leonard C A Adams, PhD, Charles K Adams, Brook Adams, Roy M Adams, PhD, Walter Adams, Richard E Adams, Neil Adams, PhD, Richard L Adams, Daniel Adams, PhD, Gerald J Adams, PhD, William M Adams, PhD, Wilton T Adams, PhD, Wilton Adams, PhD, George F. Adams, Jim Adadms, Daniel B Adams Jr, John Adams, Opal Adams, Phillip Adams, PhD, John E Adams, PhD, Howard Adams, Wm J Adams, Kent A. Adams, Gregory Adams, George Adcock, Rusty Adcock, MD, Lionel P Adda, PhD, Tim Addington, Albert W Addington, John K Addy, PhD, C William Ade, Albert H Adelman, PhD, Barnet R Adelman, Ronald A Adkins, PhD, Michael F Adkins, L A Adkins, T Adkins, Norman Adler, PhD, Lt Col Jacques J Adnet, Anthrony J Adrignolo, PhD, Harry Adrounie, PhD, Richard A Adsero, Steven E Aeschbach, Stephen Affleck, PhD, Siegfried Aftergut, PhD, Jack Agan, Larry D Agenbroad, PhD, Sven Agerbek, George Aggen, PhD, Vincent Agnello, MD, Kenneth Agnes, Mark Agnew, M C Agress, Jorge T Aguinadlo, Robert Aharonov, Richard Ahern, Phillip Ahlberg, Kevin Ahlborg, Mark Ahlert, Terry Ahlquist, Mumtaz Ahmed, PhD, Rafique Ahmed, PhD, Robert Ahokas, PhD, H W Ahrenholz, Edward Ahrens, Rolland W Ahrens, PhD, Robert M Ahring, PhD, John J Aiello, S F Aiello, Joseph P. Aiello, MD, Brian R Ainley, Oscar R Ainsworth, PhD, Alfred Ainsworth III, Ainsworth, S Aisenberg, PhD, David J Akers, Wayne Henry Akeson, MD, Thane Akins, Akram, PhD, John Alai, Robert J Alaimo, PhD, Greg Alan, Vincent M Albanese, A Henry Albaugh, Timothy A Albers, MD, Eric K Albert, PhD, Wm L Albert, Edward Albert, James L Alberta, Frank Addison Albini, PhD, Rudolph C Albrecht, Robert Albrecht, Robert Lee Albright, PhD, Fred R Albright, PhD, James C Albright, PhD, Marcus Albro, Allwyn Albuquerque, Ernest C Alcaraz, PhD, Garrett D Alcorn, MD, Frank Alder, Ronald G Alderfer, PhD, Thomas Alderson, PhD, Franklin D Aldrich, PhD, Samuel Aldrich, PhD, Richard J Aldrich, PhD, Robert Aldridge, Wm M Baldwin, Peter C Alecxih Sr, PhD, Perry B Alers, PhD, Steven J Alessandro, Alex F Alessandrini, Joe Alex, Danrick Alexander, James F Alexander Jr, Dave Alexander, John C Alexander, Harold R Alexander, Ira Alexander, Robert Alexander, Moorad Alexanian, PhD, Robert Alford, Rex Alford, Roger C Alig, PhD, R Allahyari, PhD, Joel Alldredge, John L Allen, Randall Allen, Robert Allen, MD, Robert C Allen, Christopher G Allen, Charles C Allen, Kenneth Allen, Thomas H Allen, PhD, Eric R Allen, PhD, William Allen, Merrill P Allen, William Allen, Clayton H Allen, PhD, Mike R Allen, PhD, James Allen, PhD, Pampselo Allen, David Allen, PhD, Emma G Allen, PhD, F. J. Allen, Roger B Allen, PhD, Robert T Van Aller, PhD, Carl Allesandro, Jonathan Alley, MD, Robt W Allgood, Ronald C Allison, MD, Terry Allison, Craig Allison, Kevin E Allison, Tom S. Allison, PhD, John J Allport, PhD, Albert L Allred, PhD, Victor D Allred, PhD, Ivan D Allred Jr, Arthur W Allsop, Gary L Allurg, MD, Frank M Almeter, PhD, Richard E Almy, Patrick Aloutto, PhD, James Aloye, Reevis S Alphin, PhD, A Frank Alsobrook, John Alsop, PhD, Sally Alston, Arthur Alt, Charles Alt, Vincent O Altemose, Timothy Altier, David Altman, PhD, Melvyn R Altman, PhD, Ronny G Altman, Peter C Altner, MD, Edward E Altshuler, PhD, Burton M Altura, PhD, Antonio Alvarez, Byron Alvey, Vern Always, Bradley A Aman, David Saint Amand, Charles D Amata, PhD, Ronald Amberger, PhD, Leo E Amborski, PhD, Donald F Amend, PhD, Marvin E Ament, Richard Amerling, MD, Robert C Amero, Martin Ames, Edward J Ames III, Richard Ames, MD, Duane R Amlee, Moris Amon, PhD, Pierre Saiut- Amond, PhD, Richard D Amori, Dewey H Amos, PhD, Bonnie Amos, PhD, A Amr, PhD, Desiree Armstrong, PhD, Fred Amsler, MD, Adolph L Amundson, James Amy, Sal A Anazalone, Ernest J Andberg, G Robt D Andborn, John Anders, MD, Donald A Andersen, PhD, Randall H Andersen, Gene P Andersen, Torben B Andersen, PhD, Wilford H Andersen, PhD, Terrell Andersen, PhD, Ingrid Anderson, PhD, Janis W Anderson, C M Anderson Jr, Kenneth E Anderson, Harrison C Anderson, MD, Mark A Anderson, Larry Anderson, PhD, Berard J Anderson, PhD, Glenn L Anderson, Richard A Anderson, PhD, Leif H Anderson, Julia W Anderson, PhD, Donald N Anderson, PhD, Chris Anderson, Staren D Anderson, Robt J Anderson, MD, David Anderson, MD, P Jennings Anderson, Nathan Anderson, David Anderson, David R Anderson, PhD, James Anderson, Allan C Anderson, R L Anderson, Ken Anderson, Orson L Anderson, PhD, Thomas Anderson, PhD, Cristopher Anderson, Roy Anderson, Greg Anderson, Donald Hervin Anderson, PhD, Anderson, HC Anderson, Thornton Anderson, Gerald L Anderson, Russell Anderson, David A Anderson, James Anderson, Warren R Anderson, Arthur G Anderson, PhD, Thomas Anderson, Douglas J. Anderson, MD, John Anderson, PhD, Joel Anderson, Bruce M Anderson, Bruce Anderson, Mary Anderson, Paul Anderson, Reece B Anderson, Mitchell Anderson, Robert E Anderson, John O Anderson, J H Anderson, A E Anderson, Lowell R Anderson, Tom Anderson, Elmer Anderson, PhD, Keith Anderson, Roger O Anderson, Richard C Anderson, David O. Anderson, PhD, James R Anderson, Carol Anderson, Percy Anderson, John R Andrade, PhD, Manuel Andrade, Ivan Andrasik, Gilbert M. Andreen, Douglas Andress, James Andrew, James F Andrew, PhD, Marion Andrews, Raynal W Andrews, Frederick Andrews, Russell S Andrews, PhD, Russell A. Andrews, Mel Andrews, John S Andrews, PhD, Harry N Andrews, Russell A. Andrews, Mb Andrus, PhD, Alfredo Ang, PhD, Robert E Angel, Ernest F Angelicola, Vincent Angelo, Francis M Angeloni, PhD, Steven T Angely, Claude B Anger, Robert Angevine, Ernest Angino, PhD, Kevin P Ankenbrand, David Arnold, Gregory Antal, Bradley C Anthanaitis, PhD, John Anthes, PhD, Lee S Anthony, PhD, Eliazbeth Anthony, PhD, Jack R Anthony, Robt D Anthony, Dan Antonescu-Wolf, MD, Willford Antonson, Carl Apicella, Bruce W Apland, David R Appel, Norman Apperson, W H Appich Jr, Lynn Apple, PhD, Robert Apple, Alan Appleby, PhD, Robert H Appleby, Donald Applegate, Lowell N Applegate, John Applegath, Herbert S Appleman, Morris H Aprison, PhD, Charles Apter, PhD, Richard E Apuzzo Jr, J B Aquilla, MD, Ara Arabyan, PhD, Jonathan Arata, PhD, Howard Arbaugh, Jaime Arbona-Fazzi, PhD, John Arcadi, MD, Ed Arce, James R. Arce, John Arch, William Archer, Bill Archer, Philip Archibald, Robert Archibald, John Archie, William Ard, William Bryant Ard, PhD, Christopher Arend, Harold V Argo, PhD, Guvenc Argon, Lawrence Ariano, MD, William Arion, PhD, Z S Ariyan, PhD, Gertrude Armbauster, PhD, Richard Armentrout, PhD, Walt Armer, Clifford Armstrong, Glenn Armstrong, Lou Armstrong, Marvin D Armstrong, PhD, Robert L Armstrong, PhD, James C Armstrong, PhD, Baxter H Armstrong, PhD, Mark Armstrong, Joseph C. Armstrong, PhD, James Armstrong, Robert Emile Arnal, PhD, Dana Arndt, Jerome Arnett, MD, Charles Arney, Philip J Arnholt, PhD, C Arnold, Lance L Arnold, Timothy Arnold, Herbert K Arnold, Charles Arnold, PhD, Robert Arnold Jr, Randall W Arnold, Lester C Arnwine, Casper J Aronson, Seymour Aronson, PhD, Adrian L Arp, PhD, Sam Arrhenius, Dale E Arrington, PhD, Charles H Arrington, PhD, Clement R Arrison, Jose J D Arruda, PhD, James Arthur, PhD, Richard Arthur, M. J. Arthur, Charles G Artinian, MD, Max Artusy, PhD, A G Ash, Edward V Ashburn, Randolph Ashby, PhD, Warren C Ashley, PhD, Holt Ashley, PhD, A Ashley, PhD, Alvin Ashman, Jerome P Ashman, Walter R Ashwil, Walter Ashwill, Robert Ashworth, Bob Ashworth, Monroe Ashworth, Orv Askeland, Ann Askew, Tom W Asmus, PhD, Winifred Alice Asprey, PhD, Mike Assad, Adel Assaf, R Lee Aston, PhD, Curtis L. Atchley, Robert Aten, PhD, James Athanasion, Michael J. Atherton, PhD, Robert D Athey Jr, PhD, Arthur C Atkins, Matt Atkinson, John P Atkinson, MD, John Atkinson, Larry Atkinson, Lynn Atkinson, Stanley Atnipp, Ronald Attig, Leonardo D Attorre, William J Attwooll, Mark Atwood, PhD, Darrel D Auch, James C Auckland, Walter Auclair, PhD, W H Audley, Louis A Auerbach, Keith H Aufderheide, PhD, Wm R Aufricht, Dale Augenstein, PhD, J Augspurger, PhD, Frederick N Aukeman, Boris Auksmann, PhD, C M Aulick, PhD, Luther Aull, PhD, Bruce S Ault, PhD, John B Aultmann Jr, Henry S Aurand, Richard Aurand, D Austin, P E, Harold Austin, Alfred E Austin, PhD, Ward Austin, Carl Fulton Austin, PhD, Michael N Austin, Robert L Austin, William Avera, Victor H Averbach, PhD, Mark Avereit, Jon R Averhoff, Frank Averill, PhD, Michael E Avery, Donald Avery, Alex Avery, Philip Avery, Kenneth Avicola, Arthur J Avila, Joseph Avruch, MD, M Friedman Axler, William P Aycock, Walton Ayer, Robert C Ayers, PhD, Maynard F Ayler, William Aylor, T G Ayres, Dany Ayseur, Alison M Azar, Max Azevedo
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers B


Bryan Baab, Dirk Den - Baars, PhD, William J. Babalis, MD, Ronald R Bach, PhD, Frederick A Bacher, Henry L Bachman, Kenneth Bachmann, PhD, Joseph Bacho, Alan Backman, Drury L Bacon, William Bacon, MD, Frank R Bacon, Lloyal O Bacon, J. Robert Bacon, Frederic S. Bacon, Robert Baczuk, J Badenhoop, PhD, Warren Badger, T Dale Badgwell, C David Baer, Adrian D Baer, PhD, Roger Baer, Carl Baer, PhD, Tim Baer, Edward A Baetke, William F. Bagby, AD Baggerley, Lester Marchant Baggett, PhD, Dennis D Baggett, Jay M Errill Bagley, PhD, Joseph A Baglio, PhD, George Bagnall, J. Brent Bagshaw, Andrew T Bahill, PhD, Donald Bahnfleth, Andrejs Baidins, PhD, R. A. Baile, R V Bailey, Benton Bailey, David Bailey, Donald T Bailey, Edmund Bailey, MD, Ed Bailey, James Bailey, Ronald M Bailey, John Bailey, D Bailey, David G Bailey, PhD, Dana Bailey, PhD, Betty L Bailey, C Bailey, Carl Wm Bailey, PhD, Robert L Bailey, PhD, Dane E Bailey, Paul Bailly, PhD, James Bain, PhD, Lee J Bain, PhD, David Bainer, Edward J Bair, PhD, Quincey L Baird, PhD, Richard J. Baird, James Baird, John Bakane, Brooks H Baker III, Howard T Baker, J Baker, PhD, Mary Ann Baker, PhD, Robert Baker, W O Baker, PhD, Robert W Baker, PhD, Harold N Baker, PhD, W J Baker, Louis Baker, PhD, Daniel M Baker, PhD, Don Robert Baker, PhD, Allen Baker, PhD, Lara H. Baker, PhD, Lee E. Baker, PhD, Carl Baker, Gary Baker, Terry Baker, DK Baker, PhD, John P. Baker, PhD, Robert J Baker, Barton S Baker, PhD, Randal S Baker, Robert D Baker, PhD, R Baker, PhD, Daniel M Bakker, Lee A Balaklaw, MD, Brent P Balcer, Marion Balcerzak, PhD, Orville Balcom, W Loyd Balderson, PhD, W Lloyd Balderston, PhD, Andrew A Baldoni, PhD, Leland B Baldrick, Edgar Baldridge, Ransom Baldwin, PhD, Barrett S Baldwin, PhD, Evart Baldwin, PhD, A Richard Baldwin, PhD, David Baldwin, Cliff Bale, George Balella, MD, R Michael Bales, John Wayland Bales, PhD, Amir Balfas, P Balis, Craig Balistrire, Sallie Baliunas, PhD, Bruno Balke, MD, Mark Ball, George Ball, J Austin Ball, MD, Frederic M Ball, MD, Joseph Ballantyne, PhD, Ollie Ballard, Harold N Ballard, Glenn A Ballard, Charels L Ballard, David W Ballard, Arthur Ballato, PhD, B. Balle, MD, Greg Ballengee, Robert Balling, PhD, Carter Ballinger, MD, Walter E Ballinger, PhD, Tom Ballou Jr, Martin Balow, Robert C Balsam Jr, James Baltar, Arden A Baltensperger, PhD, John S Baltutis, John Banchetti, Daniel W Bancroft, Lewis C Bancroft, George P Bancroft, Herman Wm Bandel, PhD, Cathy Bandyk, PhD, Tom Bane, Debendranath Banerjee, PhD, Kernan M Banker, Kernen Banker, Richard Banks, Kerry Eubanks, Willard Banman, Lloyd H Banning, William Bannister, PhD, Peter R Bannister, Ronald E Banuk, John Paul Barach, PhD, Ronald Barany, PhD, Zot Barazzotto, Bill Barbee, Ted R Barben I I, Anslem H Barber Jr, George A Barber, Art Barber, Paul Barber, George Barber, Paul Barbieri, James Barcikowski, Charleton C Bard, PhD, Robert A Bardo, Chad J Bardone, Andrew M Bardos, Charles E Bardsley, PhD, Steven Bardwell, PhD, Morrie Jay Barembaum, Ernest Barenberg, PhD, Charles Barenfanger, Mark J Bareta, Thomas Barfnecht, PhD, L R Baria, Robert Barish, PhD, Francis J Barker, Franklin B Barker, PhD, Roy J Barker, PhD, Leroy N. Barker, PhD, Dwight G Barkley, PhD, John E Barkley, PhD, Neal Barkley, B Barks, PhD, William B. Barksdale, PhD, Alan A. Barksdale, R Michael Barland, MD, Anthony Barlow, PhD, Mark Owens Barlow, W S Barlow, Wayne Barlow, Alex Barlowen, Douglas D Barman, Stephen W Barnes, Richard Barnes, Ralph M Barnes, M D Barnes, PhD, Durton B Barnes, Allen L Barnes, PhD, Robert F Barnes, PhD, R C Barnett, William J Barnett, Ralph Barnett, L Bruce Barnett, PhD, John Barney, Debra Barngrover, PhD, James R Barnum, PhD, Charles J Baroczy, Jeremiah A Barondess, MD, Louis J Barone, Barquist, MD, Walter Barquist, MD, Kenneth Barr, Douglas Barr, Lawrence D Barr, Carrol M Barrack, PhD, Kenneth H Barratt, Clem A Barrere, PhD, Kenneth A Barrett, Helen Barrett, Christopher M Barrett, James Barrick, PhD, Leland Barrington, Allen Barron, Lance R Barron, Oscar N Barron, Donald Barron, Cory W Barron, Lawrence J Barrows, PhD, Benjamin A Barry, John Bartel, PhD, J H Barten, Jon Barth, Eugene Barth, Maria V Bartha, Cristina Barthle, Jack Bartholmai, MD, Howard Bartlett, Gary Bartley, B Bartley, PhD, Carol J Bartnick, PhD, Charles J Barto Jr, Hugh B Barton, Richard C Barton, Clyde Barton Jr, Jerry Bartos, Robert J Bartosh Jr, William P Bartow, David L Bartsch, Blaine Bartz, Don Bartz, Bratzatt, PhD, Edward J Barvick, MD, David T Basden, Cecil O Basenberg, Mark Basile, John Basinski, PhD, George Baskin, Alex Baskous, MD, John W Bass, MD, Jonathan Langer Bass, PhD, Steven Craig Bass, PhD, Alton Herman Bassett, Mark J Bassett, PhD, Don Bassler, David Batchelder, Robert L Batdorf, PhD, Samuel Batdorf, PhD, Richard L Bate, James Bateman, James L Bateman, Earl Bates, Carl Bates, PhD, Charles C Bates, PhD, Lynn S Bates, PhD, Andy Batey, PhD, Robert Batey, Robert W Batey, Terry E Batlalino, Kevin Batt, George Batten, PhD, Albert Batten, PhD, Joe Battista, Sam Battista, PhD, Jack Battle, Kirk Battleson, PhD, Joseph Battocletti, PhD, Richard Baubles, E Baudoin, Carl A Bauer, PhD, Milton C Bauer, Paul Bauer, PhD, Thomas Bauer, Mark S Bauer, Armand Bauer, PhD, Kerry E Bauer, Ceo E. Bauer, Larry G Bauer, PhD, Michael H Bauer Jr, Bauermeister, T Mack Baugh, George L Baughman, Linda L Baum, PhD, Kurt Baum, PhD, Wolfgang Baum, PhD, Thomas P Baumgarth, Rick Bauman, John W Bauman, PhD, Robert Bauman, Norman P Baumann, PhD, Steve Baumann, Arthur N Baumann, Wolfgang Baumann, PhD, Lisa L Baumbach, PhD, Max Baumeister, Jim Baumer, PhD, Kenneth Baumert, PhD, AZ Baumgartner, Eric Baumgartner, A W Baumgartner, Peter Bausch, Monte Paul Bawden, PhD, John G Bayless, Robert L Bayless Jr, Steve Bayless, Frank Bazzanella, Charles Beach, Dwight Beach Jr, Mark Beal, Jack W Beal, PhD, Gary Beall, PhD, Herbert Beall, PhD, Samuel E Beall, Terry W. Beall, Paula T Beall, PhD, Edward W Beall, James M Beall, Brian Bean, Arthur L. Bear, James B Beard, PhD, Thomas Beard, Scott Beardemphl, Henry J Bearden, PhD, Carl Bearden, Wm Beardmore, PhD, Melville W Beardsley, Charles Bearse III, Reginald H Bearsley, Donald Beasley, PhD, Wayne M Beasley, William Beaton, James Beattie, PhD, Ken Beatty, Christine B. Beaucage, PhD, David Beaucage, PhD, Robert A Beaudet, PhD, Charles G Beaudette, James H M Beaudry, Haley Beaudry, Frank Beaumont, Edward A Beaumont, Rhett Beaumont, Harold Beaver, Dennis Beaver, Paul Becher, PhD, Richard Becherer, PhD, Curtis Beck, Curt B U Beck, Donald Beck, Niels Beck, PhD, Bill Beck, David Beck, Lloyd Beck, Craig A Beck, Harry C Becker, PhD, Milton Becker, PhD, Don Becker, Robert P Becker, PhD, Robert S Becker, PhD, Wilbur Becker, Ernest I Becker, Gordon E Becker, PhD, Ralph Sherman Becker, PhD, Clarence Becker, PhD, Louis S Becker, John C Becker, A D Beckerdite, Sidney D Beckett, PhD, Roger H Beckham, Arnold Beckman, PhD, Joseph A Beckman, PhD, David Beckner, Merrill Beckstead, PhD, Scott Beckstrand, Thoams Becnel, Thomas E Bedell, PhD, Rowland Bedell, Glenn Bedell, PhD, Kenneth L Bedford, PhD, William C Bedoit, PhD, Norman J. Bedwell, Curtis M Beechan, PhD, Brian Beecken, PhD, Scott K Beegle, Giselle Beeker, Kenneth Beeney, David Beerbower, Edward Lee Beeson, Jr, PhD, H Dale Beggs, PhD, O Beggs, Nicholas Begovich, PhD, Francis J Behal, PhD, Pat Behm, Wallace B Behnke, Greg P Behrens, Herbert Ernest Behrens, Buriel A Behrens, Richard Behrens, PhD, John Behun, PhD, Rudi Beichel, Alan Beiderman, Henry Beilstein, PhD, Arthur B Reindorff, PhD, Walter F Beineke, PhD, Carl A Beiser, PhD, John Beitia, Paul Bekarik, Ihor Bekersky, PhD, Abdeldjelil Belarbi, PhD, Ralph Belcher, PhD, Curtis Belden, Dan Beldy, Thomas Bell, Stephen W Bell, Jeffrey Bell, C Allen Bell, Charles Bell, PhD, John Bell, James M Bell, Robert Bell, John Bell, PhD, Roger A. Bell, PhD, Gregory Bell, Wallace Bell, PhD, Bruce Bell, PhD, Mark R Bell, PhD, John C Bellamy, PhD, Joseph S Bellassai, Thomas E Bellinger, Robert Bellino, MD, Wade Bellon, Robert A Bellows, PhD, Daniel T Belmont, PhD, Stephen Belmont, PhD, E F Belohoubek, PhD, Randy Belstad, Delfin Beltran, MD, James Noble Bemiller, PhD, Paraskevi M Bemiller, PhD, John Ben, Robert D Benbow, Edward Benchik, Raymond L Bendure, PhD, Rettig Benedict, PhD, James H Benedict, PhD, James Benegne Jr, MD, David Benforado, Ashley Bengali, PhD, Ray Benge, Ford Benham, H W Benischek, John Benjamin, PhD, James A Benjamin, PhD, William W Bennett, RS Bennett, Charles Bennett, Douglas A Bennett, G Bennett, PhD, Thomas C Bennett, Albert G Bennett Jr, PhD, Harold E. Bennett, PhD, Joseph Bennett, William Bennett, PhD, Bennett, Donald W Bennett, John Bennetts, Paul A Bennington, Allan Bennison, Sharon Beniot, Alvin K Benson, PhD, Andrew A Benson, PhD, Harold Benson, John D Benson, Robert Benson, Sidney W Benson, PhD, Fred C Benson, PhD, Gordon Benson, MD, William Benson, Roger Benson, Ray Bentall, Kenton E Bentley, PhD, Jack C. Bentley, Allen W Benton, PhD, Wesley G Bentrude, PhD, Charles M Bentzen, Edward J Benz, MD, Bernard D Benz, George Benzing, MD, Ray A Berard, PhD, John A Berberet, PhD, E Paul Bercegeay, PhD, Hugh Berckmueller, MD, Laurence C Berg, MD, Andrew Berg, Edgard L Berg, J Berg, PhD, Ronald Berg, Louis Bergdahl, Maxmimilian H Bergendahl, PhD, Alan Berger, MD, Roger Berger, Brian Berger, MD, Lev Berger, PhD, Otto Berger, T F Berger, Jay M Berger, PhD, Arne Bergh, PhD, C. B. Bergin, Marion J Bergin, Ernest Bergman, Warren C Bergmann, Oswald R Bergmann, PhD, Dick Bergren, PhD, Mike Bergsmg, Rod Bergstedt, Robt Beringer, PhD, Robert Berkebile, MD, Donald C Berkey, Eric N Berkhimer, Dan Berkman, Willima Berks, John J Berky, PhD, David T Berlin, Marshall Berman, PhD, Elliot Berman, PhD, Brian Berman, Curtis L Bermel, John Wilfrid Bernard, Louis Bernath, PhD, Richard Bernhard, Andre Bernier, Warren W Berning, Joseph Bernstein, MD, Kenneth Bernstein, Julius R Berreth, Dave Berrier, Lester P Berriman, Robert W Berry, PhD, William Berry, Edwin Berry, PhD, James W Berry, PhD, Dan Berry, Dan Berry, Roy A Berry, PhD, Herbert W Berry, PhD, John R Berryhill, PhD, M Bersch, PhD, Charles F Bersch, Arthur Bershman, Albert C Bersticker, Charles W Bert, PhD, Allen J Bertagne, Robert G Bertagne, Bruce I Bertelsen, Kevin Bertermann, Siegfried R Berthelsford, MD, Frances Berting, PhD, Robert L Bertram, B. Rodney Bertramson, PhD, Arlen D Besel, James J. Besemer, Robert Bessette, Robert Best, PhD, Robert C Beste, David U. Betcha, Arthur F Betchart, Robert K Bethel, Peter Bethell, Nedavia Bethlahmy, PhD, Harry E Betsill, George W Bettge, John Bettinger, MD, Austin Betts, Austin W Betts, Andrew Betts, Ernest Beutler, MD, Rowland S Bevans, PhD, Vladislav Bevc, PhD, Robert Beverly, Vicky L Bevilacqua, PhD, Vincent D Bevill, Albert J Bevolo, PhD, Cecil Bewner, John H Beyer, PhD, James Beyl, Peter R Beythen, MD, Rahul Bhaduri, Maneesh Bhatnagar, Swapan Bhattacharjee, PhD, Debanshu Bhattacharya, PhD, John M Biancardi, Peter Bianchetta, Kenneth L Del Bianco, Philip Bias, William R Bibb, PhD, George Bibel, PhD, Conrad Biber, PhD, Peter B Eichelberger, Hans Bichsel, PhD, Michael D Bick, PhD, William S Bickel, PhD, Rudolf Bickel, MD, Arden Bicker, Karin Bickford, Lewis J Bicking Jr, Ervin F Bickley Jr, Donald Bickmore, Jean M Bidlace, PhD, Lawrence R Bidwell, PhD, Charles Bieber, Kenneth Bielat, PhD, Yan Bielek, Gregg Bierei, Theo Karl Bierlein, PhD, J Bierman, Joseph F Bieron, PhD, Jerry N. Biery, Doug N Biewitt, Jean M Bigaouette, John E Bigelow, Bigelow, PhD, Donald Bigg, PhD, R Dale Biggs, PhD, James Biggs, PhD, Rodney E Bigler, PhD, Arthur Bigley, William Bihrle, Dean Bilden, Keith Bildstein, PhD, John M Bilhorn, PhD, John D Shaylor- Billings, David L Billingsley Jr, Dan A Billman, George E Billman, PhD, Billones, D G Bills, PhD, John L Bills, PhD, Larry Bilodeau, Edward G Bilpuch, PhD, Jack Binford, Arthur Bing, PhD, Billy E Bingham, PhD, Lisa Binkley, Layton C Binon, R L Binsley, William Bintzer, Michael Binzer, Biolchini, Frank S Riordan, PhD, Norman Birch, Matthew C Birch, Michael A Birch, M J Birck, Kenneth Bird, PhD, Chris M Bird, Peter Bird, Charles F Bird, E. F. Birdsall, PhD, Jack Birk, Wm Birkemeier, PhD, Seymour Bristein, Alfred F Bischoff, James L Bischoff, PhD, James M Bisett, Gerald E Bisgard, PhD, Amin Bishara, Raymond Bishop, Richard E Bishop, Richard H Bishop, PhD, Marshall D Bishop, Dennis W Bishop, Richard S Bishop, PhD, Floyd Bishop, David Bishop, Guy W Bishop, PhD, John W Bishop, PhD, Larry Bisimmers, Kenneth Bisson, MD, James Bitner, J L Bitner, Joseph Bitsock, MD, Burt J Bittner, Benny Bixenman, Donald E Black, Tom Black, Don Black, John S Black, William Black, Sammy M Black, Charles Black, PhD, Charles E Black, Dean Black, PhD, James R. Black, Darvil Black, PhD, Lloyd Blackburn, Brian D Blackburn, Albert W Blackburn, Jon Blackburn, Larry G Blackburn, James Blackmon, Jerry M Blackmon, Perry Blackstock, M L Blackwell, Eli W. Blaha, PhD, R G Blain, Luther Blair, Paul V Blair, PhD, Edward Blair, Blair, PhD, Mr Barry Blair, Charles M Blair, Rolland L Blake, PhD, George R Blake, PhD, Bruce A Blake, J Warren Blaker, PhD, Robert B Blakestad, Dave Blanchard, Donald W Blancher, Lorraine T Blanck, C Dudley Blancke, William M Bland Jr, Philip J Blank, PhD, Robert Blanke, PhD, Dav Blankenhagen, John Blankenhorn, James Blankenship, Ron J Blanton, William Edward Blasé, Nik Blaser, John Blasing, Barbara Blass, PhD, Joel J Blatt, PhD, Robert C Blatz, Henry H Blau, PhD, Clyde Blauer, George A Blay, PhD, Stephen Blaylock, Gilbert K Bleck, Larry J Bledsoe, W N Bledsoe, Douglas Bledsoe, Sheldon J Bleicher, MD, Rodney Bleifuss, PhD, Carl Bleil, PhD, William Bleimeister, John Blethen, PhD, Robt E Blevins, Zegmund O Bleviss, PhD, W. R. Blew, Charles William Blewett, PhD, David Blewett, Edward Blick, PhD, Victor J. Bliden, Warren M Bliss, Brian Bliss, C James Blom, PhD, Duane Bloom, PhD, James A Bloom, George L Bloomsburg, PhD, Joe Bloomsburg, Stan Blossom, William V Bluck, M D Blue, PhD, James W Blue, PhD, Claire Bluestein, PhD, Harold F Bluhm, Aaron L Bluhm, PhD, Fred G. Blum, MD, M Blumenberg, PhD, G Bluzas, G. W. Elvernum, Sheri L. Blystone, PhD, Warren P Boardman, Joshua T Boatwright, John G Bobak, David A Bobaugh, Robert S Bobbitt, Jack E Bobek, Thomas C Boberg, PhD, Sergey Boblcov, Terry Bobo, Gene Bock, Wayne D Bock, PhD, Richard F Bock, Jane Bock, PhD, Gary Bockus, Bohdan Boczkaj, PhD, Stephen J Bodar, PhD, David E Boddy, PhD, Arthur P Bode, PhD, Loren E Bode, PhD, Kenneth Bodek, MD, George Boder, Larry P Bodin, Frank T Bodurtha, PhD, Willard A Bodwell, Carl R Boehane, Robert J Boehle, Frank R Boehm, Hollis Boehme, PhD, Carl R. Boehme, Eldron Boehmer, John Boehune, Howard Boeing, J Robert Boen, Jack E Boers, PhD, David H Boes, Philip D Bogdonoff, PhD, J Neil Boger, MD, Colleen Boggs, Steven A Boggs, PhD, Johnny Boggs, Leslie K Bogle, Seymour M. Bogdonoff, Kevin M Bohacs, PhD, Barry Bohannon, John Bohannon, Joseph Terril Bohanon, PhD, Carl Bohl, PhD, Richard A Bohling, William M Bohon, Kees Boi, PhD, Norman R Boisse, PhD, Charles E Boklage, PhD, Art F Boland, Jonathan Boland, Mike Boland, Paul W Boldt, Regnald A Boles, Mark S Boley, Mark S Boley, M S Boley, PhD, Nicholas C Bolgiano, PhD, Dean Bolick, Gerald L Bolingbroke, PhD, Harry J Boll, PhD, Eugene Bollay, Paul V. Bollerman, Bruce Bollermann, Edward H Bollinger, PhD, A Bollmeier, Robert L Bolmer, Gerald J Bologna, Sam Bolognia, Kelsey Boltz, James Boltz, Sam Boltz, Dudley Bolyard, Jerry C Bommer, PhD, Blair Bona, PhD, Glenn Bonacum, MD, Stephon T Bond, PhD, Patrick L Bond, William Bond, Walter D Bond, PhD, Victor Bond, PhD, James M Bondi, J R Bone, Susan Boner, Lee Bongirno, Lawrence P Bonicatto, L P Bonifaci, Charles M Bonner, John Franklin Bonner, PhD, Anthony Bonner, PhD, Patrick V Bonsignore, PhD, Stephen A Book, PhD, Raymond Book, Lewis Book, Jane M Booker, PhD, Arnold B Booker, Jerry L Boom, PhD, R J Boomex, James Boone, PhD, Jack Boone, PhD, Daniel R. Boone, Paul Boonen, PhD, Warren J Boord, Lawrence E. Boos, PhD, David Booth, PhD, Robt M Booth, Bruce L Booth, PhD, Arthur Booth, MD, Arthur S Booth Jr, MD, E M Boothe, Hamid Borazjani, PhD, Samia Borchers, MD, Ron Borchmann, PhD, Bordeaux, PhD, Robert Borden, MD, L Bordenave, J B Boren, PhD, Robert Borg, Frank R. Borger, Jerry Borges, Dan Borgnaes, PhD, W K Borgsmiller, MD, James L. Borin, John W Boring, PhD, Walter A Bork, Alex B Borkovec, PhD, Annette H Borkowski, Manfred Borks, PhD, Harold J Born, PhD, William Bornhorst, Robert C Bornmann, MD, Raul H Borrastero, David Borrownam, Borsari, Randal S Bose, Benjamin A Bosher, William E Bosken, Robert Bosler, Bosnak, Kenneth J Boss, PhD, Paul N Bossart, Peter B Bosserman, Robert Bosshart, PhD, Thomas Bossler, Robert Bossung, Howard Bost, PhD, Keith A Bostian, PhD, Steve Boswell, Steven T Boswell, Askel A Bothner By, PhD, John N. Botkin, CJF Bottcher, PhD, Margurette E Bottje, PhD, William G Bottjer, Edmond M Bottorff, PhD, Truman A Botts, PhD, Geo I Bouadiieff, Michel Boudart, PhD, John H Boughton, PhD, John Boulet, MD, George Boulter, Robert L Boulware, Arnold H Bouma, PhD, Robert H Bourke, PhD, M N Golarz De Bourne, PhD, Mohamed Boutjdir, PhD, Harvey B Boutwell, R K Boutwell, PhD, Gerardus D Bouw, PhD, Anthony J Bowdler, PhD, Joseph C Bowe, PhD, Peter F Bowen, Richard D Bowen, Richard Bowen, H Kent Bowen, PhD, Charles A Bower, PhD, John Roy Bower, PhD, Richard Bowerman, John Bowers, Roger L Bowers, Robert C Bowers, Larry Q Bowers, Sydney Bowers, Clarence Bowers, Susan H Bowers, MD, Sidney A Bowhill, PhD, Robert M Bowie, PhD, William RB Bowie, Lamar D Bowles, Jean A Bowles, PhD, Kaydell C Bowles, Robert E Bowling, PhD, William Bowlus, MD, Jan Bowman, Lewis W Bowman, PhD, John K Bowman, Robert S Bowman, PhD, James L Bowman, Charles Bowman, Harry Bowman, Harry G. Bowman, Norman Bowne, Colin Bowness, PhD, Samuel Bowser, PhD, Roger Box, James E Box, PhD, Chris M. Boxell, MD, Michael Boxer, MD, Kevin Boyack, PhD, Robert E Boyar, John T Boyce, Wilson E Boyce, David Boyce, Jimmy W Boyd, Timothy M Boyd, James Boyd, Philip A Boyd, PhD, Willis Boyd, Robert Boyd Iii, Richard Boyd, Frederick Mervin Boyd, PhD, Lance Boyer, Paul S Boyer, PhD, Robert A Boyer, PhD, Gary Boyer, Robert E Boyer, PhD, Ralph L. Boyes, James A Boyes, Ben Boykin, Richard J Boyle, Patrick Boyle, John F Boyle, MD, John Boyles, MD, Ben Brabb, PhD, Dennis Brabec, John D Brack, Sherry L. Brackeen, Barth Bracken, Brett K Bracken, Robert G Brackett, PhD, David Brackney, James Bradbury, Dorothy L Bradbury, Joseph U Braddock, PhD, Shawn Braden, Lawrence G Bradford, PhD, William C Bradford, William E Bradley, Bruce Bradley, Robert F Bradley, PhD, Robert S Bradley, Michael Bradley, John Bradley, MD, Andrew N. Bradley, MD, Charles Bradshaw, MD, W Newman Bradshaw, PhD, Jerry A Bradshaw, George Bradshaw, Matin D Bradshaw, PhD, Samuel Bradshaw, Derek Bradstreet, R Bradt, PhD, William J Brady, MD, William Brady, Samuel B Brady, S D Brady III, Bob Brady, William Brady, Tom Brady, PhD, John R Brady, Matthew E Brady, Douglas G Braid, Alan D Brailsford, PhD, Arthur Van De Brake, Fred W Brakebusch, J C Brakensieck, Eric M Bram, David Brambury, Kenneth A Brame, Erwin F Branahl, Emanuel L Brancato, Cynthia R Branch, Peter B. Brand, MD, Thomas Brandlein, Patrick J Brandner, MD, William L Brandt, Edward N Brandt, MD, Robert Brandt, William Brandt, PhD, Robert Brandt, Thomas Brandt, Alan D Branham, Raymond Brannan, PhD, Mike Brannen, Ross E Brannian, Carl F Branson, Wm W Brant, Glenn S Brant, Webb E Braselton, PhD, Bradley A Brasfield, John F Brass, George Bratton, PhD, Charles Bratzrus, Richard H Braumlich, Jeffrey M Braun, David Braun, Jennifer Braun, Kenneth Martin Brauner, PhD, Allan Brause, PhD, Johnny A Brawner, MD, Thoams Braxtan, MD, Bruce G Bray, PhD, Ben Bray, PhD, Carl W. Bray, William H Bray, MD, James F Brayton, PhD, James P Brazel, William Breach, Ernest Breaux, Theodore Breaux, Lee Brecher, PhD, Robert L Breckenridge, MD, Claude E Breed, Townsend Breeden, Reginald Breeding, James Breeding, Larry Breeding, Bertram V Breemen, William M Breene, PhD, Sydney Breese, Bob Breeze, Martin Bregman, PhD, E J Bregmann, John E Brehm Sr, B M Breining, Thomas O Breitling, Ted Breitmayer, A C Breller, James Breman, Bart J Bremmer, William Breneman, Alan S. Brengle, William J Brennan, Michael J Brennan, MD, John P Brennan, Harold Brennan, Ronald G Brenneman, Abner Brenner, PhD, Henry W Brenniman Jr, William B Brent, PhD, J Allen Brent, PhD, Frederick Breslin, PhD, John H Bress, M N Bressler, Pe, Inc, Joseph Breston, PhD, William A Brett, Randolph H Bretton, PhD, Harold W Bretz, PhD, Andrew J Breuder, MD, Charles B Breuer, PhD, Jerald Brevick, PhD, James Brewbaker, PhD, Doug Brewer, J R Brewer, Michael Brewer, Walter B Brewer, Ken N Brewer, Gregory J Brewer, PhD, Robert N Brey, Robt N Brey, PhD, Edward Breyere, PhD, Darlene R Brezinski, PhD, P L Thibaut Brian, PhD, Alan G Bridge, PhD, Robert M Bridges, Lindell Bridges, P M Bridges, Luther W. Bridges, PhD, Andrew Briedenbach, Claudia Briell, Brian O Brien, James A Brierley, PhD, Corale L Brierley, PhD, David A Brierley, Robert O Briggs, Arthur R Briggs, Edward M Briggs, James E Briggs, PhD, Steve Briggs, PhD, W Briggs, PhD, Mike Briggs, Robert B Brigham, Mont J Bright Jr, Karen Brignac, Tom Brignac, Bruce Edwin Briley, PhD, Karl Briley, Frank Brimelow, Clifton Briner, Allan Briney, MD, Robert Bringer, PhD, Donald F Brink, PhD, Tyler Brinker, Edwin C Brinker, Raymond S Brinkmey, PhD, Michael Brinkmeyer, James Brinks, PhD, Thomas R Brinner, PhD, Charles Des Brisay, R. Brisbin, James Briscoe, Mike Briscoe, Anne M Briscoe, PhD, Francis Brislawn, Paul Brittain, J O Brittain, PhD, Michael Brittan, PhD, Wayne Brittian, Michael W Britton, Robert Britton, Alfred C Broad, PhD, Hyrum S Broadbent, PhD, Sue Broadston, Jeffrey Brock, George Brock, H Kent Brock, Rainer Brocke, PhD, Douglas A Brockhaus, JB Brodie, Ivor Brodie, PhD, F S Broerman, Woody Brofman, PhD, Robert W Broge, PhD, Edward C. Broge, PhD, Chirs Brioli, Jerome Bromkowski, MD, David A Bromley, PhD, Richard K Bronder, Charles E Bronson, Mark Bronson, John Bronstein, PhD, Mark Bronston, PhD, John Brook, PhD, James E Brooks, PhD, Bruce Brooks, Fred A Brooks, James Brooks, Kent Brooks, Gordon Brooks, ND Brooks, Dean C Brooks, Robert A. Brooks, PhD, Robert R Brooks, PhD, Richard Broschat, John R Brose, W E Broshears, Fred B Brost, Charles O Brostrom, PhD, Robert J Brotherton, PhD, Walter Brouillette, PhD, Paul C Broun, MD, Francis Broussard, Mary J Broussard, Matthew Broussard, J Brower, Rick A Brower, Allen S Brower, Thomas D Brower, MD, S Kent Brown, MD, James Brown, Olen Brown, PhD, Brenda Brown, John W Brown, Raymond E Brown, Bahngrell W Brown, PhD, Howard Brown, Billings Brown, PhD, James M Brown, PhD, Henry BR Brown, John Brown, Steven Brown, James S Brown, Doug L Brown, William M Brown, PhD, Stephen R Brown, Charles R Brown I I, Charles Brown, PhD, Robt C Brown, MD, Arlen Brown, PhD, David P Brown, PhD, Richard Brown, William Brown, Jim Brown, Jeremy J Brown, Henry S Brown, PhD, Ben Brown, Lewis F Brown, PhD, Richard L Brown, J Paul Brown, J B Brown, Richard E Brown, MD, Roderick B Brown, MD, Bob D Brown, James Brown, PhD, Lloyd L Brown, Albert L Brown, PhD, Glenn Brown, PhD, Will Brown, John N Brown, Robt A Brown, PhD, Donnie Brown, Charles Brown, P T Brown, Hal W Brown, Stephen Brown, MD, James Brown, Jerry W Brown, PhD, Ellsworth Brown, PhD, Leonard F Brown, Jr, PhD, Thomas V Brown, Robert Brown, PhD, Herbert Brown, PhD, Bruce L Brown, Walter R J Brown, Melvin H Brown, PhD, C A Brown, David Brown, Robt E Brown, Robert E Brown, PhD, Murray A Brown, PhD, Richard B Brown, PhD, Larry Brown, Robert Brown, PhD, James Brown Jr, Kenneth T Brown, PhD, Robert E Brown, Gerald R Brown, PhD, John M Brown, PhD, Ronald Brown, PhD, Gary L Brown, Roy W Brown, Robert B Brown, Elise A Brown, PhD, Robert G Brown, James Browne, Cornelius P Browne, PhD, Phillip Browne, MD, D Brownell, Don Brownfield, Shelby H Brownfield, Jimmy D. Browning, James A Browning, John S Brtis, Peter Brubaker, Paul Eugene Brubaker, PhD, James E Brubaker, Burton D Brubaker, PhD, Paul L Bruce, Charles R Bruce, PhD, David Bruce, MD, George H Bruce, Dail Bruce, Sandra Bruce, Carl W Bruch, PhD, Kenneth B Bruckart, Robert Brueck, Col Wm Bruenner, Carl Bruice, Don Brumm, Harrison Brundage, Eugene J Brunelle, PhD, Lloyd Brunkhort, James R. Brunner, Arthur D Bruno, John Bruno, PhD, Thomas Bruno, PhD, Lester G Bruns, PhD, Kelly W Bruns, Robert F Burns, PhD, Gerald R Brunskill, Tim Brunson, John B Brush, Merlyn A Brusven, PhD, Frederick V Brutcher, Jr, PhD, Samuel R M Burton, Anthony Bruzzese, MD, David A Bryan, PhD, Sibley Bryan, John D Bryan, Howard Bryan, Gary G Bryan, Tom Bryan, John H Bryant, Robert W Bryant, John M Bryant, Thomas Bryant, Michael D Bryant, PhD, Carrel Bryant, Thomas Bryant, Barry W Bryant, PhD, David W Bryant, Glenn H. Bryner, Charles Bryson, Ken Brzozowski, PhD, Charles B Bucek, Steven Buchanan, Shawn P Buchanan, Russell A Buchanan, Richard L Bucheit, John H Buchholz, PhD, Donald Buchholz, Smil S Buchman, R Buchy, Carl Buck, PhD, Joel W Buck, Ellen F Buck, John Buckinger, Tom Buckleitner, Ellis Bucklen, Jim E Buckley, Ronald E Buckley, Edward H Buckley, PhD, David A Buckley, Stuart Buckmaster, Donald Buckner, Gary L Buckwalter, PhD, Edsel T Bucovaz, PhD, J Fred Bucy, PhD, Roy S. Brucy, MD, Carl J Buczek, PhD, Perry Buda, Herbert Budd, PhD, Kevin Buddie, Wallace D Budge, PhD, Edwin Buehler, PhD, Walter Buerger, MD, Brent J Buescher, PhD, Larry Buess, Greg Buffington, J F Buffington, Philip G Buffinton, Charles R Buffler, PhD, Sterling L Owe Bugg, Robert J. Bugiada, Victor Buhrke, PhD, Francis Buiting, Daniel Bullard, PhD, Ervin T Bullard, PhD, Paul Buller, Lloyd Bullerman, PhD, William Bullis, PhD, David Bullock, Rich Bullock, Walter T Bulson, Paul L Bunce, MD, David Wm Bunch, PhD, John Bunch, Wm H Bunch Jr, Harry D Bunch, PhD, Michael Bundra, Stephen Bundy, Hallie Flowers Bundy, PhD, Merle Bunker, PhD, H Franklin Bunn, MD, Mark Bunnell, George J Buntley, PhD, Martin Bunton, Edward Buonopane, MD, Kenneth Burbank, PhD, James H Burbo, James J Burchall, PhD, Donald F Burchfield, PhD, Jacob Burckhard, Daivd Burdeaux, Harvey Burden, PhD, Robert Burdick, Hugh J Burford, PhD, Robert Burger, Brian Burges, John C Burgeson, Roy A Burgess, William Burgess, Roger C. Burggraf, Justin Burggraff, Leonard F Burkart, PhD, Gary Burke, Walter Burke, Edward W Burke, PhD, Marty Burke, Burke, Richard L Burke, PhD, Kim A. Burke, E A Burke, Amy L Burke, Amy S. Burke, David T Burke, J E Burke, PhD, John P Burkett, David S Burkhalter, Harold E Burkhart, PhD, Richard Burkhart, James F Burkholder, Brad Burks, Ralph Burks, Ned Burleson, PhD, David R Burley, PhD, Jay B Burner, John N Burnett, PhD, Peter G Burnett, J R Burnett, PhD, Bryan Burnett, Robert Burnham, Robert W Burnop, Victor W Burns, PhD, Leslie L Burns, PhD, Frank B Burns, PhD, Stanley Burns, John Burns, MD, Robt D Burns, PhD, Mike Burnson, William P Burpeau Jr, John F Burr, Steve Burrell, Michael Burrell, Greg Burrough, W F Burroughs, Joe Burroughs, Richard S Burrows, PhD, William Burrows, PhD, Philip B Burt, PhD, Eddie Burt, PhD, B Burton, PhD, Calvin C Burwell, James Robert Burwell, PhD, John Burwell, Richard S Burwen, Alan Burwinkel, MD, Donald L Buscarello, Neal Busch, PhD, Daniel A Busch, PhD, Edward G Busch, Rick Buschini, Gary D Buser, T Bush, Robert Bush, Roger Bush, Edwin F Bushman, Robert Bushnell, PhD, Timothy P. Bushnell, Robert Busing, Elsworth R Buskirk, PhD, Robert Buss, MD, Stanley E Buss, Daniel H Buss, Duane J Buss, PhD, Gregory Bussell, Ceil Bussiere, Susan Buta, Dennis L Butler, Rhendal C Butler, David Butler, Philip Alan Butler, PhD, James Butler, James L Butler, PhD, O Doyle Butler, Thomas Butler, George B. Butler, PhD, Ronald Butler, Margaret K Butler, Scott E Butler, PhD, Paul Butman, Robert Buto, Stan Butt, Thomas A Butterworth, PhD, Sidney E Buttrill, PhD, Carolyn Buttross, MD, Jake D Butts, Rodney G. Butts, Michael A Butts, Ralph O Butz, MD, E B Buxton, Warren F Buxton, PhD, Clinton Bybee, P D Bybee, Jr, P Edward Byerly, PhD, Nelson Byman, Donald G Bryant, PhD, Richard D Byrd, PhD, Robert C Byrd, W D Byrd, Ken Byrne, Bernard Byrne, PhD, William M. Byrne, PhD, John Byrnes, MD, Roy Byrom
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers C


Algyte R Cabak, Charles R. Cabiac, Charles R. Cabiac, Mike Cabirac, Edwin Cable, Patricia R Cabral, Fernando Cadena, PhD, C Cadenhead, PhD, Wm P Cadogan, PhD, Anthony P Cadrioli, Warren D Cadwell, Howard H Cady, PhD, Michael S Cafferty, Edward George Caflisch, PhD, William S Cagle, Ben J Cagle, Dennis Cahill, Roger Cahill, David S Cahn, PhD, Xiaolong Cai, PhD, Stephen R Cain, PhD, Harry J Cain III, Charles E Cain, PhD, Curtis Caine, MD, J B Caird, David W Caird, Dennis J. Caird, Larry Caisoin, Daniel L Calahan, PhD, Leonard J Calbo, PhD, A G Caldwell, PhD, James B Caldwell, PhD, Steven Caldwell, PhD, Elwood Caldwell, PhD, James Caldwell, Richard E Cale, Daniel Caless, Robert E Calhoo, PhD, S. Pittman Calhoun, Joel Calhoun, John Calhoun, Brian S. Calhoun, William Calhoun, Lawrence A Caliguiri, MD, Charles Calkins, MD, Mike Callahan, Jon Callen, Gene Callens, PhD, Lynn B Calton, Chris Calvert, PhD, David D Calvert, Marvin E Camburn, PhD, William Camerer, J W Cameron, John R Cameron, PhD, Charles Cameron, Christopher P Cameron, PhD, Mike Cameron, Wm L Cameron, Raymond Cammack, PhD, Terry J Cammon, Jerry L Camp, Frederick W Camp, PhD, Nicholas A Campagna, Jr, John Campagna, Ernest Campaigne, PhD, Robert Campana, John D Campanella, John S Campbell, Robert Campbell, Shirley Campbell, Sidney Campbell, Tom Campbell, George Campbell, PhD, Robert F Campbell, R L Campbell, MD, Milton Hugh Campbell, John M Campbell, PhD, Robert E Campbell, Steve K Campbell, Larry Campbell, Robert Campbell, Warren E Campbell, PhD, H D Campbell, Jeff Campbell, Douglas J Campbell, Jesse Campbell, Lynn D Campbell, Antonio M Campero, PhD, Nick Campion, Robt D Campo, PhD, Alan Campoli, PhD, Enrico Camporesi, MD, Fernando Campos, MD, Paul B. Canale, MD, Daniel T Canavan, Joseph Candella, A Van Caneghem, MD, Zoe Canellakis, PhD, Paul Canevaro, James N Canfield, Carl M Canfield, M Canham, Philip Cannon, PhD, G Scott Cannon, Peter Cannon, PhD, Hugh N Cannon, Peter J Canterino, PhD, Daniel J Cantliffe, PhD, Joe A. Cantlon, Manfred Cantow, PhD, Walter Canzonier, Hengshu Cao, PhD, Randy S Cape, Juan J Capello, MD, Fredric S Capitosti, Jay Caplan, Michael E Caplis, PhD, Louis J Capozzoli, PhD, Robert Carbonara, PhD, Harold E Carda, AE Carden, PhD, Arnold E Carden, PhD, Bryan J Carder Jr, MD, Thomas D Carder, William Thomas Cardwell, Darrel E Cardy, Mario Carelli, PhD, Curtis D Carey, John J Carey, Edward H. Carey, Edward H. Carey, George Carini, PhD, George Carini II, PhD, Harold E Carley, PhD, E N Carlier, Scott Carlisle, Philip H. Carlisle, Don S Carloss, F L Carlsen, Gary Carlsen, Carl E Carlson, Frederick P Carlson, PhD, Edward C Carlson, PhD, J David Carlson, PhD, Dave Carlson, Donald Carlson, PhD, Carlson, Charles Carlson, Thomas C Carlson, Peter R Carlson, Garry Carlson, David R. Carlson, Lawrence O Carlson, Steve M Carlson, Roy F Carlson, John E. Carlson, George Carlson, PhD, Douglas Carlson, Arne Carlson, Alan Carlton, David W Carnell, B Ronald Carnes, Peyton Carnes, E Louis Caron, PhD, Arthur Carpenito, Thomas Carpenter, Robert Carpenter, Benjamin H Carpenter, PhD, Bruce N Carpenter, Scott Carpenter, Charles Carpenter, PhD, Lyle L Carpenter, Robert K Carpenter, David Carpenter, Jack W Carpenter, PhD, Will D Carpenter, PhD, Brenda L Carr, Richard S Carr, Leo Carr, C Jelleff Carr, PhD, Lester E Carr Iii, PhD, Edward M Carr, Jerome B Carr, PhD, Laura H Carreira, PhD, Roland Carreker, PhD, Charles Carrell, Michael J Carrera, Edward Carriere, PhD, Marion M Carrion, PhD, James Carroll, Gilbert C Carroll, MD, James A Carroll, PhD, John Carroll, PhD, J Randall Carroll, John Carroll, Jon M Carroll, Thomas Carroll, Keith T Carron, PhD, Brent Carruth, James Carson III, Charles Carson, PhD, Richard M Carson, Gwendolyn Carson, PhD, Chuck Carson, Mary E Carsten, PhD, Bowdre Carswell, MD, Lynn K Carta, PhD, David Carta, PhD, William Carter, Kenneth Carter, MD, Louise Carter, Oran R Carter, Fred Carter, MD, John P Carter, Steven L. Carter, David Carter, Greg Carter, Richard N. Carter, Jim Carter, David L Carter, PhD, Joseph O. Carter, J. O. Carter, Mason C Carter, PhD, Marshall F Cartledge, Michael R Cartwright, Louis B Caruana, PhD, Louis M Caruana, Robert Carver, PhD, James Clark Carver, PhD, Hugh W Carver, John G Carver, PhD, Audra B Cary, Aubrey M Cary Jr, Tony Casagranda, Robert C Casagranda, Joseph Cascarelli, Charles Case, Robert B Case, MD, Eddie Case, Douglas Case, William J Caseber Jr, Phillip M Caserotti, M. V. Casey, Chris Cash, Davis Caskey, Armano Casola, PhD, Sidney Casrle, Don S Cassell, Patrick E Cassidy, PhD, Edward Cassidy, John Cassidy Jr, J K Cassil, Stan J Casswell, Neal Castagoli, PhD, Alan W Castellion, PhD, Anthony J Castiglia, MD, Ralph Castille, Joseph Castillo, John G Castle, PhD, J Steven Castleberry, Kenneth Castleton, Peter Castruccio, Dominic Anthony Cataldo, PhD, Paul Cate, Paul D Cate, Frank P Catena, Robert L Catherman, MD, Billy R Catherwood, Lawrence M Cathles, PhD, Renata E Cathou, PhD, John W Catledge, Thomas E Catlett, Jim Caton, David Cattell, PhD, Robert Lee Caudill, MD, W L Caudry, Thomas K Caughey, PhD, John A Caughlan, Jerry Caulder, PhD, Chaels Causey, James Causey, Thomas Cavaiani, PhD, Robert Cavalleri, PhD, Michael Cavanaugh, PG Cavazos, Bruce W Cavender, Steven L Cazad, Robert E Cech, PhD, Carl N Cederstrand, PhD, Peter La Celle, PhD, Chris Cellucci, PhD, Zoltan J Cendes, PhD, Thomas W. Cendrowski, Rosemary L Centner, Nancy L Centofante, MD, Philip Ceriani, MD, Samuel Cerni, PhD, Lawrnece J Cervellino, Steven Chabotte, John F. Chadbourne, PhD, Ronald A Chadderton, PhD, John Chadwick, Arthur V Chadwick, PhD, Rowand Chaffee, PhD, Pamela Chaffee, Charles T Chaffin, PhD, Paritosh M Chakrabarti, PhD, David L Chamberlain, PhD, Barry Chamberlain, Bruce Chamberlain, Dilworth W Chamberlain, PhD, Charles Chamberlain, PhD, Carlton Chamberlain, Adrian R Chamberlain, PhD, Samuel Z Chamberlain, RS Chamberlin, Angelo Chamberlin, Paul Chamberlin, Paul Chamberlin, Roger S Chamberlin, John S Chambers, MD, Doyle Chambers, PhD, Charles M Chambers, PhD, Roger Chambers, Ken Chambers, Glen D Chambers, David Chambers, Martha Homes Chambers, Carroll W Chambiss, PhD, Edwin B Champagne, PhD, Kenneth Champion, PhD, John Champion, Jr, Sham- Yuen Chan, PhD, Chun K Chan, PhD, Shu F Chan, PhD, Sunney L Chan, PhD, Ronald R Chance, PhD, Clarence Chandler, John Chandler, Leonard B Chandler, PhD, Steven Chandler, William R Chandler, Charles H Chandler, Berken Chang, PhD, Yung Feng Chang, PhD, Chung Jam Chang, PhD, Robin Chang, PhD, Freddy W Chang, PhD, Nicholas D Change, Stanley A Changon, Stanley Changnon, Jr, Donald J Channin, Raymond E Chapel, Alain De La Chapelle, MD, John Judson Chapman, PhD, Robert T Chapman, Daniel W Chapman, John Chappell, Harlan Chappelle, Douglas E Chappelle, Stanley Charap, PhD, Luis Charbonier, MD, Fred Charette, PhD, Lloyd M. Charles, MD, Robert C Charles, James Charles, M. J. Charles, MD, Bruce R Charlton, Edward Charney, William Charowhas, Frank Charron, Vanieca L Charvat, Andrew J Chase, Paul Chase, Kenneth Chase, PhD, Marci M Chase, Robt H Chase, Jim C Chase, JM Chasler, Jacob Chass, David Chastain, Thomas J Chastant, Edward Chastka, MD, Ashok K Chatterjee, Norman Chatterton, PhD, Robert Chauvin, PhD, Brad N Chazotte, PhD, Lynn Chcoran, E Cheatham, Curtis A Cheatham, Paul S Check, Zafarullah K Cheema, PhD, Robert L Cheever, John Chehaske, Kun Hua Chen, PhD, Chi Hau Chen, PhD, Stuart S Chen, PhD, Chen, PhD, Chi- Yang Cheng, PhD, Craig F Cheng, Kuang Liu Cheng, PhD, K L Cheng, PhD, Wade Cheng, PhD, Thomas C Cheng, PhD, Lou Chenot, William L Chenoweth, Kenneth P Chepenick, PhD, Genady Cherepanov, PhD, Roy Cherris, Jimmie L Cherry, PhD, Peter Chesney, Robert F Chesnik, John W Chester, Arthur Chester, PhD, Alfred P Chestnut, PhD, Paul A Chevernick, MD, Dhan Chevli, PhD, William Chewning, Benjamin F Cheydleur, Long Chi Lee, PhD, Nancy A. Chiafulio, Yuen S Chiang, PhD, V Chiappardi, R Chiarenzelli, Ken Chiavone, Gerald Chicoine, T D Avid Chikalla, PhD, David Chilcote, PhD, Ronald B Child, Thomas Childers, Milton Childers, PhD, James Childs, MD, Michael J. Chiles, George Chilingar, PhD, Frank Chimenti, PhD, David T Chin, PhD, Lincoln Chin, PhD, Hong Chin, PhD, Melvin Ching, PhD, Chris Chisholm, J D Chism, Craig Chismarick, Shyamala Chitaley, PhD, John G Chittick, Randy Chitwood, David Chleck, Soung Moo Cho, PhD, Darrel L Choate, Dale Chodos, MD, DS Choi, PhD, Ye C Choi, PhD, William M Chop Jr, MD, Manoj Chopra, PhD, Kenneth Choquette, MD, Frank W Chorpenning, PhD, Robert J Chorvat, PhD, Sham Chotai, Edward Choulnard, PhD, Wen L Chow, PhD, Tai-Low Chow, PhD, Peter S Chrapliwy, PhD, Geo A Christenberry, PhD, Odin Christensen, PhD, Richard Christensen, Peter Christensen, Don Christensen, Kent Christensen, Howard Christensen, Bent A Christensen, PhD, Alan Christensen, Ron V Christensen, Duane Christensen, Robt L Christensen, PhD, John Christensen, Charles R Christensen, PhD, Robert M Christiansen, PhD, Richard Christiansen, PhD, David Christiansen, James B Christiansen, PhD, Kent B Christianson, Warner Howard Christie, PhD, Kenneth Christman, MD, J W Chirstoff, Dennis Christopherson, Kenneth G Christy, Donald O Christy, PhD, Alfred L Christy, PhD, Jack C Chroy, Ryan A Chrysler, Boa The Chu, PhD, Constantino Chua, C. R. Chung, MD, Robert T. Church, Robert Church, Eugene L Church, PhD, Steven R Church, PhD, John P Church, PhD, Stanford Church, Habte G Churnet, PhD, Petr Chylek, PhD, Donald J Ciappenelli, PhD, Alfred E Ciarlone, PhD, J. Joseph Ciavarra, Jr, Ja Cifonelli, PhD, Robert J. Cihak, MD, Charles Cilfone, Marc Cimolino, PhD, Deborah M Ciombor, PhD, Jon A Ciotti, Joseph Cipolla, Michael Circosta, Kenneth W Ciriacks, PhD, A Cisar, Joseph R Cissell, James Civis, Edwin Claassen, PhD, Gary D Clack, M. Caldwell, PhD, Stephen Claeys, Robert M Claflin, PhD, Gregory S Claine, James L Clapp, PhD, Richard Clapp, Leroy Clardy, Tim Clarey, PhD, Randil L Clark, PhD, James G Clark, PhD, Richard W Clark, Richard T Clark, Paul B Clark, Grady Clark, PhD, Hugh Clark, PhD, John Clark, William Clark, Donald Clark, J Donald Clark, Bill P Clark, PhD, John B Clark, PhD, Robert Clark, Kenneth Clark, William Clark, MD, Randall D Clark, John Clark, MD, James W Clark, Donald L Clark, PhD, Robey Clark, James Clark, PhD, Kent Clark, John Clark, MD, Howard G Clark, PhD, Richard A Clark, Ian Clark, John A Clark, PhD, Charles Clark, PhD, Ian D. Clark, PhD, Thomas Clark, Lawrence E Clark, MD, Kimball Clark, PhD, John B Clark, Richard H Clarke, PhD, Earlin N Clarke, John F Gates Clarke, PhD, Richard P Clarke, PhD, Joseph W Clarke, John Clarke, Larry Clarke, Duane G Clarke, PhD, Danny J Clarke, James R Clarke, John T Clarno, Calvin Miller Class, PhD, James Classen, Karen Clausen, John F Clauser, PhD, Don Clauson, John A. Clay, Harris Clay, CK Claycomb, PhD, Gordon M Claycomb, Fred Clayton, PhD, Ronald Clayton, David Clayton, PhD, Stan G Clayton, William Clayton, John W Clayton, PhD, Bill Cleary, John Cleary, James L Cleason, Fran Van Cleave, PhD, La Var Clegg, John C Clegg, PhD, Wallace Cleland, PhD, Wm L Cleland, Leroy H Clem, PhD, William M Clement, PhD, Neil C Clements, MD, John A Clendening, PhD, Jeffrey Clevenger, William A Clevenger, Charles B Cliett, W Clift, James O Climo, Fred W Clinard, Dennis Cline, JT Cline, Warren K Cline, PhD, David Cline, James D Cline, James T. Cline, HB Clingempeel, Mansfield Clinnick, Thomas L Cloer Jr, M Gerard Cloherty, MD, Christian J Blom, PhD, Todd Cloninger, David M Close, PhD, Jim Cloud, Miline Clough, Ray William Clough, PhD, Michael R Clover, PhD, Douglas Clow, David N Clum, Mike Clumper, Peter Clute, Daniel G Coake, J David Coakley, Mary Coakley, PhD, Clarence L Coates, PhD, Keith H Coats, PhD, W Frank Cobb Jr, Howard Cobb, William Cobb, James H Cobbs, James F Coble, PhD, James Coburn, PhD, Dennis Coburn, W A Cochran, Jr, Leighton S Cochran, PhD, Paul Cochran, Carl Cochrane, Wm H Cockerham, Jerry Cockerham, J R Cockerham, Benjamim T Cockrill Jr, Richard Cockrum, Elmer Lendell Cockrum, PhD, James Codding, Joseph W Coddou, Paul Coder, Daniel Codespoti, PhD, William D Coe, Charles W Coe Ii, Edward D Coen, Fritz Coester, PhD, Charles Cofer, Harland E Cofer, PhD, William Coffeen, PhD, Wm R Coffelt, C Robert Coffey, Michael Coffey, J M Coffield, Michael Coffman, PhD, Anthony Cofrancesco, PhD, Allen Cogbill, PhD, David B Coghlan, Theodore Cogut, William T Cohan, Merrill Cohen, MD, Susanne K Cohen, William C Cohen, PhD, Flossie Cohen, MD, Norman Cohen, Howard J Cohen, PhD, Lawrence Cohen, Richard M Cohen, PhD, Allan H Cohen, PhD, Arnold Cohen, PhD, Ronald E Cohen, PhD, Charles Erwin Cohn, PhD, Robert Cohn, MD, Ernst M Cohn, Harry Cohnger, C E Coke, PhD, Glenn P. Coker, Ralph Coker, Clayton Coker, Lt Col Andre Gerner, Francis Colace, MD, Stefan Colban, Gene Louis Colborn, PhD, W B Colburn, Edward E Colby, M W Colchin, Lawrence E Coldren, Avean W Cole, PhD, Mariette Cole, PhD, Henry B Cole, Stephen Cole, PhD, Christopher J Cole, Lee A Cole, PhD, Kenneth R Cole, David R Cole, Frank W Cole, George R Cole, PhD, Clarence R Cole, PhD, John Cole, B Theodore Cole, PhD, Eugene Cole, PhD, James W Cole, Douglas E. Cole, Randall K Cole, PhD, Forrest Donald Colegrove, PhD, Philip J Colella, Roberto Colella, PhD, Anthony J Colella, Michael Coleman, William E. Coleman, Donald Coleman, Woodrow Coleman, Robert G Coleman, PhD, Bobby Coleman, Robert Coleman, PhD, R. G. Coleman, PhD, Richard A Coleman, Paul Coleman, PhD, R D Coles, Frank Coles, Andrew Coley, Jr, MD, Robt Coley, Summer Colgan, Donald Colgan, J R Colgan, MD, Lawrence Colin, Hans Coll, PhD, Jeffrey M Collar, A Collard, Joel Colley, MD, Don Collier, James Collier, PhD, Wm B Collier, PhD, Donald W Collier, Thomas F Collier, PhD, Edward Collins, PhD, William Henry Collins, Ted Collins, Stephen L Collins, H Douglas Collins, MD, Alan Collins, PhD, Kenneth B Collins, Clifford B Collins, Jane E Collins, Dennis Collins, PhD, Gary Collins, PhD, Andy R Collins, Jimmie Collins, PhD, Geo H Collins, MD, David B Collins, Horace R Collins, George Collins, Frederick C Collins, PhD, William P Collins, Wm F Collins, PhD, Charles A. Collins, P J Collipp, MD, Carlos A Colmenares, PhD, Arthur F Colombo, PhD, Don J Colton, Andre Coltrin, Todd Colvin, Clair R Colvin, PhD, William T Colwell, PhD, Robert Neil Colwell, PhD, E Keith Colyer, Leon Combs, PhD, John Comeaux, Jack Comeford, PhD, E James Comer, Stephen A. Comfort, PhD, Thomas Comi, PhD, Robert Comizzoli, PhD, Robert Commander, John Commerford, PhD, Wayne M Compton, Michael W Conaboy, Floyd S Conant, Leonard Conapinski, James Concilla, John Conconnan, Norman I Condit, George T Condo, PhD, William F. Condon, PhD, Gregory J Condon, MD, H Anson Cone, MD, F Dee Conerly Jr, John P Conigilo, Martin E Coniglio, John Conlan, Carter B Conlin, Ralph D. Conlon, Paul K Conn, PhD, Rex B Conn, MD, H E Connell, James Connell, James R Connell, John J Connelly, PhD, T Donnelly, PhD, Michael S Connelly, Teresa A Conner, Charles Conner, Dennis D Conner, Wm J Connick, Jr, John I Connolly Jr, PhD, John M Connor, Wayne M O Connor, Eugene A Conrad, PhD, Roddy Conrad, PhD, Walter E Conrad, PhD, Ralph L Conrad, Paul W Conrad, George Conrad, Jeff Conroy, Paul Consroe, PhD, David L Constans, Gheorghe M Constantinescu, PhD, Donald R Conte, John P Conway, Mary Conway, Thomas W Conway, PhD, James Conway, PhD, William Conway, Mark Cook, PhD, James H Cook, Thomas B Cook Jr, PhD, Addison G Cook, PhD, George W Cook, Robert C Cook, Charels Cook, Michael Cook, Henry E Cook Jr, Robt B Cook, PhD, Douglas H Cook, Karl Cook, Maurice G Cook, PhD, Frandk Cook, PhD, Steven Cook, Wendell Cook, Glenn C Cook, MD, Melvin A Cook, PhD, Mr Vernon O. Cook, Donald J Cook, PhD, Anson R Cooke, PhD, James Barry Cooke, James M. Cooksey, Richard Cool, Bingham Cool, PhD, David Coolbaugh, PhD, William E Cooley, PhD, Denton Arthur Cooley, MD, Daniel P Coolidge, Marguerite W Coomes, PhD, Edward Cooney, Anne M Cooney, Harvey L Coonts, John C Cooper, Robert S Cooper, PhD, Martin Cooper, Daniel Cooper, Max E Cooper, Robert C Cooper, PhD, George P Cooper, Raymond Cooper, PhD, Harry C Cooper, Thomas Cooper, PhD, Gordon Cooper, PhD, Peter Cooper, David F Cope, PhD, Lois Copeland, MD, A D Copeland, Kenneth R Copeland, Harry B Copelin, Frederick A Copes, PhD, Donald A. Copinger, John D Copley, William Coppoc, Wm S Corak, PhD, M Yavuz Corapcioglu, PhD, Robert B Corbett, PhD, Murray D Corbin, MD, Kevin Corbin, Carl Corbit, John Corboy, MD, John M. Corboy, MD, Eugene F Corcoran, PhD, Stephen Corcoran, John Corcoran, MD, Charles Cordalis, Ronald E Cordell, MD, Francis M Cordell, PhD, Cllinton N Corder, MD, Carl Cordes, Christopher Cordle, PhD, Patrick Core, Eugene Core, John S. Cornett, Robert L Corey, PhD, Henry E Corke, PhD, Walter H Corkern, PhD, Kenneth C Corkum, PhD, John L Corl, Corley, William E Cormier, Frank A Cormier, Russell Corn, Robert L Cornelius, John Cornell, S D Cornell, PhD, Creighton N Cornell, Stephen W Cornell, PhD, Arlen C Cornett, John S Cornett, Holley Cornette, Neil Cornia, Bahne C Cornilsen, PhD, L Corns, David G Cornwell, PhD, Roy S Cornwell, Roy S. Cornwell, PhD, Roy S Cornwill, PhD, Nicholas J Corolis, Don Corona, Deborah A Corridon, Thomas Corrigan, PhD, Charles E Corry, PhD, Wayne T Corso, Matthew Corulli, Kenneth M. Cory, Michael Coryn, Arthur J Cosgrove, George Cosmides, PhD, James P Costa, Eugene Costa, Ronald A. Costanzo, Mark J Costello, Benjamin Costello, Steven A. Costello, Rebecca B Costello, PhD, John Costlow, PhD, Allen Costoff, PhD, Kevin Cotchen, Wilfred A Cote, PhD, Harry E Cotrill Jr, Grant Cottam, Richard O Cottie, William R Cotton, PhD, Spencer M Cotton, Marion Cotton, PhD, David G Cotts, Richard L Coty, Larry Coudriet, Clifton Couey, Ronald A Coulson, PhD, Richard Councill, Marcus L Countiss, Gary Countryman, Galen L Coupe, Arnold Court, PhD, William H Courtney III, PhD, Francis E. Courtney, Jr, Raymond C Cousins, PhD, Ross Couwenhoven, PhD, Fred Covelli, Eugene Covert, PhD, Robt E Covey, Robert Covington, Carl Cowan, Daniel F Cowan, MD, George Cowan, MD, Tracy Cowan, C. Michael Cowan, PhD, Wm A Cowan, PhD, Jeffrey L Coward, John B Cowden, Ronald R Cowden, PhD, Vincent F Cowling, PhD, John D Cowlishaw, PhD, Carrol B Cox, Neil D Cox, PhD, Lawson G Cox, MD, Edwin Cox, Michael F Cox, Louis Cox, PhD, James A Cox, Hiram M Cox, David Cox, Donald J Cox, PhD, Clifford H Cox, PhD, Cyrus W Cox, Mike Cox, Morgan Cox, Robert P. Cox, Don C. Cox, Jerry Cox, Joe B Cox, Jack D Cox, Dan M Cox, Brian Cox, Frederick Cox, Sidney G Cox, Francis Coy, MD, Aaron S Coyan, Alan Coykendall, Robert D Coyle, Kenneth R Coyne, James C. Coyne, PhD, C H Cracauer, Dan Crackel, Sheldon Craddock, Donald K Craft, Rex R Craft, Cecil I Craft, Kent Craghead, John M. Cragin, Richard A Crago, Edward J Cragoe, Jr, MD, Kenneth B Craib, Bruce Craig, PhD, Dexter Craig, John Merrill Craig, James Craig, PhD, Irving M Craig, John A. Craig, John P. Craig, MD, R E Craigie Jr, Gordon E Craigo, Glenn D Crain, Jerry L. Crain, Donald Lee Crain, PhD, Donald J Cram, PhD, John A Cramer, PhD, Richard Cramer, Howard Cramer, PhD, Rex C Cramer, Edmund T Cranch, PhD, Walter Crandall, PhD, John R Crandall, PhD, Dale E Crane, Lowell Crane, Frederick L Crane, PhD, David C. Crane, PhD, Chris L Craney, PhD, Richard A Craven, James F Cravens, Clara D Craver, PhD, Doyle Craver, James Crawford, Don Crawford, Duane A Crawford, Jonathan Crawford, Thomas Crawford, PhD, Dean Crawford, Steven P Crawford, Robt S Craxton, PhD, David Craymes, Ron Creamer, S J Creane, Buford Creech, Wendell Creech, Michel Creek, Prentice Creel, T Ch Creese, R.S. Cremisio, PhD, Valerie Voss Crenshaw, Robert Cresci, PhD, C Raymond Cress, PhD, Anne E Cress, PhD, Kenneth S Cressman, Ronald Cresswell, PhD, John Edwin Crew, PhD, Phillip O Crews, PhD, Gregory A Crews, Diana Creyes, Richard E Cribbs, Robert W Cribbs, Donald F Crie, Peter Crimi, PhD, Richard Crippen, Harry N Cripps, PhD, Peter A. Crisi, Joseph P Crisler, PhD, George A. Crispin, Kurt Criss, Thomas B Criss, PhD, Marla Criss, Robert Crist, J L Crittenden, Thomas Bernard Croat, PhD, Charlie Crocker, Luanne S Crockett, Michael Croft, William Croft, Wayne S Croft, George T Croft, PhD, Jerry Croft, Blake Cromartie, Donald C Cronemeyer, PhD, Robert K Crookston, PhD, Edward Crosby, Edward Crosby, G Kingman Crosby, Ajmes G Crose, PhD, Thomas J Crosier, David Crosley, William Cross, Elden Cross, Robt F Cross, Kevin P Cross, A Scott Crossfield, Tom Crossman, Kenneth A Crossner, PhD, D B Crouch, Stephen Crouse, David L Crouse, Robert M Crout, Morgan L Crow, Gene Autrey Crowder, PhD, Curtis Crowe, Delmar N Crowe Jr, David Crowe, Donald E Crowell, Edwin P Crowell, John Crowley, Michael S Crowley, PhD, C Richard Crowther, PhD, Robert H Crowther, Frank C Croxton, PhD, Richard Cruce, William J Cruice, Michael Cruickshank, PhD, Edward H Crum, PhD, Duane Crum, PhD, Glenn H Crumb, PhD, David B. Crump, MD, Cris Cruz, Richard L Cryberg, PhD, Billy Crynes, Tihamer Z Csaky, MD, Tihamer Csaky, MD, Gabriel T Csanady, PhD, Alan L Csontos, William Cubbedge, W D Cubbedge, Cubre, Jerry F Cuderman, PhD, Donald Cudmore, Donald F Cue, Alfred G Cuffe, John R Culbert, Verne Culbertson, Chris Cull, Char C Cullari, Stephen L Cullen, MD, William C Cullen, PhD, John S Cullen, Floyd Culler, Donald M Culler, A S Cullick, PhD, John Cullom, Ray Culver, Peter Cumerford, Bradford Cummings, David Cummings, PhD, Richard W Cummins, PhD, Tom Cundiff, Lawrence E Cunnick, John H. Cunniff, Walter Cunningham, PhD, David C Cunningham, Howard Cunningham, PhD, Joseph A Cunningham, MD, Allen Cunningham, John E Cunningham, PhD, Thomas Curin, PhD, Peter Curka, MD, Thomas J Curphey, PhD, Walter E Currah, Curran, Francis M Curran, John T Curran, Ira B Current, James L Current, Tom P Currie, Wm S Currie, William W Currier, PhD, Thomas Curry, PhD, John Curry, William Curry, PhD, Timmy F Curry, Janet C Curry, Frazier Curt, MD, Maria A Curtin, PhD, Stuart Curtis, Merlyn Curtis, Fred W Curtis, Jr, Chopin Cusachs, PhD, Joseph Cusack, Charles Cusack III, Charles E Cusack Jr, Bendit Cushman-Roisin, PhD, Michael S Cuskelly, Herman C Custard, PhD, Steven R Custer, John M Cuthbert, Leonard Cutler, PhD, James R Cutre, Alan Cutting, J F Cuttino, PhD, Jerry Cuttler, PhD, James Cutts, George B Cvijanovich, PhD, Burt L St Cyr, Walter J Czagas, Rita Czek, Thomas P Czepiel, PhD, James Oziomek, PhD, Shannon Czysz
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers D


John Dabbs, PhD, George C Dacey, PhD, Jaak Jk Daemen, PhD, Calvin Daetwyler, PhD, William Daffron, R Dafoe, Charles H Daggs, Clark J. Daggs, H Douglas Dahl, PhD, Harry M Dahl, PhD, Duane M Dahlgren, Dirk Dahlgren, PhD, Robert S Dahlin, PhD, Russell Dahlstrom, Donald Dahlstrom, PhD, Peter C Daigle, Russell E Dailey, W V Dailey, James T Dakin, PhD, Alfred Dakrig, Snezana Kili- Dalafave, PhD, Thomas A Dale, Glenn I Dale, Anthony A Dale, Joseph D’Aleo, James Daley, Joseph Dalley, PhD, John C Dallman, PhD, Jesse L Dally, PhD, John J Dalnoky, George F Dalrymple, Charles Dalton, PhD, Harry Dalton, PhD, James U Daly, Michael Daly, Michael Daly, Kevin M Daly, Richard Aasen Damerow, PhD, Valeria Damiao, PhD, Dwight H Damon, PhD, George Damon, PhD, Edward Dana, Jerome Samuel Danburg, PhD, James Dancho, MD, Richard M Dangelo, Charles A Daniel, Scott Daniel, Thomas W Daniel, Wayne E. Daniel, Charles D Daniel, PhD, Charlie Daniels, Ned R Daniels, James Daniels, Anders P Daniels, PhD, Wayne Daniels, Warren B Daniels, Jess Donald Daniels, PhD, John R. Danielson, PhD, Richard J Danke, PhD, Wm M Danley, William R. Dannels, Jerry Danni, Raisfeld I Danse, MD, S Dantiki, PhD, Victor Danushevsky, PhD, Paul Danyluk, Morris J Danzig, PhD, Fred Darady, Nicholas Darby, PhD, Joseph Darby, Jr, PhD, Frank Darden, Eugene M. Darling, Jr., Forrester B Darling, Bradley Darr, Rodney C Darrah, Michael J Darre, PhD, Josephe E Darsey, PhD, L R Dartez, Dean Daryani, Kaz Darzinskis, Hriday Das, PhD, Theodore Dashman, PhD, Edward Daskam, Clarence T Daub, PhD, Gregory W Daues, Roger A Daugherty, Shawn Daugherty, William E Dauksch, T C Dauphine, PhD, Joseph R Daurora, Bruce R Dausman, Dennis Dautreuil, Rodnoosh R Davari, Marion Davenport, Thomas L Davenport, PhD, Jeff David, Moses M David, PhD, Clayton L Davidson, James Davidson, James M Davidson, PhD, Thomas Davidson, Don Davidson, W H Davidson, MD, Donald Davidson, PhD, Chad Davies, PhD, DH Davies, MD, Emlyn B Davies, PhD, Julian A Davies, PhD, William Davies, Harold Davies, Harold W Davies, PhD, Frank W Davies, Edward J Davies, PhD, W Kenneth Davis, Duane Davis, PhD, Raymond Davis, PhD, Warren B Davis, John Davis, MD, Wallace Davis, PhD, Thomas Davis, PhD, Richard W. Davis, PhD, Mark Davis, Dana E Davis, Wm C Davis, Fred Davis, Paul Davis, Larry A Davis, PhD, James Davis, William Davis, Harry Davis, PhD, Donald E Davis, PhD, Mark Davis, M Davis, PhD, Joseph Davis, PhD, William H Davis, Ralph Davis, Alfred Davis, Michael Davis, James P Davis, John R Davis, Brian D Davis, Harriett Davis, Wm R Davis, PhD, Bruce W Davis, PhD, H. Turia Davis, D K Davis, Francis Davis, PhD, Kent R. Davis, James A Davis, PhD, Jesse L. Davis, Herbert G. Davis, S Davis, Frances M. Davis, PhD, John A Davis Jr, PhD, Michael Davison, Tom Dawson, Harry H Dawson, Dale E Dawson, HR Dawson, PhD, Arthur D Dawson, PhD, David Dawson, William Dawson, Mike Dawson, Frank Dax, Charles Day, Harry G Day, PhD, D M Day, William Day, PhD, Michael Day, PhD, Donald F Day, PhD, Paul Day, Ivana Day, PhD, Noorbibi K Day, MD, R A Day, PhD, Robt D Day, Duke Dayton, Stephen Dazzo, Mr. Juan C. De Cardenas, James De Ganahl, Charles De Ganahl, Donald W De Jong, PhD, Carlo J De Luca, PhD, Bruce De Ment, Eugene De Rose, PhD, Anthony C. De Vuono, PhD, David Deacon, PhD, John Deacon, Forest C Deal Jr, PhD, John Dean, Sheldon W Dean, PhD, David L Dean, PhD, Robert Dean, Warren E Dean, PhD, Lyndon Dean, William D Dean, W Kit Dean, PhD, Frederick H Dean, Robert E Dean, Donald Deardorff, PhD, James Deatherage, Bobby C Deaton, PhD, B D Debaryshe, David W Deberry, PhD, Edward Dale Deboer, Charles Deboisblanc, Francis Debons, PhD, Robt E Debrecht, Ronald J Debruin, Peter Debrunner, PhD, Robert J Debs, PhD, Nancy E Dechant, Fred W Decker, PhD, Arthuir J Decker, PhD, William M Decker, Wayne Deckert, PhD, Paul Decusati, PhD, Kent Dedrick, PhD, W Edward Deeds, PhD, David G Deeken, Philip E. Deering, John M. Dees, John D Defelice, Steven L. DeFeyter, Gary Defoti, PhD, Paul J Defries, Rosalie F Degiovanni-Donnelly, PhD, Gerald Degler, Stephen Degray, MD, Rebecca Dehlinger, John Dehn, PhD, Greg D Dehne, Eugene Wm Dehner, PhD, Robert Dehoff, PhD, Robert F Deibel, Jr, Susan Deines, Michael P Deisenroth, PhD, Everett Dejager, John Dejager, Ken Dejager, Glenn Dejong, John H Dekker, Pamela J. Delaney, J M Delano, Erwin Delano, PhD, J W Delano, PhD, Phillip Delassus, PhD, Kirk F Delaune, William M Delaware, Joe D Delay, PhD, Robert M Delcamp, PhD, Jaap B Delevie, MD, Mark Delinger, E F Delitala, Robert J Dellenback, PhD, Gary Dellerson, MD, Jon Delong, Herbert Delrich, MD, Frank Deluca, Anthony J Delucca, John Deluccia, PhD, Lynns I Demarco, MD, J Demarest, PhD, Tom Demars, MD, David C Demartini, PhD, Gerald Demers, Harold D Demirjian, Winston R Demonsabert, PhD, Albert M Demont, Thomas Demull, Kenneth J Denault, PhD, Louis J Denes, PhD, David Denhardt, PhD, Frank W Denison, PhD, Adam Denison, MD, Scott C Denison Jr, Joseph Denk, David R Denley, PhD, Steve Denner, PhD, Warren W Denner, PhD, Robert Dennett, Richard Denney, William J Denney, Richard S Dennis, Roy Dennis, Eric Dennis, William E Dennis, PhD, Alan M Dennis, Ronald W Dennison, Lawrence A Denny, Larry Denny, Norman C Deno, PhD, Don Deno, PhD, Al H Denson, Richard A Denton, Thomas Denton, James Denton, Kenneth R Deove, MD, William G. DePierre, PhD, Wm Davis Derbyshire, PhD, Edmond J Derderian, PhD, David Derenzo, Kenneth Derick, Dimitris Dermatas, PhD, Lawrence E Dernbach, T Derossett, PhD, Larry Derscheid, James Deruiter, MD, Salvatore J Desalva, PhD, Peter A Desantis, Charles Desbordes, Don Desborough, Henry Deshazo, Harold Desilets, Wm Deskin, PhD, Ryan Desko, George R Desko, Armand Desmarais, Edward Desrochers, Herbert C Dessaver, PhD, Raymond E Dessy, PhD, Steven A Destefano, MD, R P Destefano, PhD, Raymond Destephen, Thomas R Detar, MD, John H Detar, PhD, Herman Dethman, William D Detlefsen, PhD, Don Detrick, WR Dettmer, R Deufel, PhD, Maurice Deul, Marshall E Deutsch, PhD, John Devaney, Ravi S Devara, MD, James E Devay, PhD, Karl W Devenport, MD, G E Dever, PhD, G E Alan Dever, PhD, G Taft Devere, William Devereux, Edward J Devillez, PhD, John W Devine, PhD, John Devitt, Gerald E Devitt, Robert M Devlin, PhD, Thomas F. Devlin, PhD, Gregore Devlin, Robert V Devore, PhD, Frederick W Devries, Robert Devries, PhD, Martha Deweese, Louis Dewenter, Roy Dewey, James Dewey, Donald R Dewey, PhD, Roland Dewit, PhD, Ward Dewitt, MD, Jim Dews, Mel Dewsnup, Jerry J Dewulf, Charles Dexter, MD, F D Dexter, Alan Dexter, PhD, Franklin D. Dexter, James A Deye, PhD, Seshasayi Dharmavaram, PhD, Cecil M Dinunno, Paul J Dial, Arthur S Diamond, Arthur M Diamond, PhD, Marian C Diamond, PhD, David Dibbley, James D Dibdin, MD, John K Dibitz, Rudolph John Dichtl, Phillip Dick, Richard J Dick, Macdonald Dick, MD, Stewart Dicken, Charles Edward Dickerman, PhD, Charlesworth L Dickerson, PhD, Jerry B Dickey, John I Dickinson, MD, Warren D Dickinson, Wade Dickinson, Lee G Dickinson, Winifred Dickinson, PhD, Wm B Dickinson, PhD, Dave Dicksor, John Dickmann, Howard Dickson, Bryan J Dicus, Albert Diddle, MD, Ellizabeth Didier, PhD, Henry A Diederichs, MD, Paul A Dieffenthaller, Kenneth Diesburg, PhD, Jerry A Dieter, PhD, John Dieterman, Dennis Dietrich, MD, Charles Dietrick, Alm Dietz, Peter Dietze, Armand Digiacomo, PhD, Joseph B Digiorgio, PhD, Ken Dillard, Robert G Dillard, Robert B Dillaway, PhD, John R Dille, MD, Jeffrey A Dille, Roger Dille, Ray Dillon, Raymond Dillon, PhD, Malcolm Dillon, Douglas Dillon, MD, Daniel Dillon, Pryia C Dimantha, Raymond Dimartini, PhD, Robt L Dimmick, Robert Hudson Dinegar, PhD, Steven Dingman, Tom Dingo, John Dini, Howard L Dinsmore, PhD, Ronald J Dinus, PhD, William Dinusson, PhD, Michael Dion, Eugene Dirk, PhD, R. W. Dirks, Ray Dirling, Louis Dischler, James Disiena, Timothy Dittmer, Albert Dittmer, C J Diver, Omer Dix, Steve Dixon, Richard W Dixon, PhD, Robert C Dixon, John K Dixon, Kent Dixon, Charles J Dixon, William L Dixon, MD, Marvin P Dixon, PhD, James D Dixon, PhD, Ross J Dixon, H Marshall Dixon, PhD, Thomas O. Dixon, David B Doan, Elliott Doane, PhD, Paul Dobak, Donald Dobbin, Harry D Dobbs, PhD, Herbert H Dobbs, PhD, Carroll Dobratz, PhD, Gerard Dobson, PhD, Donald C Dobson, PhD, Robert W Dobson, Martin L Dobson, Edward R. Dobson, Glen R Dodd, Daniel Dodd, Robert Dodd, Nama Doddi, PhD, Earl S Doderer, PhD, George C Doderer, Marvin Dodge, PhD, Charles F Dodge, PhD, Richard A Dodge, PhD, Charles F. Dodge, PhD, W Brent Dodrill, Ronald P Dodson Jr, Wand Dodson, PhD, Stephen Doe, Thomas C Doe, D C Doe, Gerald E Doeden, PhD, Jim Doehla, Eugene Doering, William A. Doerner, PhD, Charles Doersam, Matthew A Doffer, J W Dohr, Edwin Dojka, Edward M Dokoozian, PhD, John E Dolan, Michael F Dolan, Geoffrey E Dolbear, PhD, Wm Read Dolbier, PhD, Richard Dolecek, John Dolehide, MD, Ronald U Dolfi, W. W. Dollison, Bruce J Dolnick, PhD, Richard M Dom, PhD, John M Domagala, PhD, Joseph Domblesky, PhD, Abel Dominguez, PhD, Erich Dominik, Edwin J Dommisse, Calvin M Donaghey, Thomas Donahue, Robert Donahue, PhD, William Donald, PhD, B Donaldson, PhD, Chick Donaldson, Allen Donaldson, Gary B Donart, PhD, Henry Donato, PhD, John R Doner, PhD, Wenju Dong, PhD, James E. Donham, Edward E O Donnell, PhD, George Donnelly, Susanne Donovan, Kerry L. Donovan, PhD, Terry W. Donze, Thomas P Dooley, PhD, David Dooley, Mark C Dooley, Robt F Doolittle, PhD, Barbara Doonan, PhD, Harold E Doorenbos, PhD, Alejandro Dopico, PhD, Billie Dopstauf, Timothy J. Dore, Guy H Dority, PhD, Jerome P Dorlac, Bernhadt Dorman, PhD, Kenneth J Dormer, PhD, Irene Dorner, Donald E Dorney, Ronald J Dorovi, Larry Dorris, W F Dost Jr, Robert Dotson, MD, Robert W Doty, PhD, William O Doty, PhD, Keith L Doty, PhD, Joe Dotzlaf, R J Doubek, Roark Doubt, Lawrence G Doucet, Rae Dougherty, Charles Dougherty, Patrick J Dougherty, John Doughty, PhD, Ralph D Doughty, Jocelyn Douglas, PhD, Michael G Douglas, PhD, Rose T Douglas, Gilbert Douglas Jr, MD, Westmoreland J Douglas, PhD, Hugh Douglas, Kathleen Douglas, Spencer Douglass, Robert W Douglass, PhD, W Campbell Douglass III, MD, John Doull, PhD, Arthur Ostantinos Doumas, PhD, Gary L Douthitt, Haninia Dover, Stephen Dow, MD, S Dow, Sandra Dowdell, Edward J Dowdy, PhD, William Louis Dowdy, James D Dowell, John E Dowis, Edward C Dowling Jr, PhD, Thomas J Dowling, Theron Downes, PhD, Harold J Downey, Patrick Downey, James A Downey III, Fred Downey, PhD, Roland Downing, PhD, Jack Downing, Jeffrey Downing, MD, Terrell Downing, S L Downs, William F Downs, PhD, Tom Downs, PhD, Patricia Doxtader, PhD, B J Doyle, Larry J Doyle, PhD, Stephen Doyle, Frederick J Doyle, PhD, Douglas Dozier, MD, Robert Dragnich, Frank Dragoun, David J Drahos, PhD, Michael C Drake, PhD, James F Drake, PhD, Andrew Drake, Arthur E Drake, PhD, William L Drake Jr, MD, Bruce D Drake, PhD, Rex Drake, Jean Draper, Gary L Draper, Edward A Dratz, PhD, Vincent H Dreeszen, Bill Drennan, Stanley Drennan, MD, George L Drenner Jr, Arthur Drescher, William M Dresher, PhD, James Drew, PhD, Larry A Drew, PhD, Harry J Driedger, MD, Albert John Driesch, Frank E Driggers, PhD, Raymond L Driscoll, Gary L Driscoll, PhD, Margaret Driscoll, Fletcher Driscoll, PhD, Richard Drisko, PhD, Thomas E Driver, Daniel D Drobnis, Earl G. Droessler, Richard A Drossler, John A. Drozd, Don A. Sibley, PhD, A J Druce Jr, James E. Drummond, PhD, Harry V Drushel, PhD, Richard S Dryden, Gil Dryden, PhD, G L Dryden, PhD, Murray Dryer, PhD, C F Duane, James L Dubard, PhD, Del R M Dubbs, PhD, S C Dubios, Louis Dubois, E H Dubois, Richard E Dubroff, PhD, William Dubroff, PhD, Kenneth L Duck, Ronald H Duckstein, Jr, Patricia M. Duda, Leonard Duda, PhD, Thomas J Dudek, PhD, Richard A Dudek, PhD, Howard Dudley, Thomas Dudley, Underwood Dudley, PhD, Roy Dudman, Dudt, PhD, Donald J Dudziak, PhD, Margaret Dudziak, Gregory A. Dueffert, Robert J Duenckel, R E Duernells, S. E. Duerr, Robert J Duery, Michael S Duesbery, PhD, C J Duet, Loring R. Duff, David Duffy, V Duffy, PhD, William T Duffy, PhD, John C Duffey, Kenneth Dufrane, Edward Dugan, PhD, Doyle Dugan, Leroy Dugan, PhD, Sherman Dugan, Thomas A. Dugan, Raymond J Dugandzic, Paul N. Duggan, Jonathan Duhamel, Terry M Duhon, Donald T Duke, William Duke, MD, Taylor Duke, Harold R. Duke, PhD, William W Duke, MD, D Durkee, PhD, Peter P Dukes, PhD, Gary R Dukes, PhD, Marilyn Duke -Woodside, MD, John Dulchinos, Herbert M Dumas, Thomas Dumler, MD, Samuel M Dunaway Jr, Philip Gordon Dunbar, PhD, Douglas N. Dunbar, Dean D Duncan, PhD, Paul M. Duncan, C M Duncan III, Charles L Duncan, PhD, Peter L Duncanson, Lawrence Dunegan, MD, L Jean Dunegan, MD, James M Dunford, Henry Dunham, MD, Warren Dunkel, James Dunkelberg, R C Dunlap, Jr, Henry F Dunlap, PhD, Cleo Dunlap, John G. Dunlap, James Dunlop, James Dunn, PhD, Joseph Dunn, MD, Neil Dunn, MD, Larry Dunn, Howard Dunn, Robert G Dunn Jr, George Dunnavan, Nora E Dunnell, John Ray Dunning, PhD, Kenneth L Dunning, PhD, Harry E Duprey, Robert Dupriest, MD, Sidney Dupuy, MD, Wm N Durand, Frederick C Durant III, Dermot J Durcan, MD, Jack D Duren, Scott N Durgin, Marcus Durham, PhD, James A Durham, Mary Durick, John Durig, James Durig, PhD, Gordon B Durnbaugh, James A Durr, Sajjad Durrani, PhD, Jed Durrenberger, John B Duryea, Martin Dusel, Forester J. Dusell, Richard Dusenbery, PhD, Sophie Dutch, Allen L Dutt, Chizuko M Dutta, PhD, D Dutton, Granville Dutton, James Duvall, Paul B Duvall, MD, Victor Duvall, MD, A. J. Duvall, James Duvall, PhD, Jean Duvivier, Ernest J Duwell, PhD, James P Dux, PhD, Roger L Van Duyne, PhD, W P Duyvesteyn, PhD, George J Dvorak, PhD, Isaac Dvoretzky, PhD, Dushan Dvornik, PhD, Jeffrey L Dwiggins, Julian J Dwornik, PhD, Michael Dwyer, John Dwyer, MD, Francis G Dwyer, PhD, Alan C Dyar, Zbigniew Dybczak, PhD, Clifford D Dybing, PhD, David L Dye, PhD, Walter R Dyer, PhD, Steven Dyer, Cornelius Van Dyke, Owen Dykema, Lawrence Dykers, Clifford Dykstra, PhD, J Robert Dynes, PhD, T Dzik, PhD, Philip J Dziuk, PhD, John Dzurino
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers E


Robert J Eagan, PhD, J. T. Eagen, Dr Joe R Eagleman, PhD, Joe R Eagleman, PhD, Bertram E. Eakin, PhD, James Earle, O. Keener Earle, Kennon Earle, PhD, Thomas Earles, Fred N Earll, PhD, R C Earlougher, R C Earlougher Jr, PhD, Donald R East, W S Easterling, PhD, John Eastlick, D B Easty, PhD, Philip E Eaton, PhD, George W Eaton Jr, John R Eaton, Thomas Eaton, PhD, James H Eaton, Gordon Eballardyce, Kenneth Ebel, PhD, Dennis M Eben, John R Ebensberger, MD, William E Eberhardt, Gary Eberly, Floyd Eberts, PhD, DP Ebright, Lawrence T Eby, PhD, Bernard Ecanow, PhD, Anita Eccles, Andrew Van Echo, Dana A Echter, Richard Eck, Alieta Eck, MD, Michael T Eckert, Charles Eckman, Jeffrey D Eckstein, Lee W Eddington, Lee W. Eddington, Carrie Eddy, Dale P Eddy, Fred Edelman, Howard Edelson, W Kent Eden, Jack Eden, PhD, Richard C Eden, PhD, Jim Edgar, Charles K Edge, PhD, Janes M. Edgecombe, Robt Edgerton, PhD, Steven Edgerton, John Edgington, Don Edington, Allen Edison, PhD, George R Edlin, PhD, Paul Edmiston, PhD, George F Edmonds Jr, Stephen W Edmondson, MD, Ronald K Edquist, President, Lay Edward, Jr, John A Edward, Joseph F Edwards, Charlie Edwards, Robert L Edwards, William R Edwards, Charles Edwards, Brian Edwards, Eugene H Edwards, PhD, David F Edwards, PhD, J. Gordon Edwards, PhD, Jozef W Eerkens, PhD, Maurice Egan, PhD, Thomas Egan, Howard Egan, PhD, Weldon T Egan, MD, Paul Egbers, Robert Egbers, Wm F Egelhoff, PhD, Jason Egelston, James P Egger, Donald A Eggert, PhD, Peter Egli, Richard Egly, PhD, John Ehlen, Kenneth W Ehlers, PhD, Steven Ehlinger, C D Ehrardt Jr, William Ehringer, PhD, I R Ehrlich, PhD, Dion R Ehrlich, MD, Paul E Ehrlich, PhD, H P Ehrlich, PhD, Sandra Ehrlich, Walter Eich, Robert Eichelberger, PhD, William H Eichelberger, Paul Eichenberger, Val L Eichenlaub, PhD, Jacob Eichhorn, PhD, Peter M Eick, Donald I Eidemiller, PhD, Gerald I Eidenberg, Barry Eikmann, Dean Eiland, Kendrick R Eliar, PhD, Keith Eilers, Gary L Eilrich, PhD, Jack Einkopf, Dean W Einspahr, PhD, Kurt F Eise, Paul Eisele, PhD, H Richard Eisenbeis, Joseph J Eisenhuth, PhD, George Eisenman, MD, David Eitman, Darrel L Eklund, PhD, Jokomo A Ekpaha-Mensah, MD, James Ekstrand, J. David Ekstrum, Guindy Mahmoud Ismail El, PhD, Jack Elam, PhD, Dennis Eland, Richard E Elden, Robert Elder, Klaus E Eldridge, PhD, Jack R Elenbaas, James Eley, PhD, Tricia Elgavish, Gabriel Elgavish, PhD, Rotem Elgavish, Sam Elhoe, Thomas Eliaren Jr, Hans Elias, PhD, Luis R Elias, PhD, Abdalla M. Elias, John Elkin, Michael J Elkind, Rush E Elkins, PhD, James Elkins, Lloyd E Elkins, Jesse G Ellard, Chris Ellefson, Henry J Ellenbast Jr, William J Ellenberger, Arthur Eller, PhD, Howard Lyman Ellinwood, PhD, M Edmund Ellion, PhD, Douglas G Elliot, PhD, Howard C Elliott, PhD, John Elliott, Lloyd S Elliott, William H Elliott Jr, W S Elliott, Mark H Elliott, Alice Elliott, PhD, Rodger L Elliott, Bruce Elliott, PhD, Gary Elliott, Robert D Elliott, Alice E. Elliott, PhD, John Elliott, Frampton F Ellis, Jr, David Ellis, Walter H Ellis, Paul J Ellis, PhD, David A Ellis, PhD, Robert W Ellis, PhD, Richard J Ellis, PhD, Edison Ellis, Andrew E Ellis, Robert Ellis, MD, Arthur Ellis, James L. Ellis, Scott Ellis, Simon Ellomary, MD, James O. Ellis, Hugh W Ellsaesser, PhD, K Donald Ellsworth, Kevin L. Elm, Edward Elmer, MD, Joe Elmer, Sandy Elms, Andy Elms, Howard G Elrlich, PhD, David Elrod, PhD, Shaker El-Sherbini, PhD, Lamont Eltinge, PhD, William K Elwood, George F Emch, Donald W Emerich, PhD, George Emerle, Edward Emery, PhD, Philip H Emery Jr, PhD, Philip A Emery, Edgar Emery, Louis Emery, PhD, Frank Emery, PhD, Matt Emison, Calvin W Emmerson, John L Emmerson, PhD, Amsrl-Is-Ew, Youichi Endo, PhD, Norman H Enestein, PhD, A M Engebretson, PhD, Richard J Engel, Albert Engelhardt, PhD, Raymond Engelke, PhD, Charles E Engelke, PhD, Alvin Engelke, L R Engelking, PhD, Franz Engelmann, PhD, John E Engelsted, PhD, John Egenolf, PhD, Gary England, Mike S Engle, Donald D Engle, Larry Engle, W Engle, Charles F Engles, Kenneth English, Robert W English, Arthur E Englund, David Engwall, PhD, Gerard Enigk, T Enloe, John Joseph Ennever, Richard Enoch, Nancy Enright, Dale Ensminger, Leonard E Ensminger, PhD, James E. Enstrom, PhD, Roger C Entringer, PhD, Lawson Entwistle, Bruce Enyeart, John W Enz, PhD, Debra A Ephraim, Jack F Epley, Gilbert K Eppich, Jay Eppink, Richard A Eppler, PhD, Thomas Eppler, PhD, J Michael Epps, MD, Seymour Epstein, PhD, Robert Allan Erb, PhD, John K Erbacher, PhD, William Erby, PhD, George E Erdman, John Erdmann, Robert D Erhardt Jr, Rick L. Ericksen, Alexander Erickson, Andy C Erickson, Alvin Erickson, Harold P Erickson, PhD, John G Erickson, PhD, Joshua A Erickson, Curt Erickson, Ted Erickson, Richard Erickson, PhD, Karl L Erickson, PhD, Roger Erickstad, Roger Eriekson, Klaas Eriks, PhD, Jack Eriksen, Jay A Erikson, PhD, Mary J Erikson, Jan Erikson, PhD, Lars Eriksson, Christine Erkkila, Paul Erlandson, PhD, Eric P Erlanson, Franklin Enrest, George W Ernst, PhD, Charles M Ernst, F H Ernst Jr, MD, Richard Erpelding, MD, Christopher F Erskine, Robert Erskine, James L Erskine, PhD, R W Erwin, Don R Erwin, M. Frank Erwin, Ed Escallon, John T. Eschbaugh, Theodore W Esders, PhD, Brenda Eskelson, Michael J. Eslick, Rodney L Eson, Ralph H Espach, William Espander, PhD, Ramon Espino, PhD, Terry Ess, Robert H Essenhigh, PhD, Alvin Essig, MD, Neal C. Estano, James Estep, PhD, Daniel Esterline, PhD, Edward R Estes, John H Estes, PhD, Frances C Esteve, Juliette Estevez, S Etter, Robert H Eustis, PhD, Wm Henry Eustis, PhD, Roger Evans, MD, Charles A Evans, PhD, Philip Evans, Thomas Walter Evans, PhD, Douglas A Rees- Evans, David H Evans, PhD, W E Evans, Claudia T Evans, PhD, James A Evans, James Evans, MD, Charles R Evans, Albert Edwin Evans, PhD, Howard E Evans, PhD, Ralph A Evans, PhD, Charles Evans, Leonard Evans, PhD, Kenneth R Evans, Marjorie W Evans, PhD, George Evans, Wm Evans, R Evans, George H. Evans, Earle Evavold, Harmon Edwin Eveland, PhD, F Monte Evens, PhD, James L Everett, Robert Everett, Robert Everett, PhD, A Gordon Everett, PhD, Robert H Everett, Dale Everett, Woodrow W Everett, III, Martin E Everhard, PhD, Donald L Everhart, PhD, Craig Evers, PhD, Richard Eyler, Eugene Eyster, PhD
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers F


Herman A. Fabert, Thomas J Fabish, PhD, Edward A Fabrici, Martin L Fackler, MD, Atir Fadhli, PhD, Joseph P Fagan Jr, David R Fagerburg, PhD, Dennis E Fagerstone, K Marshall Fagin, Gary A Fahl, Mr F R Fahland, Stephen R Fahnestock, PhD, Carl Fahrenkrugh, Thomas G Fails, John C Fair, PhD, James R Fair, Jr, PhD, Michael Fairbourne, Dennis A Falgout, PhD, Arthur Falkler, John B Fallon, Peter Fallon, Leonard S Falsone, Donald Fancher, PhD, Robert E Fankhauser, Cody Fannin, Don Fanslow, PhD, Robert S Fant, Steve Fanto, MD, Farber, Earl Faria, Miguel A Farica, MD, Miguel A Faria Jr, MD, Joseph Farinelli, Anthony L Farinola, Robert H Fariss, PhD, Marc Fariss, PhD, John M Farley, Lynda R. Farley, Charles Farley, Bruce Farlwald, Allan G Farman, PhD, W Michael Farmer, PhD, Gary Farmer, Ron Farmer, Kenneth K Farmer, Mike Farmer, B L Farmer, MD, Ollie Farnam, Mark Farnham, MD, Frank Farnham, Willard Farnham, Wells Fransworth, PhD, Michael Farona, PhD, Charles H Farr, MD, Sd Farrar, David Farrell, PhD, Gregory A Farrell, William Farrell, MD, Eugene P Farrell, Charles Farrell, PhD, Robert P Farrell, Thomas Farrior, Billie Farris, Geo Farwell, PhD, David Fashimpaur, Gerald Fassell, Arlo W Fast, PhD, Michael A Faten, Dennis C Fater, PhD, Charles R Faulders, PhD, David Faulkinberry, Homer D Fausch, PhD, Claude Marie Faust, PhD, S R Faust Jr, Donald Faust, MD, Jerry W Faust, Ernest H Faust, Anthony J Favale, John R Favorite, Felix Favorite, PhD, Sherwood Fawcett, PhD, Robt Fay, PhD, James Fayard, Gene R Feaster, PhD, C Featherston, Donald P Featherstone, Henry A Feddern, PhD, Enrico T Federighi, PhD, James Fedrich, PhD, A N Feellemifer, Robert D. Feeney, PhD, Gary Z Fehrmann, J D Feichtner, PhD, J Roberto Feige, Abraham S Feigenbaum, PhD, Tom Feil, Michael Feil, Harvey L Fein, PhD, Matthew Fein, George Feinbaum, MD, Louis Feinstein, PhD, J S Feinstein, Robert Feisel, David M Feit, Martin Felicita, Hank Feldstein, PhD, Joe T Fell, Archie D Fellenzer, Jr, D Feller, PhD, William J Felmlee, William O Felsmon, Lorie M Felton, Steve Fenderson, Robert Fenech, John Fenger, MD, Robert W Fenn, PhD, Richmond Fenn, Edward L Fennell, V Hayes Fenstermacher, John Fenton, PhD, Donald Fenton, PhD, Robt B Fenwick, PhD, WJ Fergerson, Andrew Fergus, Keith Ferguson, Robert Ferguson, Robert Ferguson, Dave D Ferguson, D Bryan Ferguson, Courtney S Ferguson, PhD, Howard Ferguson, Donald Ferguson, David Ferguson, PhD, John Ferguson, Richard L Ferm, PhD, Arthur T Fernald, PhD, John H Fernandes, PhD, Verno Fernandez, PhD, Rene Fernandez, Steve Ferraro, William James Ferrell, PhD, Charles M Ferrell, Jorge Ferrer, Craig Ferris, William P Fertall, Wm A Fessler, PhD, Dale A Fester, Edward M Fettes, PhD, Kenneth Feucht, MD, Robt M Feuss, H Richard Fevold, PhD, John A. Feyk, Virgil Ficarra, MD, Herbert J Fick, Bruce Ficken, Richard Fidsihun, James R Field, MD, Byron D Field, Bradley J Field, Cyprus W Field, PhD, Jack Field, PhD, Thomas Field, PhD, Ray Field, PhD, H T Fielding, Franklin E Fields, Joshua A Fierer, MD, John Fierke, Paul L. Figel, Tim Figgie, Wm Guiterrez Figueroa, MD, Prof Roy H Filby, PhD, Theodore H Filer, PhD, Alexandra T Filer, Tom Filesi, Terence M. Filipiak, Terence M Filiplak, Warren Filley, MD, David Finch, Charles Richard Finch, PhD, R D Finch, PhD, Norton E Fincher, Robert Findorff, D Findorff, Martin Finerty Jr, Alvin W Finestone, MD, Richard P Fink, Joanne K Fink, PhD, John B Fink, PhD, James Fink, PhD, Reinald G Finke, PhD, Barney Finkel, MD, Paul Finkelstein, PhD, Robert E Finken, Charles Finkl, PhD, Peter S Finlay, PhD, Frances M Finn, PhD, John M Finn, PhD, Frederick T Finnigan, James Fiordalisi, PhD, Ross F Firestone, PhD, David A Firmage, Harlan I Firminger, MD, Melvin Wm First, PhD, Arnold G Fisch, Bryant C Fischback, David Fischel, PhD, Dwayne Fischer, PhD, Grace Mae Fischer, MD, Grahme Fischer, William G Fischer, Leon Fischer, PhD, Patrick C Fischer, PhD, John Fischley, Steve Fiscor, Bruce Fiscus, Ferol F Fish, PhD, GL Fish, Elson Fish, Wayne W Fish, PhD, Gordon H Fish, Roger W Fish, J W Fishback I I, Gerald R Fishe, Ken Fishel, Robt D Fisher, MD, Russell L Fisher, MD, William Gary Fisher, Richard Fisher, MD, Philip C Fisher, PhD, Reed E Fisher, Donald Fisher, John Fisher, PhD, William R Fisher, MD, John B Fisher, PhD, Ed Fisher, John I Fisher, Geo H Fisher, PhD, William H Fishman, PhD, John D Fisk, MD, Glenn Fisseler, Richard A Fitch, David Fitch, Wade Fite, PhD, Travis G Fitts Jr, Gregory N Fitzgerald, J Ed Fitzgerald, PhD, Marlow Fitzgerald, Peter A Fitzgerald, Mark R Fitzgerald, MD, Mark R. Fitzgerald, MD, Trevor Fitzgerald, Hugh M Fitzpatrick, Donna Fitzpatrick, William J Fitzpatrick, PhD, James L Fitzpatrick, James W Fitzsimmons, MD, Richard Fixott, Klaus Flach, PhD, Werner E Flacke, MD, John F Flagg, PhD, Robert F Flagg, PhD, Gary Flandro, PhD, Michael Flanigan, C D Flatt, Adrian Ede Flatt, PhD, Eugene Flaumenhaft, PhD, Stephen W Flax, PhD, RM Fleig, Charles W Fleischmann, PhD, Fred F Fleming, Jr, Clarence Fleming, Alison Fleming, PhD, Bruce Ingram Fleming, PhD, Donald E. Fleming, Harry Fleming, Julius Fleming, Alvin Flesher, John E Fletcher, PhD, James Fletcher, MD, Thomas H Fletcher, PhD, Dean G Fletcher, James R Fletcher, James Fleur, Robert Flicker, William Flis, James L Flocik, Harold W Flood, Peter Flood, Richard J Flores, Jose Flores, PhD, Leon W Florschuetz, PhD, Robert W Flournoy, PhD, David Flowers, G Flowers, PhD, Daniel F Flowers, PhD, Paul Floyd, Jay E. Floyd, Lowell R Flud, John Flynn, Anthony H Foderaro, PhD, Edward Gotthard Foehr, PhD, Gary R Foerster, Michael Fogarty, Irving M Fogel, Timothy Fohl, PhD, Robert R Foil, PhD, Jeffrey Foley, James Foley, Jay Foley, Thomas P. Foley, John E Folk, PhD, Jay E Folkert, PhD, John Folliott, Foltz, MD, Paul V Fonnesbeck, PhD, James Fontaine, Darryl Fontaine, MD, Marc E Fontaine, PhD, Martin M Fontenot, Herman Fonteyne, John T Foorley, PhD, Robert Foos, MD, Robert Foote, K Randy Foote, Wilford Foote, PhD, Allan L Forbes, MD, Phillip B.Forbes, Michael S Forbes, PhD, Dale Force, Roger G Ford, PhD, Thoams Ford, PhD, J Ford, PhD, R Ford, PhD, George E Ford, PhD, George H. Ford, Kenneth Ford, James L Fordham, Edmund H Fording, Jr, President, Samuel W Fordyce, Steve Fordyce, Wm F Foreman, John W. Foreman, Robert T. Forest, Edward Forest, PhD, James M Forgotson, PhD, J M Forgotson Jr, John Forman, Eugene J Fornefeld, PhD, Bill Forney, Albert J Forney, R C Forrester III, PhD, Bobby Forrester, Marion E Forsman, PhD, Michael Forster, PhD, Denis Forster, PhD, John Forsyth, PhD, Dennis Fost, PhD, R Foster, MD, Donald M Foster, PhD, James Foster, Randall Foster, Norman C Foster, PhD, Walter E Foster, PhD, Helen Laura Foster, PhD, Cy E Foster, Irving S Foster, PhD, Scott Foster, C R Foster, Mac Foster, PhD, J S Foster, Gerald Foster, PhD, Charles Foster, D R E M Foster, PhD, John A Foster, Robt John Foster, PhD, Mr. Robert G. Foster, Daniel Foty, PhD, George Fournier, Chris Fountain, PhD, Doyle F Fouquet, Raymond A. Fournelle, PhD, Nancy Fournoy, PhD, Thomas Fowke, Elliott Fowkes, PhD, Gary D Fowler Jr, Eric B Fowler, PhD, Mike Fowler, Frank C Fowler, PhD, Mark Fowler, Louis H Fowler, Grant R Fowles, PhD, Dwaine Fowlkes, Forrest L Fox, J Fox, Corri Fox, Bennett R Fox, Irving H Fox, MD, James M Fox, Neil S Fox, PhD, Earl Fox, Gerald Fox, Michael R. Fox, PhD, David Wm Fox, PhD, Russell E Fox, PhD, G Sidney Fox, James J Foy, PhD, Wade Foy, PhD, Stephen J Fraenkel, PhD, Walter J Frajola, PhD, David Fraley, PhD, Donald Frames, Roger Frampton, PhD, Matthew France, Lee Francis, R D Francis, PhD, Michael S Francisco, Ron Francken, Guy J Del Franco, Bruce A Frandsen, Lowell Frank, Charles Frank, Victor R Frank, Charles E Frank, PhD, Clifford Frank, Anne Frank, R S Frank, Allan J Frank, Steve Frankamp, Gordon Franke, PhD, Julian Frankenberg, PhD, William Frankl, MD, Bill Franklin, S. Burce Franklin, PhD, James M Franklin, Neal E Franks, PhD, Martin S Frant, PhD, Douglas Frantz, Bruce Frantz, Gunter Franz, PhD, Warren L Franz, PhD, Daniel W Frascella, PhD, Lewis G Frasch, Margaret S Fraser, PhD, Donald Fraser, MD, Harry D Frasher, Frank E Frawley Jr, Nile N Frawley, PhD, R Thomas Frazee, Marchall E Frazer, PhD, Randy Frazier, James Frazier, Stephen E Frazier, PhD, William R Frazier, Roger Frazier, George E. Frazier, Richard Frazier, Don W Frazier, Andrew Frebong, Richard Frechette, E L Freddolino, Raymond Frederici, Daniel Frederick, Donald A Frederick, Lloyd R Frederick, PhD, Bernard A Free, Max Freeland, PhD, Ernest R Freeman, Walter J Freeman, MD, James F Freeman, PhD, William E. Freeman, Reola L Freeman, Wallace L Freeman, PhD, Richard Freen, Burlin E. Freeze, Walter F Freiberger, PhD, Emil J Freireich, MD, Stephen M Fremgen, Benjamin Fremming, LL French, Kenneth French, PhD, Samuel E French, PhD, Kenneth French, PhD, William S French, PhD, Jeffrey French, Scott French, Melvin Frenzel, Michael Frese, PhD, Roman Fresnedo, PhD, Melchior Freund, Frey, Donald N Frey, PhD, Wilfred Freyberger, PhD, Robert Friar, PhD, Edwin F Fricke, PhD, Arthur L Fricke, PhD, Marion T Friday, Gilbert Friedenreich,Pe, Jim V Friederick, Alfred E. Friedl, PhD, Joe Fiedlander, Herbert Friedman, PhD, Paul Friedman, MD, Gerald M Friedman, PhD, Raymond Friedman, PhD, Joel Friedman, Samuel Friedman, Peter D. Friedman, PhD, Serena Friedman, MD, Herbert C Friedmann, PhD, H Friedmann, Inge Friedrich, MD, S Scott Frielander, Dwayne T Friesen, PhD, Friess, Charles R Frink, PhD, Fripiat, PhD, H Howard Frisinger, PhD, Harry K Fritchman, PhD, J M Fritschy, Gerald E Fritts, Marshall Fritz, Alfred K Fritzche, PhD, Herbert Farley Frolander, PhD, Norm Froman, David Fromson, PhD, U George Frondorf, Glenn W Froning, PhD, H R Froning, PhD, Wm Frontman, PhD, Arthur A Frost, PhD, Richard L Frost, PhD, John Frost, PhD, Eugene Frowe, S W Fruehling, David H Fruhling, Si Frumkin, Eric Fry, Charles Fry, PhD, Keith Fry, PhD, William K Fry, Ronald S Fry, George Fryzelka, Maryann Fuchs, Michael L Fudge, Alfred E Fuehs, Robert Fugrer, F A Fuhrman, PhD, Masanobu R Fujioka, Norihiko Fukuta, PhD, Roland C Fulde, PhD, William Terry Fuldner, Robert S Fulghum, PhD, Roger Fuller, Ron Fuller, Charles Fuller, Willard P Fuller Jr, Thomas Fuller, Forst D Fuller, PhD, Gary Fullington, Charles Fulmer, PhD, Michael S Fulp, Joe Fulton, Robert B. Fulton, PhD, Robert Fulton, PhD, Dennis L Funck, PhD, Robert Fundali, PhD, Lawrence Funkhouser, B L Funt, PhD, Harold Fuquay, Francis S Furbish, PhD, Joseph T Furey, Robert Furman, MD, Thomas C Furnas Jr, PhD, R W Furner, Richard Furr, MD, James B Furrh Jr, Gabriel Fusco, PhD, Dionel Fuselier, Nelson Fuson, PhD, Ronald M Fussell, Floyd Fusselman, Dennis J Fuster, John Fuzek, PhD
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers G


Steven A Gaal, PhD, PS Gaal, PhD, George Gabanski, Sabit Gabay, PhD, F Gabbard, PhD, Richard A Gabel, PhD, Morris Gabel, Ronald Gabel, Ron Gabel, John Gabelman, PhD, Robt E Gabler, PhD, L H Gabro, Deon E Gaddy, Frank Gaddy, Jim Gadwood, Tommy Grady, Gaffney, Lanelle G Gafford, PhD, Gaffrey, MD, James Gage, Steven R Gage, Frederick W Gage, Richard Gaggioli, PhD, Joe Gagliardi, Thomas R Gagnier, A Gahr, PhD, Wayne Gahwiller, Tinsley P Gaines, Will Gaines, MD, Bruce Gaither, John Gaither, Douglas Gaither, George Gal, PhD, Gustavo E Galante, MD, Eugene Galanter, PhD, Robt G Galazin, Harold W Gale, PhD, Charles Gale, Joseph Galeb, PhD, Louis Galie, John P Galien, Patrick S Galkuska, Stanley A Gall, MD, John H Galla, MD, Frank P Gallagher III, James Gallagher, PhD, Jack Gallagher, PhD, Joan S Gallagher, PhD, John Gallagher, PhD, Donald L Gallaher, A Ronald Gallant, PhD, Peter Galli, Paul Galli Jr, Charles Gallina, PhD, Roger W Gallington, PhD, Francis M Gallo, Ethan C Galloway, PhD, Charles R Galloway, Darrell Gallup, PhD, William A. Gallus, Jr, PhD, Yakob Galperin, PhD, Gary Galyardt, Kurt Gamara, PhD, David Gambal, PhD, James J Gambino, Michael L Gamblin, Gerald Gambs, Bernard Wm Gamson, PhD, Perry S Ganas, PhD, Harendra S Gandhi, PhD, Charles Gandy, Harvey M Gandy, Daniel Ganey, A K Ganguly, PhD, Mary C Gannon, PhD, Stephen J Ganocy, Carl Ganseivity, Joseph E Gantz, Scott Garbarino, S Paul Garber, Allen J Garber, Floyd Wayne Garber, PhD, Richard H Garber, PhD, George F Garcelon, Celso Raymon Garcia, MD, C M Garcia, Hector Garcia, PhD, Paul W Gard Jr, Wayne Scott Gardner, PhD, Homer Gardner, Tony Gardner, Edward E Gardner, PhD, Harry E Gardner Jr, Ernest Gardow, PhD, D Garett, Walter F Garey, PhD, Albert S Garfalo, Jack Garfinkel, Jerry Gargulak, PhD, Joseph F Garibotti, PhD, Donald D Garman, Clyde H Garman, Robt H Garmezy, Ronald G Garmon, PhD, H Richard Garner, Charles R Garner, Hessle F Garner, PhD, Robt J Garner, Norman Garner, PhD, R. Dale Garner, Jay M Garner, Jeanette Garr, PhD, Thomas M Garrett, PhD, Johathan Garrett, Alfred J Garrett, PhD, R I Garrett, Ronald Garrison, Don Garrison, Robert G Garrison, PhD, Larry J Garside, John E Garst, PhD, John C Garth, PhD, Daniel L Graver, Frederick Garver, P R Garver, MD, Justine S Garvey, PhD, Todd Garvin, MD, William F Garvin, Douglas L Garwood, PhD, Jerrie W Gasch, Gary J Gascho, PhD, Nicholas O Gaspar, Geroge Gasper, PhD, Jerry Gass, Jay B Gassel, Ron Gasser, Raymond F Gasser, PhD, Edward Wm Gassie, PhD, R H Gassner, Robert S Gaston, A D Gate, George L Gates, Charles Gates, Lawrence Gates, MD, Gerald O Gates, PhD, G R Gathers, PhD, Thomas Gatliffe, Anthony R Gatti, PhD, John Gatti, Eugene R Gaughran, PhD, Donald W Gauntlett, Phillips L Gausewitz, MD, Michael Gauthier, PhD, Gautier, PhD, Steven D Gavazza, PhD, Henry T Gawrylowicz, Richard L Gay, PhD, S Parker Gay, David Gay, Dave Gaylord, Al Gaylord, Joseph Gaynor, PhD, Rick D Gdanski, PhD, Roy L Gealer, PhD, William Geary, MD, William Geary, Donald Gebbie, Art Gebeau, W W Gebhart, Steve Geci, Robert L Geddes, M R Gedge, William E Gee, Richard Geesey, PhD, David Geeza, D A Gedcke, PhD, Colin V Gegg, PhD, Alexander S Geha, MD, W Blair Geho, MD, D C Gehri, PhD, Robert F Gehrig, PhD, James J Gehrig, Perry J Gehring, PhD, Paul J Geiger, PhD, John Geiger, Gordon Geiger, PhD, James E Geiger, Philip Geis, PhD, Doyle Geiselman, PhD, William Geisler, Larry W Geisler, Elton W Geist, Geoffrey Geisz, Karl R Geitner, Celine Gelinas, PhD, Charles Gelman, Michael Gelotte, Charles Gelwall, Mike Gemmell, Gennaro, PhD, L D Gent Jr, Ronald L Genter, Joseph C Gentry, Jerauld Gentry, Charles Gentry, Raymond George, PhD, Daryl D George, PhD, Boyd A George, PhD, T G George, Charles J George, Dale M. George, W. H. Dreme George, Robert B George, Alexander Georgiev, PhD, Gerard Allen Geppert, Gary Gerardi, PhD, Michael Gerber, MD, Eugene J Gerberg, PhD, F Jay Gerchow, Greg Gerdes, A Martin Gerdes, PhD, Thomas G Gerding, PhD, Robert Gerger, J Calvin Gerhard, Earl Robert Gerhard, PhD, George W Gerhardt, PhD, Philip Gerhart, PhD, TC Gerhold, Henry D Gerhold, PhD, Michael Gerkin, Ulrich H Gerlach, PhD, George S. Gerlach, Richard P Germann, PhD, Frank Germann, Peter J Gerone, PhD, Anne A Gershon, MD, Mark Gerstein, PhD, Eric Gerstenberger, Eric B Gertner, Jonathan Gertz, Robt P Gervais, MD, R. Gervais, MD, Joseph E Gervay, PhD, Thomas E Gesick, Mark G Gessel, Edward C Gessert, Forrest E Getzen, PhD, Robert L Geyer, PhD, Frederick Gezella, Alex Gezzy, Camillo Ghiron, PhD, Richard Ghiselin, Richard G Ghiselin, Mohamed Mansour Ghoneim, MD, Luther W Ghormley, MD, Frederick Giacobbe, PhD, L H Giacoletto, PhD, David Gianettino, Umberto Gianola, PhD, Gordon Gibb, Louis Charles Gibbons, PhD, Larry V Gibbons, PhD, William Gibbons, MD, Gary Gibbons, Randy Gibbs, Elizabeth L Gibbs, Clarence J Gibbs, PhD, Reed Gibby, PhD, Kernon Gibes, Thomas G Gibian, PhD, George Gibson, PhD, Bobby W Gibson, Ronald Gibson, Warren Gibson, PhD, Lee Gibson, PhD, David F Gibson, PhD, Daniel Gibson, PhD, Donald G Gibson, Giclas, PhD, Peter F Giddings, Ken Giebe, Leo Giegzelmann, Frederic A Giere, PhD, Byron Giehart, James Gieselmann, MD, James G Geistfeld, PhD, Walter C Giffin, PhD, Jonathan Gifford, PhD, Hugh W Gifford, Donald Gifford, Adolf Giger, PhD, Goerge Gil, Peter Gilbert, Joel Gilbert, Paul T Gilbert, Gerry Gilbert, William Gilbert, PhD, Lyman F Gilbert, Sr, Garrell Gilbert, Dewayne E Gilbert, PhD, William Gilchrist, W Allen Gilchrist, PhD, Roger R Giler, John Giles, Robert T Giles, Melvin E Giles, Donald Gill, Mellor A Gill, Tony Gill, William Gill, PhD, Charles B Gill, PhD, Rick Gillan, Alan Gillan, Wm R Gillen, Susan Gillen DVM, Thomas D Gillespie, PhD, Robert Gillespie, PhD, William H Gillespie, Gary Gillespie, MD, Bob Gillespie, Claude M Gillespie, PhD, Jack Gillespie, Jeff Gillespie, William Gillespie, Lawrence B Gillett, PhD, Benjamin A Gillette, Nicholas W Gillham, PhD, Travis H Gillham, Tom Gilliam, George A Gillies, PhD, Bruce B Gillies, George T Gillies, PhD, T Ja Gilligan, PhD, Robert Gilliland, Thomas E Gillingham, PhD, James Gillis, Donald W Gillmore, PhD, Jacques Gilloteaux, PhD, James R Gilman, Ernest R Gilmont, PhD, John R. Gilmore, PhD, Mike Gilmore, John H Gilmore, William Gilmore Jr, Paul Gilmour, PhD, Tim Gilson, George Gimber, Richard J Gimpelson, MD, Thon T Gin, PhD, Mark Gindling, H Scott Gingrich, Kenneth J Ginnard, Jeffrey D Ginnvan, Helen Ginzburg, Joseph Giordano, MD, Thomas H Giordano, PhD, Ernie Giovannitti, Georgina Gipson, William Girdwood, John Gishpert, James Given, Norbert Gizinski, MD, Stephen Glacy, MD, Johanna Glacy-Araos, Eugene Gladfelter, PhD, Julie Glanan, Peter Glanz, PhD, Peter K Glanz, PhD, Walter Glasgow, Doug Glaspey, Jerome E Glass, Marvin Glass, Werner Glass, PhD, Frederic Glatter, MD, George I Glauberman, PhD, Tom Glaze, Dan Glazier, Thomas A Gleeson, PhD, David Glenn, Clifford Glenn, Donald Glenn, Bertis Lamon Glenn, PhD, Bryan Glett, Robert L Glick, PhD, John Glissmeyer, John W Glomb, PhD, Daniel Glover, PhD, Robert Glover, Dale P Glover, Lucinda H Glover, Ronald M Gluck, Earl Glynn, John Glynn, Richard H Gnaedinger, PhD, Matthew Gnezda, PhD, Wilmer E Goad, C J Gober, William Godaif, Will E. Godbey, Ferd Godbold III, Charles B Godfrey, Charles Godreau, MD, Terry L Godsey, William H Godshall, Robert Owen Godwin, Ludwig E Godycki, PhD, Conway Goehman, Frederick A Goellner, Grayce Goertz, PhD, David J Goerz, Goette, PhD, Thomas Goettge, Kenneth L Goetz, PhD, Mark Goff, Alexander Goforth, James S Goft, David Goggin, PhD, William Goins, Leslie I Gold, PhD, Eugene Goldberg, PhD, Alfred Goldberg, PhD, Malcolm Goldberg, PhD, Malcom Golderberg, PhD, Michael H Golden, Ronald B Goldfarb, PhD, Steven Goldfien, MD, Alan Goldfien, William T Golding, Randy Golding, PhD, Bruce Goldman, Edward R Goldmann, Lionel S Goldring, PhD, John P Goldsborough, PhD, Victor W Goldschmidt, PhD, Norman E Goldstein, PhD, Theodore P Goldstein, PhD, Patrick Goldsworthy, PhD, Walter J Goldsworthy, Richard Goldthwait, PhD, R K Golemon, Earl Golightly, MD, Jonathan M Golli, Mark J Golol, Viadimir Golovcminsky, PhD, William R Gommel, PhD, John R Gonano, PhD, Michel Gondouin, PhD, William Gong, PhD, Ely Gonick, PhD, D Gonle, MD, Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, PhD, Alexander E Gonzalez, Ruth Gonzalez, PhD, Mark A. Gonzalez, PhD, Thoams Gooch, William Good, Tim Good, John B Goodenou, PhD, David Goodenough, PhD, Lewis S Goodfriend, Loy Goodheart, Arthur Goodier, Terry L Gooding, Kent J Goodloe, Leroy Goodman, Robert Goodman, Lawrence Goodman, PhD, Roy Goodman, Pierce Goodman, PhD, Ted A. Goodman, Byron Goodrich, John Goodrich, William A Goodrich, Jr, MD, Louie A Goodson, Korwin J Goodwin, Monty P. Goolsby, J. Goolsby, PhD, John C Goon, V L Goppelt, Martin L Gorbaty, PhD, Peter J Gorder, PhD, Clifford Gordon, William Gordon, PhD, Robert Gordon, PhD, Scott D Gordon, Robert B Gordon, PhD, Robert E Gordon, Robert Gordon, Stuart Gordon, William H Gordon Jr, MD, James W Gordon, PhD, Edward F Gordon, Lweis C Gordonson, MD, Willis Gore, PhD, Heinz A U Gorges, PhD, Milton Gorham, Cheryl Goris, Joseph Gorsic, PhD, Timothy N Gorski, PhD, Waldemar Gorski, PhD, Howard Gorsuch, Theodore Gortemoller, Christopher Gosling, R. W. Gosper, Jr, Quentin L Goss, John R Goss, Wilbur H Goss, PhD, George R Goss, PhD, David Grossett, Lee M Gossick, David Gossman, Albert Gotch, PhD, Henry Gotsch, George Gott, C. Thomas Gott, MD, Marcus Gottlieb, Donald F Gottron, D F Gottron, John Gottschling, Paul Gouck, Walter L Gould, PhD, Gordon Gould, PhD, Gerald G Gould, Robt G Gould, PhD, Robert B. Gould, Thomas L. Gould, PhD, Robert Goudie, Alan Goulet, Don Gournier, James Gourtzis, PhD, S Wm Gouse, PhD, Edward J Gouvier, Jr, Edward Gouvier, Robert J Governski, Arthur Goyne, MD, Harald Grabowsky, Robt D Grace, Joseph C Graciana, John L Grady, MD, William P Graebel, PhD, Richard Graeme, Gary Graeser, G Robert Graf, Robert G Graf, John Graf, Leroy D Graff, George S Graff, Walter W Graham, PhD, Bill Graham, Daniel C Graham, Michael W Graham, Jim Graham, Dee McDonald Graham, PhD, Bob Graham, Maj Gen I Patton Graham, Sutton Graham, MD, Howard E Graham, Gary G Graham, PhD, Joseph W Grahame, Douglas Gramer, Robert E Gramera, PhD, Robert Gramera, PhD, Linda Gramera, Otto G Gramp, Alphonse P Granatek, Curtis Granberry, Clark A Granger, PhD, Lewis O. Grant, R. R. Grant, Lee B Grant Jr, MD, Jerry Grant, Nicholas J Grant, PhD, Donald J Grantham, Kenneth D Granzow, Jurgen M Grasshoff, PhD, Steven Grassl, PhD, M. R. Grate, Jr., MD, Frank Grate, John B Gratzek, Dmv, PhD, Kenneth Graues, John E Grauman Jr, William Grauten, Lawrence Grauvogel, Robert J. Graves, Gregory Graves, Harvey W. Graves, Ted Gray, Michael Gray, PhD, Lucy M Gray, James Gray, PhD, Gordon Gray, Joe C Gray, Richard Gray, Ronald D Gray, George A Gray, PhD, Thomas Gray, Robert C Gray, Bruce W Gray, PhD, Jerry Gray, Robert M. Gray, William M. Gray, PhD, William N. Gray, Lewis Gray, William W. Gray, Kevin J Gray, PhD, Steven Gray, Frank Graziano, PhD, Eric Greager, Gerald Greak, Lloyd Grearson, Randolph K Greaves, Michael Grecco, Michael Greeley, Saul Green, PhD, J D Green, Marvin L Green, Russell H Green Jr, Taylor C Green, Arthur Green, John W Green, Joseph Matthew Green, PhD, Damon Green, PhD, Jerry Green, Leon Green, PhD, Milton Green, George F Green, PhD, Max Green, Willie H Green, Martin Green, PhD, John P Greenaway, William H Greenberg, David Greene, George M Greene I I, PhD, Gary Greene, Charles R Greene, PhD, John J Greene, Donald M Greene, PhD, Richard Greene, Vance Greene, Harold Greenfield, PhD, Eugene Willis Greenfield, PhD, Charles A Greenhall, PhD, Gerald A Greenhouse, PhD, John Greenip, Miles Greenland, Dick Greenly, William M Greenslade, Jeffrey Greenspoon, MD, Reynold Greenstone, Anton Greenwald, PhD, Howard E. Greenwell, B M Greenwood, Henry Greenwood, Gregory Greer, Fred Greer, MD, Gary Greer, Robert Griffith, Howard Greger, Don Greger, Mike Greger, Charles T Gregg, PhD, David Gregg, David H Gregg, PhD, David T Gregorich, PhD, Thomas Gregory, Troy Gregory, Ted M Gregson, J R Greig, PhD, Richard C Greig, Paul Greiman, Everett D Greinke, Mary A Grelinger, Mary Ann Grelinger, Ne Grell, Bert L Grenville, Kurt G. Greske, David R Gress, Edward L Griffin, Gordon W Gribble, PhD, Alfred Greibling, Donald Grierson, Michael J Gries, George A Gries, PhD, Ray H. Griesbach, Daniel Grieser, Edward Griest, PhD, Doreen Grieve, Glen Griffin, MD, Joseph W Griffin, PhD, James Edward Griffin, PhD, Richard L Griffin, M Griffin, PhD, Clayton Houstoun Griffin, Billy Griffin, Harold L Griffin, Leland Griffin, Reginals Griffin, PhD, J. Tyler Griffin, Lawrence G Griffin, B.W. Griffith, Brandon Griffith, Virgil V Griffith, PhD, Paul G Griffith, PhD, Durward R Griffith, Tom Griffiths, David H. Griffiths, Roy Griffiths, PhD, W. R. Griffitts, PhD, Reid Grigg, PhD, Tom Griggs, Mark Grigsby, PhD, Otto Grill, Louis J Grimm, PhD, Paul E Grindrod, PhD, Teddy H Grindstaff, PhD, Richard T Grinstead, Wm B Grinter, Ernest E Grisdale, Robert Dwight Grisso, PhD, Ray Griswold, A G Griswold, Donald L Griswold Jr, Paul Grogger, PhD, Paul K. Grogger, PhD, Alfred W Grohe, Sigmond Grollman, PhD, Steven Gronemeyer, PhD, Percy Gros, Alan B Grosbach, MD, Steven Grose, Michael P Gross, Robert Gross, MD, Joseph F Gross, PhD, Morton Grosser, PhD, William F Grosser, B F Grossling, PhD, Ronald Grost, Niles E Grosvenor, Fred Grosz, PhD, Fred R Grote, Lenhart T Grothe, Morris P Grotheer, PhD, Henry M Grotta, PhD, Leonard C Grotz, PhD, D J Grove, PhD, James J. Grovenstein, James Robb Grover, PhD, John C Grover, William Groves, Timothy R Groves, PhD, Frank Groves, PhD, Richard Grow, PhD, John Growney, MD, Pamela Grubaugh-Littig, Shannon Grubb, MD, S D Grubb, David P Gruber, Carl L Gruber, PhD, Gerry Gruber, PhD, Gerald Wm Gruber, PhD, Alfred Gruber, Johathan R Gruchala, Eric Gruenler, Geza Gruenwald, PhD, Raymond Gruetert, Reed Grundy, HH Grunger, Mike Gruntman, PhD, Ross Grunwald, PhD, Paul M Gruzensky, PhD, Bruce B Grynbaum, MD, Harold J Gryting, PhD, Robert F Guardino, PhD, A M Guarino, PhD, Ross L. Gubka, Terry Guckes, PhD, Ernest A. Gudath, C. J. Gudim, Richard A Gudmundsen, PhD, Elaine Guenther, Daniel Guerra, Gareth E Guest, PhD, Thomas F Guetzloff, PhD, Yann G Guezennec, PhD, Charles G Guffey, PhD, H W Guggenhgimer, PhD, Michael A Guida, Roland J Guidry Jr, Albert Guilford, David C Guinn, Michel Guinn, Peter H Guldberg, Guldenzopf, PhD, Charles W Gullikson, PhD, Mark T Gully, Arnold J Gully, Kenneth H Gum, Darryl E Gunderson, Richard Gundry, Kathleen J Gundy, Robert C Gunness, PhD, Wolfgang H H Gunther, PhD, Raj K Gupta, PhD, Earl S Gurley, M S Gurney, Andrew F. Guschwan, MD, Robert J Gussman, Lyle Gust, Lewis B Gustafson, PhD, Philip F Gustafson, PhD, Kermit Gustafson, Dwight F Gustafson, William Gustin, David L Gustine, PhD, Richard E Guth, Donald T Guthrie, Joseph A Gutierrez, Gerald Gutowski, PhD, Donald Gutru, Steven L Gutsche, Alvin Guttag, Nathaniel B Guttman, PhD, Kelleen Gutzmann, Jeng Yih Guu, PhD, Frank Guy, PhD, James Guyker, PhD, Allan Guymon, PhD, Geza L Gyorey, PhD
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers H


Gottfried Haacke, PhD, John Haan, Merrill W Haas, Frederick C Haas, PhD, M Craig Haase, Mutaz Habal, PhD, Robt M Haber, PhD, Donald Habersberger, Daniel Habib, PhD, Benjamin C Hablutzel, Ara Hacetoglue, George Hacken, PhD, David S Olomon Hacker, PhD, Jaqueline Hackett, Earl T. Hackett, PhD, Earl Hacking, David B Hackman, PhD, Glenn A Hackwell, PhD, Elard Haden, Rodney N Hader, Richard F Hadley, Lawrence Hadley, PhD, Frank A Hadsell, PhD, Pablo Hadzeriga, Jeffrey Haebrlin, Ron Haefer, Charlie Haener, Anton F Haffer, Larry Haffey, Robert Haffner, Joseph H Hafkenschiel, PhD, Erich Hafner, PhD, Mark Hagadone, PhD, Richard Hagan, James Hagan, PhD, Stephen F Hagan, MD, James A Hagans, PhD, G. Richard Hagee, PhD, Cecil Hagen, Arno K Hagenlocher, PhD, Thomas J Hager, Ronald J Hager, Jr, Ismail B Haggag, PhD, C Troy Haggard, Chuck R Haggett, Willaim Hagis, Robert A Hagn, Gerow R Hagstrom, PhD, William Hahman, Gregory Hahn, Douglas C Hahn, Richard D Hahn, MD, Robt S Hahn, PhD, Edward H Hahne, John Haien, John A Haiko, Robert Hails, Robert Hails, Forest Haines, PhD, Anthony Haines, Duane E. Haines, PhD, Thomas Haines, PhD, Delilah B Hainey, Leroy M Hair, Ben Hajek, PhD, Reino Hakala, PhD, Wm D Hake, Mary Hakim, Arnold Hakkila, PhD, Quinlan Halbeisen, Michel T Halbouty, PhD, Charles W Haldeman III, PhD, M H Halderson, Martha Hale, PhD, Francis A Hale, Mike Hale, PhD, James Hales, Harold Haley, MD, Ted D Haley, R A Haley, Richard L Haley, PhD, Paul F Halfpenny, Paul Halkiades, Michael J Hall, Kenneth L Hall, PhD, R W Hall, Jr, PhD, Nathan A Hall, PhD, Falinda F Hall, John Hall, Frank Hall, Brian Hall, Tommy G Hall, Charles Hall, PhD, Robet Hall, MD, George Hall, Richard C Hall, Kent Hall, Phillip Hall, Rebecca Hall, Charles A Hall, PhD, Robert J Hall, Ken Hall, Merrill Hall, Douglas Hall, PhD, Rick Hall, Jared Hall, Norm Hall, Robert Halladay, Christian Haller, Sieglinde Haller, Bruce A Hallila, John H Hallman, PhD, Donal W Halloran, Martin B Halpern, PhD, William Halpern, PhD, Robert T. Halpin, Frank C Halstead, Kevin Halstead, Robert Halvorsen, Barry Halvorsen, Lee Edwad Ham, Daniel J Haman, William W Hambleton, PhD, Arthur Hamburgen, Harry Hamburger, MD, Ronald D Hamburger, Edward E Hamel, PhD, James Hamel, PhD, Allan Hametta, MD, Saheed Hamid, Brenton M Hamil, PhD, William A Hamill, Homer R Hamilton, PhD, James W Hamilton, PhD, Mark A Hamilton, Gordon S Hamilton, Gordon A Hamilton, PhD, Priscilla O Hamilton, PhD, V A Hamilton, Thomas Hamilton, PhD, Hamilton, Stephen Hamilton, Ralph Hamilton, John Hamaker, PhD, Robert M Hammaker, PhD, John Hamme, PhD, Harold T Hammel, PhD, David Hammel, Donald F Hammer, Matthew M. Hammer, Jack A Hammond, Raymond E Hammond, Paul E Hammond, PhD, Charles E Hamner, PhD, Scott E Hampel, Andrew Hampf, Linda C Hamphill, MD, Adrian J Hampshire, Philip Hampton, John Hampton, PhD, Richard O Hampton, PhD, Suleiman M Hamway, PhD, W Han, Abraham S Hananel, PhD, Howard W Hanawalt, Anthony J Hance, PhD, M Hancock, Ray A Hancock, Diane K Hancock, PhD, David Hancock, T Hancock, Bill Hancock, John W Hand, Robert Hand, Cadet Hand, PhD, Julie J. Hand, Robert W Handford, Lawrence Handley, PhD, James W. Handley, Arthur L Handman, Stanley E Handman, Sultan Haneed, PhD, N Bruce Hanes, PhD, D E Hansen, David Haney, John B Haney, MD, Daniel Hang, Sunil Hangal, PhD, Peter Hangarter, William Hankins, Barry K Hankins, Leon Hankoff, MD, Robt Wm Hanks, PhD, Dallas Hanks, Gerald M Hanley, Kevin Joseph Hanley, James Hanlon, George C Hann, Bill M Hann, Jeff Hanna, Robert B Hanna, Arthur D Hanna, PhD, Susan K Hannaman, RW Hannemann, Martin Hanninen, Edward Hanrahan, PhD, Allan G Hanretta, MD, Samuel L Hansard, PhD, W Dan Hansel, R Thomas Hansen, PhD, Joann B Hansen, PhD, John Hansen, PhD, L J Hansen, Daniel Hansen, PhD, Stephen Hansen, James Hansen, PhD, Steve Hansen, PhD, Robin Hansen, Wayne Hansen, Robt H Hansen, Judd A Hansen, Hugh T Hansen, E M Hansen, Robert C Hansen, PhD, Rowland Hansford, Carl D Hanson, Robet N Hanson, A O Hanson, PhD, Harry R Hanson, Richard Hanson, Daniel Hanson, Steven Hanson, Bernold M Hanson, E W Hanszen, Charles Hantzis, Russell Hanworth, William Happer, PhD, Michael L Haraczy, Richard A Haralson, Michael P Harasym, John W Harbaugh, PhD, Allan W Harbaugh, PhD, John H Harble, Richard C Hard, MD, N J Hard, PhD, Gordon C Hard, PhD, James E Hardcastle, PhD, Charles Hardbeck, MD, Harry C Hardee, PhD, Ralph H Harder, MD, Harold C Harder, PhD, Roger W Harder, Clyde Hardin, Thomas Harding, Henry W Harding Jr, Thomas W Harding, PhD, James L Harding, PhD, Andrew T Harding, Wm Harding, PhD, Mary K Harding, M G Hardinge, MD, Byron Hardinge, Elwood Hardman, Vernon E Hardy, Hugh W Hardy, P L Hardy Jr, Robin Hardy, Henry R Hardy, PhD, Robert E Hardy, William Hardy, Larry R. Hardy, W. Carey Hardy, Bryant Hardy, Edgar Erwin Hardy, PhD, Barry A Hardy, Sandra Hardy, Cliff Hare, Gerald R Hare, W Henry Harelson, George B Hares, PhD, Jesse W Hargis Jr, O W Hargrove, Mark Harjes, Robt Ian Harker, PhD, Wendell Harkey, Richard Harkins, Thomas Harkins, Henry Gilbert Harlow, Ronald Harma, Charles M Harman, PhD, Wm H Hartmann, MD, Wayne A Harmening, Charles E Harmon, William Harmon, Mary L Harmon, Scott Harmon, Jeffrey L. Harmon, PhD, Scott Hamon, John Harmonson, Eric A Harms, Wm O Harms, PhD, Grant H Harnest, PhD, Paul M Harnsberger, Ronald Harp, Laddie Harp, Kenneth E Harper, MD, Dean O Harper, PhD, Helen Harper, Lynn Harper, Herbert E Harper, Timothy Harper, Ted N Harper, John E Harper, John D. Harper, Lt Col G E Harper, Todd Harper, Stephen T Harpham, David Harriman, Dean B Harrington, Edward Harris, Stanley Harris, MD, William Harris, Richard A Harris, PhD, Robert D Harris, Russell Harris, B L Harris, PhD, Ben G Harris, PhD, James E Harris, Ronald Harris, Steven Harris, John Harris, PhD, Ellen Harris, PhD, Arthur B Harris, Leon Harris, Joseph B Harris, PhD, S P Harris, PhD, Don Harris, Ramon P Harris, Tyler Harris, MD, Donald R Harris, PhD, Dennis Harris, B Harris, Franklin S Harris Jr, PhD, Bruce Harris, Keith H Harris, John C Harris, Kenneth Harris, D C Harris, John David Harrison, PhD, Kevin D Harrison, Earl R Harrison, MD, Marvin Harrison, Francis L Harrison, Ernest A Harrison, PhD, Burton Harrison, Robin Harrison, Don E Harrison, PhD, Philip T Harsha, PhD, T. W. Harshall, Elbert N Harshman, PhD, Sylvan Hart, Randall E Hart, Paul Hart, Dave Hart, Melissa Hart, Raymond K Hart, PhD, James Hart, Delmer Hart, Robert D Hart, Michael H Hart, PhD, Robt D Harter, PhD, Richard L Hartine, Hermen Hartjens, Lambert Hartle, John L Hartman, PhD, Maurice Hartman, M Hartman, E. Frederick Hartmanb, James Hartshorne, Robert R Hartsough, Ronald Hartung, Charles M Hartwell, Peter Hartwick, Nathan L Hartwig, PhD, Nicholas Hartwig, PhD, Charles R Hartzell, PhD, F Reese Harvey, PhD, David B Harvey, Kim L Harvey, Albert D Harvey III, PhD, Clifford Harvey, PhD, Kenneth C Harvey, PhD, John Harville, PhD, Eldert C Hartwig, PhD, Richard Harwood, PhD, Thomas R Harwood, MD, Wm H Harwood, PhD, Syed M Hasan, John A Hasdal, PhD, William L Hase, PhD, Kirk Hashimoto, Neal Haskell, PhD, Caryl Haskins, PhD, William J Haslem, Jill Hasling, James R Hass, PhD, Barbara Hass, Jay Hassell, MD, Floyd N Hasselrlis, Kirk Hastings, Reese Hastings, Jeff Hastings, Turner E Hasty, PhD, Roger C Hatch, Ronald R Hatch, Herbert J Hatcher, PhD, Larry Hatcher, Eric W Hatfield, Peter Hatgelakas, Coleman E. Hatherly, Alson E Hatheway, Christopher Hatton, L. Hatzilambrou, PhD, Aaron Haubner, PhD, Niels Haubold, Robert Haubrich, PhD, Charles B Hauf, James Hauff, Arthur Haug, PhD, J Hauger, PhD, Henry Haughey, Ken Haught, PhD, S Mark Haugland, Andrew F Haumesser, Charles M. Hauptman, Hans Hauser, Victor Hauser, PhD, Maximilian E Hauser, Rudolf M Hausler, PhD, Arthur Hausman, Alfred H. Hausrath, PhD, Warren M Haussler, Peter Havanac, Helga F Havas, PhD, K Havenor, PhD, William Havens, PhD, Robert Havens, Arthur B Havens, Gerald B Havenstein, PhD, Stuart Havenstrite, Paul Haverkos, Anton J Havlik, PhD, Frank C Hawk Sr, G W Hawk, Richard J Hawkanson, Timothy M Hawkes, William K Hawkins, Robert Hawkins, PhD, Kerry M Hawkins, Y Hawkins, Mike C Hawks, John W Hawley, Brice Hawley, Charles C Hawley, PhD, Dwight Haworth, PhD, Robert Hawthorne, Howard Hayden, PhD, Douglas Hayden, Fred Hayduk, W P Hayduk, Edward F Haye, James L Hayes, Dennis Hayes, PhD, Michael Hayes, PhD, John Hayes, Daniel P Hayes, PhD, Ralph Hayes, Douglas Hayes, PhD, R. W. Hayes, Robertm Hayes, PhD, Anthony V Hayes, Robt E Hayes, Carl H Hayn, PhD, James Haynes, Frank L Haynes, PhD, John Lenneis Haynes, Charles D Haynes, PhD, Beth Haynes, MD, William Haynes, Clay E. Haynes, Charles Hauptman, Kendall Hays, George L Hazelton, R N Hazelwood, PhD, William G Hazen, Miao-Xiang He, MD, Kenneth Heacock, Dean Head, Ronald A Head, PhD, Eugene Head, Harold E Headlee, Klyne Headley, Sean M Headrick, Harold Franklin Heady, PhD, Donald J Healy, PhD, James C Heap, John Heard, Jane K Hearn, F Terry Hearne, Robert S Hearon, James E Heath, Jennifer Heath, PhD, George L Heath, Robert B Heath, Leo A Heath, Ralph C Heath, Dale G. Heaton, James E Heavner, PhD, James P Hebbard, G Herbert, Eugene J Hebert, Phillip C Hebert, Scott J Hecht, Jonathan D Heck, PhD, Daonld Hecker, Geo B Heckler, John Heckman, PhD, Gregory Hedden, PhD, George Heddy III, James H Hedges, PhD, Bobbie Hediger, David R Hedin, PhD, Dennis Hedke, Todd Hedlund, Ira G Hedrick, Ross M Hedrick, PhD, Harold G Hedrick, PhD, Neil W Hedrick, David R Heebner, Larry Van Heerden, Dale Heermann, PhD, John Heermans, Carl J Heffelfinger, PhD, Richard E Heffner, John Hefti, James J Heger, Glenn R Heidbreder, PhD, James Heidenreich, Roger Heiland, J Heilman, PhD, Allan Thomas Heinretta, MD, Walter Heinrichs, Leonard Heiny, William D Heinze, PhD, James R. Heinze, Mark Heironimus, William D Heise, Ron Heisner, Roger Heitland, Albert Heitzmann, Leslie Hekkers, Jerry W. Helander, James R Helbert, PhD, Stephen Helbing, Thomas Helbing, Duane Helderlein, David Helfand, Jerry Helfand, Paul E Helfer, Cecil Helfgott, PhD, Roy J Helfinstine, James Helland, Marvin W Heller, PhD, James Heller, Henry Hellmers, PhD, Donald C Helm, Denise Helm, Carl Helmick, Ron Helms, Bobby Helms, John W Helphrey, E Helrogt, William D Helton, Patricia A. Helvenston, PhD, John Helwig, Raymond Hemann, Frederick B Hembrough, Hemeyer, Frank Heming, PhD, Philip Hemmig, Bruce C Hemming, PhD, Thomas Hemphill, Klaus H Hemsath, PhD, J Hemstreet, PhD, Charles A Hen, Charles H Henager, John P Henaghan, James Hendershot, H Henderson, PhD, Jerry Henderson, James Henderson, PhD, Dale Henderson, PhD, Gary W Henderson, Douglas J Henderson, Stuart W Henderson, Robert L Henderson, Frank D Henderson, Jeannine L Henderson, David E Henderson, PhD, Gerald J Henderson, PhD, Kenneth P Henderson, Ralph Henderson, Robert J. Henderson, Lavell M Henderson, PhD, Richard G Hendl, PhD, Edwin Hendler, PhD, Charles Hendricks, Deloy G Hendricks, PhD, John B Hendricks, PhD, Robert Hendricks, Stanley Hendricks, John P Hendrickson, Tom A Hendrickson, PhD, Jozef Hendriks, Dennis Hendrix, J N Hendrix, MD, Malcolm Hendry, PhD, Shawn Heneghan, PhD, Erwin M Hengst Jr, Philip S Henkel, MD, Raymond Henkel, PhD, Charles S. Henkel, PhD, William Henkle, Ernest J Henley, PhD, Hugh M Henneberry, Joseph Hennessey, Jim Hennessy, Henry W Hennigan, William A. Hannigan, Lester A Henning, Gustav Henrich, Steve Henrich, Zachary A Henry, PhD, Regina Henry, Thomas Henry, William Henry, Gregory W Henry, Raymond L Henry, PhD, Jonathan F Henry, PhD, William Henry Jr, Rudolph W Hensel, Terry Henshaw, James Henson, PhD, Wiley H Henson, Jr, PhD, Michael Henson, James Hentges, PhD, Ronald D Hentz, GC Hepburn, R R Heppe, Malcolm Hepworth, PhD, John A Herb, PhD, Stephen R Herbel, John Frederick Herber, PhD, Teddy Herbert, PhD, John Herbig, John J Herbst, MD, Noel M Herbst, PhD, Stevens Herbst, Hand H W Herda, PhD, Lloyd E Herdle, PhD, Bruce Herdrich, Lyle G Hereth, William L Hergenrother, PhD, Donlad Herlew Jr, PhD, Edward P Herman, MD, Roger M Herman, PhD, Elvin E Herman, Ronald C Herman, PhD, Timothy L Hermann, Robert W Hermsen, PhD, Robert Hern, Alberto Hernandez, Sandy Herndon, Chesley C Herndon, Leo J. Herrera, Jr., Todd Herrick, William D Herrin, Randy B Herring, Don Herriott, Tom R Herrmann, PhD, Robert P Herrmann, Ernest C Herrmann, PhD, Zvi Herschman, MD, J Wilson Hershey, PhD, John William Baker Hershey, PhD, John L Hershey, PhD, Irwin Herskowitz, PhD, Fred Hertlein III, Charles H Herty III, PhD, John Herweh, Donald Herzberg, George Herzlinger, PhD, Robert A Herzog, Robert T Herzog, PhD, Robert P Heslop, MD, Karl Hess, PhD, George B Hess, PhD, Mary Hess, MD, Eugene Hess, PhD, Marilyn Hess, PhD, Cynthia Hess, Christian Hesse, Tom Hessier, David A Hessinger, PhD, Norman E Hester, PhD, Donald Hetzel, PhD, Ralph A Hewes, PhD, James V Hewett, PhD, Paul G Hewitt, Carl E Hewitt, PhD, Frederick Hewitt, PhD, Charles R Hewitt Jr, PhD, Phillip Hewlwtt, Barry Hexton, John P. Hey, MD, Robert E Heyden, Heyen, PhD, Robert Hibbs, PhD, Ken Hucke, Rick Hickerson, Kenneth Hickey, PhD, Jack Hickey, Partick Hickey, David K Hickle, James L Hickman, Howard M Hickman, Karen Hickman, PhD, Walter Hickox, Michael Hicks, James M Hicks, Harold E Hicks, Richard Hicks, Troy L Hicks, PhD, Donald Hicks, PhD, Robin Hickson, Clarence E Hieserman, Steve Hietpas, PhD, Joseph H Higginbotham, PhD, Mitch Higginbotham, Ronald I Higgins, Michael Higgins, John Higgins, PhD, Edward D Higgins, Margaret A Hight, Neil C Hightower, William Hilarides, Douglas Hilchie, PhD, Paul R Hildenbrand, Thomas M Hilderbrand, Robt E Hileman, PhD, Hilgenberg, Frederick L Hilger, MD, Raymond Hill, Jeffrey H Hill, MD, Benjamin Hill, MD, Robert D Hill, PhD, W B Hill, PhD, Charles Hill, Jack F Hill, PhD, Bob Hill, Archie C Hill, PhD, Andrew Hill, Dwight S Hill, Irving Hill, Kendall W Hill, J C Hill, PhD, Dexter Hill, Harvey F Hill, F M Hill Jr, John D Hill, Robert Hill, Robt M Hill, PhD, Robert F Hill, Richard Hill, MD, Richard Hillger, PhD, William D Hillis, MD, James O Hillis, Philip Hellreich, MD, John Hills, Conrad R Hilpert, PhD, Bruce Hilpert, John Hilsabeck, MD, Edward W Hiltebeitel, Jack D Hilton, Carol C Hilton, Donald E Hilton, Theodore C Hilton, Bradley Hina, Larry Hinderager, Hilton F Hinderliter, PhD, Harold Hindman, John E Hiner, James H Hines, Jr, John R Hines, Jack Hinkle, MD, Barton L Hinkle, PhD, Jack Hinman, PhD, Clyde Hinman, Lee Hinman, Carl Hinners, Jan D Hinrichsen, Roger R Hinshaw, Howard Hinson, John Hinton, B Hinton, PhD, Todd O. Hinton, Tod Hinton, Wiillie L Hinze, PhD, R J Hipple, John S Hird, Terry L Hird, Robert Hirsch, PhD, Daniel L Hirsch, Sol Hirsch, Arthur Hirsch, PhD, Joseph C Hirschi, Donald A Hirst, PhD, Thoams Hirt, PhD, Don Hise, Ed Hiserodt, Robt W Hisey, PhD, J Brent Hiskey, PhD, John Hite, Kenneth A Hitt, Donald O Hitzman, Sumner B Hixon, PhD, Mark Hladik, William Hlavaty, Wai Ching Ho, PhD, T Y Ho, PhD, Jonathan Hoadley, Lawrence Hoagland, PhD, Douglas Hoagland, Brian G Hoal, PhD, James L. Hobart, PhD, Farrell D Hobbs, Charles H Hobbs, George Hobbs, Robt W Hobbs, PhD, Melvin C Hobson, PhD, S Hobson, MD, Robert C Hochel, PhD, Stephen Hochman, Ed Hockaday, H Ray Hockaday, Lon Hocker, PhD, Ralph J Hodek, PhD, Frederick A Hodge, PhD, Sidney E Hodges, PhD, Marty Hodges, Lawrence H Hodges, Daivd Hodgkins, Stephen M Hodgson, Vincent Hodgson, PhD, James J Hodos, James Hodos, David A Hoecke, Albert B Hoefelmeyer, PhD, Arthur Hoeft, Harald Hoegberg, Gus L Hoehn, PhD, Robert J Hoehn, MD, Alfred Joseph Hoehn, PhD, William B Hoeing, Loren Hoekema, Robert G Hoey, Kenneth Hoff, C S Hoff, Phil Hoff, PhD, Bob Hoffee, Thomas E Hoffer, PhD, Earl Hoffer, MD, Charles L. Hoffheiser, Ralph B Hoffman, John R Hoffman, PhD, Howard Torrens Hoffman, PhD, Marvin Morrison Hoffman, PhD, Lee E Hoffman, Maureane R Hoffman, PhD, Thomas Hoffman, Theodore P Hoffman, PhD, Ross Hoffman, Roger A Hoffman, PhD, Larry C Hoffman, Thomas F Hoffman, Paul F Hoffman, Gerard P Hoffmann, Edward Hoffmann, Alex Christian Hoffmann, PhD, Targa Hoffnagle, Jerry Hofman, James Hogan, PhD, David K Hogan, Christopher J Hogan, PhD, C Lester Hogan, PhD, Austin Hogan, PhD, Linda Hoge, David C Hogg, PhD, W. Hogge, Roy W Hogue, Doug Hoiles, Arnold H Hoines, D Hoiness, PhD, Douglas G Hoisington, LE Hoisington, PhD, David B Hoisington, Yoshitsugi Hokama, PhD, Charles Hoke, David Holcberg, Robert M Holcomb, PhD, David A Holcomb, David L Holcomb, Richard Holcombe, George R Holden, Richard Holden, Howard D Holden, PhD, Palmer J Holden, PhD, Tammy Holder, James Holder, MD, Glenn Springs Holdings Inc, Stephen Holditch, PhD, John E Holdsworth, John C Holko, C H Holladay, Jr, Ray W Holland, Richard Holland, J Keen Holland, Russell Holland, PhD, Dennis R. Hollars, PhD, Kenneth Hollenbaugh, PhD, Charles L Hollenbeck, David Henry Hollenberg, PhD, Robert Holleran, William A Hollerman, Allen B Hollett, David V Holli, Betsy Holli, PhD, George Hayes Holliday, PhD, Frank Holliday, Clifford Holliday, John C Holliman, John H Hollis, John T Holloway, PhD, Harry L Holloway, PhD, Kenneth A. Hollowell, Frank Joseph Holly, PhD, Victor T Holm, David F Holman, R W Holman, PhD, Hewett E Holman, Harvey Holman, Russell Holman, R Norman Holme, Johnny B Holmes, PhD, William Holmes, James F Holmes, PhD, Eric Holmes, PhD, David Holmes, G E Holmes, Wendell Holmes, Ronald Holmes, Howard Holmes, PhD, Raymond M Halonen, Edmond W. Holroyd, PhD, H Duane Holsapple, Francis Holston, MD, Robert J Holt Sr, Paul K Holt, James A Holt, Frederick S Holt, PhD, Michael E Holtferich, Lowell H Holway, PhD, David Holy, Harold Holz, Don H Holzhei, PhD, George Holzman, PhD, Bud Holzman, James C Holzwarth, Otto A Homberg, PhD, Russell Honea, PhD, Franklin I Honea, PhD, Richard Honey, PhD, John Honeycutt, PhD, Baxter D Honeycutt, A Hong, PhD, Jay W Honse, David Hood, Richard Thornton Hood Jr, James F. Hood, Jr., Louis J. Hooffstetter, Arie L Hoogendoorn, PhD, Kenneth E Hoogs, MD, James P Van Hook, PhD, W J Hooker, PhD, James N Hool, PhD, Russell H. Hoopes, Philip E Hoover, John Hoover, Richard Hoover, John Hoover, Francis J Hopcroft, Harry Hope, Robert H Hopf, Harold H Hopfe, T E Hopkins, Ronald M Hopkins, MD, David A Hopkins, William Hopkins, Frederick M. Hopkins, Edward Hopkins, Charles B. Hopkins, Jr., George Hopkins, PhD, Erskine Hopkins, Richard B Hopper, John T Hopwood, Mike Horan, Sylvester P Horkowitz, Carlos L Horler, Sr, Terry Horn, Mark L Horn, PhD, Harry M Horn, PhD, Edwin Hornbaker, PhD, Jerrold S Horne, David Hornsby, Edward E Hornsey, PhD, Ewin W Hornung, PhD, Harvey Allen Horowitz, Myer G Horowitz, PhD, Isaac Horowitz, PhD, John Horrenstine, Lloyd A Horrocks, PhD, Doc Horsley, PhD, Craig Horswill, PhD, Robert Horton, Randolph R Horton, Steve Horton, Malcolm D Horton, Doug Horton, M Duane Horton, PhD, Ralph Horton, PhD, R Horton, Tim Horton, Earl W Hortvedt, William Horvath, PhD, Peter B Hobsbawn, James Hosgood, Harold Mosher, JR Hoskins, PhD, B. Wayne Hoskins, Charles R Hosler, Charles Hosler, Gregory Hosler, Robert Hosley, Nancy Hosman, Donald P Hoster, PhD, Mark Hostetter, Frederick Hottes, MD, Allan Houanson, Richard F Houde, Joel Oliver Hougen, PhD, Ralph L Hough, Walter A. Hough, PhD, Rodney T Houlihan, PhD, Stephen Hourcade, House, Leland R House, MD, James House III, MD, Wm B House, PhD, Ashley House, Robert M House, Larry Housel, John E Houser, MD, James O Houseweart, Riley Housewright, PhD, Kevin Houston, Michael G Houts, PhD, Eric Houze, Louis R Hovater, Scott Hover, Russell D Howard, PhD, John Howard, Charles Howard, Stanley G Howard, Robert Howard, Dwight D Howard, Charles Howard, MD, K B Howard, Ric Howard, Michael S Howard, PhD, Larry B Howard, PhD, Walter Egner Howard, PhD, Wm L Howard, Sr, PhD, S. Dale Howard, James F. Howard, PhD, Stephen K Howard, Dan Howard, John Howatson, PhD, John Howe, PhD, Warren B Howe, MD, George Howe, PhD, William T Howell, Craig A Howell, Wesley R Howell, PhD, Terry A Howell, PhD, H Blane Howell, MD, Vince Howell, Randall L Howell, John C Howell, Barbara Howell, PhD, Ray Howell, Fritz Howes, Joseph E Howland, PhD, Ward Howland, John E Howland, PhD, James S Howland, PhD, Donald Howlett, David R Howton, PhD, Eric S Hoy, PhD, William Hoychuk, Paul J Hoyer, PhD, Charles D Hoyle, PhD, C Hoyt, W Andes Hoyt, Jam Hrabe, PhD, Lloyd Hren, Roger Hrudy, Zdenek Hruza, MD, Sung L Hsia, PhD, Tsuying Hsieh, PhD, Hsien-Gieh Sie, PhD, T E Hsiu, PhD, Hani F Hskander, Robert Y Hsu, PhD, Kuo Hom Lee Hsu, PhD, Yen T Huang, PhD, Harmon W Hubbard, PhD, Wm B Hubbard, PhD, Bradford Hubbard, Edgar Hubbard, Terry K Hubble, Douglas Huber, Cyril E Huber, Don M Huber, PhD, J Wm Huber, Calvin Huber, PhD, Jean L Hubert, Wilbert H Hubin, PhD, John L Hubisz, PhD, Arthur E Hubscher, Richard O Huch, Sue Huck, PhD, Charlie Huddleston, Steven P Huddleston, David A Hudgins, P M Hudnall, PhD, Stephen H Hudson, Dale Hudson, PhD, Colin Hudson, PhD, George R Hudson, Robt B Hudson, Larry Hudson, Frank A Hudson, PhD, Harry J Huebner, Wayne Huebner, PhD, Fred R Huege, PhD, F M Huey, B Jerry L Huff, PhD, Norman T Huff, PhD, Dennis Huffaker, Gene Huffine, Eric Huffine, Brad Huffines, K Huffman, Woodie D Huffman, Gary P. Huffman, Julie Huffman, PhD, James Hufham, PhD, Glen Hufschmidt, James W Hugg, PhD, Barry Hugghins, W Bryan Hughes, John Hughes, Robert P Hughes, Donald Hughes, PhD, Deanne D Hughes, Travis Hughes, PhD, Michael Hughes, PhD, Robert G Hughes, Kenneth J Hughes, Kenneth H Hughes, Dan Hughes, Dudley J Hughes, Robert Hughey, Mark Hughston, Walter Huhn, Bradley E Huitema, PhD, Augustine Hull, John L Hull, JM Hull, John H Hull, John Hulm, PhD, Robert Hulse, John L Hult, PhD, Eric A Hulteen, Kurt R Hulteen, Frank Hultgren, PhD, Arthur S Hume, PhD, Ernest H Hume, Philip W Humer, PhD, Harold J Humm, PhD, Charles A Hummel, Allan Humpherys, Ray Eicken Humphrey, PhD, Robert Humphrey, William E Humphrey, PhD, Brian Humphrey, William D. Humphrey, Wm A Humphrey, Joseph W Hundley Jr, John G Hundley, PhD, Chin- Chen Hung, PhD, C R Hunkins, Ernest L Hunsaker, Robert D Hunsucker, PhD, Stephen Hunt, Douglas Hunt, Kenneth Hunt, Cecill Hunt Jr, Mack Hunt, Everett C Hunt, PhD, Hubert B Hunt, George C Hunt, John Hunt, PhD, Robert Hunt, Gary Hunt, Hugh Hunter, Hassell Hunter, Jamie Hunter, Arvel H Hunter, PhD, Wm J Hunter, William Hunter, Herbert Hunter, PhD, May Anne Hunter, Henry Huntley, MD, Frank D Huntley, Lawrence Huntoon, PhD, Rodney W Hunziker, PhD, Richard Hurd, MD, Michael D Hurd, Francis X Hurley, PhD, G William Hurley, Edward T Hurley, Randy Hurst, Leland L Hurst, Dave Hurt, Bret K. Hurt, Shakir Husain, PhD, J E Von Husen, Michael C Husinko, Samir Hussamy, PhD, Vivian K Hussey, Frank Hussey, Jerome G Hust, Donald Husted, Robert Huston, Jason Hustus, Andrew Huszczuk, PhD, John G Hutchens, Craig Hutchens, MD, David Hutcheson, PhD, William R Hutchins, William Hutchins, James J Hutchins, MD, Lee Hutchins, Gary Hutchinson, James H Hutchinson, PhD, Darrell A Hutchinson, R W Hutchinson, PhD, J F Huth, Wm Hutley, Carl M Hutson, James Hutt, MD, Horst Huttenhain, F B Hutto, PhD, Reinhold J Hutz, PhD, John F Hutzenlaub, PhD, James Hyat, Kenneth Hyatt, Eric Hyatt, PhD, James Hyatt, Alan W Hyatt, PhD, Bradley G Hyde, Monte L Hyder, PhD, Peter P Hydrean, PhD, Caryl H Hyland, PhD, E Carl Hylin, PhD, J Walter Hylin, PhD, James M Hylko, Abraham Hyman, Wm E Hymans, PhD, Arnold G Hyndman, PhD, Steven J Hynek, Bradley S Hynes
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers I


Michael J Iatropoulos, PhD, Mike Ibarguen, Lyndon Ibele, Kenneth D Ibsen, Rodney D Ice, PhD, Sherwood B Idso, PhD, Andrew Iezzi, Donald J Ifshin, Mac Igbal, Harold Igdaloff, Jon M Igleman, MD, Alex Ignatiev, PhD, Eugene Ignelzi, Donald K Igou, PhD, D Igou, PhD, Charles A Ihrke, PhD, Robert M Ikeda, PhD, Nick Iliadis, Phillip M Iloff, PhD, Richard Ilson, John R Imel, Walter L Imm, Bruce Imsdahl, Anton L Inderbitzen, PhD, Samuel J Ing, MD, Walter H Inge, PhD, Kenneth Ingham, Lisa Ingle, George W Ingle, Criton S Inglessis, PhD, Criton C S Inglessis, PhD, Nicholas A Ingoglia, PhD, J Charles Ingraham, PhD, Stephen L Ingram Sr, Jeffrey Ingram, Alvin R Ingram, PhD, Alfred Ingulli, Ronald S Inman, Charles G Inman, Malcolm R Innerarity, William B Innes, PhD, Mitio Indkuti, PhD, Kaoru Inouye, Shahid Insaf, MD, Robert Insley, Lucy Ionas, Mehraboon S Irani, MD, Victor D. Irby, PhD, Robt E Irelan, Herbert O Ireland, PhD, James Ireland, Roar L Irgens, PhD, Larry Irons, G W Irvin, David Irvin, James B Irvine, Charles Irvine, A M Irving, Philip George Irwin, PhD, John D Irwin, PhD, J Irwin, Charles F Irwin, MD, Terry Irwin, James M. Irwin, Gerald Irwin, PhD, Erich Isaac, PhD, Ronald H Isaac, PhD, Ronald Isackson, MD, George Isajiw, MD, Sheldon E Isakoff, PhD, Martin Isaks, PhD, Teri Isakson, E Burk Isbell, Dan Isbell, Donald G Iselin, Don L Isenberg, PhD, Robt W Isensee, PhD, Gary Ishikawa, Byron M Ishkanian, Janine Islam, MD, Mir N Islam, PhD, Donald R Isleib, PhD, George Ismael, A Z Ismail, PhD, Rosemary B. Ison, Larry Israel, Milton S Issaacson, E W Itell, Olga Ivanilova, PhD, James Ivers, F K Iverson, Cary Iverson, James A Ives I I, King H Ives, Donathan M Ivey, MD, John Ivey, Edwin H Ivey, Turner W. Ivey, Sr., Kenneth M Izumi, PhD, Robert A Izydore, PhD, Theodore Izzo, Patrick T Izzo, PhD
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers J

Mitchell J Jablons, MD, G Jacknow, MD, Dale Jacknow, MD, Donald C Jacks, George Jackson, Roscoe G Jackson, PhD, Harold L Jackson, PhD, Bill G Jackson, PhD, Thomas Jackson, MD, L Jackson, PhD, J G Jackson III, MD, Stewart A Jackson, PhD, Warren Jackson, PhD, Rick L Jackson, MD, Bruce Jackson, K A Jackson, PhD, Harry A Jackson, Julius A Jackson Jr, Jeral Jackson, William Jackson, B Jackson, Harold Jackson, PhD, Kingbury Jackson, William Howard Jaco, PhD, Wm John Jacober, PhD, William Jacobi, PhD, George T Jacobi, Francis A Jacobs, PhD, Bruce Jacobs, M L Jacobs, PhD, Richard G Jacobs, George D Jacobs, MD, Lenard Jacobs, John C Jacobs, PhD, Kermit V Jacobsen, Jay M. Jacobsmeyer, Jimmy J Jacobson, PhD, Irven Allan Jacobson, Glen O Jacobson, Elaine L Jacobson, PhD, Albert Jacobson, PhD, Donald F Jacques, PhD, Neal Jacques, Jules Jacquin, Frederick J Jaeger, Holger M Jaenisch, PhD, William J Jaffe, PhD, Donald Jaffe, PhD, Mordecai Jaffe, PhD, Jonah Jaffe, PhD, Kenneth I Rwin Jagel, PhD, Ray Jaglowski, David H Jagnow, Paul Jagnow, Albert A. Jagnow, Mark Jagnow, Kenneth S Jago, MD, Arnold Jagt, Marek Jakubowski, PhD, Richard J Jambor, HS James, David E James, PhD, Jerry James, Dennis James, Calvin James, John A James, Virgil E James, PhD, Douglas E. James, Daryl James, Shadrach James, MD, Everett Williams Jameso, PhD, Chet H Jameson Jr, Leon Jameton, Homer C Jamison, PhD, Sherwin W Jamison, Will B Jamison, Robert W Jamplis, MD, Lynn Janas, PhD, Jiri Janata, PhD, Kenneth S Jancaitis, PhD, Thomas Jancic, Mark Jancin, John A Jane, PhD, Donald Janes, Cole Janick, Borek Janik, PhD, Norman Janke, PhD, Paul R Jann, Daniel J Janney, Robert Janowitz, George J Jansen, Maximo Jante, Jonathan Janus, PhD, David Japikse, PhD, John Jaquess, Rupert Jarboe, George Jarden, MD, Kevin L Jardine, Fred Jarka, Frank H Jarke, Robert Jarman, MD, W W Jarowey, Kenneth Jarrell, James J Jarvis, John Jarvis, MD, Neldon Lynn Jarvis, PhD, Douglas Jasek, Rodney Jasmer, Karen Jass, Robert Jastrow, PhD, John P Jastrzembski, John A Jaszczak, PhD, Augus W Jaussi, PhD, Lynn Jaussi, Seymour Jaye, Kuan- The Jeang, PhD, Robert Jeanmaire, Keith Bartlett Jefferts, PhD, Lawrence Jeffery, Edward Jeffreys, Thomas T Jeffries III, Hugh Jeffus, PhD, Max Jellinek, PhD, Michael Jellison, Wm W Jemison Jr, Joseph V Jemski, MD, Charles Fu Jen Hsu, PhD, Jean Marcy-Jenderko, Larry Jenkins, Vernon K Jenkins, PhD, Sean Jenkins, Carol Jenkins, Jack D Jenkins, William Jenkins, David E Jenkins, Vincent F Jennemann, PhD, Donald Jennings, Pete D Jennings, Paul A Jennings, PhD, Terry L Jennings, Frederick A Jennings, Alfred S Jennings, PhD, James Jennison, Wayne E Jens, PhD, L Carl Jensen, Robert Jensen, Marcus M Jensen, PhD, Timothy B Jensen, PhD, Thomas Jensen, PhD, Leeann Jensen, PhD, Brian Jensen, Randolph Jensen, Paul Edward T Jensen, Dale R Jensen, Gerard M. Jensen, PhD, Clayton E Jensen, PhD, Walter P Jensen Jr, Raymond W. Jensen, Creighton Jensen, PhD, Randolph A Jensen, Denzel Jenson, Stewart C Jepson, Peter Jerabek, Marc Z.Jeric, PhD, Anthony E Jernigan, JM Jeryin, Guy C Jeske, Elliot E Jessen, William A Jesser, PhD, Guy E Jester, PhD, William Jester, PhD, Robert Jeub, MD, C Thomas Jewell, MD, Ralph Jewett, Michael W Jezercak, PhD, Henry L Jicha, PhD, Scott Jimmerson, Karel Jindrak, MD, Zdenek Jizba, Charles Joanedis, Janard Jobes, Thomas Jobin, Richard Jodry, Amos E Joel, Joerz, Juan C. Joffre, Eileen D Johann, PhD, Robert Johannes, PhD, V I Johannes, PhD, Timothy Johans, MD, H William Johansen, PhD, Emil S Johansen, Rick L. Johansen, Jr., PhD, Craig A Johanson, MD, Karl Richard Johansson, PhD, Sune Johansson, Bob Johnko, L P Johns, Theodore R Johnson, Robert Johnson, PhD, David C Johnson, MD, Glenn R Johnson, PhD, Gordon E Johnson, Terrell K Johnson, Archie C Johnson, Robert Johnson, PhD, Rodney B Johnson, William P Johnson, Arlo F Johnson, PhD, Blane Johnson, PhD, Horace Johnson, PhD, Frederic A Johnson, PhD, James R Johnson, PhD, Thomas J Johnson, Thomas P Johnson, Terrance Johnson, PhD, H C Johnson, Gerald Johnson, PhD, Curtis L Johnson, Charles M Johnson, PhD, Richard D Johnson, PhD, Michael S. Johnson, Doug Johnson, Robert Johnson, Robert V Johnson, PhD, Robert Johnson, Leland Johnson, PhD, Ronald Johnson, J Donald Johnson, Alan W Johnson, Richard R Johnson, William Johnson, Wyatt Johnson, Mark Johsnon, P Johnson, Leo F Johnson, PhD, Todd Johnson, PhD, Harald B Johnson III, Gerald E Johnson, Jim Johnson, Raymond E Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, Delmar R Johnson, J William Johnson, MD, Charles W Johnson, MD, Wendell Johnson, James W Johnson, PhD, Fred Johnson, PhD, Walter F Johnson, Mark A Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Michael Johnson, I Johnson, PhD, Dale Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Donald D Johnson, PhD, Kent Johnson, PhD, William Johnson, PhD, William R Johnson, PhD, G. E. Johnson, Frederick S. Johnson, Richard G Johnson, L R Johnson, Charles W Johnson, Anthony O Johnson, Frank J Johnson, Melvin Johnson, PhD, Robt L Johnson, PhD, Craig A.Johnson, M. W. Johnson, PhD, 154 Johnson Hall, PhD, Ronald Gene Johnson, PhD, Robert B Johnson, PhD, Paul D Johnson, Richard B Johnson, Walter E Johnson, Robert Johnson, PhD, Owen Johnson, PhD, Laurence N. Johnson, Donald Johnson, PhD, Duane P Johnson, PhD, Ray E Johnson, PhD, Eldred D. Johnson, Donald C Johnson, PhD, William Johnston, PhD, Marshall Johnston, PhD, S Johnston, PhD, David Johnston, William D Johnston, PhD, Stephan E Johnston, Matt Johnston, Bill Johnston, H D Johnston, PhD, George M Johnston, Stephen A Johnston, PhD, Bonnie Johnston, Johnston, PhD, George Johnston, William R. Johnston, H D Johnston, Von D Jolley, PhD, John E Jolley, PhD, Steven D. Jolly, PhD, Gordon Jonas, Robert W Jonasen, Marshall Jones, James J Jones, James Jones, PhD, Edgar J Jones, Roy Carl Jones, PhD, Chrisopher Jones, Kay H Jones, PhD, Robert Jones, PhD, Paul Jones, E C Jacobs Jones, Richard H. Jones, PhD, John D Jones, MD, Les Jones, Paul Jones, Wilbur C Jones, PhD, Christopher H Jones, Paul Jones, AD Jones, Oliver Jones, Bill Jones, PhD, Wesley M Jones, PhD, Steven Jones, Edward T Jones, Louise Jones, PhD, Taylor B Jones, PhD, Merrell R Jones, PhD, Charles Jones, PhD, Mitchell Jones, G R Jones, Robert Jones, PhD, John Jones, Emmett Jones, Lawrence L. Jones, John L Jones, PhD, F Gordon Jones, Claude Jones, Doug Jones, Jack Jones, PhD, Alan B. Jones, John Jones, Alan R Jones, PhD, Wm H Jones, Frank N Jones, PhD, Ray P Jones, H M Jones, PhD, Granby Jones, B C Jones, Robt F Jones, MD, Roger F. Jones, Ralph Jones, Richard D Jones, Pete Jonghbloed, Peter E Jonker, John Jonkman, Richard Joos, PhD, Douglas Jordan, Thomas Jordan, Robt K Jordan, Gary Jordan, Henry Jordan, MD, Paul Jordan, MD, Richard C Jordan, PhD, E D Jordan, PhD, James R Jorden, Richard D Jorgenson, PhD, Larry Josbeno, Peter Daniel Joseph, PhD, Bernard W Joseph, Raymond P Joseph, David Joseph, PhD, Pisica H. Joseph, Lyman C Josephs III, Edward S Josephson, PhD, Richard Joslin, Thomas L Jjossem, David Jowett, PhD, Pat Joyce, D Joye, PhD, Edward Jucevic, Mr. William Jud, Paul Judas, James Juday, R. E. Juday, PhD, Victor Judd, George Jude, Joseph M Judge, PhD, Daniel Juliano, PhD, John Juliano, Harry Julich, Hiram P Julien, PhD, Frederick J Julyan, PhD, John A Jung, PhD, Eric Jungermann, PhD, Wm A Junk, PhD, M L Junker, PhD, D E Junker, PhD, James Junkin, Terence Jupp, Paul Jurgensen, MD, Richard Jurgensen, MD, Leonard Juros, Stephen A. Justham, PhD, G T Justice, James Justice, PhD, Robt J Justice, Richard S Juvet, PhD
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers K


Matti Kaaranakari, Raymond F Kaczynski, Charles Kaempen, PhD, Morton T Kagan, PhD, Jack J Kahgan, Paul Kahgan, MD, Richard L Kahler, MD, Jon P Kahler, Kaye A. Kahli Ch, Joe Kahn, Charles Kahn, Joan D Kailey, Fritz Kain, Joseph A Kaiser, PhD, Dean M Kaja, John Kalafut, Klem Kalberer, Norman W Kalenda, PhD, Donald Kaley, John W Kalinowski, Robert J Kallal, PhD, David A Kallin, Lisa Kalman, PhD, Beth Kalmes, Mitchell M Kalos, Moses Kaloustain, PhD, Ronald P Kaltenbaugh, Harold Kalter, MD, Margaret A Kaluzny, Brian D Kaluzny, Kamal, PhD, Medhat M Kamal, Wm W Kaminer, Victor V. Kaminski, PhD, John Kammermeyer, MD, Robert Kamp, James M Kampfer, Ronald R Kamyniski, Antony Kanakkanatt, PhD, Joseph M Kanamueller, PhD, Stanley M Kanarowski, David A Kandel, Wm J Kane, MD, Bernard J Kane, Noel Andrew Patrick Kane, PhD, Walter Kane, W Kane, PhD, William Kane, PhD, Sarath C Kanekal, PhD, Thoams M Kaneko, PhD, R C Kannan & Assoc Inc, Thomas Kanneman, PhD, Arthur R Kantrowitz, PhD, Paul Thomas Kantz, PhD, James H Kanzelmeyer, PhD, Justin M Kapla, Hillel R Kaplan, Edward Lynn Kaplan, PhD, Gerson N Kaplan, MD, Joe Kaplen, M Kapolka, PhD, Bennett Kapp, PhD, Judith A Kapp, PhD, Daivd Kapple, George Kapusta, PhD, Larry Kapustka, PhD, Gabor Karadi, PhD, Francis W Karasek, PhD, Guido G Karcher, P E, W Bradford Karcher, Mario Karfakis, PhD, Delmar W Karger, Harold E Karges, Munawar Karim, PhD, Sid Karin, PhD, Richard D Karkkainen, Olgerts L Karklins, PhD, Eskil L Karlson, MD, James Karom Jr, Lester Karotkin, MD, J Karpa, Victor Karpenko, Gary Karpf, MD, Robert R Karpp, PhD, Paul Karr, PhD, Thomas W Karras, PhD, Kenneth S Karsten, PhD, Ronald L Kasaback, Ronald A Kasberger, Mark Kaschmitter, E A Kasel, John D Kaser, PhD, Harold V Kaska, Lewis P Dasper, Charles B Kasper, PhD, Daniel E Kass, A J Kassab, PhD, Robert J Kassal, Fellow, PhD, Raymond Kastendiek, Ross Kastor, Raymond Kastura, Rosalind Kasunick, M Katagiri, Larry C Katcher, Williams S Kather, Fred Kattuah, Herbert Katz, Ira Katz, PhD, Yale H Katz, Joseph P Katz, MD, Marvin L Katz, PhD, Joseph J Katz, PhD, J Kauchich, George B Kauffman, PhD, Joel Kauffman, PhD, Jeffrey M Kauffman, Peter W Kauffman, Frederick Kauffman, PhD, Thomas Kauffman, Alvin B Kaufman, Bill Kaufman, Michael Kaufman, PhD, George Kaufman, MD, R G Kaufman, PhD, Daniel Kaufman, Todd R Kaul, Alvin Kaumeyer, Robt R Kautzman, Ernest G Kavanaugh, David Kay, PhD, Peter P Kay, MD, Charles M Kay, Robert Eugene Kay, PhD, Saul Kay, MD, Robert L Kay, PhD, Michael Kaye, MD, Marvin D Kays, PhD, Kazakevich, PhD, Armen R Kazanjian, PhD, William Kazmann, Michael Keables, PhD, Frederick D. Keady, Charles Keal, Philip D Kearney, PhD, Paul D Kearns, Cresson Kearny, Keith Keating, MD, Kenneth L Keating, PhD, Lawrence C Keaton, PhD, Zvi Kedem, PhD, Horst H Kedesdy, PhD, David Keefe, Brian Keefer, Christopher W Keefer, Lee Keel, PhD, Geoffrey S. Keeler, Robt A Keeler, Iris Keeling, Richard A Keen, PhD, Mark B Keene, Everett L Keener, Harold M Keener, PhD, Robert D Keenum, Gary J Kees, Doug Keever, Gerson Kegeles, PhD, Ralph O Kehle, PhD, Robert Kehrman, John D Keich, Byron Keil, Marvin E Kiel, Wm Keil, Donald Keill, Hubert Keily, PhD, John E Keim, PhD, Carroll Keim, Karl Keim, B E Keiser, PhD, Jerome B Keister, PhD, James D. Keith, Morris Keith, Ed Kekec, George E Kelbly, Raymond A Kelinske, Lynette Kell, Joe Keller, Michael Keller, MD, R Keller, Kenneth F Keller, PhD, Joseph J Keller, Frederick Keller, PhD, Hermon Keller, Richard Keller, D Steven Keller, PhD, Mike Keller, Glen E Kellerhals, PhD, Charles D Kellett, Craig T Kelley, Bob Kelley, Jim D Kelley, Dennis Kelley, Fenton Crosland Kelley, PhD, Trent Kelley, Arthur Kelley, Jay Kelley, PhD, Joseph Kelley, PhD, Charles T Kelley, PhD, John Kellgren, PhD, Dan A Kellogg, Craig Kellogg, PhD, Kelly, Peter Kelly, Raymond Kelly, PhD, W J Kelly, PhD, JD Kelly, Charles P Kelly Jr, James L Kelly, Kelly, Sean P Kelly, J Kelly, Wiiliam Kelly Jr, Margaret M Kelly, Albert Kelly, Robert Kelly, Paul Kelly, Patrick Kelly, Patrick R Kelly, Colin M Kelly, PhD, Charles Kelm, Bruce Kelman, PhD, Ronald G Kelsey, Kelvin Kemm, PhD, Frank N Kemmer, John D Kemp, PhD, Graham E Kemp, George Kemp, Thomas Kenat, PhD, Robert C Kendall, Mike Kendall, Robert E Kendall, David R Kendall, Shawn Kendall, Francis Kendorski, Peter H Kendrick, L N Kendrick, Robert Kendrick, Francis Kendrick, PhD, Tyler Kenefick, Rochell Kenig, PhD, Hugh Mc Kenna, John H Kennah, John E Kennedy, PhD, Howard V Kennedy, PhD, John R Kennedy, William Kennedy, Shephen Kennedy, William Kennedy, PhD, Larry Kennedy, Dallas C Kennedy I I, PhD, Albert J Kennedy, PhD, J M Kennel, PhD, James Kennelley, PhD, Tim Kennemer, Harris Kenner, Francis T Kenney, PhD, A. R. Kenny, Andrew A Kenny, Geo C Kent, PhD, Jim Kent, Suzanne Kenton, Michael J Keogh, PhD, Joyce E Kephart, Steven P Kepler, Robert Kepp, PhD, Theodore R Keprta, Harold E Kerber, PhD, Josef Kercso, Robert Kergai, B. Charles Kerkhove, Jr, T Lamar Kerley, PhD, Clifford D Kern, PhD, Michael Kerner, Quentin A Kerns, John J M Kerr, Donald L Kerr, PhD, John F Kerr, Linda Kerr, Richard Kerr, MD, Wm Kerrigan, Anna M Kerrins, John Charles Kershenstein, PhD, Thomas W Kershner, Tom Kesler, Walter P Kessinger, PhD, Harold D Kessler, Harry W Ketchum Jr, Andrew C Ketchum, John Kettler, Clement J Kevane, PhD, Jesse Keville, Elbert R Key, Frank Key, Mel Keyes, PhD, Naaman H Keyser, Paul Keyser, Donald A Keyworth, PhD, Gregory B Kharas, PhD, RK Kibbe, Jennifer Kibiger, Daniel E Kiburz, Anthony S Kidawa, MD, Geoffrey Kidd, Vincent J Kidd, PhD, Thornton Kidd, MD, Harold Kidd, PhD, Michael L Kidda, Albert Kindwell, PhD, John W Kiedaisch, Rodney Kiel, Terry Kienitz, S F Kiersznowski, Donald W Kifer, David C Kilborn, Earl Kilbourne, Charles Kilgore, Charles W Kilgore I I, Marion D Kilgore, Cengiz Kilic, MD, Dennis D Kilkenny, Arthur M Killin, Joseph M Killion, Ronald F Kilmartin, William R Kilpatrick, MD, Kilpinen, PhD, David E Kim, MD, Hyun W Kim, PhD, Yong-Soo Kim, PhD, Keith M Kimbrell, MD, Theo D Kimbrough, PhD, David R Kimes, Riley Kiminer, PhD, Charles O King, PhD, J S King, PhD, Joseph E King, Edwin King, William S King, John W King, MD, Francis King, Chester L King, F. King, H H King, PhD, Thomas King, Sanford King, PhD, Randy L King, John W King, PhD, Kingery, PhD, Charles Kingrea, PhD, C Louis Kingsbaker, P I Kingsbury, PhD, James E Kingsbury, Tommy C. Kinnaird, John J. R. Kinney, Jerome W Kinnison, Robert R Kinnison, PhD, Gerald Lee Kinnison, PhD, Norma A Kinsel, PhD, Stephen C Kinsky, PhD, Timothy P Kinsley, Gerald W Kinsley, Roy H Kinslow, PhD, Thyl E Kint, Brice W Kinyon, John Kinzell, PhD, Donald Kinzer, R. C. Kinzie, Martin Kiousis, Charles Kippenhan, PhD, Ralph C Kirby, James R Kircher, Peter Kirchhoff, E K Kirchner, PhD, Earl Kirk, Clyde A Kirkbride, PhD, John Kirkpatrick, Dennis Kirkpatrick, PhD, Hugh R Kirkpatrick, Robert W Kirkwood, Philip G Kirmser, PhD, Ravi Kiron, PhD, Paul R. Kirsch, Janet M. Kirsch, Oscar H. Kirsch, Pamela Kirschner, Peter Kirwin, Roy Kiser, Edwin Kispert, Horst Kissel, Hugh Kissell, Neil R Kitchen, MD, Thomas A Kitchens, PhD, John F Kitchin, PhD, Terence M Kite, PhD, Mark Kittridge, Thomas Kitts, Edgar W Kivela, PhD, Jeffrey Kiviat, MD, Lassi Kivioja, PhD, Michael T Kizer, Alfred Klaar, Geo S Klaiber, PhD, Bruce H Klanderman, PhD, Amy G Klann, PhD, L T Klauder Jr, PhD, Klaus, PhD, Miro Klecka, PhD, Williad Kleckner, PhD, H Kleemeier, Thomas Kleen, Vasilios Kleftis, Gordon L Klein, MD, Howard J Klein, PhD, Ludwig Klein, MD, RR Klein, PhD, W S Klein, John Klein, Thomas Klein, G Klein, Henry Klein, James D Klein, Walter B Kleiner, PhD, Jarvis R Klem, Paul G Klemens, PhD, George F Klemmick, Robert E Klenck, MD, Ronald W Klenk, PhD, Kenneth F. Klenk, PhD, Capt George J Klett, John Kleyn, PhD, Eugene M Klimo, PhD, Gary Kline, Robert Kline, PhD, R. Jay Kline, David Kling, Edwin Kiingman, William Klint, D A Klip, PhD, Sharon Klipping, Benny L Klock, PhD, Roger C Klockziem, PhD, Thomas R Klopf, Lee Klopfenstein, MD, David Kloppenburg, Louis H Klotz, PhD, Melvin Klotzman, James Klouda, Raymond Kluczny, PhD, Anatole A Klyosov, PhD, Kent Knaebel, PhD, Edward A Knaggs, James Knapik, Stephen Knapp, Ronald Knapp, PhD, John Knapp, Martin E Knauss, Matthew Knecht, Terence E C Knee, PhD, Wiliam Kneebone, PhD, B Kneeland, Tom Knetsley, A G Kniazzeh, PhD, Maurice Kniceley, Duane V Kniebes, Gary Knight, James F Knight, MD, Rihard G Knight, PhD, Wilbur Knight, James Knight, John Knight, PhD, Jere D Knight, PhD, Knight, Knightes, PhD, William Knighton, Norm Knights, Richard H Knipe, PhD, David Knoble, PhD, James Otis Knobloch, PhD, Mark Knoderer, Charles P Knop, PhD, Williams G Knorr, Wayne Knoth, Devin Knowles, Robert S. Knowles, Gregory D Knowlton, PhD, Floyd Marion Knowlton, James Knox, Kirvin L. Knox, PhD, Christian W Knudsen Dr, PhD, B Warren Knudser, Chung-Yu Ko, Ian Koblick, Thomas E Kobrick, Henry Kobsa, PhD, Katherine M Kocan, Arthur T Koch, PhD, Leonard Koch, Tyson Koch, Robert Koch, D Koch, PhD, Ludvik F Koci, Kevin J Kock, William Koehl, PhD, David Koehler, James S Koehler, PhD, Buford Koehler, George Koehler, F Theodore Koehler, Carol R Koehler, Janice Koehler, Stan Keohlinger, Robert Koenig, Eldo C Lyde Koenig, PhD, Gina L Koenig, Lee E Koepke, Wellington W Koepsel, PhD, P L Koepsell, PhD, Ernest J Koestering, Robt Cy Koh, PhD, Eunsook Tak Koh, PhD, Robert A Kohl, PhD, Clint Kohl, PhD, George O Kohler, PhD, David L Kohlman, PhD, James P Kohn, PhD, Frederick C Kohout, PhD, Randall Kok, PhD, Juha P Kokko, PhD, Alex Kokolios, Joshua O Kolawole, PhD, William Koldwyn, PhD, Paul M Kolich, James Koskan, Kurtis Koll, PhD, Lee R Koller, PhD, Tim Koller, Tim F Koller, Andrew Kolonay, Bernard J Kolp, PhD, Stanley P Koltun, Roger W Kolvoord, PhD, Kazimierz Kolwalski, PhD, Frank Komorowski, MD, Sam Kongpricha, PhD, Virgil Konopinski, Anthony Konopka, Kenneth K Konrad, Dusan Konrad, PhD, Steven Kontney, Christopher Konz, Robert P Koob, PhD, Kevin D Kooistra, David Kooyman, PhD, Robert Koons, Charles B Koons, PhD, Frank Koontz, PhD, Dale W Koop, Rudolph W Kopf, John T Kopfle, Kenneth D Kopke, D. N. Kopler, Michael P. Kopp, Bruce D Korant, PhD, Joseph Korch, Howard Kordes, John Kordosh, N Korens, Lemuel W Kornegay, MD, Edmund C Kornfeld, PhD, Jack I Kornfield, PhD, Brent D Kornman, Charles H. Korns, PhD, Larry Kornze, Edward Korostoff, PhD, Mary Korpi, Mary B Korpi, Curtis Kortemeier, Daniel R Kory, PhD, Charlie Kosarek, Theresa M Koscny, George E Kosel, Steven K Koski, Bart Kosko, PhD, Randolph Kosky, Mark J Koslicki, Aaron D Kossoy, PhD, Robert Kostelniki, PhD, Robt A Koster, PhD, Dennis Kostic, Norman L Kotraba, Frank Koucky, PhD, Kishen Koul, PhD, Fleetwood Koutz, PhD, J L Kovach, PhD, Eugene George Kovach, PhD, Joseph E Kovacic, William P Kovacik, PhD, Nagy H Kovacs, PhD, Leslie R Koval, PhD, Charles Koval, Thomas F Kowalczyk Jr, Paul C Kowallis, Richard A Kowalsky, Theodore J Kowalyshyn, MD, Sankar Koyal, PhD, Robert W Koza, Gregory A Kozera, Kenneth Koziol, Adam Kozma, PhD, Bob Kraemer, John G Kraemer, John N Kraeuter, PhD, E H Krafft, William R Krafft, Geoffrey A Krafft, PhD, Kraft, PhD, Richard Kraft, Peter Krag, PhD, Paul Krail, PhD, Jerry Kraim, PhD, John J Krajewski, PhD, Deborah J Krajicek, Keith Krake, Roman J Kramarsic, PhD, John Kramberger, Gary Kramer, PhD, Kenneth Kramer, Karl J Kramer, PhD, Gordon Kramer, Douglas Kramm, Karl W Krantz, PhD, Jerrod Kranzler, George G. Krapfel, Jan Krason, Clyde H Kratochvil, PhD, Howard R Kratz, PhD, David J Krause, PhD, Ray C Krause, George Krauss, PhD, Robert Krauss, PhD, Lawrence C Kravitz, PhD, Arthur Krawetz, PhD, Arthur A Krawetz, PhD, Herman F Kraybill, PhD, Robert F Kraye, John Krc Jr, Lawrence Krebaum, PhD, Christopher P Krebs, Krebsbach, K Kreckel, John B Kreer, PhD, Eric Kreidler, PhD, Ron Kreis, PhD, Henry G Kreis, William Kreiss, PhD, Richard Kremer, PhD, Thurman R. Kremser, PhD, Peter A Krenkel, PhD, Carl Krespan, PhD, Robert Kress, Roger Kret, Charles R Kreuz, Warren C Kreye, PhD, Joseph Z Krezandski, PhD, Robt E Kribal, PhD, Victor Kriechbaum, Arthur F Krieg, MD, Daniel R Krieg, PhD, Roy Krill, Jacqueline Krim, PhD, Scott A Kriner, Jacob K Krispin, PhD, Kevin Krist, PhD, James G Krist, Louis G Kristjanson, Steve Kristoff, PhD, Mark S Kristy, MD, George J Kriz, PhD, William G Krochta, PhD, Lillian A Kroenke, William J Kroenke, PhD, Douglas H Krohn, Joseph Kroker, Gary Krol, James Kromer, Gerald E Kron, PhD, Paul H. Kronfield, Gary Krongstad, Rober Lee Kroodsma, PhD, John L Kropp, PhD, Tim C Kropp, Julius R Kroschewsky, PhD, John R Krouse, Donald M Krtanjek, Peter G Krueger, PhD, Philip M Krueger, PhD, Burke B Krueger, Eddwin H Krug, Keith Krugh, Jack K Krum, PhD, Glenn L Krum, Ann Marie Krumenacker, Jerry Krumlik, MD, R H Krumme, Paul H Krumrine, PhD, Jerry Krumwiedre, Gai Krupenkin, E C Krupp, PhD, David Krus, PhD, Lorin R Krusberg, PhD, Oliver Kruse, Tsu-Kung Ku, Karen S Kubena, PhD, Paul Kubicek, David J Kubicek, W Kubitsihel, MD, Donald Gene Kubler, PhD, Mitsuru Kubota, PhD, S Kubow, PhD, John F Read Kuc, PhD, Moyses Kuchnir, PhD, Louis Kuchnir, MD, David Kuck, James E Kuder, PhD, Marc Kudla, Antonin Kudrna, Donald Kuehl, Adelheid Kuehnle, PhD, Donald Kuenzi, MD, George Kugler, PhD, Eugene J Kuhajek, PhD, Moira Kuhl, Michael Kuhlmann, Gerald Kuhn, John Kuhn, Peter Kuhn, PhD, Bernard Kuhn, Raymond E Kuhn, PhD, Carl Kuhnen Jr, Garth Kuhnhein, Kenneth Kuiken, PhD, Andrew D Kulaga, MD, Matthew H Kulawiec, Gerard Kulbieda, Andrew Kulchar, Eugene Kulesza, James Kulick, Pe, Arun D Kulkarni, PhD, Rudolph K Kulling, PhD, Amarendhra Kumar, PhD, Nipha Kumar, Jeff Kimer, Joseph A Kunc, PhD, John S Kundrat, MD, Samar Kundu, PhD, Robert Kunkle, MD, Gordon Kuntz, PhD, Univ Of Ct, PhD, George W Kunze, PhD, Peter T Kuo, MD, Jing-Wen Kuo, PhD, Sean T. Kuplean, James R Kuppers, PhD, Edward Kurdziel, William M Kurple, Vincent E Kurtz, PhD, David W Kurtz, PhD, Max Kurtz, Peter Kurtz, PhD, Henry Kurusz, Frank T Kurzweg, MD, Peter Kusel, PhD, Chris E Kuyatt, PhD, Andrew Kuzmission, Tung-Sing Kwong, Lydiane Kyte
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers L


Kenneth M Labas, Ronnie Labaume, Frank M Labianca, PhD, Melvin Labitt, Peter Labosky, PhD, R G Lacallade, Paul Lacelle, PhD, John J Lacey Jr, Tom Lacey, J Michael Lacey, Gary W Lachappelle, Robert J Lacher, PhD, Rosemary Lacher, Sanford Lacks, PhD, Sterling S Lacy, W C Lacy, PhD, Conrad Ladd, Ronald J Ladry, Edward E Lady, PhD, Joseph T Laemmle, PhD, Franklin Laemmlen, PhD, William E Lafache, James Lafervers, PhD, John M Lafferty Jr, Robert J Laffin, PhD, Eugene C. Laford, PhD, Evan D Laganis, PhD, Bruce Lagasse, Charles Lagergren, Kenneth Lagrand, Thomas W Lagrelius, MD, B D Lagrone, John M Lagrone, John Laidig, Milton Laikin, William Laing, Michael L Laird, James L Lake, Jaynarayan H Lala, PhD, Jerry Laman, Donald L Lamar, PhD, Robert A. Lamarre, Roger Lamb, Donald R Lamb, PhD, Donald J Lamb, PhD, Henry J Lamb, Jeffrey C Lamb, Allen B. Lamb, George W Lamb, Jan B Lamb, John P Lambert, Andrew Lambie, John P Lambooy, PhD, Burton B Lamborn, Richard W Lambrecht Jr, George W Lambroff, Leo J Lammers, Trevor G Lamond, PhD, Robert G Lamontagne, PhD, W E Lamoreaux, Philip Lamoreaux, David L Lamp, Dale J Lampton, Don LaMunyon, PhD, Paul Lancaster, Malcolm Lancaster, MD, G.D. Lancaster, Vicki A Lancaster, PhD, H D Landahl, PhD, William Landau, MD, Richard J Landborg, PhD, Richard L Lander, PhD, David E Landers, S Landeur, Wm C Landgraf, PhD, Jerome Lando, PhD, Bruce Landreth, John R Landreth, PE, J Landrum, William G Landry, Archie Landry, L Landry, Charles J Lane, Robt Lane, PhD, George Lane, Edwin Lane, Robert Lane, C Elaine Lane, MD, Clifford Lane, Robert Lane, PhD, Scott Lane, Richard L Lane, PhD, Brian Lane, Carl L Lane, PhD, F Lane, Debbie Laney, Newton L Lang, Harold H Lang, PhD, Conrad M Lang, PhD, William R Lang, Robert Carl Lange, PhD, Arthur Lange, George R Lange, Robert Lange, Stephen S. Lange, Prof Langeland, PhD, Ralph Langenheim, PhD, Arthur M. Langer, PhD, Paul B Langford, PhD, Gerald B Langille, PhD, Rolf H. Langland, Robert C Langley, Philip G Langley, PhD, David J Langston, P Mark Lankford, H Norbert Lanners, PhD, Richard Lannin, Edward Lanser, Thomas L Lantz, Frank M Lanzafame, PhD, George Laperle, Gerald J Lapeyre, PhD, Evelyn P Lapin, PhD, Thomas Laplaca, MD, Dennis Lapoint, PhD, James Laporte, Vince Lara, Kurt A Larcher, James F Lardner, James G Lareau, Andre Lareau, Thomas Larko, Seymour Larock, Judd Larowe, MD, Vernon Larrowe, PhD, Henry Larrucea, Robert Larsell, Larry Larsen, Eric B Larsen, PhD, Eric Russell Larsen, PhD, Wm E Larsen, Howland A Larsen, PhD, David Larsen, Greg Larsen, Dale G. Larsen, Elisabeth Larsen, Lloyd Larsen, PhD, Robert P Larsen, PhD, Robert Larson, PhD, Kenneth Larson, Bruce L Larson, PhD, Ashley Larson, John Larson, Charles Conrad Larson, PhD, Kiser- Larson, Roy E Larson, Ernest T Larson, Mark Larson, Don Larson, Reginald E Larson, Harry Larson, Dwight Larson, MD, Russell C Larson, Philip Larson, PhD, Ron Larson, PhD, Dana E Larson, John H Lary Jr, MD, L Lasagna, MD, Reginald M Lasater, Stanley B Lasday, Jack S Lasky, PhD, Bill L Lasley, PhD, John Lasnetske, Andrew Lasslo, PhD, Stanley Laster, PhD, Joseph Lasuki, William S Laszlo, Benny L Latham, James Latham, Alan R Latham, PhD, Hamdi Latif, Gail Latimer, P R Latour, PhD, Robert P Lattimer, PhD, H Lattman, PhD, Duane E Lau, Anthony Lauck, Lloyd H Lauerman, PhD, Robert J Laufer, PhD, Walter A. Laufer, K Ek Laughrey, Natasha Lauinoric, Wm E Laupus, MD, Robert Laurence, PhD, Jim Lauria, A M Laurie, Mike Lauriente, PhD, Richard Laursen, Thomas Lauterio, PhD, David Laven, Jerome Lavine, PhD, Marcel E Lavoie, PhD, Gordon Law, Albert G Iles Law, PhD, David Lawler, D John L Lawless Jr, PhD, Harold B Lawley, Layle Lawrence, PhD, William F Lawrence, Wm H Lawrence, Elbert D. Lawrence, MD, Joseph Lawrence, Donald Lawrenz, Eugene J Lawrie, David Lawson, Richard Lawson, Bill Lawson, Royce Lawson, Richard Lawson, Kent Lawson, PhD, Joel S Lawson, PhD, Gerald W Lawson, Bill Lawver, Jeffrey C Lawyer, John F Lawyer, Douglas Lay, PhD, William A Laycock, PhD, Thomas W Layton, PhD, Grant Layton, Norman Lazaroff, PhD, Paul D Lazay, PhD, Susanne M Lea, PhD, Hugh Leach, Marisa Leach, James Leach, PhD, Frank W. Leach, Lewis Leake, Wm D Leake, Robert W. Leake, David F Leake, The Leakes, Richard Leamer, PhD, Charles W Lear, R Douglas Learmont, Albert O Learned, Gerald R Leather, PhD, Tommy Leavelle, PhD, Paul M Leavy, J M Lebeaux, PhD, Jozef Lebiedzik, PhD, Lynn L Leblanc, PhD, George R Lebo, PhD, Stephen Le Brie, PhD, Kennon Lebsack, Jean-Pierre Leburton, PhD, Robert J Lecat, PhD, Bill Lech, James Lechner, PhD, Richard V Lechowich, PhD, Gregory L Leclaire, Girvis Ledbetter, Joseph Ledbetter, PhD, Harvey D Ledbetter, PhD, Thomas K. Ledbetter, Bill Ledford, Frank L Ledford, MD, Harry A Lee, Donald Lee, PhD, Robert Lee, Lindsey D Lee, Richard Lee, Larry Lee, MD, Griff C Lee, Harry R Lee, David J. Lee, Harold D Lee, William Lee, PhD, David Lee, Min L Lee, PhD, D M Lee, Paul Lee, PhD, James Lee, PhD, Charles E Lee, Daniel V Lee, J T Lee, Brian W Lee, PhD, H William Leech, PhD, Clark Leedy, PhD, James L Leef, PhD, Russell E Leek, Steve Leeland, Keith Leese, David C Leestone, James F Leetch, PhD, Richard Leeth, Bob Lefelar, Robert A Lefever, PhD, Tod Lefevre, John Leffler, Kevin Lefler, Gail Legate, Harold Legate, N A Legatos, Mark R. Legg, PhD, Paul Legg, Robert B Leggett, Mike Lehman, Ridhard K Lehman, Ronald G Lehman, Walter Lehman, Donald R Lehman, PhD, August F Lehman, Ernest Lehmann, Jim Lehmann, William Lehmaun, Jay H Lehr, PhD, Nathaniel Lehrman, MD, David Leibman, John R. Leicester, Richard Leicht, Roger Leick, Richard Leidlein, Mark Leifer, MD, Algird G Leiga, PhD, Leslie Leigh, Joseph Leimkuhler, John Lein, Jennifer Leinart, Troy Leingany, Joshua M Leise, PhD, James C Leisk, Daniel Leiss, Jon Leist, Richard B Leisure, George W Leisz, Paul Leithart, MD, Vicoria M Leitz, PhD, Daniel D Lelong, Eric E Lemke, Richard Lemke, Terry L Lemley, PhD, Leslie R Lemon, W L Lemon, MD, Robert W Lemon, Ron Lenaker, Andrew Lenard, PhD, Roger X Lenard, George W Leney, Dean J Lennard, Ralph Lennerth, Ronald C Lenox, PhD, Ronald S Lenox, PhD, Carl Lentz, MD, Roland E Lentz, Robert Lentz, Stephen K Lentz, Pter E Lenz, Lawrence L Leoise Ii, Leonard Leon, W Leonard, Thomas Leonard, John Leonard, Richard Leonard, John W. Leonard, Mario Leone, Joseph W Leone, Joseph Leonelli, PhD, Bruno Leonelli, John Leonora, PhD, Arkady Leonov, PhD, Keith A Lepak, MD, Peter C Leport, MD, Peter Leport, MD, Howard Leeper, Gregory S Leppert, PhD, Dennis Leppin, David M Lesak, John F Lescher, Richard Lesher, James D. Lesikar, PhD, Jim Leslie, James Lessman, Howard Lessoff, Gregory S Lester, Elma Laterman, PhD, Nelson J Letourneau, PhD, Donald A Letourneau, Gary Letsinger, Michael A. Leuck, Benjamin S Leung, PhD, H A Leupold, PhD, Thurston Levay, Richard Levere, MD, Walter Frederick Leverton, PhD, Allan L Levey, Robert Levin, PhD, Gilbert Levin, PhD, S Benedict Levin, PhD, Marc S Levin, MD, Karen N Levin, Stewart Levin, PhD, Arnold D Levine, PhD, Syd H. Levine, Bernard Levine, PhD, Stanley Levinson, PhD, Sidney B Levinson, Dave Levison, PhD, William A Levinson, Louis Leviticus, PhD, Richard H Levy, PhD, Stanley S Levy, PhD, Seymour Levy, Robert M Lewert, PhD, Michael D Lewes, Lawrence G Lewis, PhD, Gordon D Lewis, PhD, Catherine Lewis, PhD, George R Lewis, Dayton A Lewis Jr, Richard C Lewis, Peter A Lewis, PhD, Lawrence T Lewis, PhD, Russell J Lewis, PhD, William Lewis, PhD, Robert Lewis, John A Lewis, PhD, Ted E Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Steven R Lewis, D Lewis, David W Lewis, PhD, Milton Lewis, PhD, Edwards Lewis, PhD, Ruth Leyse, PhD, Wei Li, Huilin Li, PhD, Chia-Yu Li, PhD, Robert D Libby, James J Licari, PhD, Anthony Licata, Frank Lichovsky, David Licht, Irwin A Lichtman, PhD, T Lick, PhD, Charles G Liddle, Stephen Liddle, PhD, William Liddle, L Gie Liem, MD, Timothy E Lien, Thomas Lieser, MD, James A Liggett’, PhD, L Charles Lightfoot, Curt Lightle, Fred Lightner, Michael Lightstone, PhD, Lt Kermit L Likes, Usaf, Peter Liley, PhD, Robert E Liljestrand, Jay Lilley, Charles Lilly, Alex Lim, Richard Liming, Jon Limke, PhD, Steven C Limke, James C. Lin, PhD, Philip D Lindahl, William Lindblad, Philip Lindblade, O Victor Lindelow, MD, Donald Lindeman, MD, Merlin Lindemann, PhD, Henry R Linden, PhD, Gerald S. Lindenmoen, Mr. Edwin D. Lindgren, Jay Lindholm, Charles A Lindley, PhD, Peter F. Lindquist, PhD, Laurence Lindsay, Wm T Lindsay, PhD, Robert Lindstrom, Richard Lindzen, PhD, Lindeman, Milton J Linevsky, PhD, Bangalore Lingaraj, PhD, Mr. David R. Lingenfelter, Wayne Lingle, Bernard A Link, PhD, Kurt O Linn, PhD, Robert Linn, Donald Linn, PhD, Ralph Linsker, PhD, Frank Linville, Jr., Anthony P Lioi, PhD, Glenn Liolios, Harold Lion, William G Lipke, PhD, Richard E Lippoth, Clarence D Lipscombe Iii, PhD, Jay Lipson, Merrill I Lipton, MD, Michael Lipton, PhD, Emil P Lira, PhD, Adam Lis, PhD, Eric Liskey, Wm E Liss, Ellen K Lissant, PhD, Kenneth J Lissant, PhD, Kurt R List, Bruce A Lister, Mark Lister, PhD, Jim Litchfield, Arthur Litheredge, Frank Little, Robert L Little, PhD, Jack E Little, PhD, Donald Little, Col Daniel W Litwhiler, PhD, W M Liu, PhD, Henry Liu, PhD, Fred Liu, PhD, Baw- Lin Liu, PhD, Chian Liu, PhD, John Liutkus, PhD, Robert S Livingston, PhD, Radm W H Livingston, George A Livingston, Richard G Livingston, Livingstone, PhD, Georgetta S. Livingstone, PhD, Josep Llaurado, MD, Clement M Llewellyn Jr, Thomas W Lloyd, Harold Lloyd, Vern Lloyd, Alan Lloyd, Barry Lloyd, Fred P Lobban, Gene M. Lobrecht, S J Locascio, PhD, Charles Lochmuller, PhD, Micheal C Lock, Royce Z Lockart, PhD, A Locke, Krystyna Locke, PhD, Raymond K Locke, William Lockett, Robert Lockhart, Brent Lockhart, Thomas J Lockhart, William R. Locklear, David A Lockmeyer, Paul L Lockwood, Kenton M Loda, Willem Lodder, PhD, Eric Lodewijk, Eric Lodewyk, James Lodge, Steven Loduca, PhD, David Loduca, Alfred R Loeblich III, PhD, Jaques Loes, Robert G Loewy, PhD, Dave Lofe, Robert Loffredo, PhD, Mr Ernest E. Loft, R Loftfield, R Lofton, MD, John T Loftus, Jerry L Logan, Mark Logan, MD, Thomas Logan, Thomas L Logan, Charles B Loggie, Thomas J Loginess, Francis M Logullo, PhD, Robert Lohr, H Y Loken, PhD, Stanley J Lokken, PhD, H. William Lollar, Julian H Lombard, PhD, Leonard Lombardi, PhD, G Lombardi, PhD, William Lomerson, PhD, Bryan H Long, Justin T Long, PhD, James M Long, MD, James A Long, Walter Long, MD, Daid M Long, PhD, Erwin Long, William E Long, PhD, Joyce M Long, Howard F Long, MD, Earl E Long, Allen Long, MD, Neville S Long, William H Long, PhD, William E Long, John Long, PhD, Dr. Keith R. Long, PhD, Lawrence E Long, Donlin Long, MD, James D Long, Gerald W Longanecker, Henry R Longcrier, John B Longenecker, PhD, Dennis D Longhorn, David Longinotti, H Jerry Longley, PhD, Vance Longley, W Warren Longley, PhD, Wm Longley Jr, PhD, Martin S Longmire, PhD, Ian S Longmuir, Daniel Longnecke, MD, Anna K Longobardo, PhD, Paul A Lan Longwell, PhD, Ruskin Longworth, PhD, Robert Loofbourow, Guy J Lookabaugh, Jerome J Looker, PhD, John Loomis, John Looney, H G Loos, PhD, Herb Lopatka, Ronald Loper, Albert F Lopez, W F Loranger, PhD, Mark Lord, Thomas A Loredo, William Lorenz, Ronald Lorenz, Mark Lorenz, David Lorenz, MD, Robert F Lorenzen, MD, Jerry A Lorenzen, PhD, D Loreuzen, MD, David Lorge, Richard B Loring, Larry Lortscher, John V Loscheider, Robert A Loscher, Monty Losee, Edward T Losin, PhD, Mark J. Losset, Peter F Lott, PhD, Paul A Lottes, PhD, Stuart Loucks, L Richard Louden, PhD, Doug Loudin, Martha Loughlin, L Hh Louis, PhD, C Barton Loundagin, Jerry Loupee, Robert I Louttit, PhD, Lyle Love, George Love, John A Love, Richard M Love, Sadler Love, Michael E Lovejoy, C James Lovelace, PhD, Robert Lovelace, Radon R Loveland, Don Loveless, Ben Lovell, Harold L Lovell, PhD, Bernard W Lovell, PhD, Dale D Lovely, Gordon G Lovestrand, John R Lovett, PhD, James A Lovett, Cole Lovett, PhD, James Loving, Robert Loving, Jan Lovy, PhD, William R Low III, Delwyn Low, Robert M Lowe, F Lowe, Mark Lowell, PhD, Umass Lowell, PhD, Douglas Lowenhaupt, JM Lowenstein, PhD, G A Lowerts, PhD, John D. Lowery, Alvin Lowi, PhD, Thomas Lowinger, PhD, Charles B Lowrey, PhD, Justin Lowry, Allen Loy, MD, Samuel E Loy III, David Loyd, John Lozowski, MD, Kenneth J Little, John K Hsiung Lu, PhD, Brian Lubbert, Martin S Lubell, Alan H Lubell, Phillip Lubensky, Michael D Lubin, PhD, David Lucas, Robert C Lucas, Phillip Lucas, K Lucas, MD, Kathleen M Lucas, Wm R Lucas, PhD, Linda C Lucas, MD, Donald H Lucast, PhD, Peter J Lucchesi, PhD, William Luce, PhD, Frank Lucenta, George W Luckey, PhD, TD Luckey, PhD, Frederick J. Luckey, Brian Luckianow, Robert B Ludden, Frank Ludeman, Richard R Ludlam, Mark Ludwig, H Ludwig, Mark Ludwig, PhD, Claus B Ludwig, PhD, C T Ludwig, Oliver G Ludwig, PhD, Ralph E Luebs, PhD, Lilburn H Lueck, Mike Lueck, Robert Luetje, Kenneth Luff, C Luger, Scott Lugibihl, Caroline N Luhta, Carl A Lukach, PhD, Mariann Lukan, Ronald Lukas, PhD, Thomas J Lukas, PhD, Robert Luke, PhD, Randolph Luke, Robert A Luke, PhD, Forrest Luke, Richard Luke, Raymond J Lukens, PhD, Larry Lukens, Robert M Lukes, PhD, Jack Marling, PhD, Rufus Lumry, PhD, Wm W Lumsden, PhD, Wilburn L Luna, Robert A Lunceford, Melvin R Lund, J Lund, Douglas E Lund, PhD, Mark W Lund, PhD, Dennis L Lundberg, PhD, R. Kent Lundergan, Robert Lundin, PhD, Theodore Lundquist, PhD, James H. Lundy, James W. Lundy, M David Luneau, Frank P Lunn III, Jesse V Lunsford, R Dwayne Lunsford, PhD, Owen R Lunt, PhD, John H Lupinski, PhD, Anthony Lupo, PhD, Mark J Lupo, PhD, William H Lupton, PhD, J W Luquire, PhD, Channing Lushbough, PhD, Ilmar Lusis, Glenn R Lussky, Carol J Lusty, PhD, Dwight E Lutsko, George W Luxbacher, PhD, Harold R Luxenberg, PhD, Walter Wilhelm G Lwowsk, PhD, Arthur Lyall, A Lvin H Lybeck, Carl Lyday, Travis Q Lyday, John Lydic, Thomas L Lye, Sidney Lyford Jr, PhD, Leon Lyles, PhD, W R Lyman, Rodney G Lyn, PhD, Keith D Lynch, PhD, Francis M Lynch, Michael Lynch, Thomas E Lynch, Roland H Lynch, James R. Lynch, John Lynch, PhD, James E Lyne, PhD, Joseph L Lyon, MD, William S Lyon, James I Lyons, Harold Lyons, PhD, Gerald Lyons, Robt L Lytton, PhD
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers M


E Jerome Maas, PhD, Martin Maassen, MD, Howard R Mabey, Sam S Mabry Jr, Monte D Mabry, Robert Maby, Robt S MacAlister, William Macalla, Malcolm William MacArthur, PhD, Brian W. Macarthur, PhD, Charles B Macaul, Howard Maccabee, PhD, Paul Macchi, MD, A MacDonald, Thomas G Macdonald, MD, Brian MacDonald, Bruce Macdonald, Alexander Daniel MacDonald, PhD, Robert D. Macdonald, Robert S. Macdonald, Michael J MacDonald, PhD, Digby D Macdonald, PhD, James M Macdonald Jr, Richard Macdougal, P MacDougall, PhD, Charles E Mace, Robert M MacFarlane, James Macgibbon, MD, John R MacGregor, MD, J Machen, Robert J Macher, Tommy J Machin, Paul Machmeier, PhD, Alex L MacInnis, John Mack, Charles L. Mack, Jr., Roy P Mackal, PhD, Bruce Macke, Peter Mackenzie, Douglas Mackenzie, MD, Patrick Mackey, Frederick Mackie, Jay Mackie, Wm G MacLaren, Jr, PhD, Michael P MacLaverty, MD, Peter M. Maclean, John R Maclennan, John H MacMillan, Joseph E MacMillan, PhD, Loban T MacMillan, Jo Ann Macmillan, MD, William Macquown, PhD, Robert A Macrae, Patrick K Macy, Peter Madaffari, Robert Medden, MD, Don M Madden, David A Madden, William Maddex, Steve Maddox, Franklin D Maddox, Scott E Maddox, Jack T Madeley, Hulon Madeley, PhD, John Madl, Maxwell H Madsen, Kenneth O Madsen, PhD, Raymond A Madson, Robert E Mady, William Maehl, John M Maerker, PhD, Scott Maethner, Akhilesh Maewal, PhD, Charles A Magarian, Jules J Magda, PhD, Kenneth Magee, Wm T Magee, PhD, John L Magee, John J. Magee, Thomas Magee, R Magel, Dannys Maggard, Kent W. Maggert, Elwin A Magill, Jerry Magloughlin, PhD, Tom Alan Magness, PhD, R Magno, PhD, Alexander Magnus, James Magnuson, Edward F Magnusson, Rick Magstadt, Jeffrey Maguire, D E Maguire, Om Prakash Mahajan, PhD, Kent Ira Mahan, PhD, James Mahannah, Thomas Mahany, PhD, Richard Mahard, PhD, William T Mahavier, PhD, Robert Maher, PhD, John P Maher, Jeff Mahn, Pat Mahon, Thomas P Mahoney, Leo R Maier, PhD, Robert A Maier, Walter P Maiersperger, Lt Col W P Maiersperger, Michael F Maikowski, Bruce H Mailey, Hugh D Maillie, PhD, Robert Maines, Jay Maioli, Robert D Mair, PhD, Philip Majerus, MD, Adeeb Bassili Makar, PhD, Jeffrey E Malan, John B Malcolm, J Malcom, Robert T Maleeny, Douglas Malewicki, Scott Maley, Michael A. Malgeri, Peter E M’Algume, Hans Weil- Malherbe, PhD, Jeffrey Malick, PhD, Irving Malkin, David H Mallalieu, Douglas Mallenby, PhD, James L Maller, PhD, Vincent T Mallette, D James J O Malley, PhD, Frank B Mallory, PhD, Mallory, PhD, Joseph D Mallory, MD, J C Mallurkey, Norman Malm, PhD, David E Malmquist, Bob Malone, Patricia A Maloney, Leo Maloney, Glenn Maloney, John Maloney, PhD, Tom Maloney, George Maloof, MD, Robert Malouf, Joseph T Maloy, PhD, Neil A Malpiede, Robert Malstrom, PhD, Carole Maltby, Eugene Maltzeff, Gary Maluf, Gary M Malvin, PhD, Richard Maly, Eugene Man, PhD, I R Manasco, Andrew Mance, MD, Edward Mancilla, Dorinda Mancini, Harold R Mancusi-Ungaro, Jr, MD, Naga B Mandava, PhD, Richard Mandel, Howard Mandelbaum, GS Mander, James M Mandera, Peter Mandics, PhD, Paul A Manera, PhD, David J Maness, John L Maneval, Samuel J Manganello, Baldev S Mangat, PhD, Lawrence R Mangen, Frank D Mango, PhD, Kent M Mangold, Carl Mangus, Robert A Manhart, PhD, T A Manhart, Robt C Mania, PhD, Philip Gordon Manke, PhD, Warren O Manley, Harold Manley, J. David Manley, John D Manley Iv, T Mann, Kenneth G Mann, PhD, George Mann, C David Mann, Joseph Bird Mann, PhD, Christian J Mann, PhD, William R Mann, PhD, Neil W Mann, Robert Mann, Susan L Mann, A Bryant Mannin, MD, Lewis A Manning, John C Manning, PhD, Philip L Manning, Francis Manning, PhD, Stephen M Manning, Lindley Manning, Robert Manning, Terry Manning, Joseph R Mannino, PhD, J Mannion, Fererick Mannion, PhD, Wm H Mannon, Robert W. Monnon, PhD, Sven Peter Mannsfield, PhD, WE Manry, MD, James Mansdorfer, Robt Mansell, PhD, John Mansfield, PhD, Charles Mansfield, PhD, Lee A. Mansfield, Richard Mansfield, Greayer Mansfield-Jones, PhD, John R Manspeaker, Carl Manthe, John Manthey, Arthur A Manthey, PhD, Stanley Mantz, Ronald Manus, PhD, August F Manz, George E Marak, MD, Karl Maramorosch, PhD, Juliano Maran, A Marasco, Mike S Marby, Gladys M Marcelli, PhD, Samuel P March, Leland Condo Marchant, Brent P Marchant, Robert P. Marchant, Kirk A Marchell, Michael Marchese, Jack J Marcinek, Roger Marcomb III, P. K. Marcon, MD, R Marcotte, PhD, Robert W Marculewicz, Devra C Marcus, MD, Carol S Marcus, PhD, Louis F Marczynski, Herman L Marder, PhD, Anthony Maresca, PhD, Thomas E Margrave, PhD, Joseph Marhefka, Matthew Mariano, PhD, Brian Maridon, Cheryl Marigon, Michael J Marinak, Dan Marinello, Richard M Marino, PhD, William D Marino, Andrew C Marinucci, PhD, John D Marioni, William Markel, PhD, Michael Markels Jr, PhD, W Marking, PhD, George Marklin, PhD, Angel Kroum Markov, MD, Morris J Markovitz, Alvin Marks, Jay G Marks, PhD, Elbert L Marks, Daniel B. Marks, Clifford Marks, Mary Marks-Wood, William E Marlatt, PhD, Paul Marnell, PhD, Wilbur J Marner, PhD, John Marocchi, Patrick M Maroney, Dennis N Marple, PhD, Anthony D Marques, David Marquis, PhD, Marilyn Marquis, PhD, Wm N Marr, John Marra, Thomas Marrero, PhD, Henry L Marschall, Sullivan Marsden, PhD, Patrick Marsden, Marsh, PhD, Wm Michael Marsh, James A. Marsh, PhD, Terry W. Marsh, MD, Terry Marsh, MD, William Marshall, Eugene Marshall, Jean M Marshall, PhD, Jack Marshall, Lawrence Marshall, A E Marshall Jr, Christopher R Marshall, PhD, Harold G Marshall, PhD, T R Marshall Jr, Dennis Marshall, Richard Marshall, Thomas E Marshall, PhD, David E Marshburn, MD, Roger W Marsters, PhD, Richard G Martella, Peter Martelly, MD, Jack Martin, PhD, Richard Martin, PhD, C T Martin, Robert Martin, PhD, Daimon C Martin, Edward Martin, Ralph Martin, Scott Martin, Jerry Martin, Ronald L Martin, PhD, Edwin Martin, PhD, Peter M Martin, Stanley Martin, Daniel W Martin, PhD, T Scott Martin, Emil L Martin, Wayne R. Martin, Richard E Martin, Steven Martin, L A Martin, Willard Martin, PhD, James W Martin, Edward S Martin, PhD, Richard H Martin, MD, Randall K Martin, Niels Martin, Edward J Martin, Neils Martin, PhD, Monty G Martin, Lockhead Martin, PhD, Richard E Martin, Noah W. Martin, Rex I. Martin, Brent H. Martin, Bruce W. Martin, Leila Martin, MD, Michael Martin, PhD, Frederick Martin, Spencer Martin, C Wayne Martin, PhD, John Martin, Kenneth D. Martin, William Martinek, Ramon Martinelli, PhD, Ernest A Martinelli, PhD, Robert A Martinez, Francisco J Martinez, Jose Eleazar Martinez, Jr, Richard Martinez, John L Martinez, Mario Martini, PhD, Joseph P Martino, PhD, Eric Martz, PhD, Bill L Martz, MD, James A. Marusek, Vernon J Maruska, PE, Irving Marvin, Fredrick W. Marx, MD, Philip X Masciantonio, PhD, Carmine Mascoli, PhD, Jerzy Maselko, PhD, Joseph Maserjian, PhD, Albert Masetti, Thompson A Mashburn, PhD, Louis T Mashburn, PhD, James V Masi, PhD, Perry S Mason, PhD, William C Mason, Richard R. Mason, PhD, Williams Mason, Donald F Mason, PhD, Gayle Mason, Conrad Mason, PhD, Charles E Mason, PhD, Conrad J Mason, PhD, Jon Mason, Wulf F Massell, PhD, Wulf F. Massell, PhD, R Kemp Massengil, MD, Paul Masser, PhD, Lenita C Massey, MD, John L Massingill Jr, PhD, John A Massoth, David S Masterman, J B Masterson, M Masthay, PhD, Dr Edgar A. Mastin, PhD, Robert Mastin, MD, R Mastracchio, Joseph J Matarelli, William H Matchett, PhD, Richard S Mateer, PhD, Robert Matejka, Richard Mateles, PhD, Campo Matens, Barbara L Matens, T Mather, Terry Mather, PhD, Walter K Mathews, PhD, Lee M Mathews, J L Mathews, Danid C Mathewson, Donald E Mathewson, Thomas W Mathewson, J P Mathias, Mihkel Mathiesen, PhD, Robert J Mathieu, Balakrishnan Mathiprakasam, PhD, Ronald F Mathis, PhD, Rickey L Mathis, PhD, Melvin Mathisen, Dilip Mathur, PhD, Mike Matis, Michael J. Matkovich, Hudson Matlock, Ron J Matlock, J Matolyak, PhD, Gene Matranga, Harrison Matson, Tats Matsuoka, DVM, Curtis Matteson, Thomas D Mattesonn, David Mattthew, Kenneth D Matthews, Donald Matthews, Robley K Matthews, PhD, Charles Sedwick Matthews, PhD, Neil Matthews, Paul R Matthews, Charles Mattina, PhD, Paul Mattinen, Lauren H. Mattingly, Timothy V Mattson, Guy C Mattson, PhD, Thomas E Mattus, Richard Matula, PhD, Robert D Matulka, PhD, Samuel A Matz, PhD, David C Matzke, George T Matzko, PhD, Augustin D Matzo, Paul Mauer, Ralph W Maughan, Charles R Mauldin, Roger A Maupin, MD, Robert E. Maurer, PhD, Florentin Maurrasse, PhD, Stephen Maus, Weston K Mauz, J G Mavroides, PhD, Margaret N Maxey, PhD, M J Maximovich, PhD, Bryce Maxwell, W Maret Maxwell, MD, John C Maxwell, Arthur R. Maxwell, PhD, Henry May, MD, Wallace I May, John May, Edward May, Charles M May Jr, Galen O. May, Donald May, Kenneth N May, PhD, Joe May, John E May, PhD, A Frank Mayadas, PhD, Marion S Mayer, PhD, Edward H Mayer, W N Mayer, C. J. Mayer, Theodor Mayer, PhD, William Mayercheck, Robert J. J. Mayerjak, PhD, Jean Mayers, Jerome Mayersak, MD, Percy Mayersak, MD, Greg Mayes, Kevin M Mayes, David Mayfield, Roy Mayfield, J. Mayfield, R Mayhan, PhD, Richard Mayhew, Roger Mayhew, David F Maynard, PhD, Michael Maynard, PhD, James Maynard, D Maynes, PhD, Donald R Mayo, PhD, James Mayo, Alfred Mayo, Ernst Mayr, PhD, Siegfried T Mayr, PhD, James Mayrath, PhD, Joel Mays, Steven E Mays, David Mays, PhD, Larry Mayton, Mark S Mazanek, Robert R Mazer, S Mazil, PhD, G Mazis, Van A Mc Auley, Jeremiah Mc Carthy, PhD, Thomas Mc Donnell, C Gordon McAdams, MD, Robert McAdams, Robt E McAdams, PhD, John Hart Mcadoo, PhD, T Ashley McAfoose, Joseph McAleer, Howard McAlister, William Bruce McAlister, PhD, Darrell McAlister, Stewart S McAlister, J A McAllister, McAneny, PhD, Wm N McAnulty, Jr, PhD, Terry McArthur, Janet W McArthur, MD, Bruce McArtor, PhD, Bruce R McAvoy, Joseph J McBride, PhD, John R McBride, PhD, F W Mcbride, Ed Mccabbe, Donald McCabe, MD, William D McCain Jr, PhD, Thomas McCaleb, Ron McCalister, PhD, Greg McCall, Russell F McCann, Wm M McCardell, Michael F McCardle, Lon McCarley, A T McCarroll, William Mccarter, Danny W McCarthy, PhD, Mary Mccarthy, MD, Niel McCarthy, PhD, Jack McCarthy, MD, Joseph F McCarthy, Shaun L McCarthy, PhD, William C McCarthy, MD, Robert P McCarthy, Glenn J. McCarthy, Richard McCarthy, Morley G McCartney, PhD, Clark W McCarty, PhD, Leslie McCarty, PhD, D A McAuley, John Mccauley, Daniel G McChesney, PhD, James K McClanahan, John McClaughry, William McCleese, Neil McClellan, Calvin H. McClellan, Bramlette McClelland, Thomas McClelland, Thomas A McClelland, PhD, James O McClimans, Chester M McCloskey, PhD, Marvin McClung, PhD, R J McClure, Jack L McClure, William Owen McClure, PhD, Lawrence McClure, Douglas A McClure, Walter H McCluskey, Charles R McCconnel, PhD, Stewart McConnell, William R Mcconnell, PhD, Samuel R McConoughey, Lee B McConville, John E Mccool, M McCorcle, PhD, J R McCord, PhD, Joe M McCord, PhD, Billy M McCormac, PhD, Philip Thomas McCormick, PhD, Daniel McCormick, Jack R McCormick, J. R. D. McCormick, PhD, Ray S McCoy, Richard E. McCoy, Rayford L. McCoy, Philip G McCracken, PhD, Michael McCrary, Karl Mccrea, K E McCready, Terry W McCreary, PhD, Louis McCreight, Donald A McCrimmon, PhD, Kevin Mccrory, Robert L Mccroskey, PhD, James McCrumb, John G McCue, PhD, Sean Mccue, MD, Robert G McCuistion, George McCullars, PhD, Thane McCulloh, PhD, Michael McCullough, John Price McCullough, PhD, Keith D McCullough, Kilmer S McCully, PhD, Robinson McCune, John Dennis McCurdy, PhD, Max Paul McDaniel, PhD, Ivan N McDaniel, PhD, Randall McDaniel, Tim McDaniel, Kirk Mcdaniel, Patrick McDaniel, PhD, Harry C. McDaniel, Dolan McDaniel, William D. McDaniel, C McDaniels, Dirk McDermott, David A McDevitt, Phillip Mcdill, MD, Mickey McDonald, Robt H McDonald, PhD, John McDonald, PhD, Leslie E McDonald, PhD, Floyd McDonald, Robert McDonald, Malcolm W McDonald, PhD, Ted McDonald, PhD, Lynn D Mcdonald, PhD, Daniel F. McDonald, PhD, Diane McDonaugl, Capt John P McDonnell, Ralph R McDonough, Leslie M McDonough, PhD, Robert I McDougall, PhD, James D McDowall, Marion E McDowell, MD, Edward McDowell, PhD, Fletcher W McDowell, MD, Edward McDowell, Jr, Thomas D Mcdowell, PhD, Wilbur B McDowell, PhD, Charles W Mcdowell, MD, John McDuffie, Jennifer McDuffie, PhD, Paul McElfresh, PhD, Paul McElligott, PhD, Orville McElmurry, PhD, William Nordell McElroy, PhD, Robert McElroy, M McElroy, PhD, Maribel McElvy, MD, Gerald N McEwen, PhD, Ralph R McFadden, W C McFadden, J W Mcfarland, PhD, Cole McFarland, Thomas McFie, PhD, J McGaha, Robert G McGalmery, Kent Mcgarry, Malcolm McGawn, R D McGee, James M McGee, Omer H McGee Jr, Frank McGinley, Michael McGinn, Randall K McGivney, Donald P McGookey, PhD, J F McGouldrick, Bill Mcgowan, PhD, Gregory B McGowen, Timothy C Mcgrath, Ron Mcgregor, Stuart Mcgregor, Phillip McGuinness, John P McGuire, Daniel McGuire, Mark McGuire, PhD, Michael McGuire, PhD, Stephen E McGuire, PhD, James Mcguire, PhD, Peter D. McGurk, John McHaffie, McHale, Carl McHargue, PhD, Lawrence Mchargue, PhD, Kenneth L McHugh, PhD, Bill McIlvanie, Twylia McIlvanie, Timothy McIlwain, W D McIntosh, Bruce J. McIntosh, PhD, David F McIntosh, John R McJohn, MD, Vernon J. McKale, R H McKaw, Charles G McKay, Kenneth G McKay, PhD, Roy McKay, Robert J Mckay, Jeffrey D Mckay, Geo M McKee Jr, William D McKee, PhD, Curus Milo McKell, PhD, Gregory E McKelvey, John P McKelvey, PhD, Ray McKemie, Bishop McKendree, William J McKenna, Quentin M. McKenna, Michael McKenna, Henry McKenney, Samuel McKenney, Gene McKenzie, Donald J McKenzie, Joe McKenzie, John J Mcketta Jr, PhD, Floyd McKinnerney, Michael Mckinney, PhD, Peter McKinney, MD, Paul McKinney, Douglas McKinney, MD, Stephen M. McKinney, George C McKinney, George McKinney, Bruce Mckinstry, Mary Polly McKinstry, MD, Jerry McKnight, Wm B McKnight, PhD, Stephen McKown, WE McKown, George McLafferty, D McLain, PhD, Cameron Mclain, Nicole B McLamb, Jd McLaughlin, L A McLaurin, William R McLean, Michael E McLean, Charles A McLean, James A McLennan, PhD, Joseph McLuade, Jerry D Mcmahon, William A McMahon Jr, Robert H McMaster, MD, John C McMillan, MD, Curtis J McMinn, Bryce H McMullen, PhD, Wilfred Mcmurphy, PhD, David McMurry, Ruth D McNair, PhD, Thomas W McNamara, MD, Tom McNamara, Dennis McNeal, Steve McNeely, PhD, Gregory R McNeill, Perry N McNeil, PhD, William McNeill, PhD, Donald F McNeill, PhD, Thomas E McNider, Edward J McNiff, Glenn L McNutt, Michael J McNutt, PhD, Jasper L McPhail, MD, Richard McPherson, Ray McPherson, D Sean McPherson, Chuck McPherson, Clara McPherson, Robert Mcpherson, Clinton M. McPherson, PhD, Daniel E Mcpherson Jr, L D Mcqueen, PhD, J T Mcquitty, MD, Larry G McRae, PhD, P S McReynolds, Fred McSavis, PhD, C L McSpadden, Harold Mcspaden, MD, James M McUsic, John E McVaugh, Ralph McVay, Harry A McVeigh, PhD, Kevin D McVey, David McVey, PhD, Kenneth E Arl McVicar, Gerard McVicker, Thomas H McWilliams, James Mcwilliams, PhD, Peter S McWilliams, George W Mead, Kenneth W Mead, David B. Mead, Homer N Mead, Robert C Meaders, Richard A Meador, Tammy S Meador, Samantha S Meador, Dean Meadows, Reg Meaker, Edward Mealy, PhD, Winthrop Means, PhD, Susan L Mearns, PhD, Alan J Mechtenberg, Rick Meckley, Walter Medding, Robert Medearis, MS Medeiros, Sidney S Medley, PhD, William L Medlin, PhD, James Medlin, Donald N Meehan, PhD, Allen Meek, MD, Ralph D Meeker, PhD, Preston L Meeks, Richard Y Meelheim, PhD, M G Mefferd, Nace F Mefford Jr, Louis D Megehee, Karin Megerle, E. K. Megerle, George H Megerle, Leathem Mehaffey, PhD, John Mehltretter, Lester Meidenbauer, Verlin G Meier, Robert Meier, PhD, Jimmy Meier, Wellington Meier, PhD, Dale J Meier, PhD, W Meilander, Walter T Meinert, Norman A Meinhardt, PhD, Clifford L Meints, PhD, Rolando Meireles, Steve Meisel, John L Meisenheimer, PhD, Ken Meisinger, PhD, Merlin Meisner, Marvin Meister, Joseph Meites, PhD, Paul E Melancon, George W Melchior, PhD, Robert F Rederick Meldau, James C Melear, Rodney Melgard, Wilton N Melhorn, PhD, John T Melick, Todd Milick, Ivars Melingailis, PhD, Barbara Mella, MD, James R Mellberg, David Mellen, Kenneth E Mellendorf, PhD, Stanley C Mellin, Stanley Melliv, Mike Melnick, Bohdan Melnyk, Henry P Meloche, PhD, Daniel T. Meloon, PhD, Jerry Melton, James R Melton, PhD, Marvin E Melton, Scott D Melville, Robert S Melville, PhD, Gary Melvin, Ken Melybe, Edgar L Mendenhall, Jim Mendenhall, MD, George D Mendenhall, PhD, Arthur Mendonsa, Xian-Qin Meng, MD, Wm Menger, Steven Menkus, Samuel H Mentemeier, Micheal D Mentzel, Robert B Meny, Leo Menz, PhD, Erhard R Menzel, PhD, Carl S Menzies, PhD, J Steven Mercer, Robert F Merchant, MD, Alan C Merchant, MD, John Mercier, Leo Mercy, Daniel Merfeld, PhD, Harry W Mergler, PhD, Charles R Merigold, Paul B Merkel, PhD, James B. Merkel, Gary Merkis, WA Merle, Neri Merlini, PhD, Robert Mermelstein, PhD, Robert N Meroney, PhD, John Lafayette Merriam, Marshal F Merriam, PhD, George Merrick, Ronald Merrill, PhD, William Merrill, William W Merrill, MD, Robert Merrill, Charles P Merrimen, PhD, Seymour Merrin, PhD, Mark B Merritt, Allen Merritt, PhD, Henry N Merritt, PhD, Robt E Merritt, John C Merritt Jr, Ross A Merritt, B R Merritt, Jack M Merritts, Herman Merte Jr, PhD, Lawrence Mertens, F P Mertens, PhD, Robert Mertens, PhD, Karen Mertins, James Mertz, MD, Paul Louis Merz, PhD, Mesko, Warren Mesloh, George Clement Messenger, PhD, Calvin D Messesmith, PhD, Jack Messulam, MD, James Metcalf, Norbert Methven, Dean Metter, PhD, Robert Metz, Michael W Metza, T Metzgar, PhD, Ken Metzger, John D Metzger, PhD, Grant W Metzger, A R Metzger, Dwight F Metzler, PhD, Matthew D Meyer, Howard Meyer, Stuart L Meyer, PhD, Richard C Meyer, PhD, Cynthia Meyer, Harold Meyer, Frank H Meyer, Frederick G Meyer, PhD, Donald I Meyer, PhD, D Joseph Meyer, PhD, Robert Meyer, PhD, Harvey J Meyer, PhD, Robt A Meyer, Maurice W Meyer, PhD, Rudolf X Meyer, PhD, Walter D Meyer, PhD, Edmond G Meyer, PhD, Dennis Meyer, Robert J Meyers Jr, Richard E Meyers, Charles J Meyers Jr, Robert J Meyers Sr, Earl L Meyers, PhD, Ralph Meyertons, Maurice A Meylan, PhD, Eugene Mezger, MD, Alesandru Mezincescu, PhD, Joseph N Miale, Gerald J Miatech, PhD, Robert Michael, Patrick Michael, PhD, Edwin Michael, PhD, Wm E Michael, E Don Michael, Wayne Michaelchuck, Paul C Michaelis, Nicholas Michaels, PhD, Eugene J Michal, PhD, Eugene J. Michal, PhD, Bernadette Michalski, Joseph P Michalski, MD, Andre F Michaudon, PhD, Oskar Michejda, PhD, C Michel, PhD, F Curtis Michel, PhD, Lawrence A Michel, Robert F Michel, Therese Michels, PhD, Lloyd R Michels, PhD, Michael A Michelson, David Michelson, M B Mick, Tim K Mickey, J G Micklow, PhD, Kalus A Miczek, PhD, John Medavaine, Marcus Middleton, W M Midgett, MD, Frank Midkiff, George J Miel, PhD, James E. Mielke, PhD, Edward P. Miesch, PhD, J U Miesse, Anthony J Mihulka, Duane S Mikkelsen, PhD, Dean H Mikkelson, Douglas G Mikolasek, PhD, John A Mikus, PhD, Robert D Miles, Daniel W Miles, PhD, Phil M Miles, William Miles, PhD, John G Miles, Ralph F Miles, PhD, Kelley F Miles, Otto Mileti, Frederick H Milford, PhD, Fanny I Milinarsky, William G. Millan, PhD, Richard James Millard, James P Millard, Alan Millen, David B Miller, Timothy Miller, David W Miller, Robert C Miller, PhD, Ellis W Miller, PhD, Thomas Miller, James Miller, Alan Miller, Philip D Miller, PhD, Gene Miller, PhD, Robert J Miller, PhD, Roger Miller, Gail Miller, Robert J Miller, PhD, Franklin Miller, Kenneth J Miller, Harvey Miller, PhD, Reid J Miller, H L Miller, Lawrence D Miller, Gary Miller, George R Miller, George Miller, Cliford A Miller, Leland H Miller, Laura S Miller, Dennis Miller, James L Miller, PhD, Lewis E Miller, Richard Miller, John S Miller, Howard Miller, PhD, Foil A Miller, PhD, Daniel Newton Miller, PhD, Robert Miller, Donald P Miller, PhD, Dick Miller, PhD, Lee Miller, Robert Charles Miller, PhD, William Knight Miller, PhD, W Jack Miller, PhD, Edmund K Miller, PhD, Dale L Miller, Raymond E Miller, PhD, Claude P Miller, Dane A Miller, PhD, James Avery Miller, PhD, Larry Miller, Harold W. Miller, Marshall Miller, Harold W Miller, Alan D Miller, PhD, Loyle P Miller, R. Miller, PhD, Gary Miller, Leo J Miller, PhD, Leslie T Miller, Robt L Miller, Glenn Miller, Dave Miller, Timothy P Miller, Larry Miller, Kenneth R Miller, Mark A Miller, John Miller, Stephen L Miller, Donald B Miller, PhD, Lawrence Miller, James A. Miller, David R. Miller, PhD, Joseph H Miller, PhD, Joseph H Miller, Terry S Miller, A S Miller, PhD, Joseph A. Miller, George Miller, James A Miller, A R Miller Jr, MD, Herman L Miller, L E Millet, PhD, Fay E Millett, MD, Frank Milliken, Spencer R Milliken, PhD, Dan Millison, Randall Mills, Paul Mills, Robert C Mills, Hugh H Mills, PhD, John J Mills, PhD, Curtis Mills, James Mills, Jack Mills, PhD, Norman T Mills, Ira K Mills, PhD, Bruce Mills, Greg Millspaugh, George H Milly, PhD, John Milne, Peter W. Milonni, PhD, Thomas Milstead, Robert M Milton, PhD, Elmer Milz, Wm B Mims, PhD, M Myo Min, Angelo De Min, Howard Minckler, Michael J Minckuer, Bryant A Miner, PhD, Robert S Miner, Jr, PhD, James W Mink, PhD, Michael Minkel, Minkin, PhD, Margaret Minkwitz, PhD, J Minoff, PhD, R Hugh Minor, MD, Dale Minor, David R. Minor, James F Minter, Jerry B Minter, William Minto, PhD, John Mintz, PhD, David Mintzer, PhD, A E Minyard, MD, Thomas Miranda, PhD, Srecko M Mircetich, PhD, Raymod Mires, PhD, Gary S Mirkin, MD, Conarad Mirochna, Terrence W. Mischler, PhD, Carol R Mischnick, Facs, MD, N Misconi, PhD, Claude Misel, Nawin Mishra, PhD, Vyt Misiulis, Paul Miskowicz, Gustove A Mistrot III, Billy F. Mitcham, Ben G Mitchell, Theodore Mitchell, Patricia Mitchell, A Wallace Mitchell, William W Mitchell, PhD, Robt J Mitchell, Gary Mitchell, Bob Mitchell, G C Mitchell, Dale Mitchell, Robert H Mitchell, Ray E Mitchell, Howard R Mitchell Jr, MD, Arup P Mitra, Wayne Mitzner, PhD, John B Mix, PhD, Perry J. Mixon, Jack Pitts Mize, PhD, Gerald J Mizejewski, PhD, James J Mizera, Juan A Mjjica, MD, Raymond C Mjolsness, PhD, M Moallem, PhD, K L Moazed, PhD, Jeffrey Mobed, Julie A Mobley, John E Mock, PhD, Paul Mockett, PhD, Richard Mocksfield, Gabor Mocz, PhD, Charles J Mode, PhD, Jerry Modisette, PhD, Fersheed K Mody, PhD, H Walter Moeller, William R Moeller, James Moeller, Henry Moeller, PhD, P M Moffett, MD, Traian C. Moga, Mary V Moggio, Joseph P Mohan, Philip Mohan, Marvin J Mohlenkamp, PhD, John G Mohler, MD, Jesse Mohrbacher, Javid Mohtasham, PhD, George Mohun, MD, Gary A Molchan, Robert Alan Mole, Albert J Moll, PhD, Jacob T Moll, MD, John L Moll, PhD, Karl H Moller, AE Moller, MD, Kenneth Molly, Arnout Mols, Kenneth Molz, D Mommsen, Leo Monaghan, Ralph Monaghan, D Frederick J Monaghan, Mahmoud Abdel Monem, PhD, Carl Monismith, D Manos, W Bryan Monosmith, PhD, Larry S Monroe, PhD, Christopher Monroe, PhD, Raymond W Monroe, Harold Gene Monsimer, PhD, Robert Montague, Ernesto Monteiro, Al Montgomery, Theodore A Montgomery, MD, Monty Montgomery, Robert H Montgomery Jr, G Keith Montgonery, Gerald Montgomery, Edward H Montgomery, PhD, Charles J Montrose, PhD, David C Moody, PhD, Henry L Moody, Marcia Moody, PhD, Scott M Moody, PhD, J Ward Moody, PhD, Richard Moolick, Henry F Moomau, Young Moon, PhD, Donald W Moon, Rickie D Moon, Richard T Mooney, Tom Mooney, MD, Donald Mooney, D G Moore, PhD, Douglas Moore, Frandk Moore, Daniel Moore, John D Moore, PhD, William Moore, MD, Kenneth Moore, Duane Moore, J Stephen Moore, Walter C Moore, Richard Moore, PhD, Robert D Moore, Jr, Michael Moore, PhD, B L Moore Jr, Jack W Moore, Tom D Moore, Jimmie Moore, PhD, Walter Moore, PhD, John F Moore, Craig Moore, David K Mooore, W Dupree Moore, Robert Avery Moore, PhD, R C Moore, Roger Moore, Thomas K Moore, PhD, Michael S Moore, PhD, Joan M Moore, Larry W Moore, PhD, Richard N Moore, Thomas C Moore, Cindy Moore, Leonard O Moore, PhD, William Moorhead, Peter T Mora, PhD, Ralph Moradiellos, Archie E Moran, John W Moran, Moran, PhD, Alice Moran, PhD, Ramon Morano, Ronald Morash, PhD, Kou-Yiong Y Moravan, PhD, Timothy A Morck, PhD, Michael Morcos, Allan J. Mord, PhD, Leonard Mordfin, PhD, Peter Moreau, Duane E Moredock, George S Morefield, Hubert Morehead, PhD, Robert Morehead, Ned Morehouse, William Moreland, Howard B. Moreland, Jim Morentz, PhD, Pamela Morford, MD, Dean R Morford, William T Morgan, PhD, Ronald B Morgan, PhD, Lucian L Morgan, Paul Morgan, Stanley L Morgan, Joseph T Morgan, MD, Oscar P Morgan Jr, W Lowell Morgan, PhD, Robert Morgan, PhD, Donald Morgan, PhD, Thomas K Morgan, PhD, Relbue M Morgan, PhD, Thomas C Morgan, Dave Morgan, Victor G Morgen, M. Morgenstern, Matt Moriarty, Jerry Moritz, David L Mork, PhD, Carl H Morley, Robert Morley, PhD, Lawrence Morley, PhD, P H Mormile, Antonio Moroni, PhD, Michael Moroso, Paul H Morphy, David L Morris, MD, Edward C Morris, Morris, Robert Morris, Richard Morris, Cecil A Morris, PhD, Paul Morris, PhD, Edward G Morris, Wm G Morris, PhD, David J Morris, Paul E Morris, MD, James R Morris, Robert Morris, Charles W Morris, PhD, William E Morris, Robert A Morris, John Morris, PhD, Howard A Morris, PhD, Mrs Lisa M. Morris, M C Morris, PhD, Perry Morris, Charles R Morrison, Morrison, PhD, O Charles Morrison, John G Morrison, William Morrison, Lynn Morrison, M E Morrison, PhD, Dick Morroni, Dan Morrow, Morrow, PhD, Wm S Morrow, PhD, Wa Morse, Jerome G Morse, PhD, Brad G Morse, George Morse, Thomas M Morse, Francis Morse, Kay S Mortensen, PhD, Richard F Mortensen, PhD, Joe Mortensen, Kenneth E Mortenson, PhD, Raymond L Morter, PhD, Edward P Mortimer, Paul K Morton, Ray S Morton, T R Morton, Susan Morton, Perry Morton, PhD, John R Morton, PhD, Willard Morton, Wayne Morton, James Mortrude, Jacob Mortvedt, PhD, Robert H Mosebar, MD, Dennis Moseley, Thomas Moseley, Brad Moseley, MD, Melvyn W Mosher, PhD, Loren Mosher, PhD, Gary E Mosher, John R Mosley, PhD, Kenneth Moss, Steven Moss, Paul W Mossey, Malcolm Mossman, Ronald J Mosso, Timothy B Mostowy, Karl Mote, Jack Mott, PhD, Bob Mottice, Lloyd Motz, PhD, Henry T Motz, PhD, Gordon Moughon, MD, Peter R Mould, PhD, Peter V Moulder, MD, Arthur B Moulton, Gail F Moulton Jr, Eldridge M Mount, PhD, Mike Mount, Paul B Mount I I, Eldridge M Mount Iii, PhD, William H Mount, Roger B Mourich, John Mow, R Mowell, Daniel Mowrey, PhD, Charles F Mowry, Larry R Moyer, Lee W Mozes, PhD, Walter J Mozgala, Charles L Mraz, Barbara Mroczkowski, PhD, Walter A Mroziak, Richard C Much, Rosa M C Muchovej, PhD, Gordon M Muchow, PhD, Philip M Mueller, Joseph J Mueller, Wim L Mueller, Thomas J Mueller, PhD, Eugene A Mueller, PhD, William B Mueller, George E. Mueller, PhD, George Mueller, PhD, Joseph Mueller, Dave Mueller, Jerome R Mueller, MD, Sig Muessig, PhD, Robert Z Muggli, PhD, Barry B Muhoberac, PhD, Vincent U Muirhead, J Mishtu A Mukerjee, Debasish Mukherjee, PhD, V Mukhopadhyay, PhD, Butch Mulcahey, Francis Mulcahy, PhD, Thomas Mulcavage, Michael C Mulder, PhD, Evart E Mulholland, Ralph D Mulhollen, Fred Mulker, Thomas V Mullen, Jr, Robt L Mullen, PhD, Richard L Mullen, Jim Mullen, James C Mullen, Mark Mullenbach, Arthur Mullendore, PhD, L Muller, Ragnwald Muller, Herman E Muller, John Muller, PhD, Stephen K. Muller, Justus Muller, John Mulligan, John F Mulligan, James A Mulligan, Paul Mullinax, Dennis M Mulvey, PhD, Karen E Mumm, T Munasinghe, PhD, Donald D Muncy, David Munn, PhD, John D Munno, Dan Muno, Albert G Munson, PhD, David M Munson, Alan E Munter, E. A. Munyan, MD, Emil Moise Murad, Craig B Murchinson, PhD, Pamela W Murchinson, PhD, Robert Murdock, MD, Roy K Murdock, Fenoi Murdock, PhD, Stephen K Murdock, Edward S Murduck, PhD, George Murgel, PhD, George Murgel, PhD, Richard C Murgittroyd, K Muriby, Michael M Murkes, PhD, Wayne K Murphey, PhD, John R Murphey Jr, Robert S Murphey, PhD, Murphy, PhD, Daniel B Murphy, PhD, William Murphy, PhD, Emmett J Murphy, William P Murphy, MD, Sean T. Murphy, PhD, Jamie Murphy, John C Murphy, PhD, Alexander J Murphy, PhD, John Murphy, PhD, Charles Murphy, PhD, Jeanne Murphy, MD, Lawrence E Murr, PhD, Frank Murray, PhD, Peter Murray, PhD, Richard L Murray, Clarence Murray, Francis J Murray, PhD, Raymond L Murray, PhD, James W Murray, Raymond H Murray, MD, Lee J. Murray, Larry T Murray, Glenn Murray, James T Murrell, PhD, X J Musacchia, PhD, J Muse, PhD, Steven R Musial, I I Pe, James R Musick, PhD, Dale W Musolf, R Musselman, PhD, James G Musser, Adil Mustafa, Rocco J Musumeche, Walter F Muzacz, Thomas J Muzik, PhD, Jan Mycielski, PhD, John Mycroft, PhD, Scott Myers, John D Myers, Sam A Myers, George M Myers, PhD, Ralph Myers, Gerald B Myers, MD, Mark T Myers, Earl E Myers, PhD, Ronald F Myers, PhD, Clifford A Myers, Dale Dehaven Myers, Lyle L Myers, PhD, Dale D Myers, Michael Myhre, MD, Victor Mylroie, Don Myrick, Glen Myska, Norbert R Myslins, PhD, Charles H Myslinsky
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers N

Misac Nabighian, PhD, Robt E Nabours, PhD, Michael J Nadeau, Norman A Nadel, Paula Nadell, MD, Edward Nadgorny, PhD, Robert Naegele, PhD, Danny Naegle, Harry Nagel, Harry E Nagle, Fred W Nagle, Jr, Ross E. Nagner, James Nagode, Kenneth A Nagy, PhD, Nasif Nahle, Michael Nahrwold,MD, MD, Yathi Naidu, PhD, Gangadharan V M Nair, PhD, Dennis B Nakamoto, John D Nalewaja, PhD, Eugene Malinowksi, PhD, Peter B Nalle, Samuel J Nalley, PhD, Jerome Namy, PhD, Robert K. Nance, Michael L Nance, Richard Nanna, Gordon E. Napp, Kenneth P Naquin, Richard Narske, PhD, Eric Nary, Ruth Naser, Franklin Richard Nash, PhD, Roland Nash, MD, Clinton B Nash, PhD, Robert Nash, Harry C Nash, PhD, Roger D Nass, John Nasser, Roger Natzke, PhD, David Naugler, PhD, Raymond Naumann, MD, Phil Naunann, Michael Nawrocki, Marcus A. Naylor, PhD, Mr. J. Timothy Naylor, Ronald O Neaffer, PhD, Daniel Neal, PhD, Dean Oneal, Victor Thomas Neal, PhD, Billy J Neal, Dave Neale, Richard Neate, James K Neathery, PhD, Kenneth H. Nebel, John E Nebergall, Daniel W Nebert, MD, John Neblett, MD, Karen M Needham, William Needham, Thomas H Neel, Dana Neely, Terry Neering, Hugh Neeson, John Neff, Robert Neff, John P Neglia, Leland K Neher, PhD, James W Nehls, PhD, Myron P Nehrebecki, Lance R Neiberger, Steven P O Neil, Thomas Neil, PhD, Gary R Neithammer, Gloria Nelara, PhD, Robert Overman Nellums, George Nelms, PhD, Frank Nelson, Richard Nelson, Judith E Nelson, John Nelson, G Barry Nelson, Stephen Nelson, Charles A Nelson, PhD, Robert Nelson, Charles Nelson, MD, K W Nelson, R T Nelson, Michael G Nelson, PhD, David L Nelson, George D Nelson, Errol Nelson, Ronald Nelson, Bud D Nelson, David M Nelson, Pamela Nelson, Thomas Nelson, MD, Donald K Nelson, Genne Nelson, David Nelson, PhD, James Nelson, PhD, Donald G. Nelson, Donald G. Nelson, Jeffrey O Nelson, Loren D Nelson, PhD, Victor Nelson, Perry A Nelson, Charles A Nelson, PhD, R William Nelson, A Carl Nelson, Richard D Nelson, J. Robert Nelson, Melodee Nemeth, Jerry E Nendon, Robert Nerbun, PhD, Paul Nesbeda, PhD, Carl Nesbitt, PhD, A David Nesbitt, Ray B Nesbitt, Stanley Nesheim, Joel K Ness, PhD, Valmer Ness, Arthur H Nethercot, PhD, Lowell E Netherton, PhD, Arthur Nethery, PhD, Daniel P Neubauer, Joseph Navin Neucere, Wendell Neugebauer, Charles H Neuman, PhD, Joachim P Neumann, PhD, William Neumann, Temple W Neumann, Harry J Neumiller Jr, PhD, Donald E Neuschwander, James E Neustaedter, Edward F Neuzil, PhD, Robert Nevett, MD, J Ryan Neville, PhD, Daniel B. Nevin, Paul Nevins, Martin Newcomb, PhD, Jerry S Newcomb, John T Newell, PhD, Richard E Newell, Roger Newell, PhD, Jean- Jacques Newey, John M Newey, Russell Newhouse, Marlyn Newhouse, PhD, John B Newkirk, PhD, Robert H Newll, John Newman, David Newman, PhD, Mark Newman, Roger Newman, PhD, Robert M Newman, Tom Newman, Thomas Newman, Mark Newman, Nancy Newman, Simon L Newman, PhD, Conrad E Newman, Sam Newner, Richard S Newrock, PhD, Bernard D Newsom, PhD, H Newsom, PhD, William Newsome, MD, Theresa Newton, James Newton, Joseph Newton, MD, W. A. Newton, Kerwin Ng, Thuan U Nguyen, PhD, Liz Niccum, Sidney B Nice, Jackson Nichols, Mark E Nichols, PhD, Thomas W Nichols, Grady Nichols, PhD, Marcella Nichols, Davis Betz Nichols, PhD, Richard A Nichols, PhD, James R Nichols, Clifford E Nichols, James R Nichols, Donald Ray Nichols, Roberta Nichols, PhD, Lee L Nichols, PhD, Chester E Nichols, PhD, Geo S Nichols, PhD, Eugene H Nicholson, PhD, George Nickas, PhD, Gregg Nickel, Robert Nickell, Richard Nickerson, MD, Kenneth W Nickerson, Robert Fletcher Nickerson, PhD, Thomas Nickerson, Michael Nicol, Paula W Nicola, Dennis A Nie, James Niebaum, Edmund L Niedzielski, PhD, R Nieffenegger, Jonathan Nielsen, Alan Nielsen, John Merle Nielsen, PhD, Ronald A Nielsen, David R Nielsen, MD, Dennis M Nielsen, Kurt Nielsen, Donald R Nielsen, PhD, Barry C Nielsen, Nyal Niemuth, Fred Nienaber, Fred C. Nienaber, Richard Nieporent, PhD, Joseph A Nieroski, Preston L Niesen, John E Niesse, PhD, Edward A. Nieto, Herbert Nigg, PhD, Samuel Nigro, PhD, Henry Nikkel, Paul J Nikolai, PhD, Thomas G Nilan, PhD, Walter Von Nimitz, PhD, Harmon Nine, PhD, John Tse Tso Ning, PhD, Donald A Nirschl, Edward Nisbett, Kazunori Nishioka, James Nitzschke, Larry Niven, Aundra Nix, Robert Nixon, Paul R Nixon, George Niznik, PhD, Christopher P Nizzi, John C Nobel, MD, Marion Noble, John D Noble, PhD, C Nobles, Michael L Noel, Kenneth R Noel, MD, Theodore N Noel, Raymond L. Noel, Ella Mae Noffsinger, Jim Noffsinger, PhD, James Nofziger, Daniel Nogales, PhD, James Nolan, Edward J Nolan, PhD, Charles Nolan, Thomas J Nolan, Martin Nolan, Wayland Noland, PhD, Lasalle L Nolin, Leo A Noll, PhD, Jack Noll, AR Nollet, Michael Nollet, James A Nollet, Cliff Nolte, Bertram Nolte, PhD, Richard Nolthenius, PhD, Henry F Nolting, Henry F. Nolting, Eugene Nooker, Philip A Norby, David B Norby, Peter J Nord, PhD, Carroll R Norden, PhD, Ivan Nordin, PhD, J Nordin, Edwin C Nordquist, C L Nordstrom, John Norgard, PhD, Ha Noring, Randy Noriyuki, Gary Nordlander, R A Norling, Richmond D Norman, Michael L Norman, PhD, Sherman B Nornes, PhD, William G Norrie, Albert S Norris, MD, Edward D North, PhD, L D Northcott, Dexter B Northrop, PhD, Clyde Northrup, PhD, Scott H Northrup, PhD, Lilburn L Norton, PhD, Wm T Norton, PhD, Robert Norton, S H Norton, PhD, John Norvell, PhD, Sidney L Norwood, B G Norwood, MD, Susan Norwood, Thomas E Noseworthy, James Noss, Albert Notary, D B Nothdurft, Hallan C Notimier, PhD, Julian R P Nott, Raymond F Novak, MD, Edward F Novak, A. Novak, PhD, Bruce W Novark, MD, James A Novitsky, PhD, J D Novotny, Robert Novy, PhD, Henry C Nowak, Ferdinard J. Nowak, Jerzy Nowakowski, PhD, Z Noworolski, PhD, Gary P Noyes, PhD, Laurence Nuelle, Leonard James Nugent, PhD, Edmond Nugent, Wm R Nummy, PhD, Ann T Nunnemaker, Samuel Nunnemeker, Jack H Nuszbaum, Hugh Nutley, PhD, Frank Q Nuttall, PhD, Dale Nuttall, Roy Sterling Nutter, PhD, George A Nyamekye, PhD, Gary Nydegger, Verda Nye, Chris Nyikos, Van Nyman, James E Nymann, PhD, Richard A Nyquist, PhD, Michael Nystrom
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers O

John Pace, Wesley E Pace, Gilbert Pacey, PhD, Ralph S Pacini, MD, Karle Packard, C Subah Packer, PhD, Richard Milton Paddison, MD, David R Paddock, S Paddock, Jack Paden, Murali Krishna Pagala, PhD, Algred Pagano, PhD, David S Page, PhD, Carey Page, MD, Edgar J Page, PhD, Michael Page, Daivd Pagie, Joseph R. Pagnozzi, Daivd Paik, Joseph P. Paine, Lorn Painter, Ruth Painter, Felice Charles Palermo, Robert R Palik, Edward Palkovic, Richard W Palladino, Karl Palmberg, MD, Ralph L Palmer, R Palmer, Jay Palmer, PhD, Timothy T Palmer, PhD, Thomas Y Palmer, Bruce R Palmer, PhD, John D Palmer, PhD, Richard Palmer, Jay A. Palmer, Vincent Palmer, PhD, Muriel S Palmgren, PhD, Robt E Palmquist, John C Palmquist, PhD, John M Palms, PhD, Huberto Platz, Michael V Palvov, Gyan S Pande, PhD, V N Pandey, PhD, Patrick Pandolfi, Louis A Panek, PhD, Arthur Pansze, PhD, John A Pantelis, Sergio R Panunzio, PhD, Jack S Panze, Francis Paolini, PhD, Charles A Papacostas, PhD, Andreas M Papas, PhD, Carles Herach Papas, PhD, Joseph Papenfuss, PhD, Steven P Pappajohn, James Pappas, Michael L Pappas, Sastry U Pappu, PhD, Ronald E Paque, MD, Georges Pardo, PhD, William M Pardue, Manuel Paredes, B K Parekh, PhD, Hemant B Parikh, Travis A Paris, Edward James Parish, PhD, Richard L Parish, PhD, William Park, Gerald M Park, Robret E Park, PhD, Robert Park, PhD, James L Park, PhD, Cyril Parkanyi, PhD, Wayne Parke, David Parker, Ben Parker, PhD, T Parker, Dennis Parker, Jack Parker, Richard A Parker, Donald Parker, PhD, Eugene Parker, PhD, George Parker, John M Parker, Richard Parker, William Parker, Jerald D. Parker, PhD, James C. Parker, Kenneth Parker, Thomas Parker, Raymond G Parker, David J. Parker, Nina Parker, PhD, R M Parkhurst, Robert Parkhurst, Gary L Parks, James Parks, MD, H L Parks, Lloyd M Parks, PhD, Arthur Parks Sr, Edward M Parma, Sheldon C Parmer, L Owell C Arr Parode, James Floud Parr, PhD, Albert Parr, PhD, K W Parrish, J Parrish, Stephen L Parrott, PhD, Forrest Parry, Christopher Parry, PhD, Marshall E Parry, H D Parry, Robert W Parry, PhD, Zohreh Parsa, PhD, Michael L Parsons, PhD, Marshall F Parsons, Alice B Parsons, Stuart Parsons, W H Parsons, PhD, David H Parsons, Blakeslee Partridge, C R Partridge, Ralph E Pasceri, PhD, Richard Pase, Gary Pashaian, David F Paskausky, PhD, Thomas Joseph Pasko, Marvin P Pastel, PhD, Arvid Pasto, PhD, Sergio Pastor, Mark Pastore, Robert Patarcity, Stanley Patchet, PhD, Charlie Patchett, H Richard Pate, James Pate, MD, Mitchell Pate, William Pate, Mangal Patel, Natu C Patel, Kirit Patel, P V Patel, PhD, James M Paterson, PhD, John H Paterson, Richard Paterson-Jones, Christopher J Patitsas, MD, Wesley Clare Patrick, PhD, Sandra Patrick, William Patrick, James H Patrick, Bernard Patrick, MD, Frank Pattee, Peter A. Pattee, PhD, Brian Patten, PhD, Donald A Patten, MD, Gaylord P Patten, PhD, Bernard Patterson, MD, Sharon Patterson, Timothy Patterson, Orus F Patterson III, Alec M Patterson, Jeff Patterson, Randy Patterson, James C Patterson, Joseph G Patterson, Robert W Patterson, Ian J Patterson, Gilbert W Patterson, Malcolm Patterson, Billy Patterson, James H Patterson, PhD, Henry Patterson, Clinton P. Patterson, Greg Petterson, Gary A Patterson, Wilbur I Patterson, PhD, Wayne Patterson, PhD, Roe Patterson, R D Patterson, Dean Pattison, Gary M Patton, James W Patton, PhD, Robert J. Patton, Cynthia Patty, William Paucrisler, PhD, Robert Paul, PhD, Alfred N Paul, Rolf Paul, PhD, Walter B. Paul, PhD, Anto D Paul, PhD, James T Paul, W Quinn Paulk, MD, Ralph L Pauls, Charles W. Pauls, Robert C Paulsen, Craig L. Paulsen, Kenneth R Paulsen, Theodore Paulson, Kermit Paulson, James M A Paulson, PhD, Charles Paulson, Patricia Paulson-Ehrhardt, David M. Paulus, Jr., PhD, Bruce H Pauly, John Pauly, PhD, Charles W Pavey, MD, Albert Pavlic, PhD, David C. Pavlick, Arthur S Pavlovic, PhD, Emil H Pawlik, Paul Pawlisch, PhD, John Paxton, Charles H Paxton, H Payes, James R Payne, James Payne, PhD, Barry Payne, Michael A Payne, PhD, Dalian Payne, Franklin E Payne, MD, Dewitt A Payne, PhD, Daniel Payne, William F. Payne, Tamara E. Payne, PhD, George A Payne, Julian Payne, F R Payne, PhD, Cyril J Payne, Raymond A Paynter, PhD, Daniel N Payton, Zoran Pazameta, PhD, Andy Peabody, Herry Peace, H W Peace I I, David Peacock, PhD, Val E Peacock, PhD, Harold J Peake, Frederick J. Pearce, PhD, John Pearson, Charles Pearson, George J Pearson, PhD, S Ivan Pearson, Richard Pearson, PhD, Earl Pearson, PhD, Durk Pearson, Albert M Pearson, PhD, Anthony Pearson, PhD, Ross E. Pearson, F G Pearson, PhD, Robert A Pease, Rod Pease, Doug Pease, David C Peaslee, PhD, Justin B Peatross, PhD, R Pecen, PhD, Michael J Pechan, PhD, Roger Peck, Patrick A Peck, Edson R Peck, PhD, E L Peck, PhD, Richard S Peckham, PhD, Alan E Peckham, Richard Pedersen, Bruce Pedersen, Christopher Peek, William Peet, Edward J Peik, Ronald Peik, Vernon L Peipelman, Alfred H Pekarek, PhD, Gary Pekarek, David G Pelka, PhD, Erik M Pell, PhD, John Pellet, Floy Pelletier, PhD, M J Pellillo, Thomas Pelt, Frank M Pelteson, Richard R Pemper, PhD, Hugo Gabriel Pena, PhD, David Pendery, Winston Kent Pendleton, PhD, Raymond Penick, Stanley J Penkala, PhD, Mary A Penland, John Penn, Robert Pennak, PhD, Samuel Penner, PhD, Frederic J Penner, B F Pennington, Paul Pennypacker, MD, Charles R Penquite, Wayne Penrod, Jeffrey G Penta, Daivd Peontek, Robert Peper, Wendell Pepperdine, PhD, Armand B Pepperman, PhD, Linda Pequegnat, PhD, Mike Peralta, PhD, J Percha, Luzviminda K Peredo, MD, Motty Perel, James M Perel, PhD, Victor Perez, Darlene A Periconi-Balling, James Periman, Russell G Perkins, FM Perkins, Arthur S Perkins, Robert A Perkins, Thomas Perkins, PhD, Michael D Perrea, Charles Perry, Donald M Perry, MD, Nelson Perry, John E Perry, George Perry, PhD, Richard Perry, Michael Perry, Bill Perry, Burton L. Perry Sr, Kenneth D Perry, Eric Perry, Kenneth F Persin, Persky, PhD, Cyril J Perusek, Mikhail I Petaev, PhD, Donald Peter, Zell E. Peterman, PhD, Heide Petermann, Raymond Peters, Douglas Peters, Ralph Peters, PhD, Calvin Peters, James B Peters, Ralph H. Peters, Elroy Peters, PhD, Douglas Peters, Eugene Peters, Greg Peters, PhD, Jeffrey L Peters, Stephen G Petersen, Joseph C Petersen, PhD, David Petersen, PhD, Terrance E Peterson, David Peterson, PhD, Christopher K Peterson, Gerald L Peterson, Al Peterson, James D Peterson, Paul Peterson, Brian L Peterson, MD, Arthur W Peterson, Jack E Peterson, PhD, Raymond W Peterson, Emmett M. Peterson, Floyd M Peterson, Gary L Peterson, PhD, Donald J Peterson, James L Peterson, Joel E. Peterson, Edward C Peterson, Irvin L Peterson, Victor L Peterson, Parker H Petit, Fred Petito, Arthur Petraske, Samuel Petrecca, Randy Petresh, Howard Petrie, PhD, William L Petrie, Peter P Petro, PhD, George Petrosky, Thomas G Petrulas, Raymond M Petrun, Francis Petrus, J A Petrusha, Heriberto Petschek, Dave Pettit, Ray H Pettit, PhD, Andrey Petukhov, PhD, Chester Peyton, Wm H Pfaff, George C Pfaff Jr, Robert W Pfaff, Bernard Pfefer, Lawrence M Pfeffer, PhD, James E Pfeffer, Raymond J Pfeiffer, PhD, Douglas R Pfeiffer, PhD, Glenn Pfendt, John R Pfieffer, Donald Pfittsiher, Tom Pfitzer, Francis Pflum, MD, R Fred Pfost, PhD, Arun G Phadke, PhD, Robert Phalen, PhD, Tuan Duc Pham, PhD, Raj Phansalkar, PhD, Bill Phebe, George C Phelps, Frederick Phelps, PhD, Jeffrey Philbin, PhD, L Pilgram, Harry M Philip, Herbert R. Philipp, PhD, Richard A Phillips, PhD, Lloyd L Philipson, PhD, Lincoln Phillippi, James A Phillips, PhD, Thomas Phillips, Kenneth M Phillips, John Phillips, Steven J Phillips, MD, Calvin Phillips, Robert Phillips, Dwayne Phillips, Ernest Phillips, John Phillips, Mitchel Phillips, MD, Keith Phillips, Edward J Phillips, Don A Phillips, Walter T Phillips, C. Eric Phillips, Wendell F Phillips, B Phillips, PhD, Wallae C Philoon, PhD, Jay W Phippen, PhD, Cu Phung, PhD, Louis Pianetti Jr, George J Piazza, PhD, Perry T Piccard, Timothy Pickenheim, Max Pickerill, PhD, William Pickett, John Pickett, PhD, Sean Piecuch, Rex D Pieper, PhD, Susan K Prierce, PhD, John Pierce, William Pierce, MD, Matthew Lee Pierce, PhD, George Piers, Gene Peirson, Gerald Pierson, Richard Pierson, MD, Edwin T Pieski, PhD, Stanley P. Pietrewicz, Charles E Pietri, William J Pietrusiak, Anthony Pietsch, Jeffrey T Pietz, MD, Arthur J Pignocco, PhD, Robert L Pigott I I, D Pigott, PhD, Gordon E Pike, PhD, Charles Pike, Alan Pike, PhD, David M Pike, Arturs Piksis, PhD, Glen A Piland, Charles F Pilati, PhD, Valter E Pilcher, PhD, Lester Pilcher, Paul E. Pilkington, Vincent J Pileggi, PhD, Laurence O Pilgeram, PhD, Kurt Pilgram, Vernor Pilon, MD, Richard A Pilon, Robert A Piloquin, David Pimentel, PhD, John H Pimm, Peter Pincura, Irwin J Pincus, MD, RE Pine, Pine, PhD, Anthony Piniat, Michael Pinnell, Bob Pinner, Edmund Pinney, PhD, Mark A Pinsky, PhD, Pam Pinson, Raymond G Pinson, Anton J Pintar, PhD, William R Pioli, Victor J. Piorun, Michael R Piotrowski, PhD, Chris Piotrowski, Robert Piper, William Piper, Ervin L Piper, Bernard Wallace Pipkin, PhD, Anthony W Pircio, PhD, Daniel J Pisano, PhD, Jack Piskura, Ed Piszynski, Richard M Pitcher, Joseph T Pitman, Fred Pitman, William Pitt, PhD, Charles Pitt, PhD, A Lincoln Pittinger, Richard Pittman, John P. Pittman, PhD, Gerald S Pitts, David Pitts, Gregory S Pitts, Peter Pityk, Rahn G Pitzer, Russell Pitzer, William C Piver, Michael Piznar, Michael Pizolato, Philip A Pizzica, Jerry P Place, PhD, James C Plagge, PhD, Gus Plagianis, John A Plaisted, Ronald Plakke, PhD, Robert V Plank, Thomas Plante, John E Plapp, PhD, Alan Edward Platt, PhD, Wallace Platt, Robert V Plehn, MD, James D Plimpton, PhD, Don Plisek, Larry Plonsker, PhD, Andrew W Plonsky, Karl W Plumlee, PhD, Byron L Plumley, William A Plummer, PhD, Howard Plummer, Joseph S Plunkett, David Pocengul, Randy Pochel, John F Podhaisky, Robert Podlasek, PhD, Steve C Poe, Wendy K Pogozelski, PhD, Max Pohl, Roland F Pohler, Henry Pohs, Carl R Poirier, William Poley, Frank C Polidora, MD, B Poling, PhD, Polinger, PhD, Jack J Polise, Gregory E Polito, MD, Larry Polk, R Scott Pollard, Robert Pollard, Wm A Polley, Charles B Pollock, William J Polson, PhD, Kent Pomeroy, MD, Paul Pompeo III, Wilson G Pond, PhD, Walter L. Pondrom, PhD, Philip Pongetti, Kurt W Pontasch, PhD, Larry Pontaski, Karl Hallman Pool, PhD, Russel Poole, H K Poole, George Poole, Jeffery J. Poole, Robert W Poole, Jr, Arthur F Pope, Alan Pope, Thomas Pope, MD, M G Popik, Louis B Popovich, Gerhard Popp, PhD, Robert D Popper, G Albert Popson, PhD, Frederic E Porter, PhD, Edward S Porter, David D Porter, MD, Bruce Porter, Richard F Porter, John Porterfield, William W Porterfield, PhD, Thomas Porterfield, Michael Portman, Bonne Posma, Mike Posson, Joseph Post, ME Postlethwaite, Richard W Postma, PhD, Denzil Poston, PhD, Harvey W Posvic, PhD, Louis Potash, PhD, Walter Potczny, PhD, Reddeppa Pothuri, PhD, Terry Potter, George Potter, PhD, Kenneth Potter, Keith M. Potter, Dale Potter, PhD, Darrell L. Potter, Rainer Potthast, PhD, James Potts, James E Potzick, Jerry Poumelle, PhD, Daniel B Pourreau, PhD, Jacob A Poutsma, MD, Joseph J Poveromo, PhD, Louis Povinelli, PhD, George Powe, Jim Powell, Derek Powell, R C Powell, Robert Powell, MD, David T Powell, Jr, Michael Robert Powell, PhD, Edward T Powell, PhD, Susan Powell, Biuy R Powell, Mark L Powell, Alan Powell, PhD, James P Power, Timothy M Power, John D Power, Russell C Powers, Kendall G Powers, PhD, Harold Powers, Darden Powers, PhD, Jean Powers, PhD, Robert W Powitz, PhD, David E Powley, Ernest Ppospischil, Carl S Vender, Kurt Pralle, David Pramer, PhD, Hullahalli Prasan, PhD, Eugene Praschan, John M Praskwiecz, John Prater, Arnold Warburton Pratt, MD, Samuel F Pratt, Jr, Robert Pratt, Jack Pratt, Ronald Prebys, Frank M Precopio, PhD, Thomas Prehoda, Prendegast, PhD, Richard S Prentice, Irving Prentice, David S Prerau, PhD, Glenn C Prescott, Jerry Prescott, Kenneth Presley, Allister L Presnal, Press, Richard Preston, MD, William Preston, C Dan Preston, Gary Preston, Mary K. Prettyman, Martin Preus, PhD, R H Prewitt, R E Price, Harold Anthony Price, PhD, Kenneth Price, PhD, Donald G Price, Jr, Casey Jo Price, Henry L Price, MD, H. Price, Steven Price, PhD, Charles R Price, James Price, George W Price, R L Prichard, Jerry Priddy, Gerald O Priebe, J Prieditis, PhD, Robert Prince, R K Prince, Char W Prince, PhD, Vernon Pringle Jr, James Pringle, David Prinzing, William H Prior, Ronald L Prior, PhD, Donald W Pritchard, PhD, James E Pritchard, PhD, Robert Pritchett, Ronald W Pritchett, Nolan Probst, Richard J Proctor, David Livingston Proctor, MD, David G Proctor, PhD, John Prodan, Oscar J. Proesel, Tso-Ping Ma, PhD, Barry Profeta, B Prokai, PhD, William H Prokop, Gary Proksch, PhD, Thomas P Propert, Joseph W Proske, PhD, Leon Prosky, PhD, Brian S Prosser, Alan L Prouty, Jesus R Provencio, PhD, Frederick D Provenza, PhD, Anthony J Provenzano, PhD, Michael Pruchnicki, MD, Buchard Pruett, MD, Basil A Pruitt, MD, L L Pruitt, Jay Pruitt, Zenon C Prusas, Charles Pruszynski, William Pryor, PhD, Michael J Pryor, PhD, Andrezej Przyjazny, PhD, Trodor Przymusinski, PhD, Siegfied Pudell, David L Puent, Daniel Puffer, Eugene M J Pugatch, MD, Evan R Pugh, PhD, Richard P Pugh, T Linn Pugh, Ronald J Pugmire, PhD, Jasmine Pui, William Pulford, Layne L Puls, John Pulte, T O Purcell, PhD, Bruce Purcell, L Purcell, MD, Everett W Purcell, Cary C Purdy, Robt G Purington, E Dale Purkhiser, PhD, James K Purpura, Paul E Purser, John Pusatari, Herman Pusin, Richard L Puster, Thomas H Putman, PhD, Edison W Putman, PhD, George Putman, PhD, Charles Putnam, Abbott A Putnam, J W Putt, David Puzan, Albert Pye, PhD, Orrea F Pye, PhD, George T Pyndus, Eugene Pyrcioch, Louis Pytlewski, PhD, Erling Pytte, PhD, Tom Pyzdek
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers P


John Pace, Wesley E Pace, Gilbert Pacey, PhD, Ralph S Pacini, MD, Bruce Packard, Karle Packard, C Subah Packer, PhD, Richard Milton Paddison, MD, David R Paddock, S Paddock, Jack Paden, Sedonna Paetz, Murali Krishna Pagala, PhD, Algred Pagano, PhD, Carey Page, MD, David S Page, PhD, Edgar J Page, PhD, Gary Page, Michael Page, Daivd Pagie, Joseph R. Pagnozzi, Ted Paige, Daivd Paik, Joseph P. Paine, F Painter, PhD, Lorn Painter, Ruth Painter, Kenneth Paladino, Felice Charles Palermo, Robert R Palik, Henry Palka, Edward Palkovic, Richard W Palladino, Richard Palmateer, Karl Palmberg, MD, Alan Palmer, PhD, Bruce R Palmer, PhD, Jay A. Palmer, Jay Palmer, PhD, John D Palmer, PhD, R Palmer, Ralph L Palmer, Richard Palmer, Thomas Y Palmer, Timothy T Palmer, PhD, Vincent Palmer, PhD, Muriel S Palmgren, PhD, John C Palmquist, PhD, Robt E Palmquist, John M Palms, PhD, Huberto Platz, Michael V Palvov, Gyan S Pande, PhD, V N Pandey, PhD, Patrick Pandolfi, Louis A Panek, PhD, Arthur Pansze, PhD, John A Pantelis, Sergio R Panunzio, PhD, Jack S Panze, Francis Paolini, PhD, Charles A Papacostas, PhD, Andreas M Papas, PhD, Carles Herach Papas, PhD, Joseph Papenfuss, PhD, Steven P Pappajohn, Helen Pappas, James Pappas, Michael L Pappas, Sastry U Pappu, PhD, Ronald E Paque, MD, Georges Pardo, PhD, Howell Pardue, William M Pardue, Manuel Paredes, B K Parekh, PhD, Hemant B Parikh, Travis A Paris, Edward James Parish, PhD, Richard L Parish, PhD, Brian Park, Gerald M Park, James L Park, PhD, Robert Park, PhD, Robret E Park, PhD, William Park, Cyril Parkanyi, PhD, Wayne Parke, Ben Parker, PhD, D Parker, David Parker, Dennis Parker, Donald Parker, PhD, Eugene Parker, PhD, Garth R Parker, George Parker, Groege E. Parker, Jack Parker, James C. Parker, Jerald D. Parker, PhD, John M Parker, Kenneth Parker, Michael D Parker, Nina Parker, PhD, Raymond G Parker, Richard A Parker, Richard Parker, T Parker, Theodore C Parker, Thomas Parker, William Parker, R M Parkhurst, Robert Parkhurst, Gary Parkinson, Arthur Parks Sr, Gary L Parks, George H Parks, H L Parks, James Parks, MD, L Parks, Lloyd M Parks, PhD, Edward M Parma, Sheldon C Parmer, L Owell C Arr Parode, Albert Parr, PhD, James Floud Parr, PhD, Mark Parr, J Parrish, K W Parrish, Kale Parrish, Stephen L Parrott, PhD, Christopher Parry, PhD, Forrest Parry, H D Parry, Marshall E Parry, Robert W Parry, PhD, Zohreh Parsa, PhD, Michael L Parsons, PhD, Alice B Parsons, David H Parsons, Marshall F Parsons, Stuart Parsons, W H Parsons, PhD, Blakeslee Partridge, C R Partridge, Ralph E Pasceri, PhD, Richard Pase, Gary Pashaian, David F Paskausky, PhD, David F Paskausky, PhD, Thomas Joseph Pasko, Richard S Passamaneck, PhD, Marvin P Pastel, PhD, Arvid Pasto, PhD, Sergio Pastor, Mark Pastore, Robert Patarcity, Stanley Patchet, PhD, Charlie Patchett, H Richard Pate, James Pate, MD, Mitchell Pate, William Pate, Arun Patel, Kirit Patel, Mangal Patel, Natu C Patel, P V Patel, PhD, Lawrence Patella, James M Paterson, PhD, John H Paterson, Richard Paterson-Jones, Christopher J Patitsas, MD, Bernard Patrick, MD, James H Patrick, Sandra Patrick, Sandra Patrick, Wesley Clare Patrick, PhD, William Patrick, Frank Pattee, Brian Patten, PhD, Donald A Patten, MD, Gaylord P Patten, PhD, Alec M Patterson, Bernard Patterson, MD, Billy Patterson, Don R Patterson, Gary A Patterson, Gilbert W Patterson, Greg Petterson, Henry Patterson, Ian J Patterson, James C Patterson, James H Patterson, PhD, Jeff Patterson, Joseph G Patterson, Malcolm Patterson, Orus F Patterson III, R D Patterson, Randy Patterson, Robert W Patterson, Roe Patterson, Sharon Patterson, Timothy Patterson, Wayne Patterson, PhD, Wilbur I Patterson, PhD, Dean Pattison, Gary M Patton, James W Patton, PhD, Robert J. Patton, Cynthia Patty, William Paucrisler, PhD, Alfred N Paul, Anto D Paul, PhD, James T Paul, Robert Paul, PhD, Rolf Paul, PhD, W Quinn Paulk, MD, Ralph L Pauls, Craig L. Paulsen, Kenneth R Paulsen, Robert C Paulsen, Charles Paulson, James M A Paulson, PhD, Kermit Paulson, Theodore Paulson, Patricia Paulson-Ehrhardt, Bruce H Pauly, John Pauly, PhD, Charles W Pavey, MD, Albert Pavlic, PhD, Arthur S Pavlovic, PhD, Emil H Pawlik, Paul Pawlisch, PhD, Charles H Paxton, John Paxton, H Payes, Barry Payne, Cyril J Payne, Dalian Payne, Daniel Payne, Dewitt A Payne, PhD, Doyle Payne, F R Payne, PhD, Franklin E Payne, MD, George A Payne, James Payne, PhD, James R Payne, Julian Payne, Michael A Payne, PhD, Tamara E. Payne, PhD, Raymond A Paynter, PhD, Daniel N Payton, Zoran Pazameta, PhD, Andy Peabody, Larry R Peabody, H W Peace I I, Herry Peace, David Peacock, PhD, Val E Peacock, PhD, Harold J Peake, Frederick J. Pearce, PhD, R Pearce, Richard H Pearce, Albert M Pearson, PhD, Anthony Pearson, PhD, Charles Pearson, Durk Pearson, Earl Pearson, PhD, F G Pearson, PhD, George J Pearson, PhD, John Pearson, Richard C Pearson, Richard Pearson, PhD, Ross E. Pearson, S Ivan Pearson, Doug Pease, Robert A Pease, Rod Pease, David C Peaslee, PhD, Justin B Peatross, PhD, R Pecen, PhD, Michael J Pechan, PhD, E L Peck, PhD, Edson R Peck, PhD, Patrick A Peck, Roger Peck, Alan E Peckham, Richard S Peckham, PhD, Carl Pecko, Bruce Pedersen, Richard Pedersen, Gerald J Pedoto, Christopher Peek, Michael Peelish, Art Peerman, William Peet, Edward J Peik, Ronald Peik, Vernon L Peipelman, Fred A Peiplow, Alfred H Pekarek, PhD, Gary Pekarek, Albert Pela, Tim Pelfrey, David G Pelka, PhD, Erik M Pell, PhD, John Pellet, Floy Pelletier, PhD, Floy Pelletier, PhD, M J Pellillo, Thomas Pelt, Frank M Pelteson, Frank Pelteson, Richard R Pemper, PhD, Hugo Gabriel Pena, PhD, Orville Pence Jr, Curtis A Pendergraft, PhD, David Pendery, Winston Kent Pendleton, PhD, Raymond Penick, Stanley J Penkala, PhD, Mary A Penland, Gerald Penn, John Penn, William Penn, Jr PhD, PhD, Robert Pennak, PhD, Frederic J Penner, Samuel Penner, PhD, B F Pennington, Bill D Pennock, Paul Pennypacker, MD, Charles R Penquite, Wayne Penrod, Jeffrey G Penta, Daivd Peontek, Ann Peper, Robert Peper, Wendell Pepperdine, PhD, Armand B Pepperman, PhD, Linda Pequegnat, PhD, J Percha, Luzviminda K Peredo, MD, James M Perel, PhD, Motty Perel, Richard E Perez, Victor Perez, Darlene A Periconi-Balling, James Periman, Arthur S Perkins, FM Perkins, Madonna J Perkins, Perkins, PhD, Robert A Perkins, Russell G Perkins, Steve Perkins, Thomas Perkins, PhD, Michael D Perrea, Bill Perry, Burton L. Perry Sr, Charles Perry, Dale Perry, Donald M Perry, MD, Elmer L Perry, Jr, Eric Perry, George Perry, PhD, John E Perry, Kenneth D Perry, Mark Perry, Michael Perry, Nelson Perry, Richard Perry, Kenneth F Persin, Persky, PhD, Cyril J Perusek, Michael Pestes, Mikhail I Petaev, PhD, Donald Peter, Zell E. Peterman, PhD, Heide Petermann, Brian D Peters, Calvin Peters, Douglas Peters, Douglas Peters, Elroy J. Peters, Elroy Peters, PhD, Eugene Peters, James B Peters, Jeffrey L Peters, Leroy L Peters, Ralph Peters, PhD, Raymond Peters, Charles A. Petersen, David Petersen, PhD, Joseph C Petersen, PhD, Stephen G Petersen, Al Peterson, Arthur W Peterson, Brian L Peterson, MD, Christopher K Peterson, David Peterson, PhD, Donald J Peterson, Duane Peterson, Edward C Peterson, Floyd M Peterson, Gary L Peterson, PhD, Gerald L Peterson, Irvin L Peterson, DVM, Jack E Peterson, PhD, James D Peterson, James L Peterson, Joel E. Peterson, Paul Peterson, Raymond W Peterson, Terrance E Peterson, Victor L Peterson, Parker H Petit, Fred Petito, Arthur Petraske, Samuel Petrecca, Randy Petresh, Glenn Petrick, PhD, Howard Petrie, PhD, William L Petrie, Peter P Petro, PhD, George Petrosky, Thomas G Petrulas, Raymond M Petrun, Francis Petrus, J A Petrusha, Heriberto Petschek, David E Pettijohn, PhD, Dave Pettit, Ray H Pettit, PhD, Andrey Petukhov, PhD, CmRonald Petzoldt, PhD, Chester Peyton, George C Pfaff Jr, Robert W Pfaff, Wm H Pfaff, Bernard Pfefer, James E Pfeffer, Lawrence M Pfeffer, PhD, Douglas R Pfeiffer, PhD, Raymond J Pfeiffer, PhD, Glenn Pfendt, John R Pfieffer, Robert Pfister, Donald Pfittsiher, Bill Pfitzer, Tom Pfitzer, Francis Pflum, MD, R Fred Pfost, PhD, Arun G Phadke, PhD, Robert Phalen, PhD, Tuan Duc Pham, PhD, Raj Phansalkar, PhD, Bill Phebe, Frederick Phelps, PhD, George C Phelps, Jeffrey Philbin, PhD, L Pilgram, DDS, Harry M Philip, Herbert R. Philipp, PhD, Kathleen Phillips, Richard A Phillips, PhD, Lloyd L Philipson, PhD, Lincoln Phillippi, B Phillips, PhD, C. Eric Phillips, Calvin Phillips, David K Phillips, Don A Phillips, Dwayne Phillips, Edward J Phillips, Ernest Phillips, James A Phillips, PhD, John Phillips, John Phillips, Keith Phillips, Kenneth M Phillips, Mitchel Phillips, MD, Robert Phillips, Steven J Phillips, MD, Steven P Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Walter T Phillips, Wendell F Phillips, Wallae C Philoon, PhD, Jay W Phippen, PhD, Cu Phung, PhD, Louis Pianetti Jr, George J Piazza, PhD, Vince Picarello, Perry T Piccard, Wayne Pickard, MD, Margaret A Pickel, Timothy Pickenheim


Max Pickerill, PhD, John Pickett, PhD, William Pickett, Sean Piecuch, Rex D Pieper, PhD, John Pierce, Matthew Lee Pierce, PhD, Susan K Prierce, PhD, William Pierce, MD, Stephen L Pierett, Fred E Piering, George Piers, Gene Peirson, Gerald Pierson, Richard Pierson, MD, S W Pierson, Edwin T Pieski, PhD, Pat Pietrefesa, Charles E Pietri, William J Pietrusiak, Anthony Pietsch, Jeffrey T Pietz, MD, Arthur J Pignocco, PhD, D Pigott, PhD, Robert L Pigott I I, Alan Pike, PhD, Charles Pike, David M Pike, G Pike, Gordon E Pike, PhD, Arturs Piksis, PhD, Glen A Piland, Charles F Pilati, PhD, Lester Pilcher, Valter E Pilcher, PhD, Paul E. Pilkington, Vincent J Pileggi, PhD, Laurence O Pilgeram, PhD, Kurt Pilgram, Hyman Ira Pilgrim, PhD, Richard A Pilon, Vernor Pilon, MD, Robert A Piloquin, Annemarie Pilveins, David Pimentel, PhD, John H Pimm, Peter Pincura, Irwin J Pincus, MD, Pine, PhD, RE Pine, Robert F Pineiro, PhD, Anthony Piniat, Michael Pinnell, Bob Pinner, Edmund Pinney, PhD, Mark A Pinsky, PhD, Pam Pinson, Raymond G Pinson, Anton J Pintar, PhD, Ronald Pinter, William R Pioli, Chris Piotrowski, Michael R Piotrowski, PhD, Ervin L Piper, Robert Piper, William Piper, Bernard Wallace Pipkin, PhD, Anthony W Pircio, PhD, Daniel J Pisano, PhD, Richard Pisano, Jack Piskura, Ed Piszynski, Richard M Pitcher, Fred Pitman, Joseph T Pitman, Charles Pitt, PhD, William Pitt, PhD, A Lincoln Pittinger, John P. Pittman, PhD, Peter Pittman, Richard Pittman, David Pitts, Gerald S Pitts, Gregory S Pitts, Michael Pitts, Peter Pityk, Rahn G Pitzer, Russell Pitzer, William C Piver, Michael Piznar, Philip A Pizzica, Jerry P Place, PhD, James C Plagge, PhD, Gus Plagianis, John A Plaisted, Ronald Plakke, PhD, Don Planchard, Robert V Plank, Joseph J M Plante, Thomas Plante, John E Plapp, PhD, Alan Edward Platt, PhD, Beth M Platt, Lucian B Platt, PhD, Wallace Platt, Robert V Plehn, MD, James D Plimpton, PhD, Don Plisek, Larry Plonsker, PhD, Andrew W Plonsky, Karl W Plumlee, PhD, Byron L Plumley, Howard Plummer, William A Plummer, PhD, Joseph S Plunkett, David Pocengul, Roger Pocklington, John F Podhaisky, Robert Podlasek, PhD, Steve C Poe, Wendy K Pogozelski, PhD, William Pogue, Max Pohl, Roland F Pohler, Henry Pohs, Carl R Poirier, William Poley, Frank C Polidora, MD, B Poling, PhD, Polinger, PhD, Jack J Polise, John Polish, Gregory E Polito, MD, Larry Polk, R Scott Pollard, Robert Pollard, Ruth Polley, Wm A Polley, Charles B Pollock, Charlotte Pollock, Myron Pollycove, William J Polson, PhD, Kent Pomeroy, MD, Paul Pompeo III, Wilson G Pond, PhD, Walter L. Pondrom, PhD, Philip Pongetti, Bernard Ponseggi, Kurt W Pontasch, PhD, Larry Pontaski, Karl Hallman Pool, PhD, George Poole, H K Poole, Russel Poole, Robert W Poole, Jr, Alan Pope, Arthur F Pope, Lee Pope, Thomas Pope, MD, M G Popik, Louis B Popovich, Robert D Popper, G Albert Popson, PhD, Bruce Porter, David D Porter, MD, Edward S Porter, Frederic E Porter, PhD, Jeffrey Porter, Richard F Porter, Thomas Porter, Vernon R Porter, PhD, John Porterfield, Thomas Porterfield, William W Porterfield, PhD, Michael Portman, Bonne Posma, Mike Posson, Joseph Post, ME Postlethwaite, Richard W Postma, PhD, Denzil Poston, PhD, Harvey W Posvic, PhD, Louis Potash, PhD, Walter Potczny, PhD, Reddeppa Pothuri, PhD, Robert Potoski, Dale Potter, PhD, George Potter, PhD, Keith M. Potter, Kenneth Potter, Terry Potter, Rainer Potthast, PhD, Floyd Potts, PhD, James Potts, James E Potzick, Jerry Poumelle, PhD, Daniel B Pourreau, PhD, Jacob A Poutsma, MD, Joseph J Poveromo, PhD, Louis Povinelli, PhD, Richard J Powals, PhD, George Powe, Alan Powell, PhD, Biuy R Powell, David T Powell, Jr, Derek Powell, Edward T Powell, PhD, Jim Powell, June Powell, Mark L Powell, Michael Robert Powell, PhD, R C Powell, Robert Powell, MD, Susan Powell, James P Power, John D Power, Timothy M Power, Daren Powers, PhD, Harold Powers, Jean Powers, PhD, Kendall G Powers, PhD, Russell C Powers, Robert W Powitz, PhD, David E Powley, William F Poynter, Ernest Ppospischil, Carl S Vender, Kurt Pralle, David Pramer, PhD, Hullahalli Prasan, PhD, Eugene Praschan, John M Praskwiecz, John Prater, Arnold Warburton Pratt, MD, Donald L Pratt, PhD, Robert J Pratt, Robert Pratt, Samuel F Pratt, Jr, Ronald Prebys, Frank M Precopio, PhD, Thomas Prehoda, Prendegast, PhD, Camille Prenn, Irving Prentice, Richard S Prentice, David S Prerau, PhD, Glenn C Prescott, Jerry Prescott, Kenneth Presley, Allister L Presnal, Press, Ron Presswell, C Dan Preston, Gary Preston, Richard Preston, MD, William Preston, Mary K. Prettyman, Martin Preus, PhD, R H Prewitt, Casey Jo Price, Charles R Price, Donald G Price, Jr, George W Price, H. Price, Harold Anthony Price, PhD, Henry L Price, MD, James Price, Kenneth Price, PhD, R E Price, Steven F Price, Steven Price, PhD, R L Prichard, Jerry Priddy, Gerald O Priebe, J Prieditis, PhD, Char W Prince, PhD, R K Prince, Robert Prince, James Pringle, Vernon Pringle Jr, David Prinzing, Ronald L Prior, PhD, William H Prior, Jim Priskos, Donald W Pritchard, PhD, James E Pritchard, PhD, Robert Pritchett, Ronald W Pritchett, Nolan Probst, Richard Probst, PhD, Donald L Prochnow, David G Proctor, PhD, David Livingston Proctor, MD, Richard J Proctor, John Prodan, Tso-Ping Ma, PhD, Barry Profeta, B Prokai, PhD, William H Prokop, Gary Proksch, PhD, Ronald L. Promboin, PhD, Thomas P Propert, Joseph W Proske, PhD, Leon Prosky, PhD, Brian S Prosser, Alan L Prouty, Jesus R Provencio, PhD, Frederick D Provenza, PhD, Anthony J Provenzano, PhD, Michael Pruchnicki, MD, Buchard Pruett, MD, Elmer Pruim, Basil A Pruitt, MD, Basil A Pruitt, MD, Charles W Pruitt, Jay Pruitt, L L Pruitt, Zenon C Prusas, Charles Pruszynski, Michael J Pryor, PhD, William Pryor, PhD, Andrezej Przyjazny, PhD, Trodor Przymusinski, PhD, Siegfied Pudell, David L Puent, Daniel Puffer, Eugene M J Pugatch, MD, Evan R Pugh, PhD, Richard P Pugh, T Linn Pugh, Ronald J Pugmire, PhD, William Pulford, J Pullen, Layne L Puls, John Pulte, Bruce Purcell, Everett W Purcell, L Purcell, MD, T O Purcell, PhD, Cary C Purdy, David C Purdy, Robt G Purington, Scott Purinton, E Dale Purkhiser, PhD, James K Purpura, Paul E Purser, Richard A Purtell, David R Puryhear, John Pusatari, Herman Pusin, Richard L Puster, Edison W Putman, PhD, George Putman, PhD, Thomas H Putman, PhD, Abbott A Putnam, Charles Putnam, J W Putt, David Puzan, Albert Pye, PhD, Orrea F Pye, PhD, George T Pyndus, Eugene Pyrcioch, Louis Pytlewski, PhD, Erling Pytte, PhD, Tom Pyzdek
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers Q

M A Qin, Kathy Qin, Forrest Quackenbush, PhD, James Qualey, PhD, Russell Qualls, PhD, Keith J Quanbeck, James Quandt, Earl R Quandt, PhD, Miller W Quarles, Barry Quart, PhD, Ramon S Quesada Jr, MD, John M Quiel, Samuel Quigley, James R Quinan, PhD, John Quinalan, John Quinn, John J Quinn, PhD, Perry C O Quinn, Rena Quinn, Shirley J Quinn, Robert D. Quinn, Richard H. Quinn, PhD, Alan Quintero, Phil Quire, Terence T. Quirke, PhD, Karl S Quisenberry, PhD, William Quisenberry, Patrick W Quist, Ralph Quosig
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

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Frederick H Raab, PhD, FH Raab, PhD, Bernard Raab, PhD, Daryl Raabe, Ashley Rabalais, David Rabb, Steven Rabe, Craig Rabeneck, Mj Rabinonitz, PhD, Louis C Raburn, Joseph Rachlin, PhD, Jeff Racho, Kenneth Rachocki, PhD, Charles Raczowski, PhD, Frederick J Radd, PhD, Richard Radeka, Frank Radella, David R Raden, Ned Radich, MD, Rodney W Radke, PhD, D Rado, Donald Radtke, Larry Radtke, Michael T Radvan, Keith Rae, Harold Raemer, PhD, Hershel Raff, PhD, Keen Rafferty, PhD, Phillip J. Rafferty, Donal M Ragan, PhD, Robert Ragen, Mohsen K Rahbar, PhD, Perry H Rahn, PhD, Ronald O Rahn, PhD, Robert Raines, Ted Rains, Elliott Raisen, PhD, Dejan Rajcic, Robert P Raker, MD, Francis A Rakow, John M Rakowski, Charles Raley, PhD, James A Ralph, George Ramatowski, Dario Ramazzotti, C L Rambo, Frederick Rambow, PhD, William Ramer, Harmon H Ramey, PhD, Rafael G Ramirez, PhD, A Ramirez, Simon Ramo, PhD, Madeline Ramsey, Benjamin F Ramsey, Mark S Ramsey, Jerry D Ramsey, PhD, Alvin O Ramsley, David C Ramsower, Lawrence D Ramspott, PhD, Paul Ramstad, PhD, John Ramus, Shahida Rana, David Rancour, PhD, Philip G Rand, PhD, Charles A Randall, PhD, Robert Randall, Joseph L Randall, PhD, P Randall, Charles C Randall, MD, Wm J Randall, PhD, Ann Randolph, PhD, Spencer G Randolph, William P Raney, PhD, Robert Raney, MD, Margene G Ranieri, PhD, Tom Rank, PhD, Thomas J Rankin, C J Ransom, PhD, W. R. Ransone, Charles G Ranstrom, Irving Rapaport, Stephen Rapchak, Stephen C Raper, Henry Rapoport, PhD, Donald Rapp, Bob Raser, Marco Rasi, PhD, James B Rasmussen, Lowell Rasmussen, PhD, Ned S Rasor, PhD, James Rasor, Howard Rast, PhD, Mike Ratcliff, Lee Ratcliff, Dennis Rathman, PhD, Hukum S Rathor, PhD, Andrew A Rathsack, Steven Ratliff, PhD, Jr Ratliff, Oscar D Ratnoff, MD, Egan J Rattin, Alfred Ratz, PhD, Richard Rauch, PhD, Donald O Rausch, PhD, Gerald W Rausch, PhD, Steven Rauzi, Francis H Raven, PhD, Nancy C Raven, Michael Rawley, Kyle Rawlings, PhD, James Rawls, Stanley R Rawn Jr, Derek J Rawson, Donald R Ray, Michael B Ray, PhD, Thomas A Ray, Clifford H Ray, PhD, Sylvian Richard Ray, PhD, Clinton M Rayes, Park Rayfield, PhD, Larry C Raymond, Richard L Raymond, PhD, Stuart Raynolds, PhD, Gary D Rayson, PhD, Bill E Raywinkle, David Thomas Read, PhD, Robert G Read, Ernest H Reade Jr, Fred Reader, James Ready, MD, James A Reagan, Tom Reamsnyder, D L Reasons, Wallace Reaves, Nelson Reavey-Cantwell, MD, Dr. James G. Reavis, Paul R Reay, MD, David N Rebol, Theodore L Rebstock, PhD, John W Rebuck, PhD, Paul A Rechard, Andreas B Rechnitzer, PhD, H C Rechtien Jr, Peter C. Reck, W Rector, Charles W Rector, PhD, J B Red, John G Reddan III, Larry K Reddig, Foster K Redding, PhD, James D Redding, Richard L Reddy, George R. Reddy, Allan G Redeker, MD, John W Redelfs, MD, Jamie Redenbaugh, Noeman Redford, John G Redic, K Redig, Robert H Rediker, PhD, Brian Redlin, Thomas R Redman, Erick L Redmon, Jack Redmond, PhD, Jory Redo, PhD, Redwine, PhD, Cynthia A Reece, C Reed, PhD, Tom Reed, Sherman Kennedy Reed, PhD, J Arthur Reed, MD, Philip Reed, Kenneth R Reed, Thomas Reed, PhD, Allan H Reed, PhD, Emmett Van Reed, Max E Reed, PhD, David A Reed Jr, Jack Reed, Steven Reeder, MD, Harold J Reedy, O W Reen, PhD, Norman V Rees, Joe Reese, Dale Reese, William Reeside, Gerhard Reethof, PhD, Harold F Reetz, PhD, Roy F Reeves, PhD, Richard G Reeves, WR Reeves, Donald F Reeves, G G Reeves, PhD, Terry A Reeves, MD, Homer E Reeves, PhD, John Reffner, PhD, Frank Regan, Steven Regis, Carl J Regone, Thomas R Rehm, PhD, Claude V Reich, PhD, John Reichenbach, Alfred D Reichle, PhD, Franklin Reick, William Reid, PhD, Kenneth B Reid, PhD, James Reid, PhD, George Reid, PhD, Glen Reid, B J Reid, Anthony A Reidlinger, PhD, Leonard Reiffel, PhD, William Reifsnyder, PhD, M Loren Regier, Kenneth F Reighard, Richard Reiley, Richard J Reilly, Hugh Reilly, Timothy Reilly, Jeff Reimche, Robert T Reimers, PhD, Thomas L Reinecke, PhD, Robert R Reiner, John W Reinert, Jack Reinhard, Richard Reinhardt, Stanley E Reinhart, PhD, Fred W Reinhart, Mark B Reinhold, PhD, Robert Reinke, MD, Rydell Reints, David Reiser, PhD, Richard Reising, PhD, Harold B Reisman, PhD, Eugene Reiss, Keith W. Reiss, PhD, Paul Reiter, PhD, Paul Reiter, PhD, Richard H. Reitz, PhD, David Relihan, Joseph F Remar, PhD, Marlin E Remley, PhD, Mack Remlinger, George Remmenga, Norbert T Rempe, Susan Rempe, PhD, James C Remsberg, Don J Remson, Alvin C Rencher, PhD, Kevin D Renfro, Harris B Renfroe, PhD, Steven Y Rennell, Edward G Rennels, PhD, Hans H Rennhard, PhD, Peterson D Rens, Nicholas A Renzetti, PhD, Thomas R Pepitone, PhD, Kermit Reppond, Kenneth L Rergman, F E Resch, Gerard Reski, Robert Resnik, PhD, William B Retallick, PhD, David A Retterer, Melvin Rettig, Fredrick K Retzlaff, David E Reubush, George H Reussner, R H Reuter, PhD, Attila M. Revesz, Gordon Revey, Randall Reviere, William E Rew, William R Rex, Robert Walter Rex, PhD, Brian Rex, Raul J De Los Reyes, MD, Diana C. Reyes, Arthur Reyes, Walter L Reyland, John R Reynolds, Leslie H Reynolds, Charles A Reynolds, PhD, Jeffrey Reynolds, MD, Robert Ware Reynolds, PhD, Bruce Reynolds, PhD, C H Reynolds, Max J Reynolds, John Reynolds, MD, John Reynolds, Gary Reynolds, Thomas W Reynolds, George W. Reynolds, Joe E Reynolds, Vic Reznack, William T. Rhea, Hee M Rhee, PhD, James Rhoades, PhD, Richard G Rhoades, PhD, John E. Rhoads, PhD, Edward T Rhode, R David Rhodes, Brian Rhodes, Kevin Rhodes, James D Rhodes, Harvey Rhodes, John R Rhodes, Robert A Rhodes, PhD, Mary Rhyne, William Ribben, PhD, Wm Eugene Ribelin, PhD, Armando T Ricci Jr, Warren Rice, PhD, James K Rice, Terry Rice, Gary R Rice, Richard Rice, PhD, Pat Rice, Michael D Rice, PhD, David Rich, Dennis Rich, Frederic Richard, PhD, Lee Richard, J J Richard, Guerico L Richard, MD, Brian K Richardet, Russell Richards, Bill Richards, Benjamin Richards, PhD, Charles D Richards, PhD, Thomas C Richards, PhD, Bernard L Richards, PhD, James Richards, Joseph D Richards, Leonard Frederick Richardson, PhD, J C Richardson, Gerald Laverne Richardson, Allyn St Clair Richardson, Charles Richardson, Ralph J Richardson, PhD, Verlin H Richardson, PhD, Everett Richardson, PhD, CHB Richardson, Stephen G Richardson, PhD, David Richardson, J Mark Richardson, PhD, T L Richardson, Gary Richardson, PhD, Neal Allen Richardson, PhD, Thomas E Richardson, Larry J. Richardson, Jerry O Richartz, Nancy D Richert, PhD, Frank Richey, PhD, Isadore Richlin, PhD, Selma Richaman, Ed Richman, PhD, George Richmond, James M Richmond, PhD, Michael Richmond, Timothy Richmond, Thomas Richter, Neil Richter, Bruce Rickard, Robert Ricker, PhD, Richard W Ricker, PhD, Russell Rickert, PhD, Thomas Ricketts, Richard Ricks, Nr Ricks, Douglas W Ricks, PhD, Ralph E Ricksecker, Fred R Riddell, PhD, R J Riddell, PhD, David Riddle, PhD, William C Ridgway, PhD, Russell Ridgway, Susan Riebe, Robt W Riedel, Martin Max Rieger, PhD, Herman H Rieke, PhD, Paul E. Rieke, PhD, Stanley K Ries, PhD, Edward R Ries, PhD, Noel D Rietman, James L Rigassio, Stephen J Riggi, PhD, Elliott A Riggs, PhD, James W Riggs, PhD, Kenton Riggs, Karl A Riggs, PhD, Robert Righter, George P Rigsby, PhD, Ali Rihan, Jim Rike, William M Rike, Jim Riker, PhD, Michael Riley, Cody Riley, William Riley, Lyrad Riley, MD, G Riley, John T Riley, PhD, John S. Riley, PhD, Charles Riley, PhD, Gary T Riley, J Herbert Riley, Bernard J Riley, James H Rillings, PhD, J W Rimes, Jerry F Rimmer, Dan H Rimmer, Gregory Rinaca, Kent R Rinehart, Charles E Rinehart Jr, PhD, John A Rinek, Robert Ringering, MD, James L Ringo, PhD, Roy Ringo, PhD, Arthur J Riopelle, PhD, Beverly Riordan, David Rios-Aleman, Harold C Ripley, Richard L Ripley, Daivd Rippee, David Ririe, PhD, Paul Risbin, Michelle M Rising, Winthrop Risk, PhD, David Rislove, PhD, James Rispoli, Harold W Ritchey, PhD, Robert L Ritchey, William Ritchey, PhD, Carolyn Ritchie, Martin Ritchie, PhD, Gary Alan Ritchie, PhD, Charles F. Ritchie, Charles I Ritchie, Logan R Ritchie, Jr, Harlan Ritchie, PhD, James S Ritscher, PhD, Jonathan Ritson, MD, Alfred Ritter, PhD, Robert B Ritter, Harold E Ritter, Steven J Titter, PhD, Russell E Ritz, Christopher Ritz, Terry Ritzel, Joseph P Riva, R A Rivas, Paul Rivers, PhD, George A Rizk, P Rizzo, John V Roach, Kenneth Roane, Terry P Roark, PhD, Patrick C Roark, James J Roark, George W Robbins, Fred Robbins, Kelly Robbins, PhD, James E Robbins, Ernest A Robbins, PhD, Norman B. Robbins, Raymond C Robeck, Gregory Robel, PhD, Norman Hailstone Roberts, PhD, Frank Roberts Jr, Paul D Roberts, Edward H Roberts, Arthur Roberts, PhD, James Roberts, George A Roberts, David Roberts, Kenneth Roberts, Michael A Roberts Jr, Samuel E Roberts, Larry C. Roberts, MD, Allan Roberts, Dewayne Roberts, PhD, Stephen F Roberts, Warren A. Roberts, William F Robertson, Thomas M Robertson, George H Robertson, PhD, Douglas Welby Robertson, Alexander F Robertson, PhD, Eric P Robertson, Wilbert J Robertson, PhD, Daniel E Robertson, Bernard I Robertson, John S Robertson, PhD, Daniel Robertson, John Robertson, Jr, Stanley L Robertson, PhD, Chris Robertson, Donald K Robertson, Don B Robertson, Jerry Lewis Robertson, PhD, David Robertson, PhD, F H Robertson, Gary Robertson, Leslie E Robertson, Gordon W Robertstad, PhD, Roger Robinett, MD, Donald W Robinson, Raymond Francis Robinson, Lee A Robinson, Charles Robinson, R E Robinson, PhD, Stephen L Robinson, M Robinson, PhD, Stewart Robinson, PhD, Arthur B Robinson, PhD, Zachary W Robinson, Arnold Robinson, Terence L Robinson, PhD, G Alan Robison, PhD, Charles S Robinson, PhD, T F Robinson, PhD, Robert Robinson, PhD, Geor H Robinson, Larry J. Robinson, Albert Robinson, PhD, Darlene Robinson, Clark S Robinson, Charles A. Robinson, PhD, Ken Robirds, Wm Robisch, John M Roblin, PhD, Steven Roblyer, Michael J Robrecht, James L Robrock, MD, Vincent P Rocco, R James Rocha, TC Roche, Jr, Alex F Roche, PhD, J La Rochelle, PhD, M V Rock, MD, Peter A. Rock, PhD, James W Rockhold, Ralph A Rockow, David Rockstraw, PhD, Theodore Rockwell, PhD, Abraham P. Rockwood, James W Rodde, David A Roddy, Jonathan P Rode, PhD, Daniel L Rode, Rocky Roden, Charles Rodenberger, PhD, Billy R Rodgers, PhD, Michael Rodgers, PhD, Robert W Rodier, James Rodine, PhD, Dale Rodolff, Brian D Rodriguez, Harold V Rodriguez, PhD, Thomas E Rodwick, John Roe, Brian D. Roe, Roebuck Assoc, Inc, Robert M Roecker, PhD, John Roede, Robt C Roeder, PhD, Arthur P Roeh, Ted Roes, III, Raylan Roetman, A C Rogers, Tom Rogers, PhD, Arthur Rogers, Michael E Rogers, Gordon H Rogers, Lloyd Sloan Rogers, MD, Donald R Rogers, MD, Gwenda Rogers, Bruce A Rogers, D R Rogers, John Rogers, Gordon Rogers, Frank A Rogers, MD, Randy Rogers, William L Rogers, Robert W Rogers, PhD, Daniel E. Rogers, Marion A Rogers, PhD, Dale Rognlie, PhD, Charles R Rohde, PhD, Oliver Roholt, PhD, Robert C Rohr, PhD, Daniel J. Rohr, John H Rohrbaugh, PhD, Neal Rohrbaugh, Don A Rohrenbach, Ignatius Rohrig, Dwayne Rohweder, PhD, Robert G Rohwer, Robet Roland, MD, Michael H Roller, PhD, Thomas Rollins, Albert Rollins, Louis D Rollmann, PhD, Gary Rollstin, Marston Val Roloff, PhD, Louis Rombach, PhD, John A Romberger, PhD, Charles T Rombough, PhD, L Romikwie, Thomas Ronay, PhD, Oscar A Rondon, PhD, Jeff H Ronk, Donna Rook, Wendell Hofma Rooks, Robt L Rooney, Malcom Rooper, Peter E Roos, Norman L Root, Pamela Rootenberg, MD, Simpson Roper, Paul James Roper, PhD, Erik Rorem, Andrew H Rorick, Ivor Rorquist, Robert Rorschach, Eugene J Rosa, PhD, Albert J Rosa, PhD, Christopher La Rosa, John Roscoe, PhD, John S Roscoe, PhD, John Roscoe, Gary Rose, MD, Charles Rose, Benny H Rose, PhD, Richard Rowe, MD, Kenneth L Rose, PhD, Allan B Rose, David Rose, PhD, Frederick A Rosell, Ward Rosen, Milton J Rosen, PhD, Alan Rosen, PhD, William E Rosenberg, Richard A Rosenberg, PhD, Steven L Rosenberg, PhD, Richard Rosencrans, Lawrence Rosendale, Robert Rosene, Charles R Rosenfeld, MD, Leonard Rosenfeld, Harold Rosenhan, Bruce D Rosenquist, PhD, Melvin S Rosenthal, MD, Jack W Rosential, Harold L Rosential, PhD, M Rosenzweig, Joseph Rosi, Randy Rosiere, PhD, George Roskee, Johathan Rosman, MD, John Ross, Jeffrey Ross, Arthur L Ross, PhD, Malcolm Ross, PhD, William F Ross, James Ross, Arthur Ross, Allan Ross, Wm E Ross, Donald Ross, PhD, Donald Ross, John P Ross, PhD, Franklin J Ross, B A Rosser, Robert G Rosser, MD, Mario Rossi, A David Rossin, PhD, Charlie Rossman, Zsolt Rosta, Ora Rostad, John S Rostand, Paul Rosten, J Paul Roston, R A Roston, Robert H Roth, PhD, R. H. Roth, PhD, Thomas Rothacker, Ronald C Rothe, William Rotherporth, R. E. Rothhaar, PhD, Elliot Rothkopf, PhD, George Rothrock, PhD, John W Rothrock, Wm S Rothwell, PhD, Stan A. Rothwell, John Rotondo, PhD, Nicholas Rott, PhD, John Rottenborn, Gaylord E Rough, PhD, Michael J O’ Rourke, PhD, Lawrence J Rouse, PhD, George E Rouse, PhD, Billy Rouser, Edwin S Rousseau, Verald K Row, W Jeffrey Row, Dighton F Rowan, PhD, Rich Rowder, PhD, James M Rowe, PhD, Robert S Rowe, PhD, Martin Rowe, James Lincoln Rowe, PhD, William R Rowe, Melinda Rowe, Carl Rowe, Trent Rowe, Rex Rowell, Bruce Rowell, PhD, Steve Rowland, Neil W Rowland, PhD, Tterry L Rowland, John Rowland, PhD, Lenton Rowland, PhD, Brian Rowles, Stephen Rowley, George M Roy, Joseph A Roy, Thomas M Royal, A R Royce, PhD, G Roysdon, John Rozenbergs, PhD, Csaba Rozsa, PhD, Balaz F Rozsnyai, PhD, Timothy Rozycki, Ibrahim Rubeiz, PhD, Leonard Rubenstein, Mark A Rubin, Arthur Rubin, Mae K Rubin, PhD, Daniel Rubinstein, PhD, David D Rubis, PhD, Jim R Rucker, Richard N. Rudd, MD, Thomas A Ruddin, MD, Kenneth E Ruddy, Douglas Rudenko, Charles G. Rudershausen, PhD, Carl S Rudisill, PhD, Gerard Rudisin, Boris Rudkevich, Thomas Rudy, PhD, Thomas Rudy, Edward E Rue, Rolland Rue, PhD, Kenneth R. Rueff, W Ruehle, Raymond L Ruehle, Stephen Ruehlman, Robert Reuss, Robert H. Ruf, PhD, Sue Ruff, John Ruhl, T H Ruland, Raymond J Rulis, Melvin D Rumbaugh, PhD, J H Rumely, PhD, Donald E Ruminer, Rosmarie Von Rumker, PhD, Larry J Rummerfield, George Rumney, PhD, Robert E Rundle, Paul Runge, Howell I Runion, PhD, Kim J Runk, Kelli Runnels, PhD, Olaf Runquist, PhD, Edward Runyan, Charles V Runyon, A L Ruoff, PhD, Robert Rupert, Gerald Rupert, PhD, John A Rupley, PhD, Darrel Rupp, William J Ruppert, Theodore A Ruppert, Louis J Rusconi, PhD, Michael T Rusesky, B Rush, PhD, Perry Rush, George Rushton, Andrew Rusinko, PhD, Louis Rusoff, PhD, Irving Rusoff, PhD, James R Russel, Robert B Russell Jr, David E Russell, Jim Russell, Robert R Russell, PhD, David Russell, Kenneth Russell, Cynthia B Russell, Ross F Russell, PhD, Ernest E Russell, PhD, Andrew Russell, A Yvonne Russell, PhD, Lewis B Russell, Edmund L Russell, Joe L Russell, Jean Russell, PhD, Charles L Russell, Mark Russell, PhD, James H Rust, PhD, Carri Rustad, M R Rusty, MD, Susan E Rutherford, MD, Robert Rutherford, Mark Ruttle, MD, Patrick Rutty, Mary Ruwart, PhD, Philip L Ryall, James Ryan, Jean Ryan, PhD, Frederick M Ryan, PhD, Wendall Ryan, Kevin M Ryan, Wayne Ryan, PhD, Julian Gilbert Ryan, Michele M Ryan, C B Ryan, Bill C Ryan, PhD, William F Ryan, Michael J Ryan, James M Ryan, PhD, James W Ryan, PhD, Timothy M Ryan, Daberath Ryan, Jeffrey W Ryan, Charles J Ryant, Jr, PhD, George Ryberg, John Rybicki, David F Ryder, Lester Rydl, PhD, Paul H Rydlund, Kathleen Rygiel, Robert R Ryland, James Rynerson, MD, John W Ryon, PhD, Alicja M Kirkien Rzeszotarsk, PhD, Waclaw J Rzeszotarski, PhD
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers S


Patrick Saatzer, PhD, Joaquin A Saavedra, Edward S Sabisky, PhD, Julius Jay Sabo, Edward Sabo, Kenneth Sabo, PhD, Frank Sacco, Sohindar Sachdev, PhD, David Sachs, PhD, Thomas Dudley Sachs, PhD, John P Sachs, PhD, Frederick Sachs, PhD, Edgar A Sack, PhD, Marcus Sack, Debrah K Sacrey, William Sacrison, George D Sadler, PhD, J Evan Sadler, PhD, Leon Y Sadler III, PhD, James C Sadler, W Alter Carl Saeman, Alfred Saffer, PhD, Frederick Sagabiel, Jerry F Sagendorf, Harry C Sager, Saghafi, PhD, Faycel L B Said, PhD, M M Said, PhD, George S Sajner, Alexander A Sakhnovsky, Mamdouh M Salama, PhD, Eugene Salamin, Solomon J Salat, Erdjan Salih, PhD, Belinda Salinas, David J Salisbury, Phillip Salitros, Steven Salli, Seppo O Salminen, PhD, Stuart C Salmon, PhD, Wilmar L Salo, PhD, James A Salsgiver, Joe Saltamachia, Mikal E Saltveit, PhD, John Salvador, Tim A Salvati, Robert H Salvesen, PhD, Jay Salwen, MD, Paul Salzman, PhD, Andreas Salzman, PhD, Dominick A Sama, PhD, Richard Sama, George Albert Samara, PhD, R E Sameth, W J Samford, D S Sammis, L C Sammons Jr, MD, Francis L Sammt, Larry Sample, B Samples, Ronald E Samples, Ann G Samples, Charles Sampson, Douglas Sampson, PhD, Edward Samsel, PhD, Frederick E Samson, PhD, Daniel Samson, Robert E. Samuelson, PhD, Mohammad Samiullah, PhD, William Sanborn, Katherine Sanchez, Juan Sanchez, Jose Sanchez, PhD, John F Sandell, PhD, Wm Marion Sandefur, PhD, Eric Sanden, PhD, William A Sander, Fred Sanders, Richard M Sanders, PhD, John Paul Sanders, PhD, Ian A Sanders, Thomas Sanders, Charles Sanders, Jerrell L Sanders, Burton B Sandiford, Andrew Sandorfi, PhD, Michael Sandquist, MD, Michael A. Sandquist, MD, B Sandri, Robt Lee Sandridge, PhD, Wayne M Sandstrom, PhD, Donald J Sandstrom, S. C. Sandusky, Ole A. Sandven, PhD, Gary L Sanford, PhD, H Key Sanford, Robt A Sanford, PhD, Robert M. Sanford, James Sanford, Sam Sangregory, L A Sankpill, John T Sanner, John Sans, PhD, Frank S Santamour, PhD, G S Santi, Alcide Santilli, Miguel A Santos, Mykola Saporoschenko, PhD, Peter K Sappanos, Edward J Sarcione, PhD, A Sam Sarem, PhD, Herbert P Sarett, PhD, Charles Sargent, Dalip K Sarin, Peter T Sarjeant, PhD, Somnath Sarkar, PhD, Lynn Redmon Sarles, PhD, Mark K. Sarlo, Balu Sarma, PhD, Ignacio Sarmina, MD, Mr Cornel Sarosdy, Ronald G Sarrat, D D Saars, Ted L Sartain, Randall Sartorius, Raymond Edmund Sarwinski, PhD, Daryl Sas, PhD, Richard Sasiela, PhD, Joachim Sasse, PhD, George K Sassmann, Frank Satterlee, Hugh Satterlee, PhD, Jerry Satterwhite, Rudolph Sattler, Larry V Satzler, Ralph J Saucier, Alva E. Saucier, Bryan B Sauer, PhD, Sally Saunders, Walt Saunders, Edward A Saunders, PhD, Paul Saunders, Jason Saunderson, PhD, Robert Saute, PhD, Leroy J Sauter, David P Sauter, Jay Sautter, PhD, Lester Rosaire Sauvage, MD, Kelly B. Savage, John D. Savage, Paul Savaryn, MD, Greg Savasky, David R Savello, PhD, Emilio A Savinelli, PhD, Kathleen Kido-Savino, Basil U Savoy, Samuel Sawan, PhD, Thomas Sawarynski, John Sawyer, MD, Frederick Sawyer, PhD, Frederick G Sawyer, PhD, William E Sawyer, Narendra K Saxena, PhD, S C Saxena, PhD, Vinod K Saxena, PhD, George P Saxon, PhD, Razi Saydjari, MD, John Sayen, MD, Gutherie Scaggs, Robt A Scala, PhD, James Scala, PhD, Frank Scalia, PhD, Barrett L Scallet, PhD, Charles J Scanio, PhD, Thomas S Scanlon Jr, Marc A Scarchilli, Paul Scardaville, Michael P Scardera, Lido Scardigli, James R Scarlett, Patrick Scarpitti, MD, Thomas E Scartaccini, Lawrence A Schaal, Gerald L Schad, Henry F Schaefe, PhD, J. M. Schaefenstein, PhD, Frederic C Schaefer, PhD, Mark Schaefer, Howard J Schaeffer, PhD, W A Schaeffer III, Len Schaer, E Brett Schaffer, Simon Schaffel, PhD, Brett Schaffer, Layton Schlafly, MD, Charles L Shackelford, Thomas S Schalk, Robert R Schalles, PhD, James Schammerhorn, Hans Schantz, PhD, Micheal R Schardt, Darrell R Scharf, Richard Scharf, Richard M Scharlach, John F Schatz, PhD, Harvey Schau, PhD, Stephen Schaub, Carl Schauble, PhD, George S Schauf, MD, Kenneth Schechtman, PhD, Larry Schecter, PhD, Gary Scheeser, Howard Scheetz, Randolph Scheffel, Daniel Scheffel, Paul O Scheibe, PhD, J T Scheick, PhD, Frank R Scheid Jr, Francis M Scheidt, PhD, Boris Schein, PhD, Christian Scheindel, Perry A Scheinok, PhD, Frank Schell, MD, Fred M Schell, PhD, Karl A Schellenberg, PhD, Jay Ruffner Schenck, PhD, Gary Schenker, Timothy Wm Schenz, PhD, Roger Scherer, PhD, Erwin Scherich, Allan Scherr, PhD, Joseph Scherzer, MD, L McD Schetky, PhD, Don Ralph Scheuch, PhD, Richard A Scheuing, PhD, Robert J Scheuplein, PhD, Keith J Schiager, PhD, William Schiefler, William Schierholz, Richard Schiewetz, Mark Schiller, MD, Alexander Schilling, PhD, F P Schilling, PhD, Keith Schimmel, PhD, Walter Schimmerling, PhD, Guenter Martin Schindler, PhD, Ray Schindler, Marvin M Schindler, Chester Schink, PhD, Mark A Schinlli, Hassel Charles Schjelderup, PhD, Brent D Schkade, Robert Schlant, MD, Jeffrey Schleher, Schlichting, PhD, Erika Schlueter, PhD, Robert A Schluter, PhD, L E Schmaltz, Robert Schmeck, Edward J Schmeltz, John H. Schmertmann, PhD, Donald Schmid, Rudi Schmid, PhD, David J Schmidle, Frederick Schmidlin, PhD, Werner H Schmidt, Schmidt, PhD, John Schmidt, Timothy Schmidt, Terry Schmidt, Paul Schmidt, Charles Schmidt, Stanley F. Schmidt, PhD, Brian Schmidt, Justin O Schmidt, PhD, Curt C. Schmidt, Earl A Schmidt, George Schmidt, Paul W. Schmidt, Alfred C Schmidt, Clifford L Schmidt, PhD, Ralph Schmidt, Richard A Schmidtke, PhD, Lucien A Schmit, Jr, Edward A Schmitt, Philip L Schmitz, Marcel R Schmorak, PhD, Wm A Schmucker, Alvin Schmucker, Thomas Schmucker, Charles D Schmulbach, PhD, David Schmutzler, Robert C Schnabel, Richard Schneeberger, Robert Schneeflock, John Schneider, Carl Schneider, David Schneider, Charles F Schneider, Jr, Louis I Schneider Jr, Edward G Schneider, PhD, James Schneider, Terril Schneider, MD, William P Schneider, Michael Schneider, PhD, Douglas G Schneider, Howard A Schneider, PhD, Edward P Schneider, John Schneider, PhD, Conrad Schneiker, Lynn Schnell, Michael W. Schnell, J Schneller III, PhD, Erwin Schnetzer, Lewes B Schnitz, Arthur W Schnizer, PhD, David A Schoderbek, Wm R Schoen, Carl P Schoen, PhD, Donald Schoenberg, John L Schoenthaler, Randall Schoenwetter, Richard A Schofield, MD, James G Schofield, George L Schofield Jr, PhD, Helem Schols, Kurt A Scholz, Darryl A Schonacher, Melvin Schonhorst, PhD, Peter H Schoonmaker, Matthew Schor, Rex Schorzman, Oscar Schott, Paul Schrade, Barry P Schrader, Robert Schrader, John L Schrag, PhD, Robert Joseph Schramel, Martin Wm Schramm, PhD, Derek Schramm, William Schrand, Keith Schreck, William Schreiber, PhD, Robert A Schreiber, PhD, Ethan J Schreier, PhD, Albert Wm Schreiner, MD, Felix Schreiner, PhD, Roderic Schreiner, R J Schrior, John L Schroder, Alan Schroeder, Alan D Schroeder, Robert S Schroeder, PhD, Robert G Schroeder, Donald Schroeder, Hartmut Schroeder, PhD, James W Schroeder, Charles Schroeter, William Schrom, Steven E Schroth, Paul K Schubert, Robert Schubring, Walter Schuchard, Russell Schucker, Donald Schuder, John K Schueller, PhD, Herbert A Schueltz, Richard J Schuerger, PhD, Eric Schuetz, Thomas J. Schuetz, Joseph Schufle, PhD, Robt E Schuhmann, MD, Eric Schuler, Theodore A Schuler, George Schuler, Dunell V Schull, Erland M Schulson, PhD, Steve Schulte, PE, D H Schulte, PhD, James J Schultheis, Frederick Schultz, PhD, Thomas A Schultz, Gerald Schultz, Lloyd E Schultz, Robert Schultz, PhD, Charles M. Schultz, Albert B Schultz, PhD, Roland Schultz, PhD, Richard B Schulz, Michael Schulz, Robert Schumacher, Paul Schumacher, Marc G Schurger, Steven R Schurman, Garmond G Schurr, Mark Schusler, George W Schustek, Donald Schuster, Donald Frank Schutz, PhD, Peter T Schuyler, Charles R Schwab, W E Schwabe, Robert E Schwager, Thomas Schwager, John Schwaninger, Ronald L Schwanke, Karl A Schwape, Robert Schwartz, PhD, Henry G Schwartzberg, PhD, Jeffry Schwarz, E J Schwarz, PhD, Jeffrey A. Schwarz, Florian Schwarzkopf, PhD, Gary W. Schwede, PhD, C P Schweikhardt, W L Schweisberger, Otto R Schweitzer, PhD, Mike Schweitzer, MD, Albert E Schweizer, PhD, Frederick A Schweizer, Thomas R Schwerdt, George W Schwert, PhD, Howard Schwiebert, Kevin Schwinkendorf, PhD, Daniel Sciarra, MD, John J Sciarra, PhD, Donald Scifres, PhD, Scofield, PhD, James F Scoggin, PhD, Richard A Scollay, Theodore T Scolman, PhD, Stylianos P Scordilis, PhD, Clive R Scorey, PhD, James A Scott, Samuel Scott, Robert Scott, Richard Scott, Stephen G Scott, John W Scott, PhD, R W Scott, PhD, David F Scott, PhD, Charles N Scott, J O Scott, John F Scott, Ronald E Scott, PhD, Harrison S Scott, C. J. Scott, Deborah J Scott, PhD, Terrence R Scott, Elizabeth Scott, MD, Eugene H. Scott, PhD, Edward L Scram, Michael Screpetis, MD, Paul Scribner, Michael E Scribner, PhD, David H Scriven, D G Scruggs, Scott Scrupski, Walter T Scudder, PhD, Brian E Scully, MD, Carol Seaborn, PhD, James B Seaborn, PhD, Spencer L Seager, PhD, John D Seagrave, PhD, Thom J Seal, Ryan B Seals, Brian Sealy, Chris L Seaman, PhD, William J Seaman, PhD, WH Seaman, Joel K Sears, MD, George Sears, William Sears, PhD, Norman E Sears, Robert D Sears, Paul A Sease, George A Seaver, PhD, Randall J Seaver, J Glenn Seay, Richard D Seba, PhD, Bruce Sebree, PhD, Jack B Secor, PhD, Robert Secor, MD, Joseph Sedberry, PhD, Sederholm, Richard A See, Chuck See, Fred Seeber, PhD, David W Seegmiller, PhD, Ralph W Seelke, PhD, Paul R Seelye, Hal Sefton, Barry Segal, Boris M Segal, MD, Warren G Segelken, PhD, Charles F Seger III, Paul A Seib, PhD, J A Seibt, Mark N. Seidel, PhD, Walter E Seideman, PhD, Lewis S Seiden, PhD, Frank R. Seidl, John Seidle, PhD, Otto F Seidelman, Mark Seifert, PhD, William Edgar Seifert, PhD, Harvey N Seiger, PhD, Robert Seigneur, Fritz A Seiler, PhD, Pat Seintz, John H Seipel, PhD, Jerold A Seitchik, PhD, Robert Seitz, PhD, Ronald Sekellick, Robert Seklemian, James A Selasky, John Selby, Paul B Selby, PhD, Seleem, PhD, Donald M Self, Joe Selle, James M Sellner, Arthur Seltmann, James E Seltzer, PhD, N T Selvey, Harner Selvidge, PhD, Joseph Semak, Maurie Semel, PhD, S Semlinger, Mark Semon, PhD, Richard G Semonin, DW Sencenbaugh, D W Sencenbaugh, Lawrence Seng, Robert Seng, Taze L Senn, PhD, William Sens, Karl A Sense, Phillip Sensibaugh, Lee H Sentman, PhD, James C Sentz, PhD, Alan J Senzel, PhD, Nicholas S Sereno, PhD, Francis G Serio, James B Serrin, PhD, Lisa Servais, Alexander Sesonske, PhD, Timothy A Sestak, William G Setser, Earl Wm Seugling, PhD, Byron R Sever, PhD, Nelson Severinghaus, John Severns, Arlen R Severson, MD, Ordean Steverud, John Sewall, Harry Sewell, PhD, Richard W Sewell, James Sewell, Raymond F Sewell, PhD, Frederick H Sexsmith, PhD, Andrew Sexton, Alan W Sexton, PhD, Frank David Seydel, PhD, Fritiof S Fjostrand, PhD, Charles Shabica, PhD, Willaim Shackleford, PhD, Rowdy L Shaddox, Steven R Shadow, James Shaeffer, PhD, William Shafer, Richard U Shafer, Wayne Shaffer, William L Shaffer, James W Shaffer, Brian Shaffer, G P Shaffner, James Shaffner, David Shah, Mateen Shah, Donald G Shaheen, Arsen A Shahnazarian, John H Shamburger, Michael L Shand, PhD, Shane, Robt E Shank, PhD, James L Shanks Jr, Terry Shannon, John A Shannon, Al M. Shannon, Robert Shantz, PhD, Edward Shapiro, MD, Ralph Shapiro, PhD, Edward K Shapiro, PhD, Anatole Shapiro, PhD, Lloyd S Shapley, PhD, Stephen Sharar, Alan Shapiro, Kenneth N Sharitz, Sharkey, PhD, Kenneth Sharp, James Sharp, Franklin Sharp, Dexter B Sharp, PhD, Sharp, Margaretty Sharp, Grant William Sharpe, PhD, Roland Sharpe, Francis Sharpton, PhD, M L Sharrah, PhD, Clifford J Shaver, Sandy Shaw, Robert Shaw, MD, Steven Shaw, Ian Shaw, Richard Shaw, PhD, Robert Shaw, Elwood R Shaw, Gaylord E Shaw, PhD, Brian S Shaw, Lawrence H Shaw, Stephen Shaw, Warren D Shaw, Stevan M Shaw, PhD, Glenn E Shaw, PhD, Gordon Shaw, Roy W. Shawcroft, PhD, Daniel R Shawe, PhD, S Shayan, John Shea, MD, James J Shea, John J Shea, MD, Dennis Shea, Thomas Sheahen, PhD, W A Sheasin, MD, William Sheasley, PhD, Jennifer P Sheets, Ralph W Sheets, PhD, Joshua Shefer, PhD, TE Sheffield, Robt E Sheffield, Paul Sheil, Daniel H Sheingold, Joseph Sheldon, Ray W Sheldon, Bob Sheldon, Harvey D Shell, PhD, Thomas Shelley, Grant Shelton, Preston Shelton, James Shelton, PhD, George C Shelton, PhD, William Sheman, Shen, Thomas B Shen, PhD, Hao Ming Shen, PhD, Henry A Shenkin, MD, Kent L Shepherd, David P Shepherd, PhD, Raymond L Shepherd, PhD, John Sheport, Moses M Sheppard, PhD, Lawrence Sher, Dan Shereda, Douglas A Sheridan, Peter Sheridan, Jon Sheridan, William Sheriff, Russell Sherman, Matthew M Sherman, Malcolm Sherman, PhD, Gordon Sherman, PhD, Anthony Sherman, PhD, Paul L. Sherman, Douglas Sherman, B Sherrill, Joseph Sherrill, PhD, Frederick A Sherrin, George Sherritt, P Sherry, Dalton Sherwood, Thomas R Sheuenbarger, Wilbert L Shevel, PhD, Dennis Shevlin, PhD, Paul Shewmon, PhD, Chung-Shin Shi, PhD, Shoji Shibata, PhD, Bruce Shields, Robert M Shields Jr, PhD, Kevin J Shields, John B Shiffert, Scott Shifflett, Frederick F Shih, PhD, Avner Shilman, PhD, Don Shimmon, Sung Y Shin, PhD, Vernon J Shiner, PhD, Frank Shinneman, Lee Shiozawa, Calvin Shipbaugh, PhD, Scott T. Shipley, PhD, Charles Wm Shipman, PhD, Ross L Shipman, Wm G Shira, Gene M Shirley, PhD, Joseph A Shirer, Glenn A Shirey, Frank Connard Shirley, PhD, George A Shirn, PhD, Larry Shivak, Kandiah Shivanandan, PhD, Charles Shivers, PhD, Andrew Shkolnik, Neil Shmunes, MD, William Shockley, Gilbert R Shockley, PhD, Richard Shockley, Steve Shoecraft, Steven E Shoelson, PhD, Robert S Shoemaker, Merle D Shogren, Robert L Shone, PhD, Kenneth Shonk, John J Shore III, H Drexel Short, Dale M Short, M A Short, PhD, Ted Short, PhD, Terry Shortridge, MD, James Edward Shottafer, PhD, Adolph C Shotts, John O Shotwell, Martin Shotzberger, Linn T. Shoup, Michael Shourd, Loy William Shreve, PhD, Mark A Shreve, Leo Schrider, Sanjeev Shroff, PhD, Avanti C Shroff, PhD, Patrick J Shuler, PhD, Craig E Shuler, Larry R. Shultis, James C Shults, Charles H Shultz, PhD, Thomas F Shultz, MD, Paul Shultz, Edward F Shumaker, John B Shumaker, PhD, Curtis A Shuman, PhD, Cornwell Shuman, PhD, Richard P Shumway, PhD, Douglas Shumway, Dinah O Shumway, J Shung, PhD, Gary Shupp, Larry D Shuttlesworth, John V Shutze, PhD, Eunice C Shuytema, PhD, Valery Shver, Edwin Shykind, PhD, Barbara Shykoff, PhD, Ronald E Siatkowski, PhD, Mark Sibille, David Sibley, David V Sice, Martin Sichel, PhD, James D Van Sickle, Kurt Sickles, Glenn Sickles, Kent Sickmeyer, Michael Sidor, MD, Dave Seibel, Larry D Siebert, Merlin R Siefken, Steve Seifried, PhD, John P Siegel, MD, Richard W Siegel, PhD, Arthur Siegel, Wm C Siegel, Kent Siegel, Harold Siegele, John Siegenthaler, William Siegfried, Steven M Siegwein, Jerome Siekierski, Richard Ernest Siemens, Ernst Siemoneit, Bruce Siepak, Arnold J Sierk, PhD, Chester P Siess, PhD, Werner E Sievers, Wayne Sievers, PhD, Curtis J Sievert, James Ernest Siggins, PhD, James Sigmon, Carl Signorelli, Charles Signorino, PhD, Samia M Siha, PhD, Henno Siismets, Paavo Siitam, John W Sij, PhD, Michael P Siklosi, PhD, Wade Sikora, Michael Silbergh, Miles Silberman, PhD, Leonard S Silbert, PhD, Lt Col Henry W Silk, Claude W Sill, Richard Sills, John Sills, PhD, Lucila Silva, Marc S Silverman, Herbert Silverman, PhD, J. Silverman, PhD, Walter Lawrence Silvernail, PhD, Joseph D Silverstein, PhD, Richard Sime, PhD, L Simerl, PhD, R John Simic, MD, John Simion, Karl L Simkins, PhD, Val Simmons, PhD, Harold A Simmons, PhD, Joseph H Simmons, E Lee Simmons, MD, Charles Simmons, Wm W Simmons, PhD, Ralph O Simmons, PhD, Carl Simms, John C Simms, PhD, William E Simon, PhD, Gerald Simon, MD, Edward Simon, PhD, RJ Simon, David L Simon, Albert Simon, PhD, Dorothy M Simon, PhD, Walter Simons, Jack Simonton, John Simpson, A Craig Simpson, Robert S Simpson, Chirstopher Simpson, Virgil Simpson, Ray E. Simpson, James D. Simpson, PhD, Craig Simpson, Michael B. Simpson, Randal S. Simpson, Lynn Simpson, Leland Sims, Donald E Sims, Samuel J Sims, PhD, David C Sims, Gordon B Sims, Suman Priyadarshi Harain Sin, PhD, John Sinclair, Robert Sinclair, E L Sinclair, Michael Singer, MD, S Fred Singer, PhD, Robet B. Singer, Raj N Singh, Iqbal Singh, MD, Lal P S Singh, PhD, G Gail Singh, Erwin Single, Vernon L Singleton, PhD, William M Singleton, Kenneth Sinks, Joseph R. Sinner, Lou Di Sioudi, Richard H Sioui, PhD, Herbert H Sipe, PhD, David M Sipe, PhD, J L Sipes, Ernesto Sirvas, Charles C Sisler, Amor Sison, Norman Sissenwine, Wm A Sistrunk, PhD, Mareu A Sitarsici, PhD, Sitarski, PhD, Michael Sitko, PhD, Richard L Sitton, Andrew Sivak, PhD, Michael Sivertsen, Frank Sizemore, Ron Sizemure, Phillip S Sizer, Duane Sjoberg, Gary W Sjolander, PhD, William Skagerberg, Mertonm Skaggs, Harold W Skalka, MD, Riley Skeen, Hugh B Skees, John R Skelley, Jerome P Skelly, PhD, Larry Skelton, Damir S Skerl, Edward L Skidmore, PhD, James G. Skifstad, PhD, Daniel Skinner, MD, Nicholas R Skinner, Dale D Skinner, Terry K Skinner, Leslie D Skinner, Skluzacek, PhD, Earl Skogley, PhD, Alfred Skolnick, PhD, Thomas Skrinar, MD, Lawrence Skromme, Ronald Skufca, MD, Dave Skusa, Bolesh J Skutnik, PhD, Harold T Slaby, PhD, Philip E Slade, PhD, Norman E Sladek, PhD, Thomas Sladek, Robert E Slater, Peter J Slater, PhD, W Roy Slaunwhite, PhD, Nelson Sigman Slavik, PhD, Jon Slaybaugh, Frederick W Slee, PhD, Paul Slepian, PhD, Kenneth Sletten, Jane A Slezak, PhD, Faye Slift, Michele E Slinkard, T Wentworth Slitor, Wm M Sliva, PhD, Bennett Sloan, Nathan H Sloane, PhD, A Slomowitz, Anthony R Slotwinski, Earl R Sluder, PhD, Thomas E Slusher, Harold S Slusher, PhD, Joseph Slusser, Peter J Van Slyke, Arthur L Slyter, PhD, Gilbert Small, PhD, Samuel W Small, Jeffrey S Small, Denny L Small, Robert G Smalley, PhD, G A Smalley, Ralph Smalley, Glen Wm Smalley, PhD, James B Smart, PhD, William Donald Smart, Vera B. Smart, Ronald Smedberg, PhD, Ronald Smelt, PhD, Darryl E Smika, PhD, Robert Smiley, PhD, Douglas E Smiley, Patrick L Smiley, Allan M Smillie, PhD, Francis Smit, Stan Smith, Rick A Smith, Thomas Smith, PhD, Dale Smith, PhD, William H Smith Jr, Joseph C Smith, Bob Smith, Gregory Smith, David L Smith Jr, Milton L Smith, PhD, T J Lee Smith, Delmont K Smith, PhD, Danny Smith, Roger C Smith, George Smith, Wayne Smith, MD, Garry A Smith, PhD, Kevin L Smith, Richard Lloyd Smith, PhD, Nathan L Smith, PhD, B D Smith, William Smith, Bruce Smith, MD, Hayden Smith, Scotty A Smith, Robert Smith, Sherman Smith, James L Smith, PhD, Thomas E Smith, PhD, Ralph E Smith, PhD, Avery Smith, C. Lavett Smith, PhD, Robert L Smith, PhD, Dana L Smith, Joel Smith, MD, Larry Smith, Bryan Smith, Loren Smith, Ron Smith, James R Smith, Norman C Smith, Frederick W Smith, PhD, Ivan K Smith, David A Smith, PhD, William Smith, John E Smith, PhD, Charlee Smith, Paul V Smith, PhD, Mark A Smith, PhD, Louis G Smith, Theodore A Smith, Garmond S Smith, PhD, Paul D Smith, PhD, Bruce G Smith, MD, Tracy Smith, Floyd A Smith, Davey L Smith, Emerson Smith, Donald Smith, B B Smith, Jr, Walter J Smith, Alexander G Smith, PhD, O Lewis Smith Jr, Donna Smith, MD, Percy Lieghton Smith, Maurice Smith, Thomas Lee Smith, Augustine N Smith, H J Smith, PhD, David A Smith, Daniel Smith, Clay T Smith, PhD, Cedric M. Smith, MD, Louis J Smith, Alan Smith, PhD, Bruce W Smith P E, Thane Smith, PhD, S. Clarke Smith, MD, Jeff Smith, Dwayne Smith, Rick Smith, Eric S Smith, Glenn S Smith, Thomas B Smith, Francis Marion Smith, Shofner Smith, R. J. Smith, Michael Smith, Wesley D Smith, PhD, John W Smith, PhD, Ken Smith, Elwin E Smith, Augustin Smith, Deboyd L Smith, Kevin L. Smith, Neil M Smith, Gary Smith, MD, Maynard E Smith, PhD, Marvin F Smith Jr, S. T. Smith, Al Smith, Gilbert H Smith, PhD, Tim Smith, Richard Smith, MD, Herbert L Smith, PhD, Marian J Smith, PhD, James R Smith, Donald A Smith, Craig Smith, Kevin Smith, Tina M. Smith, Roy Smith, Albert Smith, Harvey M Smith, Alice Smith, John R. Smith, PhD, Donald R Smith, PhD, Louis C Smith, PhD, Jay H Smith, PhD, Sam C Smith, PhD, Earl W Smith, PhD, Clara Smith Craver, Eileen Smithers, Smithrud, PhD, G Ray Smithson, Jr, Julie Kay Smithson, Peter Smits, Joseph Smock, James Smook, Tom Smoot, PhD, Bronislaw B Smura, PhD, Robt C Smythe, Snavely, Cloyd A Snavely, PhD, Helen Snedberg, Wallace A Sneddon, MD, Gary Sneed, Billy Sneed, Gary Snell, Gilbert Snell, Jon S Snell, Walter L Snell, Leonard W Snellman, PhD, R. Larry Snider, C R Snider, Ned L Snider, MD, James J Snodgrass, Thomas M Snow, John Snow, Charles Snow, Frank R Snow, William R Snow, PhD, Richard L Snow, PhD, Donald P Snowden, PhD, Warren S Snyder, George Snyder, PhD, Joe Snyder, Robert Snyder, Jack A Snyder, PhD, Glenn Snyder, Nicholas Snyder, Duane Snyder, Fred F C Snyder, Blaine Snyder, Dudley C Snyder, PhD, David Snyder, PhD, William H Snyer, Edna Sobel, MD, Robert Soberman, PhD, Milton A Sobie, Jaroslaw Sobieski, PhD, Bruce Sobol, MD, Laurence R Soderberg, Lisa A Soderberg, Richard C Soderholm, Donld W Soderlund, James R. Soderman, Scott Soderstrom, Dena Soderstrom, Dave A Soerens, PhD, Herman Soifer, R J Sokol, MD, Marc Sokolay, MD, Robert Soley, MD, Jon Sollid, PhD, Lon Solomita, Alan Solomon, MD, H J Soloway, MD, Dennis B Solt, PhD, Charles Somers, Don V. Somers, Andrew P Somlyo, MD, Walter C Somski, Xiaouhi M Song, PhD, Philip Sonleitner, P Sonnet, PhD, Wanda C Soo Young, Quentin F Soper, PhD, Thomas M Sopko, John Sorensen, David P Sorensen, PhD, Brent A Sorensen, Carl D. Sorensen, PhD, James A Sorenson, PhD, Wesley K Sorenson, N K Sorkoram, Danny C Sorrells, John A Soscia, MD, Michael Sosebee, Norman Sossong, PhD, Gerard T. Sossorg, Joseph Sottile, PhD, Armand M Souby, Leo E Soucek, Wallace W Souder, PhD, Chris Soule, Frank E South, PhD, Everett Southam, PhD, William T Southards, Parks Souther, Richard C Southerland, William Southern, PhD, Larry Southwick, Gary W Sova, Edmund Sowa, John R Sowa, PhD, Edward E Sowers, PhD, Darrel H Spackman, PhD, R Spackman, Monique Spaepen, Jon A Spaller, Walter Spangenberg, William Spangenberg, Nicholas M Spanos, William L Sparks, D Paul Sparks Jr, Sparks, PhD, Tom Sparks, Dale Sparling, PhD, Dean Spatz, Richard F Speaker, Paul William Spear, MD, William Spears, Howard C K Spears, Gerald E. Speck, Robert L Speckman, Abraham Spector, PhD, Michael P Spector, PhD, Richard C Spectors, Jack M Speece, Robert R Speers, PhD, Steven Tremble Spees, PhD, John L Speier, PhD, Philip Speir, Aaron B Speirs, Jim Spellman, Anna Spelman, Edward L Spence, PhD, William H Spence, PhD, Kemet Spence, PhD, Daniel Spencer, William Spencer, MD, Brian Spencer, C R Spencer, Charles Spencer, James P. Serber, Richard J Sperley, PhD, William J Spezzano, Charles L Spiegel, Firth Spiegel, MD, Frederick Spielgelberg, Earl Spieles, Lawrence Spielvogel, Felix A Spies, Andrew Spiessbach, PhD, Charles W Spieth, Leroy Spilde, PhD, D Erik Spiller, Leo H Spinar, PhD, Robert Joseph Spinard, PhD, Bill Spindler, Robert F Spink, Joel S Spira, James Spires, Marion E Spitler, Jan J Spitzer, PhD, John G Spitzley, WB Spivey, Paul Spivey, Gary A Splitter, PhD, Marie T Spoerlein, PhD, Norman P Spofford, Ralph J Spohn, PhD, Robert B Spokane, PhD, Harry Spooner, Rock Spraggins, Richard Sprague, Douglas S Sprague, Lucian M Sprague, PhD, John Obert Spreiter, PhD, Alfred C Spreng, PhD, Robert Spriggs, Harry Spring, Robert C Springborn, PhD, Allan Springer, PhD, David T Springer, PhD, Robert H Springer, PhD, Timothy A Springer, PhD, Pete Springsteen, MD, James Kent Sprinkle, J C Sprtsbergen, PhD, G J Sprokel, PhD, Julien C Sprott, PhD, Mark W Sprouls, D Sprowl, PhD, Hugh Sprunt, Eve S Sprunt, PhD, Lindsay E. Spry, Michael Spurlock, PhD, James P Spurrier, Donald P Squier, PhD, Charles F Squire, PhD, Alexander Squire, Gordon Squires, Robert Squires, PhD, James P Srebro, Charles St Jean, Robert M St Louis, Robert M St John, PhD, William Stable, Thomas M. Stabler, Stephen Stack, William Jacob Stadelman, PhD, Edward Stadelmann, PhD, Leon Stadtherr, PhD, Alice Stafford, John Wm Stafford, Harold K Stager, Paul A Stagg, Michael Stahl, MD, Ralph Stahl, Frank B Stahl, Laddie L Stahl, Charles J Stahl III, MD, Mark Stahmann, PhD, Kim W Stahnke, William Stair, PhD, Joseph Staley, Gilbert Stallknecht, PhD, Dennis D Stalmach, Mark A Stalzer, PhD, Michael R Stamatedes, William S Stambaugh, PhD, Charles H Stammer, PhD, Daniel Stamps, Dave Stamy, Gregory E Stanbro, Jr, Raymond Standahar, Norman W Standish, PhD, S M Standish, Lethenual Stanfield, Harvey J Stangel, PhD, J E Stanhopf, Charles Stanich, Frank X Stanish, MD, Bernard Stankevich, Drago Stankovic, Kevin Stanley, William Stanley, Gerald R Stanley, Edward A Stanley, PhD, Robert C. Stanley, Steven Stanley, Robin Stansell, E J Stanton, Peter J Stanul, MD, Glenn Stanwick, Gary M Stanwood, Jerry Staples, Mark A Staples, PhD, Harvey J Stapleton, PhD, Stephen E Stapp, David J Starbuck, Don S Starcher, John Starck, Fred Starheim, PhD, Kelly L Stark, John Stark, James C Stark, PhD, John Starkenberg, PhD, Paul E Starkey, Donn Starkey, Walter Starkey, PhD, Robert J. Starkey, PhD, Roger A. Starner, Chauncey Starr, PhD, Robt I Starr, PhD, Gene Start, Mike Starzer, Jennifer Staszel, Raymond Stata, PhD, Richard R Statton, Herman Statz, PhD, Harrison L Staub, Peter Staudhammer, PhD, Thomas R Stauffer, PhD, Jack Stauffer, Richard D Stauffer, John Staunton, Harold F Staunton, PhD, Ronald Staut, PhD, Frederick L Stead, Jan Steber, John F. Steel, MD, Kathleen P Steele, PhD, Arnold E Steele, Sanford L Steelman, PhD, Kevin J Steen, Richard Steenberg, D E Steeper, Donald N Steer, Albert J Stefan, Karl H Stefan, Vincent Steffen, Neil A Stegent, Stephen N Stehlik, Keith Stehman, William H Steigelmann, Larry Stein, Bob Stein, Bland Stein, Howard Steinberg, PhD, Fred Steinberg, MD, Michael A Steinberg, Morris Steinbert, PhD, Kenneth B Steinbruegge, Charles Steincamp, Gerry Steiner, PhD, G Steiner, PhD, John E Steinhaus, PhD, John Steinhaus, PhD, Harold Stienmeier, Ray L Steinmetz, Theo Steinmeyer, Wm Stekiel, PhD, Frank R Steldt, PhD, Peter Stelos, PhD, Paul Stelzner, William K Stenzel, David G Stephan, PhD, J Stephanoff, Larry C Stephans, Frank Stephens, PhD, Ralph Stephens, Jesse J Stephens, PhD, James O. Stephens, Lou Stephens, P. Stephens, Robert D Stephens, William Stephens, Stuart Stephens, PhD, David A Stepp, Michael Steppe, Stephen M Sterbenz, PhD, James W Sterenberg, Philip J Sterling, G Sterling, Robt L Stern, PhD, John A Stern, Charles A Sternbach, PhD, Sidney Sternberg, Joseph Sternberg, PhD, Rune L Stjernholm, PhD, Alvin Rae Stetson, Milan Steube, Thomas Steven, MD, B Stevens, Harry Stevens, Jr, Howard O Stevens, Robert Stevens, James I Stevens, Jeff Stevens, Scott Stevens, Frank Stevens, James Stevens, M F Stevens, PhD, Wm D Stevens, PhD, Lewis A Stevens, Billy Stevens, Robert L Stevenson, PhD, William C Stevenson, Arthur E Stevenson, Frank J Stevenson, PhD, Mary Stevenson, Robert Stevenson, PhD, Leo M Stevenson, MD, Michael Stevermer, Charles Steward, PhD, William Stewart, PhD, Lester H Steward, MD, Kerry K. Steward, PhD, Mark Stewart, Robert G Stewart, Darryl Stewart, William A Stewart, Harris B Stewart, PhD, Larry Stewart, Carleton C Stewart, Robert J Stewart, William D Stewart, MD, William L Stewart, William A Stewart, MD, Gordon E Stewart, PhD, Homer J Stewart, PhD, Daryl Stewart, Ivan Stewart, PhD, Wm W Stewart, Kent Stewart, Xavier Stewart, PhD, William Stewart, Gary F Stewart, PhD, Paul R. Stewart, Robt B Stewart, G David Stewart, Glenn A Stewart, PhD, Frank D Sticht, Dan Stickel, Truman Stickney, William R Stiefel, Werner K Stiefel, Ron Stieger, Richard H Stienmier, MD, Partick Stiennon, Chris Stier, Fred B Stifel, PhD, Peter B Stifel, PhD, Bernard Stiff, Scott R. Stiger, N Stiglich, Gerald Still, PhD, E N Stillings, David W Stilson, Donald Stilwell, Robert R Stimpson, Howard A Stine, Henry Stinger, Tom Stinnett, Regan Stinnett, PhD, Richard Stinson, PhD, Donald L Stinson, PhD, Louis Stipp, Donald L Stivender, Edward H Stobart, Richard Stock, C Chester Stock, PhD, Geo J Stockburger, PhD, Richard C Stocke, Leo W Stockham, PhD, Ralph F Stockstad, Norman D Stockwell, PhD, E F Stockwell Jr, Bruce Stoddard, Larry Stoehr, Dan Stoelzel, Bill Stoeppel, James O Stoffer, PhD, Robert L Stoffer, PhD, G Stohrer, PhD, Vojislav Stojkovic, PhD, Theresa D Stokeld, Kim Stoker, Dana D Stokes, Joseph B. Stokes, Jr., MD, Herschel E Stoller, MD, Leonard Stoloff, Norman S Stoloff, PhD, Philip Stolp, Gustav Stolz Jr, Robert T Stolzle, Glen A Stone, PhD, David Stone, Howard Stone, PhD, Richard Stone, PhD, Wm H Stone, William Stone, Tony Stone, W Ross Stone, PhD, Sam Stone, Sandy Stone, John G Stone, Robert M Stone, PhD, Robert C Stone, Jr, William Stoneman, MD, Robert Stones, PhD, Barbara Stonestreet, MD, David Stong, PhD, Michael Storer, James R Storey, Richard Storey, William T Storey, Robson Storey, PhD, John S Storges, PhD, Bob Storkman, Charles L Storrs, PhD, P Doug Storts, Clara A Storvick, PhD, Gregory J Story, Arthur L Story, Glenn E Stout, PhD, Dennis E Stover, PhD, Stewart P Stover, Edward J Stoves, William R Stowasser, Nathan Stowe, Carole N Stowell, David Stowell, Richard Strachan, PhD, Kenneth J Stracke, Charles L Strain, Catherine Strain, Robert A Straker, Dean Strand, David Strand, Randy E Strang, P Stransky, Vladimir Straskraba, Thomas F Stratton, PhD, W R Stratton, PhD, James F Stratton, PhD, Stephen A Straub, PhD, William Straub, Robert L Straube, PhD, William Straughan, PhD, Joe M Straus, PhD, Roger W Strauss, PhD, Robert R Strauss, PhD, James R Strawn, Gary D Streby, E. Whitman Strecker, Edward A Streed, Robert L Street, PhD, Sharon R Streight, PhD, George Strella, Edgar F Stresino, Theron L Strickland, James S Strickland, PhD, Edward Strickling, PhD, Eldon D Strid, Sarah T Strinden, PhD, Glen E Stringham, PhD, Bruce C Strnad, PhD, D H Strobel, Geo L Strobel, PhD, Walter Strohecker, Charles Strohkirch, PhD, John J Strojek, Forrest C Strome, PhD, David H Strome, PhD, Herbert D Strong Jr, William J Strong, PhD, Alan E Strong, PhD, Alan Strong, PhD, Allen Strother, PhD, Wilfred Stroud, Rolland E Stroup, Mark W Strovink, PhD, James E Strozier, Mike Strub, PhD, Malcolm K Strubhar, Kirk Struce, Wilfried Struck, Arthur Struempler, PhD, Jeffrey Sturm, WL Strunk, Duane H Strunk, M. Howard Strunk, Harold Strunk, PhD, Dick Strusz, John H Struthers, Henry Stry, Ralph E Styring, Roger G Stuart Jr, MD, Robert J. Stuart, Warren Stubblebine, PhD, Robert Stubblefield, PhD, T Elton Stubblefield, PhD, John Stubbles, PhD, C D Stuber, PhD, Roger D Stuck, Ben G Studebaker, Alan M Stueber, PhD, David O Stuebner, John Stueve, Doug Stueve, Mark Stuever, Dale Stukenholtz, PhD, Justin Stull, Gary Stumbaugh, Eugene C Stump, PhD, Warren R Stumpe, Robert Stupp, Jerry D Sturdivant, G. Sturges, Victor F Sturm, Donadl Sturmer, George Sturmon, Eric Stusnick, PhD, Eric Stutes, K Stutler, Jacob W Stutzman, PhD, Bill Styer, James W Styler, Wen Su, PhD, Felipe Suarez, Francis Suarez, Daniel Subach, PhD, Subraman, Bala Subramaniam, PhD, Marek A. Suchecek, PhD, Jack A Suddreth, Mark A Suden, Bob Suga, MD, Leonard R Sugerman, John T Suggs Jr, James Suggs, Raymond W Suhm, PhD, John Sulkowski, Daniel T Sullivan, Bruce Sullivan, John F Sullivan, John E Sullivan, Thomas J Sullivan, PhD, Richrad Sullivan, David Sultana, J Michael Summa, PhD, Charles Summers, Jeffrey Summers, MD, Donald L Summers, Wayne Summons, Andrew D Sun, MD, Xingping Sun, PhD, Kent Sundell, PhD, Norman Sunderlin, Sherman Archie Sundet, PhD, Harold Sungren, Frank J Suneseri, Joe Supan, Donald Supkow, PhD, Kevin W Sur, Michael Surgeary, Harry Surkalo, Edward J Suskis, Michael Susko, PhD, Bob Sutaria, Charles Suter, Vane Suter, Wm R Suter, G Russell Sutherland, Earl C Sutherland, PhD, Mark E Sutherlin, Edward Sutich, James A. Sutphen, Tommy Sutton, James L Sutton, E W Sutton, Christine Sutton, MD, William D Sutton, Jordan L Sutton, Thomas C Sutton, PhD, Todd W Sutton, Soren Suver, Frederick H Suydam, PhD, Howard K Suzuki, PhD, James A Svetgoff, Karl Svoboda, Lawrence R Swain, Robert Swain, Frederick M Swain, PhD, Richard Swainbank, PhD, David Swan, Archer D Swank, Gordon A Swann, PhD, Skip Swanner, Vernon Swanson, Arden W Swanson, Einar Swanson, Jon R Swanson, PhD, Robert M Swanson, Brian M Swanson, Robert Swanson, Robert N Swanson, Thomas Swanson, William Swart, Donald Swartz, MD, R Kent Swedlund, MD, Christopher Sweeney, Peter Sweeney, William A Sweeney, PhD, Vincent P Sweeny Jr, Jerry Sweet, PhD, Ronald L Sweet, PhD, J A Sweet, Don Sweitzer, John H Swendig, Joseph W Swenn, Richard Swenson, Hilmar Swenson, PhD, Peter Swerling, PhD, Monte Swetnam, Don E Swets, R P Swift, PhD, Robinson M Swift, PhD, Elizabeth D Swiger, PhD, Carey Swihart, Gary Swindell, Donald M Swingle, PhD, Ronald J Swinko, Chauncey M Swinney, PhD, Tony E Swisher, Charles J Swize, Ramon Sy, MD, James R Sydow, Donald E Sykes, PhD, Burton L Sylvern, Robert A Sylvester Jr, Ronald E Symecko, Ronald Symens, John Synowiec, PhD, Leif Syrstad, James Szabo, MD, S S Szabo, PhD, Ronald J Szaider, Andrew Szalay, Danuta Szalecka, Wojciech Szalecki, PhD, Steven Szambaris, BJ Szappanyos, MD, Joseph Szczesniak, MD, Joseph Szurek, Boleslaw Szymanski, PhD, Edwin Szymanski, PhD, Henry Szymanski
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers T


Lars Taavola, Widen Tabakoff, PhD, Jerry L Tabb, Virginia T Tabib, MD, Charles E Tackels, Delley Tafel, PhD, Allen C Taffel, William R Taft, David Taft, PhD, Barrett L. Taft, J M Tagg, Keith A Taggart, PhD, Saeed Taherian, PhD, Samuel Taimuty, PhD, Gerald Tait, B A Tait, PhD, Alvin W Talash, PhD, Willard L Talbert, PhD, Thomas F Talbot, PhD, Michael Talbot, Donald R Talbot, J S Talbot, David R. Tallant, PhD, Russell Talley, Larry Talley, PhD, Richard F Tallini, Jim Tallon, Katherine Talluto, PhD, Edward Talmage, MD, John Talpas, Alan W Tamarelli, PhD, Daniel J Tambasco, PhD, Louis A Tamburino, PhD, Ajit C Tamhane, PhD, Lukas Tamm, PhD, Nixon De Tamowsky, David Tan, MD, Kim H Tan, PhD, John Tanaka, PhD, Darrell G Tangman, Peter E Tannenwald, PhD, Orey Tanner, Robert Tanner, Wm F Tanner, PhD, John P Tanner, P E, J Alden Tansey, Rita Tao, Daniel Tao, PhD, Waino A Tapale, Frederick D Tappert, PhD, Armen Charles Tarjan, PhD, Nixon De Tarnowsky, John Tarpley, Charles M Tarr, Jeffrey Tarrand, MD, M J Tarrillion, William J Tarver, MD, Tom Tasselmyer, Jerry Tastad, Gordon E Tate, Suren A Tatulian, PhD, Milton A Taves, PhD, Richard Taw, MD, James S Taylor, PhD, James Taylor, PhD, Michael K Taylor, William Taylor, MD, Gordon E Taylor, Harold L Taylor, PhD, Donald E Taylor, C L Taylor, James A Taylor, Harold M Taylor, PhD, Eugene W Taylor, David Taylor, Paul J Taylor, PhD, Edward Taylor, Doug Taylor, John J Taylor, Ben E Taylor, Douglas H Taylor, PhD, James Taylor, MD, Larry R. Taylor, Ben Taylor, Ben E. Taylor, George H. Taylor, Byron Taylor, John E Taylor, PhD, Richard Taylor, PhD, Lester Taylor, Steve Taylor, Richard Tebbs, Robert Techo, PhD, Stephen Tedore, Stephen W Tehon, PhD, Edward Teitel, MD, Philip Teitelbaum, PhD, Dentz Tek, MD, John W Telford, PhD, Edward Teller, PhD, RH Temple, PhD, Robert W Temple, Robert Templeton, Robert E Teneick, PhD, David A Teneyck, Lee C Teng, PhD, Jeffrey Tennant, PhD, David M Tennent, PhD, Martha Tennent, Wilton R Tenney, PhD, Harold Tenney, Aubrey Tennille, PhD, Richard Tennille, Lowell G Tensmeyer, PhD, Michael Teodori, MD, Thomas Tepas, Joseph Teplick, MD, Emanuel Tepper, Joyce Tepper, Kenneth J Terbeek, PhD, Aram Terchunian, Victor Terrana, PhD, Ronald L Terrel, PhD, Daniel V Terrell III, RD Terry, PhD, Richard L Terry, Glenn A Terry, PhD, Tim Terry, Steven Terwilliger, George Terwilliger, PhD, Earl Tessem, Lou Testa, W G Teubner, Marvin Teutsch, Richard Tew, PhD, Sant S Tewari, PhD, Ram Tewari, PhD, Michael M Thacker, Raymond Thacker, PhD, Michael Thaker, Warren A Thaler, PhD, Tim L Thamm, William N Thams, Johsua M Tharp Jr, Carol Tharp, MD, Walter E Thatcher, PhD, John Thebo, John L Thein, Eugene Theios, Brenda Theis, Don Theis, Jerold H Theis, MD, Sean Theisen, MD, Wayne Therrell, Richard C Theuer, PhD, C Brent Theurer, PhD, Matthew A. Thexton, William Thickstun, PhD, Lawrence Thieben, Gregory Thiel, Thomas Thiel, Lawrence Euegene Thielen, Vernon J Thielmann, PhD, Otto G Thilenius, PhD, John D Thirkill, Kris V Thiruvathukal, PhD, James Thissell, Steve Thomas, Edward F Thode, PhD, Kendall U Tholstrom, David K Thom, Richard W Thoma, PhD, Dean Thomas, A D Thomas, Dudley G Thomas, Edward S Thomas, PhD, Stan Thomas, PhD, Gerald Thomas, PhD, Charles Thomas, Jr, PhD, James Thomas, John P Thomas, MD, Richard Thomas, PhD, J Todd Thomas, Gordon A Thomas, PhD, Forrest D Thomas, PhD, Marlin U Thomas, PhD, Garfield J Thomas, James L Thomas, Kevin L. Thomas, J P Thomas, PhD, Martin J Thomas, PhD, Jerry Thomas, James Thomas, PhD, John B Thomas, John Thomas, William H Thomason, PhD, L T Thomasson, Kenneth A Thompson, Wm B Thompson, PhD, Richard D Thompson, Richard W Thompson Jr, Greg Thompson, MD, Ellen Thompson, Zack Thompson, Mary Thompson, PhD, Grant Thompson, PhD, Philip Thompson, Robert R Thompson, PhD, Ted Thompson, Joseph Thompson, Ned Thompson, Tommy Thompson, PhD, Warren Thompson, Donald C Thompson, MD, Elton R Thompson, Robert H Thompson, PhD, Christina Thompson, John Thompson, PhD, Richard Thompson, PhD, Herbert B Thompson, PhD, Edwin Thompson, James R Thompson, PhD, Richard Thompson, Glenn Thompson, PhD, Richard Thompson, Seth J. Thompson, J Christy Thompson, Ralph N Thompson, Charles S. Thompson, Kent Thompson, Warren Thompson, PhD, Thomas Thompson, PhD, Louis Thompson, PhD, Timothy R Thompson, Leslie Thompson, Betty Thompson, Donald Thompson, MD, David B. Thompson, PhD, Gerald E. Thompson, Ramie H Thompson, Wm O Thompson, PhD, Jack Thompson, Neal P Thompson, PhD, Louis M Thompson, PhD, W Thompson, Michael B Thomsen, Walter W Thomsen, L H Thomson, Howard Thomson, Ker C. Thomson, Kenneth C. Thomson, PhD, Eyvind Thor, PhD, G J Thorbecke, PhD, Michael Thorlain, Henry Thorland, Charles Thorman, PhD, George W Thorn, MD, Craige Thorn, PhD, Francis Thorne, PhD, Billy J Thorne, PhD, William J Thornhill, Richard Thornhill, James A Thornhill, AE Thornton, Alan Thornton, J O Thornton, T Thornton, Ruth D Thornton, PhD, Thomas Thornton, Robert L Thornton, Robert Thornton, PhD, J. Claiborne Thornton, David Thornton, Thomas Thorpe, John R Thorson, Arnold W Thorton, PhD, Purvis Thrash, Dennis L Thrasher, MD, Charles Eugene Threadgill, Richard Threet, PhD, Jack Threet, Peter E Throckmorton, PhD, Mike L Thronburg, Lewis J Throop, PhD, Leslie W Trowbridge, PhD, Henrik C Thurfjell, Ben Thurman, MD, Jim Thurman, Lee F Thurner, David B Thurston, J Bradley Thurston, MD, Richard Thwaitis, John G Thweatt, PhD, Rory Tibbals, Thomas Tibbels, MD, Elmer L Tibbetts Jr, Melinda Tichenor, Pat T. Tidwell, MD, Pat Tidwell, MD, Eugene D Tidwell, Albert W Tiedemann, PhD, Bruce Tiemann, PhD, Michael M Tierney, Gary Tietjen, Jon Tiger, Patricia Tigges, Thomas Tighe, Larry Tilis, MD, Calvin O Tiller, Frank M Tiller, PhD, William A Tiller, PhD, Arthur T. Tiller, Bryan M Tilley, Jennifer L Tillman, Henry C Tillson, PhD, Richard Timberlake, Torke E Timell, PhD, William Timm, Ronald W Timm, Jacob Timmers, Richard Timmons, PhD, Darrol H Timmons, PhD, E. Timson, Clarence N Tinker, Wilfred Tinney, Samuel W Tinsley, PhD, Richard H Tinsman, Craig Tips, Clyde R Tipton, William R Tipton, A C Tipton, MD, Merlin Tipton, Herbert G Tiras, Pe, Paul E Tirey, John A Tirpak, MD, William H Tisler, Spencer R Titley, PhD, Charles Titus, Robert W Titus, Frederic E Titus, Dudley S Titus, PhD, Sarah Tjioe, PhD, Michael Tjoelker, MD, Arthur R Tobey, PhD, James Tobey, Stephen W Tobey, PhD, Robert A Tobey, PhD, Joseph J Tobias, Joseph D Tobiason, PhD, Kerry Tobin, Michael W Tobrey, James P Todd, Glen C Todd, PhD, Robert M Todor, Michael J Toffan, Brent Tolend, PhD, Norman Tolk, PhD, Douglas M Tollefsen, PhD, Manolis M Tomadakis, PhD, Kurt Toman, PhD, John Toman, Thomas B Tomasi, MD, James Tomberlin, Kevin Tomera, MD, J Tomkin, PhD, Randy Tomkins, John Toney, William Harry Tonking, PhD, Daniel Tonn, PhD, Brian P Tonner, PhD, Steven A Tonsfeldt, PhD, Fred Toole, John Toomay, Arthur J Toompas, George Tope, Luis A Topete, Vladimir P Torchilin, PhD, Wilfred E Toreson, PhD, Calvin D Tormanen, PhD, Carlos Toroes, Joseph Torosian, Peter J Torvik, PhD, Mary E Totaro, John Toth, MD, Ildiko Toth, PhD, Paul E Toth, Robert Totusek, PhD, Mike Touchinski, Charles J Touhill, PhD, James E Toups, MD, Mills Tourtellotte, Donald R Tourville, PhD, Laura L Tovo, PhD, Lawrence Towell, David C Tower, MD, Sargent N Tower, D A Towner, Lawrence E Townley, Roger Townsend, John A Townsend, Phinn Townsend, Marjorie R Townsend, Donald F Towse, PhD, Terrence J Toy, PhD, Peter Toynbee, Randall K Tozer, MD, Anthony Trabue, MD, Joseph C Tracy, PhD, Ed Trahan, Ralph Trambarulo, PhD, Rex Trammell, George T Trammell, PhD, Zimg Tran, PhD, T C Trane, Robert Trapasso, MD, John H Trapp, James B Trapp, Tim Trapp, Ann Trappey, Frank R. Trask, John Traub, Robert Trauger, Dale Traupman, Mitchell Trauring, Del Traveller, William Brailsford Travers, PhD, M.J. Travers, Jeffrey Travis, George E Travis, Francis Travis Jr, B V Traynor, Leora Traynor, MD, O E Trechter Jr, Bernard A. Tree, John D Trelford, MD, Felix Rodriguez Trelles, PhD, Harvey Trengove, D H Trenscell, James Trenz, Joseph M Tretter, J Trevino, Jeffrey C Trewella, PhD, David Triana, R G Tribble, Leland F Tribble, PhD, Willard B Tribble, Mark Tribby, Wm W Trigg, PhD, Kenneth J Trigger, Robert B Trimble, PhD, Glover B Triplett, PhD, Edwin P. Tripp, Harshad Trivedi, Charles F Trivisoono, Tom Troester, Joseph M. Tropp, John S Troschinetz, Francois D Trotta, MD, J Michael Trotter, John Trotter, Troupe, PhD, Leoard L Trout, Charles V Troutman, James Trow, PhD, John Parks Trowbridge, MD, C E Trowbridge, Wade Troxell, PhD, G I Troyer, Alvah F Troyer, PhD, Richard A Trudel, Judith L Truden, PhD, Harris True, Jerry A True, HA Trueblood, Patricio Eduardo Trujillo, John Trulio, PhD, Gerald Trygstad, Richard Trzupek, Larry Trzupek, PhD, Jane Tsai, Nicholas Tsambassis, MD, Min- Fu Tsan, PhD, Dah W Tsang, PhD, A Tschaeche, Tai Po Tschang, MD, Walter R Tschi, PhD, Manuel Tsiang, PhD, Stephen Tsingas, W Daivd Tucker, Robert Tucker, PhD, B C Tucker, Richard Tucker, Mary Ann Tucker, Billy Bob Tucker, PhD, Roy A Tucker, Daniel Tudor, PhD, Stela Tudoran, MD, Paul Tueller, PhD, Leland W Tufts, Robert J Tuite, PhD, Bryan Tullis, J Paul Tullis, PhD, James M Tully, E H Tumlinson, Lee A Tune Jr, Donald Tuomi, PhD, Peter Turbett, James B Turchik, MD, William A Turcotte, Richard Turiczek, Albert Turk, Robert L. Turk, MD, James H Turk, MD, Natasha Turkai, Anthony Turkevich, PhD, Kenneth Turnbull, MO Turner, Steven G Turner, Alistair R Turner, Ella V Turner, PhD, William Turner, PhD, Thomas Turner, Brian Turner, David Turner, MD, Alvis G Turner, PhD, Rick Turner, Manson D Turner, PhD, Dwight J Turner, Marion O. Turner, Dennis Turner, Robert E Turner, PhD, John Charles Turner, PhD, Michael D Turner, E Brent Turnipseed, PhD, William Turpish, Joseph Tutak, E W Tuthill, MD, Kenneth L Tuttle, PhD, Henry A. Tuttle, Frank M Tuttle, Ben Tuval, Partick Tuzinski, David Tweedy, Arthur G Tweet, PhD, Ian C Twilley, PhD, James Twohy, Knorad T Wu, PhD, Somdev Tyagi, PhD, Ed Tyczkowski, PhD, Tony Tye, Tyler, PhD, James Tyler, Lynn D Tyler, PhD, Edmund E Tylutki, PhD, David Tyson, John Tysseling
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Herbert M S Uberall, PhD, Alfred H Uhalt Jr, George Uhlig, PhD, John H Uhran, PhD, John L Uhrie, PhD, Bobby L. Ulich, PhD, Joseph J Ulliman, PhD, William Ullom, MD, William Ullom, Geo W Ullrich, Alexander Ulmer, Phil Ulmer, James J Ulmes, E H Ulrich, David J Ulsh, L T Umfleet, Charles Umhey, MD, Kathleen Umstead, Glenn Underhill, PhD, John D Underwood, Paul W Unger, PhD, Konstanty F. von Unrug, PhD, Joseph Unthank, PhD, Randall Unthank, Erik Unthank, Simon Upfill-Brown, Chester R. Upham, J E Upton, Randy Uranes, Robert Urban, MD, Ronald T Urbanik, John Urdea, Wm A Uricchio, PhD, George Uriniuk, Dave Uscheek, Noble R Usherwood, PhD, Randal Utech, A L Utesch, Donna Utley, PhD, Raj B Uttamchandani, MD, O Manuel Uy, PhD, Johannes Uys, PhD
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers V

Norman A Vaa, Duane Vaagen, Richard Vacherot, Charles F Vachris, James Vacik, PhD, J O Vadeboncoeur, Richard Vaeth, P Roy Vagelos, MD, Larry D Vail, PhD, John A. Vaillancourt, MD, J. Peter Vajk, PhD, Kyriake U Valassi, PhD, Laura Valdes, William P Vale, Mark W. Valentine, MD, Siva Vallabhaneni, Bernard Vallerga, Oriol T Valls, PhD, Marius P Valsamis, MD, Vida Vambutas, PhD, Rheenen B Van, PhD, William P Van, PhD, Horn H H Van, PhD, Strien R E Van, PhD, John H Van Aken, John Van Amringe, Willard Van Asdall, PhD, Eugenia Van Bork, Theodore Van Bruggen, PhD, William Van De Stadt, Albert Van Der Kloot, Van Domelen, Bruce Harold, PhD, Edward Van Drunen, Clayton Van Hall, PhD, Wendell A Van Hook, C.D. Van Houweling, PhD, Ruth Van Knapp, Alan Van Lair, PhD, James R Van Meter, Wayne Van Meter, PhD, Dominique Van Nostrand, John A. Van Order, Donald O Van Ostenburg, PhD, Raymond Van Pelt, Richard J Van Pelt, Earl Van Reenan, Jacob Van Roekel, Don Van Schenck, MD, C Gordon Vanarman, PhD, Willliam Vanarsdale, PhD, Steve Vanata, C Kenneth Vance, Richard A Vandame Jr, John L. Vandeberg, PhD, Vandemerwe, PhD, Vern C Vanderbilt, PhD, Job Vanderbliek, Chris J Vandermaas, Thomas H Vanderspurt, PhD, William Vandersteel, Jerry G Vandertuig, PhD, John Warren Vanderveen, Donald Vandervelde, Christina Vandervende, PhD, James M Vanderwiele, R V Vandewoestine, PhD, Sam Vandivort, Brian S Vandrak, Tina K Vandyk, Richard M Vaneffen, PhD, David H Vanhise, Walker S Vaning, Vito A Vanoni, PhD, Naoloa Vanorden, PhD, Richard Vanriper, Jerry Vanseckle, Gordon H. Vansickle, Tim Vanwyngarden, Larry Vardiman, PhD, Nancy Vardiman-Hall, Richrad S. Varga, Steven W Vargo, PhD, John A Varhola, George C Varner, PhD, Michael O Varner, Lawrence J Varnerin, PhD, William York Varney, PhD, James E Varnon, PhD, Perry H Vartanian, PhD, Stanley S. Vasa, Mihal Vasilache, John R Vasko, MD, Gregory S Vassell, Andreas H Vassiliou, PhD, Bangalore S Vasu, PhD, Marc Vatin, MD, Robert Dahlmeier Vatine, PhD, Steve Vatovec, Otha H Vaughan Jr, Joe E Vaughan, PhD, William W Vaughan, PhD, T. D. Vaughan, Wm Walton Vaughan, PhD, Jeffrey L. Vaughn, PhD, James Vaughn, King F Vaughn, Joseph C Vaughn, Thomas E Vaught, Jaroslav Vaverka, PhD, Eva Vavrousek-Jakuba, PhD, Steven Vawter, Darrell A Veach, Delton E Veatch, Sidney E Veazey, PhD, Thomas M Veazey, PhD, William Vecere, William A Veech, PhD, Richard Veghte, Karl F Veith, PhD, Rodney D Veitschegger Jr, MD, Theodore E Veltfort, Steve Venner, Anthony Venson, PhD, Deadaws Ventures, PhD, Bruce Veralli, Carl J Verbanic, PhD, Anthony J Verbiscar, PhD, John R Vercellotti, PhD, Larry Verdier, Karl Verebey, PhD, Laval Verhalen, PhD, Roger F Verhey, PhD, J D Vermaelen, David Vermilyea, John D Silvernail, William Vernetson, PhD, Vernon G Vernier, MD, James Vernier, MD, Lonnie W Vernon, PhD, Vernon Preston, Richard Vernotzy Sr, George Veronis, PhD, Ralph W Vertrees, Shane Vervoort, MD, Jim Vess, Mr. Peter Vessella, Harry A Vest, Ron Vesterby, James Ira Vette, PhD, Louis Vettese, Erich Veyul, Marc Vezeau, Vic Rigley, Charles Vice, Steven G Vick, Richard P. Vickerman, Keith V. Vickers, James H Vickers, Kent Vickie, Edward J Vidt, Frederick L Vieck, Richard A Vierling, PhD, Thomas P Viggiano, Lilly Vigil, Stanley Viglione, L L Vigoren, Roberto Villaverde, PhD, Keith Vilseck, Roy E Vincik, James D Vine, Herbert M Vines, PhD, Alfred Viola, PhD, Luciano Virgili, PhD, Richard J Virshop, R Visser, Robert L Vitek Sr, Kalman N Vizy, PhD, Russell C Vlack, Doug Vliet, M. Douglas Vliet, George Vockroth, Nickolas Voegtly, C J Voelkel, Dennis E Voelker, C L Voellinger, George L Voelz, MD, Richard W Vogel, James Vogel, Roger F Vogel, Ltc John F Vogel, Bill Vogel, Henry Vogel, PhD, Peter J Vogelberger, Karl Vogler, PhD, Gary Vogt, Paul Vogt, William Voigt, Peter Vokac, James Vogler, PhD, Philip A. Volker, Staci Voll, James Vollmer, PhD, Cory Vollmer, Gert P J Volpp, PhD, Jim Volz, Paul A Volz, PhD, James Vomocil, PhD, Hans Von Amsberg, PhD, Eugene Von Rosenberg, Karl Vonderlinden, PhD, Frederick Vonkaenel, Charles T Vono, Howard Voorhees, PhD, Norman Vorchheimer, PhD, Max R. Vordenbaum, Frederick H Vorhis, Donald L Voss, Carroll Voss, Deone Voss, Edward W Voss, PhD, Susan Voss, PhD, Mike Vossen, Frederick C. Vote, George Vourvopoulos, PhD, John C Vredenburgh, Daniel Vrudny, Duc Vu, Don C. Vu, Vladeta Vuckovic, PhD
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers W


Gerald N Wachs, MD, Lois Wachtman, Robert Wade, PhD, Glen Wade, PhD, Thomas J Wade, PhD, Robert Wade, James Wade, PhD, John C. Wade, Steven R. Wade, PhD, David Wadner, PhD, William Wadsworth, Jerome A Waegli, PhD, Allan G Waelchli, Salome Gluecksohn Waels, PhD, Salome G Waelsch, PhD, Ronald E Waggener, PhD, Susan M Waggoner, Daivd Wagie, Mark Wagner, MD, A R Wagner, David Wagner, Orvin Edson Wagner, PhD, Darrell E Wagner, Edward Wagner, Kenneth E Wagner, MD, Ronald D Wagner, Anne M Wagner, Alfred Wagner, James Wagner, Roy C. Wagner, Charles F. Wagner, MD, Frederick Wm Wagner, PhD, Charles J Wagner, Richard J Wagner, PhD, Raymond S Wagner, Ed Wagner, Marvin L Wagoner, Phillip Wahl, MD, David Wahl, David Wahl, PhD, Chien Moo Wai, PhD, Charles R Waine, Harold V Wait, Richard I Waite Jr, Jack Wakeland, John Wakeman, PhD, Wm D Wakley, PhD, F A Walas, Kim A Walbe, W B Walcott, R. Stephen Waldeck, Brian E Waldecker, PhD, Mike Wadlington, Mark Waldron, Richard Wales, Robert C Walish, Rodger Walker, Patrick D Walker, MD, William C Walker, PhD, Rodger Walker, Grace Walker, MD, Jeff Walker, Phelps A Walker, J David Walker, William W Walker, PhD, Harry M Walker, PhD, Richard D Walker, PhD, Woodville J Walker, William Delany Walker, PhD, James David Allan Walker, PhD, John A Walker, Russell W Walker, PhD, John C Walker, William T. Walker, Arden L. Walker, Joe A Walker, Jerry C Walker, PhD, John Walker, John W. Walker, Patrick M Walker, P David Walker, Jimmy N Walker, Haven N Wall Jr, MD, Francis Wall, PhD, JL Wallace, Raymond H Wallace, David R Wallace, David W Wallace, MD, Edwin G Wallace, PhD, Chestor A Wallace, PhD, Clifton O Wallace Jr, Michael Wallace, James P Wallace, Tom S Wallace, John Wallace, Lynn Wallace, Brent Wallace, Wm E Wallace, Jr, Henry Waller, Rex A Waller, James Waller, PhD, Richard Wallin, Richard C Walling, Wm Walls, Joel D Walls, PhD, William N Wally, Laurie Walrod, Timothy J Walsh, Robert Jerome Walsh, Walter M Walsh Jr, PhD, John K Walsh, Kevin Walsh, Kevin K Walsh, Donald K Walter, James Walter, John F Walter, PhD, Max G Walter, MD, James C Walter, William T Walter, Robert F Walter, PhD, Michael D Walters, PhD, Robert Walters, Joseph Walters, MD, W A Walther Jr, John Walther, Arthur E Waltking, R B Walton, PhD, George G Walton, Wilber Walton, Douglas L Walton, Theo R Walton, PhD, Paul J Waltrup, PhD, J A Waltz, Donald M Waltz, Maynard C Waltz, Donad Wambaugh, James E Wanamaker, Graham Wand, Bohdan I Wandzura, Zhijing Wang, PhD, David Y Wang, PhD, Jie Wang, PhD, Hsueh Hwa Wang, MD, Frederick F Wangaard, PhD, David Wanhatalo, Mansukhlal C Wani, PhD, R Wanke, PhD, James Wanliss, PhD, Evelyn K Wantland, PhD, Diane Ward, W Steven Ward, MD, T G Ward, Jr, Alva C Ward, Roscoe F Ward, PhD, Ward, Robert S Ward, Kevin Ward, Edward H Ward, PhD, Howard C Ward Jr, Brent Ward, Quinten E. Ward, Lew Ward, Dale Ward, John Ward, PhD, Douglas E Ward, PhD, John B Wardell, John F Wardle, PhD, Charlene L Wardlow, Ronald S Wardrop, John F Ware, Jeff Ware, Dennis Wariner, Richard C Waring, W C Warlick, Kenneth Warlick, Ross Warner, Jim Warner, Edward Warner, Don Warner, PhD, Darrell G Warner, Meredith Warner, Brian Warner, Robert A. Warner, Jon. H. Warner, Mont Marcellus Warner, PhD, SW Warner, Jr, James A Warnhoff, William Warnock, Norman R Warpinski, PhD, Bruce Warren, Raymond Warren, Clifford A Warren, F J Warren, Bruce Warren, Frank Warren, Jr., Zahir U Warsi, PhD, L W Warzecha, Lawrence Warzel, PhD, Harry Washburn, Robert Washburn, Halbert Washburn, Stephen S Washburne, PhD, George Wasko, H Waslik, PhD, Frederick H Wasserman, Richard Wasserman, MD, Maurice Wassmann, G S Wassum, Calude G Wasterlain, PhD, Glenn Wasz, C Watanakunakorn, MD, Roger Waterman, P C Waterman, PhD, David Waters, PhD, James D Waters, Simon P Waters, George A Waters, Michael J Watkins, Charles Watkins, PhD, Damon Watkins, James Watkins, W D Watkins, Dean A Watkins, PhD, B Watne, PhD, Thomas L Watschke, PhD, Robert B Watson, Jack Watson, Gary W Watson, Britt Watson, William Watson, PhD, Jeff Watson, Harold M Watson, Raymond Watson, PhD, Tim Watson, PhD, Donald L Watson, Kenneth E F Watt, PhD, Dean D Watt, PhD, Kyle L Watt, A B Watt, George Watters, Royal J Watts, R E Watts, Robt K Wattson, Jack T Watzke, Charles Wax, PhD, Gary Way, George Way, Walter Way, MD, Robert Way, John Waymouth, PhD, William Wayne, Wm L Wearly, W P Weatherby, Barbara Weatherman, Mark Weatherston, Robert Weatherup, Ronald Weaver, Robert Weaver, George L Weaver, John M Weaver, Jay Weaver, William M Weaver, PhD, J R Weaver, Samuel R Weaver, Harry Weaver, J R Webb, Theodore S Webb, PhD, Jack W Webb, George Webb Jr, Michael Webb, William Paul Webb, PhD, Bill Webb, A Dinsmoor Webb, PhD, James Webb, Thomas L Webber, Alfred C Webber, Anthony J Weber, William Weber, PhD, David Weber, David F Weber, PhD, David J Weber, Allen H Weber, PhD, W. Layne Weber, Mary Weber, Arthur P Weber, PhD, Arlene Weber, Michael Weber, Allen E Webster, Orrin J Webster, PhD, Mark B Webster, Robert Webster, John R Wesbster, Owen Webster, PhD, Robert M. Webster, MD, Susan Wechsler, D J Wechsler, Wm J Wechter, PhD, David S Weddell, PhD, Monte T. O. Weddell, George G Weddell, Brent M Wedding, PhD, Randall J Weege, Robert G Weeks, L H Weeks, William Weese, Lloyd Weese, Howard H Weetall, PhD, Dwight D Wegman, Gene Wegner, PhD, Walter F Wegst, PhD, James A Wehinger, Charles W Wehking, Martin B Wehlage, MD, Timothy S Wehmes, Donald C Wehner, Brenda Wehner, A P Wehner, MD, Scott C Wehner, Carl Wehri, MD, Bernard W Wehring, PhD, Robert L. Wehrli, Rudolph W Weibel, A R Weide, MD, T Craig Weidensaul, PhD, Patrick L Weidner, John Weikel, PhD, Edward D Weil, PhD, Roy Weiland, James Weiler, Frank C Weimer, PhD, Eugene C Weinbach, PhD, Carl Martin Weinbaum, PhD, Lawrence P Weinberger, PhD, Jean S Weingarten, Leonard H Weinstein, PhD, Donald J Weintritt, Eugene Weipert, PhD, Richard Weir, MD, Wm W Weiss, Marvin Weisbard, MD, Steven Weise, George A Weisgerber, PhD, Leonard Weisler, PhD, FD Weiss, MD, Max T Weiss, PhD, Irving Weiss, PhD, Harvey J Weiss, PhD, Martin Weiss, PhD, Eugene P Weisser, Barry R Weissman, William M Weistein, MD, Curtis W Weittenhiller, Me Welbourn, Homer W Welch, PhD, Thomas L Welch, Frank J Welch, PhD, Carl M Welch, Joseph H. Wellborn, Eric Welles, Sefton Wellings, MD, Wells, PhD, Lewis F Wells, Ima Wells, William Wells, Rod Wells, Philip B Wells, Joseph Wells, Ronald L Wells, PhD, Donald C Wells, Herbert Wells, Steven Wells, Larry Wells, PhD, Shane Wells, Jerome R Welnetz, Frank Welsch, PhD, Mr. Bruce Welsh, Patrick T Welsh, PhD, Lisa M Welter, PhD, Lee Welter, MD, Theodore A Welton, PhD, John F Wen, PhD, Irving Wender, PhD, Michael G Wendling, Michael Wendorf, Clayton H Wene, R B Wenger, MD, James E Wennen, Gunnar Wennerberg, Allan L Wnnerberg, R C Wentworth, PhD, Mike Wentzell, MD, Roger Michael Weppelman, PhD, Leslie M Werbel, PhD, Frank D Werner, PhD, Hans- Helmut Werner, PhD, Smiuel Werner, PhD, Charles W. Werner, PhD, Jack H Wernick, PhD, Robert J Werth, PhD, Robert H Wertheim, Wescott, PhD, Clarence L Wesenberg, Richard P Wesenberg, Paul J Weser, Hans U Wessel, PhD, Laurence N Wesson, Jack West, Tom West, Richard West, Douglas B West, PhD, J C West, Clark D West, MD, Robert E West, David West, Larry L West, William West, PhD, Warwick R West, Irving P West, Glen R Westall, Richard S Westberry, Jack H Westbrook, PhD, Gerald T. Westbrook, Carl A Westby, PhD, James F Westcott, Mark E Westcott, Robert Webster, MD, Russ Westerhaus, Tammy Westerman, William J Westerman, PhD, Burt O Westerman, D T Westermann, PhD, Fred E Westermann, PhD, Wm M Westhoff, John A Westland, PhD, Tranie Westlund, Thomas Westmoreland, PhD, Harry Westmoreland, Henry G Weston, PhD, Eric R Westphal, PhD, Gerhard Westra, PhD, Raymond Westra, PhD, Edgar F Westrum, PhD, James Wm Westwat, PhD, Robert L Wetegrove, PhD, Winfield B Wetherbee, PhD, Bill Wetherton, Delmar G Westover, Norris C Wetters, Mr. Jerry Wetzel, Albert J Wetzel, John E Wey Jr, Thomas Weyand, PhD, Jack Weyland, PhD, Joseph Whalen, PhD, Thomas Whalen, PhD, Keni Whalen, Richard Whalen, PhD, S A Whalen, William Whaley, James Wharton, PhD, Michael W Wheatall, John Wheatley, Edward Wheaton, Clyde C Wheeler, Kenneth T Wheeler, PhD, Frank C Wheeler, PhD, Thomas J Wheeler, William L Wheller, C Wheeler, John F Wheeler, David Wheeler, Carlos Wheeler, Larry Wheelock, Jack Whelan, John M Whelan, PhD, Whelan, Elizabeth Whelan, PhD, R S Wherler, Paul R Whetsell, Edward Whicker, Christian L Whigham, D K Whigham, PhD, Thomas Whisenand, PhD, Robert J Whisonant, Roy L Whistler, PhD, Hall Whitacre, Kerry M Whitaker, James Whitaker, MD, Gene L Whitaker, Joel E White, MD, James D White, PhD, Stacy White, D J White, John I White, PhD, Lowell White, PhD, Richard P. White, Richard White, B Lee White, Jr, MD, Donald White, David J White, Thomas G White, Douglas White, William White, Joe Lloyd White, PhD, Douglas White, Sterling White, William G White, MD, Donald R White, PhD, Randall White, Stuart R White, Gary R White, Douglas White, PhD, John L White, PhD, Ann L White, Alan W White, PhD, Richard White, Chuck White, Bruce J. White, Robt Lee White, PhD, Oliver B White, Robert L Whitehead, Kenneth E Whitehead, Thomas W Whitehead, Jr, PhD, Richard Whiteley, PhD, Joe U Whiteman, PhD, Jack Whiteside, R Whiting, James R Whitley, PhD, Alan B Whitman, PhD, Alan M Whitman, PhD, Robert E. Whitman, Dale Whitman, Adam Whitman, Frank C Whitmore, PhD, Robt W Whitmyer, W E Whitney, Wendell K Whitney, PhD, Alan Whiton, MD, Thomas L Whitsett, MD, Philip Whitsitt, Roy E Whitt, Arthur Whittemore, Robert Whitten, PhD, Christopher Whitten, James C Whitter, Leslie Whitton, PhD, Donald E Whyte, PhD, Harry Wiant, PhD, Claude A Wiatrowski, Donna Wichers, Paul A. Wichmann, E H Wichmann, PhD, Raymond V Wick, PhD, Dave Wick, Charles E Wickersham, PhD, William Wickham, PhD, Reed Wickner, MD, S A Wickstrom, Lawrence H. Wickstrom, Donald J Wickwire, Steven Widen, PhD, Anthony Widenman, Anthony Widenmann, Vernon R Widerquist, Robert Widmer, David C Widrig, James Wiebe, J A Wiebelt, PhD, Joseph R Wiebush, PhD, Albert Wieder, Grace M Wieder, PhD, Robt R Wiederkehr, PhD, W Gordon Wieduwilt, Gordon Wieduwilt, Robert Wiegel, G Wieland, Matthew Wielgosz, King W Wieman, William Wiener, Mel Wiener, Doug Wiens, Joseph M Wier, PhD, Charles Wier, PhD, Chuck Wiese, John H Wiese, PhD, Robert G Wiese, PhD, Kurt L Wiese, MD, Rudy Wiesemann, Loren Elwood Wiesner, PhD, Donald R Wiesnet, Larry Wiess, MD, Tadeusz Karol Wiewiorowski, PhD, James R Wifall, John Wiggins, PhD, John Wiggins, PhD, Alan R Wiggins, Jon Wiggins, PhD, Michael L Wiggins, PhD, John Wigglesworth, Larry Wiginton, Kenneth A Wigner, Herman Wigodsky, MD, Bill Wilbanks, Hugh W Wilbanks III, Joe A Wilbanks, Charles Wilber, PhD, Michael F Wilbur, David W Wilbur, MD, John Wilburn, Glenn Wilcker, Gary Wilcox, PhD, Michael R Wilcox, Gene Wild, PhD, Carroll Orville Wilde, PhD, Kenneth A Wilde, PhD, Donald Wilde, Walter L Wilder, MD, James Wilder, Tom V. Wilder, J. W. Wilder, Jr, Richard Wildermuth, W V Wilding, PhD, Jim Wiley, Robert N Wiley, Bill B Wiley, PhD, Robert A Wiley, PhD, Charles Wiley, George F Wilgram, PhD, George L Wilhelm, Larry A. Wilhelmsen, James C Wilhoit, Jr, PhD, Scott W Wiljanen, Leonard S Wilk, Don K Wilken, Leon O Wilken, PhD, Richard B Wilkens III, John D Wilkes, PhD, Stella H Wilkes, Monte Wilkes, James Wilkes, Donald W Wilkie, Garrett Wilkie, Robert A Wilkins, PhD, Harold E Wilkins, MD, S Curtis Wilkins, Kevin L Wilkins, Gary J. Wilkins, Monty Wilkins, Eugene M Wilkins, PhD, Richard Wilkinson, MD, George Wilkinson, John F Wilkinson, Alan Wilks, Betty Will, Harvey B Willard, PhD, Hector M Willars, Charles R Willden, PhD, George Willenbiozg, Peirre A Willermet, PhD, Willett, PhD, Paul T Willhite, Louis E Willhoit Jr, PhD, Van William, PhD, Clark William, James C William, PhD, Dwight Williams, Gary Williams, Doug Williams, MD, Jack M Williams, PhD, CH Williams, PhD, Karla E Williams, Jack Wiliams, Talmage Williams, Douglas Williams, Neal Thomas Williams, Vernon Williams, E P Williams, Steve Williams, Roger W Williams, Tom V Williams, PhD, Arthur R Williams, George Williams, Robert Williams, Charles Williams, Richard Williams, PhD, Roger Williams, J F Williams, PhD, Paul C Williams, W Randy Williams, PhD, Max W Williams, PhD, Oneil Williams, Charles Williams, Marcus Williams, Brandon Williams, Denise Williams, Forrest R Williams, William Williams, PhD, Donald H. Williams, PhD, Thomas Williams, PhD, Scott R. Williams, Dansy Williams, James M Williams, D J Williams, Ralph C Williams, MD, Glen Williams, Jim Williams, Dick Williamson, Giles Willis III, Frederick Willis, Clifford L Willis, PhD, H. Earl Willis, Dayne A Willius, Thomas Willke, PhD, William W Willmarth, PhD, Nik Willmore, PhD, Alan J Willoughby, Nigel F Wills, Gene Wills, PhD, Keith P Willson, Robert Wilmott, MD, Byron J Wilson, PhD, Rick Wilson, MD, Donald Wilson, David A Wilson, Clyde L Wilson, PhD, Robert Wilson, PhD, Jack B Wilson, PhD, Theron Wilson, Armin Wilson, PhD, Jim Wilson, Linda Wilson, MD, Donald Wilson, MD, David M Wilson, Wilbur William Wilson, PhD, James Wilson, James E Wilson, Alan P Wilson, Michael Wilson, Michael Wilson, PhD, Stephen E Wilson, Stephen Wilson, MD, Richard B Wilson, MD, Leslie Wilson, PhD, Norman G. Wilson, Al Wilson, Laurence M. Wilson, William R Wilson, John H. Wilson, Gene Wilson, David Wilson, Joh W Wilson, PhD, David W Wilson, PhD, Wm E Wilson, Robert G Wilson, PhD, Lowell Wilson, PhD, John E Wilson Jr, Owen Wilson, Jeffrey P Wilson, PhD, David Wilson, MD, Robert A. Wilson, MD, Norman Wilson, Timothy M Wilson, PhD, Kathleen Wiltenmuth, Donn B Wimmer, PhD, Sheldon Wimpfen, D Winans, Frank Wince, Robert Winder, Gregory Windham, MD, Dana Windhorst, MD, C Ray Windmueller, Donald W Wine, James D Winefordner, PhD, Edgar C Winegartner, David Wing, PhD, Thomas J. Wing, John R Wingard, Philip Wingrove, Gary M De Winkle, George R Winkler, Herald Winkler, PhD, Robert Winland, Bruce Winn, Robert Winn, PhD, Howard Winn, Robert S Winniford, PhD, CN Winningstad, Weldon E. Winsauer, Roger G Winslow, Kenelm C Winslow, Donald K Winsor, Lesley Winston, Anthony E Winston, Edmund W. Winston, III, Ernest Winter, William K Winter, PhD, William Winter, PhD, John Winter, PhD, Dale Winter, Wray L Winterlin, Harry Winterlin, Bruce Winters, MD, P Winters, Richard B Winters, MD, Dermot M Winters, John B Winters, Donald F Winterstein, PhD, Thomas Wintle, J. E. Wirsching, Oliver Wirtki, David Wirtz, R Wisbey, Wesley L Wisdowm, Floyd A Wise, Frank W Wise, PhD, Craig Wise, Robert H Wise, Jr, Richard M Wise, PhD, Robert Wise, Lawrence A Wishner, PhD, Del N Wisler, Chester E Wisner, Thomas Wisniewski, Eugene H Wissler, PhD, Abund O Wist, PhD, Robert Wiswell, Paul C Witbeck, N C Witbeck, PhD, Richard L Witcofski, PhD, Peter C Witherell, PhD, Walter Witherspoon, Holden Withington, Mark Witowski, Gilbert Witschard, PhD, Jerry Witt, PhD, A. J. Wittenbach, George K Wittenberg, PhD, Lloyd D Witter, PhD, James M Witting, PhD, Harold L Witting, PhD, George Wittkopp, MD, Dale Wittmer, PhD, Warren F Witzig, PhD, Frank A Witzmann, PhD, Gerald Woehick, Thomas R Woehler, MD, Charles E Woelke, PhD, William E Woenker, James K Woessner, H B Wofford, Robert C Wohl, PhD, David A Wohleber, PhD, William Wohler, Elmer J Wohler, Craig A Wohlers, Kenneth J Wohlpart, Paul Wojnice, Andrze Wojtanowicz, PhD, Peter J Wojtowicz, PhD, Donald Wolberg, PhD, Mark Wolf, Edward Wolf, Gerald Wolf, Jim Wolf, Monte Wolf, PhD, Adrian Wolfe, PhD, George Wolfe, Robert Wolfe, John C Wolfe, PhD, George Wolfe, Gene Wolfe, Charles Wolfers, John B Wolff, PhD, Milo M Wolff, PhD, Paul M Wolff, PhD, Jerry Wolfkill, Tammy L Wolfram, Kenneth Wolgemuth, PhD, Eligius Wolicki, PhD, Karol Wolicki, MD, S Raymond Woll, Peter Wolle, R P Wollenberg, Bruce F Wollenberg, PhD, Woller, Peter Wolmut, G C Wolters, Robert Womack Jr, Wesley R Womack, Robert Womack, Gary L Womack, K Wong, PhD, Ka-Chun Wong, Laurence Wong, PhD, Otto Wong, PhD, Sun Y Wong, Bob Wonish, Farley Wood, Earl C Wood, MD, William Wood, William A Wood, PhD, Walter Wood, MD, Steve Wood, J Stuart Wood, PhD, Christopher Wood, David R Wood, Randall Wood, PhD, Henry Wood, PhD, David Wood, MD, William A Wood, PhD, John K Wood, PhD, Roberta L Wood, Malcolm Wood, J D Wood, PhD, Thomas Wood, PhD, Bruce Wood, James M. Wood, Scott Emerson Wood, PhD, Cyrus Wood, John L Wood, PhD, Mike Wood, Jackie D Wood, PhD, Irwin B Wood, Richard Woodard, PhD, Keith Woodard, Joseph Eliot Woodbridge, PhD, Robert T. Woodburn, Charles R Woodbury, Frank Woodfield, Jim Woodford, Patrick J Wooding, Grey Woodman, MD, Kenneth L Woodruff, David J Woods, Jack Woods, Robert F Woods, John P Woods, PhD, Ted Woods, R D Woods, PhD, Marcelyn E Woods, Michael D Woods, Kenneth Woodward, Gary K Woodward, Richard Woodward, Robt J Woodward, Frank Woodward, Marvin S Wool, David Dilley Wooldridge, PhD, James L Wooley, Gary R Wooley, PhD, Stephen Woolley, Tyler A Woolley, PhD, Gerald B Woolsey, PhD, Alice Woosley, Rodney Wooster, Gregory Wooten, C Wooton, James L. Word, MD, Barbara E Workentine, PhD, J Workley, Adonna M Works, Richard F Worley, Morris Worley, Birl Worley, David Eugene Worley, PhD, Roy A. Worrell, Paul N Worsey, PhD, Walt Worsham, PhD, Johathan Worstell, PhD, James G Worth, Von Worthington, William Wortman, D E Wortman, PhD, J Lamar Worzel, PhD, Gregory M Wotell, PhD, Margaret S Woyski, PhD, John Wozer, Donald P Wrathall, PhD, Peter Wrenshall, Royce E Wrick, Eugene G Wrieden, Harlow Wright, Walter L Wright, Thomas Wright, Harold V Wright, Roger M Wright, Robert Wright, MD, Glenn Wright, PhD, Bill Wright, Harold E Wright, George Wright, George Wright, PhD, Jerry Wright, Paul M Wright, PhD, Dexter Wright, Charles H Wright, PhD, William Wright, Nathan Wright, Johathan Wright, MD, Gene E Wright, MD, T J Wright, William W Wright, Robt W Wright, PhD, Milo Wright, John L Wright, Christopher Wright, Leslie Wright, Keith H Wrolstad, PhD, Leo Weona, MD, Harrison Wroton, Wemin Wu, PhD, Peter T Wu, PhD, Yao Hua Wu, PhD, Gang M Wu, PhD, John M Wuerth, Stephen Walker Wunderly, PhD, Jaroslav Wurm, PhD, David Wurm, PhD, W H Wurth, PhD, Reece E Wyant, Philip Wyatt, PhD, Jeff Wyatt, Tom Wyche, Robert A Wyckoff, Peter S Wyckoff, Philip R Wyde, PhD, Kathi Wyldeck, PhD, John Wylie, M R J Wyllie, PhD, Alesander Wylly, PhD, Milton Wyman, Dvm, Richard Wyman, PhD, Thomas S Wyman, Richard Wyman, Bruce C Wyman, PhD, Elmer S Wynne, PhD, E. Staten Wynne, PhD, Leslie K Wynston, PhD, R A Wynveen, PhD, Richard F Wyse, Stephen L. Wythe, PhD, Peter Wyzinski, MD
Signers of the Petition - Global Warming Petition Project

Signers Y

Dmeter Yablonsky, PhD, Albert R. Yackle, Theodore Yaeger, MD, Kenneth Yager, William C Yager, Paul F Yaggy, Neil Yake, Jeffrey Yake, William Yamamto, MD, Riad Yammine, X Terry Yan, PhD, Gilbert Yan, Michael Yanak, James A Yanez, Hwa-Ming Yang, PhD, Will Yanke, William H Yanko, PhD, Demetrios V Yannimaras, PhD, Scott Yanuck, Harold L Yarger, PhD, John C Yarmac III, John Lee Yarnall, PhD, John Yarnell, PhD, Anthony Yaroksky, Jim Yarwood, Steven Yaskell, Scott Yates, PhD, Campbell Yates, Francis Eugene Yates, PhD, Frank Yates, Tommie Yates, John L Yates, Sidney Yaverbaum, PhD, Donald D Yaw, David A Yeadon, Tom Yeager, Randy Yeager, J. C. Yeager, Wilbur A Yeager Jr, Elisabeth Stelle Yearick, PhD, Alfred A Yee, Ying C Yee, PhD, Carlton S Yee, PhD, Charles Yeh, Wilbur Yellin, PhD, Yin Chao Yen, PhD, Ki Jeong Yi, Rick Yilverton, MD, James Yingst, Stuart Yntema Sr, B Biff Yochum, Hubert P Yockey, PhD, Marvel Yoder, PhD, Gene Yoder, E. R. Yoder, Sherwin D Yoelin, Thomas Lester Yohe, PhD, L L Yoho, Nicholas J Yonker, John H Yopp, PhD, Douglas York, George W York Jr, PhD, Edwin York, Masami Yoshimura, PhD, Charles A Yost, Marvin Yost, PhD, Richard A Yost, PhD, William Youmans, MD, Gordon Young, Thomas Young, MD, Robert A Young, PhD, Richard H Young, William D Young Jr, Stanley Young, PhD, Raymond H Young, PhD, Jeffrey Young, Wei Young, PhD, Ralph S Young, Peter F Young, G Young, Daniel V Young, MD, Shawn Young, Fred Young, Richard Young, Donald E Young, PhD, Susan W. Young, A Young, PhD, Mary Young, Lloyd M Young, PhD, Gerald Young, Franklin A Young, PhD, Clifton L Young, Joe A. Young, Robert D Young, David C Young, PhD, Robert Youngblood, Phillip L Youngblood, James Younger, Forrest A Younker, Ralph Yount, PhD, Luke Dhia Liu Yuan, PhD, Morgan Chuan Yuan Sze, PhD, Stephen A Yuhas, Donald Yule, Mark Yuly, PhD, Mary Alic Yund, PhD, D Yundt, Libby Yunger, PhD, Sulhi H Yungul, PhD, William Yust
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Jeffrey Zachman, Daniel J Zaffarano, PhD, Stanley E Zager, PhD, William M Zahn Jr, Edwarfd P Zahora, Marco Zaider, PhD, Ken Zaike, Ihor Zajac, PhD, Andres J Zajac, MD, Joseph A Zak, PhD, Ethel S Zalay, PhD, Ivan Zamora, MD, Danny Zampirro, Edward Zane, MD, Jaseph Zanoni, James G Zapert, Josephh Zappia, S A Zarbano, MD, Marvin L Zatzman, PhD, Duane Zavadil, Andreas A Zavi, PhD, Zbuzek, PhD, Roy V Zeagler Jr, Jay Zeamer, John Zebrowski, Harold Zeckel, PhD, Lawrence E Zeeb, Richard Zehner, MD, Wm N Zeiger, PhD, Greg Zeihen, Fred Zeile, Bruce Zeitlin, Claude Zeller, PhD, Allen Zelman, PhD, Jiri Zemlicka, Kerry Zemp, Robert Zerga, Donald F Zetik, PhD, R A Zeuner, Albin A Zewczyk, PhD, Dong Er Zhang, PhD, Yi Zhao, PhD, Hua-Wei Zhou, PhD, Timothy D Ziebarth, PhD, John Ziebell, Jerry Zieg, John Benjamin Ziegler, PhD, Edward N Ziegler, PhD, Jehuda Ziegler, PhD, Wm A Ziegler, Terrence R Ziehl, Perry Ziel, W E Zieman, Roger Ziemba, Paul Ziemer, PhD, Charles W Ziemer, PhD, Ferdinand Zienty, PhD, Sigi Ziering, PhD, Gordon F Ziesing, Carl Zietlow, Steven A Zilber, Lois Ziler, Robert Ziller, Robert G Zimbelman, PhD, Paul W Zimmer, Arthur J Zimmer, PhD, James S Zimmerman, Elmer Leroy Zimmerman, PhD, Lorenz E Zimmerman, MD, John G Zimmerman, PhD, David L Zimmerman, Roger Zimmerman, Tommy Zimmerman, PhD, John E Zimmerman, Robert Zimmerman, John R Zimmerman, PhD, E. Leroy Zimmerman, PhD, Clarence Zimmerman, Aaron L Zimmerman, Curt Zimmerman, Gary Zimmermann, Richard E Zindler, PhD, Donald Zink, PhD, John Zink, PhD, Clarence R. Zink, Sally Zinke, Werner Zinn, Paul Zinner, Richard J. Zinno, Edward Zinser, William E Zinth, Ronald F Ziolo, PhD, Richard J Ziomkowski, Donald W Zipse, Harold Zirin, PhD, Steven L Zirkelbach, MD, Thomas A Zitter, PhD, Warren Zitzmann, Paul Zmola, PhD, Jerry E Zoble, Mike Zoborowski, Darryl E. Zoch, Steven P Zody, Marvin H. Zoerb, Raymond Zoerkler, Wm C Zollans, Stephen P Zollinger, PhD, Martin V Zombeck, PhD, Howard O Zomsteg, Jr, Harry D Zook, PhD, David J Zorn, Charles Zubritsky, David Zuckerberg, Carl Zuehlke, PhD, Petr Zuman, PhD, Glen Zumwalt, PhD, Glen A Zumwalt, Edward J Zuperku, PhD, Ernst G Zurflueh, PhD, Philip L Zuvanich, Treodore Zwartkruis, PhD, Howard A Zwemer, Soloman Zwerdling, PhD, Earl J Zwick, PhD, Melvin Zwillenberg, PhD, Steven C Zylkowski

Yeah, that’s about 19,000 of them.

And no affiliation information for any of them.

Just who the heck are Stan Smith, Rick A Smith, Thomas Smith, PhD, Dale Smith, PhD, William H Smith Jr, Joseph C Smith, Bob Smith, Gregory Smith, David L Smith Jr, Milton L Smith, PhD, T J Lee Smith, Delmont K Smith, PhD, Danny Smith, Roger C Smith, George Smith, Wayne Smith, MD, Garry A Smith, PhD, Kevin L Smith, Richard Lloyd Smith, PhD, Nathan L Smith, PhD, B D Smith, William Smith, Bruce Smith, MD, Hayden Smith, Scotty A Smith, Robert Smith, Sherman Smith, James L Smith, PhD, Thomas E Smith, PhD, Ralph E Smith, PhD, Avery Smith, C. Lavett Smith, PhD, Robert L Smith, PhD, Dana L Smith, Joel Smith, MD, Larry Smith, Bryan Smith, Loren Smith, Ron Smith, James R Smith, Norman C Smith, Frederick W Smith, PhD, Ivan K Smith, David A Smith, PhD, William Smith, John E Smith, PhD, Charlee Smith, Paul V Smith…?

Where do they work? What are their professional specialties? How many peer-reviewed climatology papers have they published? Have often has their work been cited by other researchers? A list of names with no information about their relevant professional qualifications means absolutely nothing.

If you go to the IPCC web-site, you can easily find enough information about the IPCC authors to make informed judgments about their professional qualifications. This is *not* true of the OISM petition.

Hey…..I see my name on that list of 19,000….and my brother-in-law’s as well!…??????

With a Vanity Fair cover guy with some claim to fame as a Tennessee tobacco farmer heading to Stockholm to collect the Nobel PR Prize, it is ironic Mr.Ferguson should echo that learned journal’s claim that the then-President of Rockefeller University “directed a 45M tobacco industry effort to hide health impacts of smoking”

At the time of Frederick Seitz’s presidency, the CEO of RJ Reynolds – the tobacco company – was on the Rockefeller University board, and RJ Reynolds allocated $5 million a year for Seitz to direct towards such basic research as he saw fit- a decision in which his having been President of the National Academy of Sciences doubtless figured.

Where did the money go ?

There you can read Stanley Prusiner, the doyen of Prion research crediting Seitz, and RJ Reynolds, for supporting the work that won him the Nobel Prize in Medicine–without benefit of an Oscar.

Russell Seitz , Cambridge, Massachusetts

if loads of scientists, business people, and others are aware of what needs to be done to change our climate, or make it turn; why don’t we simply take charge? we can start taking actions that infect the rest of the world. we can choose who we purchase from. we can choose to reduce our own emmisions. we can spread the word. I fear that the government is only going to talk about the issue and we must take it into our hands.

this is our time.

As a scientist, I don’t think scientists should decide policy. Scientists should inform policy by identifying problems, estimating likelihoods of various outcomes under a variety of scenarios, etc. Economists are should also inform policy, but they should no more determine policy than the scientists. The people and their representatives should decide policy in an iterative process with scientists and economists providing information. In weighing the information, folks should compare the uncertainty in economic models and scientific ones, compare the level of agreement in the economic and scientific communities, and, if they can’t understand all of the arguments, try to evaluate the basic reasons for the conclusions (and differences in conclusions) that are reached.

Steve L’s point is my point. I do not believe in leaving public policy to “guys in white coats” - in any discipline. Climate scientists do not have the training to tell us whether the costs associated with reducing greenhouse gas emissions are less than, equal to, or greater than the costs of business as usual. And that’s something you would want to know before signing off on greenhouse gas emission reductions. Likewise, economic calculations about the same are heavily predicated by how you feel about future costs and benefits. If you believe in valuing dollars and lives in, say, 2150 as much as you value dollars and lives today, then it’s hard to accept IPCC reports and not conclude that GHG emission cuts pass a cost-benfit test. If you apply a discount rate of, say, 3, 5, or 7 percent, then it’s hard to accept IPCC reports and not conlude that GHG emission cuts don’t pass a cost benefit test. But how you value the future is subjective, and economists have no objectively “better” preference regarding that matter than you or I.

I’m sure many people who read this blog would argue that we should value our great grandchildren’s lives and money as much as we value our own. Fine - nothing objectively wrong with that belief. But if you do, hand in your Rawlsian membership card (wiki John Rawls if you don’t know what I’m talking about). That’s because you’re endorsing a policy that transfer wealth and wellbeing from the relatively poor (us) to the very rich (them). That is, even if the Stern Report is correct about the economic costs of climate change, real per capita income in developing countries will be $100,000 in 2100. Moreover, if you value the future every bit as much as you value the present - and thus embrace, say, a 0.1% discount rate (that is, Stern’s discount rate) - then simple math (perfomed for our benefit by economist Bill Nordhaus at Yale) suggests you ought to be saving 97.5% of your income.

I do not believe that “the experts” in any field should be dictating climate policy because there are plenty of important value judgments built in to those policies and experts however defined have no objectively better values than you or I.

I told all of this to the reporter in question, but alas, news stories don’t allow this sort of discussion given the restriction on news print, etc.

Sorry, I inadvertently botched a figure. The future scenario runs performed for the IPCC under various climate change forecasts demonstrates that per capita income in the developing world would likely be higher than it is today in the developed world.

So, I appreciate informed ideas from anywhere, but I do NOT understand the the happy assumption that most (including IPCC) make that per-capita incomes will automatically and smoothly rise over the next century, with accompanying reasoning about discount rates. I actually think we may well have periods in which the effective discount rate acts *negative*.


I strongly recommend:

Benjamin K. Sovacool, Marilyn A. Brown, “Energy and American Society - Thirteen Myths” [see Amazon, I posted a review], which includes an article by Jerry.]


See Ayres & Warr, “Accounting for Growth: The Role of Physical Work”, , which seems (to a non-economist) pretty credible, and it says:

Over the last ~100 years:
a) The biggest boosts to wealth have come from increasing exergy [= energy * efficiency].
b) Over last 20-30 years, we’ve gotten some boosts from computing.

I think we face Peak Oil, within the next 10 years, unless you believe T. Boone Pickens, in which case the Peak hit in 2006. Peak Gas is a few decades later. If anyone disbelieves this, please explain why., and go read Hirsch Report
or Google: peak Oil ASPO

Much of our energy comes from oil and gas, and as the total amount of that energy slowly lessens over the next few decades:

- oil/gas efficiency has to increase to keep total oil/gas exergy constant, and increase even faster to keep oil/gas exergy/capita constant in the face of population growth. Installed base issues make this nontrivial.

- we have to rapidly increase use of non(oil+gas) sources like wind, solar, etc for electricity, and develop cost-effective biofuels for non-local transport.
Nuclear: I was once studying to be a nuclear/high energy physicist, so I have no apriori anti-nuke views, but even ignoring disposal costs, I don’t think we can build nuclear power plants fast enough, and even if we could, it looks like their economics are totally dominated by negawatts (saving energy via efficiency) and other sources. See Amory Lovins’ chapter in Sovacool/Brown.

-BUT, if the inevitable pressure causes to start burning even more unsequestered coal, I believe the IPCC numbers, or worse. This may seem weird, but I think it is *good* if petroleum geologists do their best, if only to hold off coal, but NOT if we keep wasting the oil+gas. The longer we can stretch that, the more time we have to cost-effectively replace infrastructure without destroying the economy.

- STILL, we have a hard slog over the next few decades, even in the developed world, to restructure our economies to keep the exergy/capita even.

We also have rapidly-rising demand in places like India and China, unsurprisingly, they want to get rich, too, the same way we did, primarily by burning fossil fuels
- to make concrete & steel
- to run factories to make stuff
- to export halfway around the world on oil-burning ships
- to mechanize farming more, at least somewhat, to help feed the people who’ve moved off the farms to work in the factories
- and to have cars instead of bicycles

Of course:

I’m a Bell Labs/ Silicon Valley guy who has spent his life building/forecasting technologies to make things work better. [I suspect almost every person reading this uses hardware or software technology that I had some small part in making happen]. I don’t minimize what we *can* do if we put our minds to it.

BUT, I also used to help sell supercomputers to petroleum geologists worldwide, to auto companies, airplane companies, etc - hard-work engineering improvements and magic are *different*.

I also grew up on a farm, so unlike many, I don’t think food magically materializes in grocery stores.

I do *not* think Moore’s Law, cheap iPods and Internet make the real, physical world irrelevant, and major efficiency improvements in the physical world happen a whole lot slower than in the computer world. Buildings, ships, and trucks have much longer life cycles than laptops, and agricultural revolutions don’t happen that often either.


1) North American agriculture allows 2-3% of the population to (over)feed the rest of us, and be able to ship food elsewhere. A farmer with a horse is richer than one without, and a farmer with a tractor is richer yet. One with tractors, combines and access to a cheap transport network is far above subsistence farming. On the other hand, China has 200M farms, averaging 1.6 acres/farm, and I think about half of the population are still farmers. (USDA) I’ve visited a few Chinese farms. They’d think a Kansas farmer unimaginably wealthy… and the typical African subsistence farmer would think the Chinese farmer well-off. BUT:

Developed-world farming, especially in North America, is *very* dependent on:

a) burning petroleum to run farm machinery,

b) burning petroleum to transport food from where it is grown to where people live.

c) water, which in some cases comes from (not-quickly-renewable) aquifers like the Ogallala, whose levels continue to drop. In other cases (like in California and other parts of the West), it comes from snowpack, whose lessening causes us to have to spend a lot of money just to stay even with what we have now. For some of us, getting water costs *energy* and building more dams. Also, in CA, a big chunk of some of the best farmland in the US is *already* below sea level, and we can deal with some sea-level rise, but redoing all the dikes will cost a lot of money, just to stay even. That money won’t go to R&D or education or other useful investments that tend to increase wealth.

d) using fertilizer - nitrogen-based ones come from natural gas [whose Peak trails Peak Oil by several decades, and which gets used for other things, like generating electricity and heating houses….] gives fertilizer prices for 1960-2006. You can either eyeball the data, or do the simple exercise of deleting extra rows of the early years, so you get one price/year, selecting year+prices, and doing an XY-scatter-plot chart with lines), and see what conclusions you draw about the price of fertilizer. [Hint, up fast for every fertilizer type, but especially over last decade.]

IF, over the next few decades, anyone thinks:
- there is some reason to expect fertilizer to get cheaper
- that water gets cheaper
- that transport, especially medium/long distance gets cheaper
- that food gets cheaper

THEN please explain why, and I’d be happy to listen.

BUT, BUT, Moore’s Law gives us cheaper iPods, so we’re getting wealthier! and poor farmers get cellphones! And farmers use electronics, too!
(and we can do better GM crops, and we can breed better fuel crops, like better miscanthus-variants for cellulosic ethanol … and we had one Green Revolution already, courtesy of Norman Borlaug & co, and we will have solar-charged electric tractors … I doubt hydrogen, though.)

So why worry about mundane physical junk like water, fertilizer, and oil?

The physical world is still there, and having to discard investments before the end of their normal life does *not* make anyone wealthier, and does *not* make food cheaper. Making a big non-optimal infrastructure investments sometimes has long-term effects, with big opportunity costs, as anyone who’s ever played SimCity knows. For example, the UK wants to tear down 700 houses and expand Heathrow Airport around 2020 to accomodate big growth in air travel. Maybe that’s a good idea, but I’d be happier if their plans modeled Peak Oil effects on jet fuel prices.

2) The North American economy depends on oil for medium and long-distance transportation for food and everything else. Amazon is great, but the books still need to get shipped. The Chinese economy depends on shipping stuff long-distances, and the world economy now has tight-coupled long-distance supply chains, many just-in-time for efficiency (and resulting low cost to consumers). All good … but I once visited the (impressive) NUMMI car plant, and happened to see the effects of having one truckload of parts get delayed by a truck breakdown. [Factory stopped cold.]

Read: Jeff Rubin & Benjamin Tal:
“Soaring Oil Prices Will Make the World Rounder”
“In 2006, diesel fuel accounted for about 16% of total refined petroleum products and 77% of the total distillate consumed in the U.S.”

Retail diesel fuel prices are likely to remain elevated as long as crude oil prices and world demand for distillate fuels remain high. EIA expects that national average retail diesel fuel prices will hover around $2.70 per gallon through 2007 and 2008, primarily due to the forecast for the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil to average near $64 per barrel.”

That $64 makes me feel just fine: see:

We all know oil prices jiggle around, but can someone explain why they think they aren’t going to trend higher over the next couple decades? Do you think Athabasca oil sands will *reverse* the price increase? ANWR? I’m happy to listen, but I’ve talked to a lot of oil folks over the years in the process of helping them find oil more efficiently, so I need to hear serious arguments.]

In practice, we’re going to burn ALL of the oil and gas we can get at any reasonable prices, because it’s just too useful. The transition *away* from petroleum is rather different from the wood->coal->petroleum transitions, given the superior energy density of petroleum. *This* time, a fuel-type usage will decline, not because something comes along with better energy characteristics, but because the supply diminishes, and the price goes up and up. Oil+Gas folks *will* sell all they can find.

IF we think of it is a one-time wealth inheritance, AND we invest it in efficiency, as of infrastructure and vehicles, and if we do every thing we can to stretch their use as long as possible, *maybe* we’ll get to a no-petroleum economy in an orderly fashion [see Hirsch Report, or the Sovacool/Brown book] without massive dislocation, and I’m part of an area [Silicon Valley, including venture capitalists & entrepreneurs I work with] who are trying our best to help this happen.

But there is a lot of work to be done, and it is totally unclear why there should be a smooth growth in per capita income while it is going on, since the “Free Ride” of cheap petroleum is history.

A friend’s 13-year-old daughter asked him “Daddy, are you adults going to leave any oil for us?”
[A, probably yes, but not for her kids, and if she has to pay for own gas when she’s a teenage driver, it’s not clear how much driving she’ll do. But, she’ll have a cheap iPod.]

Of course, we can burn the oil&gas (& coal) as *fast* as we can, by fighting every fuel economy effort, inhibiting improvements of building energy efficiency, retarding growth of distributed electricity generation, importing bottled H2O from Fiji, etc. That seems to be PlanA for a lot of people, and coal people love it especially.

Of course, PlanA also involves selling a lot of the US to Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, Nigeria, etc [well, I don’t mind the first one quite so much, but that might have something to do with owning Canadian property and some CA$-denominated things bought when the CA$ = $.80 … should have bought at $0.60 2 years earlier.]

For some reason, a lot of Americans just *love* PlanA and are doing everything possible to implement it. Does anyone remember the economic effects around 1974, as an instance of “something important gets more expensive before we’ve reworked our economy to use a lot less?”

Personally, I have doubts about *any* claims about when the per capita income of the developing world exceeds that of current developed countries. *I* don’t know, but I think the casual assumption of smoothly-growing wealth (in the face of Peak Oil & Gas, pressure on water) is unconvincing. I’m happy to listen to reasoned arguments why … BUT:

Most of the population growth of the next 50 years is expected in poor countries, and a big fraction ofthe world’s poor are farmers.

Consider FAO’s “World Agriculture: toward 2015/2030”:

“The overall result, aggregated over all crops, is that fertilizer consumption will increase by 1.0 percent p.a., rising from 138 million tonnes in 1997/99 to 188 million tonnes in 2030 (Table 4.14)’

Maybe, but recall discussion above about fertilizer and natural gas…

Also, read section 4.6.2, and especially Table 4.16, which gives the proportions of area cultivated by different power sources: (hand, draught animal, tractor) for:

all developing countries:
1999: 35, 30, 35
2030: 25, 20, 55 (got that: 23 years from now, half tractors)

Sub-Saharan Africa:
1999: 65, 25, 10
2030: 45, 30, 25 (wow! a whole 25%)

-Subsistence farmers who cultivate by hand are not very rich anywhere I’ve been.

-Farmers with draught animals are better off: Old Amish (no tractors or electricity) do OK with their horses, but it’s hard to compute their income levels, not everyone prefers that lifestyle, and Moore’s Law doesn’t make them richer.

-Tractors are not always better than other alternatives, no-till farming is a plus, and less use of fertilizer is a plus. Still, farmers with tractors are usually richer.

But, what do those numbers mean, and does one believe them?

- They say a bunch of farmers who cannot now afford tractors are assumed to get rich enough to do so by 2030 [but less in SS Africa, and tsetse flies inhibit use of draught animals in many areas, which leaves hand cultivation.] India & China do build a lot of tractors.

-So for those who get tractors, what fuel will they use? Anyone who believes it’s petroleum: please explain why you think such farmers can then afford to outbid everyone else fighting over dwindling supplies.

- For farmers to get rich, they need to grow more than they need and ship it to consumers, which needs transport infrastructure, which rich countries built years ago … using cheap petroleum. oops.

Optimistic hope: Solar-charged electric tractors, at least small/medium ones are fine, although I’ve yet to see replacements for the big 200-500HP John Deere’s.

IF the developed world gets good at electric vehicles AND IF SiliconValley & others hammer the cost of photovoltaics & CSP way down the cost curve, and batteries as much as we can, those are probably the best hope for poor farmers, especially in Africa, because they work off-grid, and don’t need fuel infrastructure difficult to get. Of course, for medium/long-range transport, fuel seems requirable for a long time. One has to hope for cellulosic ethanol or jatropha biodiesel, and that again, developed-world technology builds much lower-cost processing.

I believe that EXERGY is an important factor of wealth growth, and we’re shortly going to have LESS oil, and a few decades later, less gas, and if we use a lot of coal to make up for it, AGW will get worse even faster. We have hard (but possible) work to do to keep the total exergy constant over the next few decades. It’s hard to see how we smoothly raise the exergy/capita on a world basis any time soon, unless population growth stops. The technology-driven part of growth ought to continue, although I expect a drag from zero-extra-benefit-but-necessary things like building dikes, dams, and seawalls.

Anyway, I could get convinced that the rising-wealth-paradigm that we’ve seen for 100+ years will just continue smoothly along through the next century, but right now, I’m not convinced.


A very simple example, and I would like your comments in light of your “I do not believe in leaving public policy to ‘guys in white coats’ - in any discipline.” posture…

The North Atlantic cod fishery… When scientists showed that there were problems in the cod populations, which were almost certainly due to over-fishing, the call went out for action…

The ecobiologists were generally calling for early and drastic cuts to fishing… The fishery itself, and most economists, called for more modest cuts… Based on various “cost-benefit analyses”, compromises were made to continue fishing for some time… and the fishery collapsed…

I.e. the science was trumped based on the more dominating “needs” of the fishery and the economy… which were nonetheless themselves demolished by this approach…

The problem is that most economics views the environment - resources, biodiversity, ecological services - as kind of abstract “sources and sinks”. The assumption is that interactions between the human economy and the environment can be readily reduced to inter-generational discount rates, substitution rates, productivity gains, etc., with very little regard to the physical and chemical processes that underly the transformative processes we impose on the environment, with almost all of our activities…

In the “competition” between environmental scientists and economists about who has better insights into how the “real world” works and how much relative input they should have into policy… well, let’s just say that the scientists actually have to obey such things as the first and second laws of thermodynamics, whereas neo-classical economists abstract away from them and effectively ignore them… Imho, it is economics which is FAILING us, and it is incumbent upon economics to become more fluent with the science before it can simply assert that its answers are necessarily better in guiding policy…

Finally, regarding those intertemporal discount rates… There is no way for future generations to have any influence on the “correctness” of those rates whatsoever… Which leads to a highly assymetric opportunity set for present generations… And as I think you are well aware, there is a great deal of debate as to whether the observed, aggregrated discount rates in the market place (which cuts to your example of the individual’s saving rate), as expressed by the interest on saving accounts, equity risk premia, etc., are the correct ones when dealing with inter-generational environmental issues like AGW… Nordhaus’ example above simply is a declaration that they are… If they are not fully reflecting the costs we are imposing on the future, then they simply are incorrect…

The oceanic fisheries narrative is an interesting one that actually cuts against your argument. The main reason that overfishing occured was because no one had a property right to the underlying resource. In short, it was a classic example of Garrett Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons” playing out before our very eyes. Resource economists (at least, within academia) did not respond to it with calls to balance the costs and benefits of overexploitation. They responded with calls to turn he public commons into private property and thereby alleviate the dynamics that produced excessive harvests. Those calls resulted in the establishment of the Individual Trading Quotas (ITQs) for fish harvests in Iceland and elsewhere, and most studies that I am aware of credit those ITQs with a substantial reversal of the tide that was depleting the fishery stocks in question. Calls to “save the fish” saved nothing. Calls to reorder underlying economic instutions - made by many economists, including those at the Cato Institute (and Environmental Defense) - did.

Granted, there were economists hired by the fishing industry to argue against catch reductions - and ITQs! - but their arguments did not persuade and did not represent the disciplinary consensus. But that’s not saying anything of consequence. There are scientists, after all, who argue against worrying about greenhouse gas emission reductions, but that doesn’t seem to bother people who believe that other scientists are making better arguments.

A more relevant and more difficult narrative to make your point might be the destruction of the ecology of the Great Plains in the 19th Century. Harnessing those lands for agriculture produced tremendous wealth and human well-being for generations then, generations today, and generations tomorrow. But it came at a cost - the loss of the buffalo and dozens of other species at any population worth carrying about. How should one feel about that? There is no right or wrong answer, but a cost-benefit calculation would probably give it a thumbs up. But remember, I don’t demand that we all defer to cost-benefit tests when making public policy and grant you that there is no objective reason for an alternative preference - to leave the Great Plains alone - to be ruled out of order.

My point here, again, is that this is a values debate and adjudicating those value disputes is not the black and white morality play posited by many people on the Left … or Right, for that matter.

Do future generations “get their say” in markets? Yes. Speculators in commodity markets are looking out for future consumers. Land and stock values are heavily influenced by expectations about future production and profitability. Wealth in inherited and passed down to the future … with interest. Other examples abound. Do future generations “get their say” in politics? Uh, no. Just take a look at the social security debate if you need evidence on that point.

Thank you for your response, although I am somewhat surprised to see parts of it.

Regarding “property rights”, the cod fisheries, and atmospheric CO2… I understand the role that property rights have played in various previous environmental successes. The specific “commons” under discussion now, however, is rather different than a specific river, or watershed, or fishery. How can someone “own” the air “over” the Arctic, or the water in the in middle of the ocean? How could you assert your property rights over same, or attempt to claim for damages to your property from someone 10,000kms away and perhaps centuries prior? The nature of the problem of a well-mixed, long-lived deleterious gasses like GHG’s undermines the whole rationale for using property rights as a tool. Once again, this is because the science (physics and chemistry) of the problem has to be paramount BEFORE you start applying economic solutions to it.

I happen to know that some of your personal writing has alluded to this dilemma, so I don’t want to make too big a deal about it, but I am surprised you would so quickly trot it out. The failure of the Canadian cod fishery was because the scientific warnings were ignored, hard stop, regardless of the precision or the imperfection of the specific economic tools proposed.

ITQ’s (whether for cod or CO2) - which are rather a different “property right” than what libertarians originally had in mind - are basically due to a realization that the market, left entirely to its own, is not fully incorporating external costs. But in order to establish those quotas - for cod, CO2, SO2, etc. - you again have to defer to the science for parameters… If not the scientists, who?

“Speculators in commodity markets are looking out for future consumers.” Odd, I thought that in a Hayek/Smith/Cato view of the world, they are looking out for themselves, and that the benefits they may or may not spin-off to others is dictated by the ubitiquitous “Invisible Hand”. Did I miss the lecture where we learn about how commodity speculators are calculating the net benefit of resource prices to generations a century or more into the future? But furthermore, the Invisible Hand still rests on full, free disseminated knowledge of costs and prices. If there are externalities that are not be properly accounted for, you cannot simply rely on commodity specualtion, etc., to be the transmission vehicle to express future generations’ biases into current behaviour, consumption, etc.

In any event, I actually enjoy your work. I appreciate the efforts you are making to present, reality-based, effective and coherent solutions from the right. I leave with a quote from one Jerry Taylor @ Cato on the subject: “Libertarians can’t simply dismiss the economic damages that warming might inflict on others because it will be offset by economic gains elsewhere.”

typing so fast my brain disconnected from my fingers…

Where I say “undermines the whole rationale for using property rights as a tool”… I take that back - so long as the definition is extended to “pollution rights” as “property rights”… but it continues to be the case that the absolute levels of those rights must be informed by the science…

I still think that the better way to go to impose a cost on GHG’s is some form of Carbon Tax, rather than cap & trade, which - although it is more amenable to property rights - is going to an administrative morass…

You are correct to note that the remedy for overfishing cannot be easily applied to climate change. Privatizing the atmospheric commons is functionally impossible as far as I can tell. I did not offer the example as evidence for how I would like climate policy to go forward. I only entered those waters to to speak because you invited me for a swim in fishery management policy to discuss the how economists can or cannot prove useful.

Regardless, I do not agree with you that fisheries were put in danger because scientists were ignored. I believe that they were put in danger because government tried to manage a public commons and governments do a very bad job of that sort of thing everywhere and at all times due to the dyanmics of interest group politics. Nor do I agree with you that ITQs are some “un-libertarian.” Every libertarian resource economist that I know of have endorsed those approaches and have done so for years. In fact, the main engine behind that policy change in Iceland is a libertarian who’s written for Cato in the past.

I do not disagree with you that economists cannot adequately engage in cost-benefit analyses without getting a large amount of underlying information about impact from scientists. And that’s exactly what they do. If you read the economic literature on the subject, they all - rather uncritically - accept IPCC predictions about future temperature changes, rainfall patterns, sea level rise, extreme weather events, and so on and then translate that information into economic terms (including the impact on human wellbeing and mortality). The main thing that jumps out at you from their analysis is that the (human) world is far less vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change than scientists seem to think and that there are a surprisingly large host of economic and human health benefits associated with warming that also have to be considered.

Of course economic agents - such as speculators - are looking out for themselves. But by doing so, they are looking out for the future. By persuing their narrow self interest, they are advancing the interests of millions whether that is part of their calculation or not. This general observation about the invisible hand was stated rather well by Adam Smith and has not been improved upon since.

I am all for internalizing negative environmental externalities. So are most economists. But their work on this area suggests that the negative externalities associated with greenhouse gas emissions are probably no more than $2 per metric ton - not enough to justify more than, say, a 2 cent increase in gasoline costs. For a review of the literature on that matter, see a recent academic survey by Richard Tol:

I am glad you are aware of and enjoy my work. Pass it on - posts above suggest that I am some sort of unspeakable fiend. Nonetheless, you might be disappointed to learn that Chicago law professor Cass Sunstein (no libertarian or conservative he) recently disabused me of the notion that the costs imposed on developing countries by U.S. greenhouse gas emissions is something that should necessarily animate U.S. policy:

“If you were told that you had a fatal disease and a Doctor told you how to get better, but then an economist came along and told you that the cost of treating you would be too high so it would be better not to do anything - would you sit there and wait to die?”

That is, in fact, what happens when you have a Government run National Health System, like our own dearly beloved NHS in the UK.

Potential treatments are evaluated by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellece I believe although a good acronym, don’t you think?). If they are more expensive than the value of QALY (Quality Adjusted Life Years) then the treatment is not funded. For anyone. For example, Herceptin for breast cancer is not funded.

So that is indeed exactly what is done. Doctors say they might be able to treat a disease that will kill you and economists look at the costs and say, no, better not to treat them. Let them die.