You're all invited to a Toronto event with George Monbiot

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Regular DeSmog readers know we are big fans of Guardian columist George Monbiot, and we’re very proud to be co-sponsoring a big event next weekend in Toronto with Monbiot as our special event.

Here’s the details, hope to see you all there!


Join George Monbiot, Guardian columnist and author of “Heat: How To Save The Planet From Burning,” in Toronto next weekend for a special event!

Countdown to Copenhagen: Who in Canada is Killing the International Climate Treaty?
With the international climate treaty summit less than a month away, leading experts on the science, policy and politics of climate change will lead a forum on the role Canada is (and isn’t) playing on the international stage.

Special Guests will include:
Richard Littlemore, co-author of the new book Climate Cover Up: the crusade to deny global warming.

Details of the event are as follows:

Date: Saturday, November 28
Time: 2pm to 4pm

Location: J.J.R. MacLeod Auditorium, Medical Sciences Building, University of Toronto
1 King’s College Circle, Toronto

suggested donation of $10-$25. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.
Seating is limited; come early to guarantee a seat.

Media are welcome.

This event is brought to you by:
Power Up Canada
Climate Action Network, Canada

For more information contact:

Kevin Grandia
Managing Editor
e: [email protected]
c: 778.240.6343

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i am becoming a big fan of him as well….especially after he said “It’s no use pretending that this isn’t a major blow. The emails extracted by a hacker from the climatic research unit at the University of East Anglia could scarcely be more damaging. I am now convinced that they are genuine, and I’m dismayed and deeply shaken by them.

Yes, the messages were obtained illegally. Yes, all of us say things in emails that would be excruciating if made public. Yes, some of the comments have been taken out of context. But there are some messages that require no spin to make them look bad. There appears to be evidence here of attempts to prevent scientific data from being released, and even to destroy material that was subject to a freedom of information request.
Worse still, some of the emails suggest efforts to prevent the publication of work by climate sceptics, or to keep it out of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I believe that the head of the unit, Phil Jones, should now resign. Some of the data discussed in the emails should be re-analysed.”

You failed to continue the quote:

“…But do these revelations justify the sceptics’ claims that this is “the final nail in the coffin” of global warming theory?(8,9) Not at all. They damage the credibility of three or four scientists. They raise questions about the integrity of one or perhaps two out of several hundred lines of evidence. To bury manmade climate change, a far wider conspiracy would have to be revealed.”

The link; I recommend people read the whole thing:

i didn’t FAIL to do anything, vj. the first sentence in the article states that desmog (the e-boom group) is a big fan of george monbiot. my POINT was that if he is saying the stuff i quoted him as saying that i was becoming a fan as well. there was no FAILURE on my part. and btw, you can keep spinning all you want but your boys have made a terrible mistake. i hope the consequences of their dishonesty do not negatively effect mankind.

I liked the part of the interview where Monbiot came out and said that he should have been more SCEPTICAL of the information he was being fed and done a better job as a journalist.

Monbiot is expresing what I have seen in my own personal sphere of influence, die hard climate changers are re-exaining their point of view on the issue after you point them to the leaked e-mails and then they realize the extent of the faulty science and corruption.
I have a little business but I have pointed it out to many customers and the reaction has been,”I new this was BS all along, to people coming back and saying, the science needs to be re-examined”
It is now amazing to look back at how this small profession has managed to pervert science and nearly bring us all to fascism. The fifth estate is supposed to guard against ideological fascism yet they went hook line and sinker and started to only report one side of the story. The person that leaked this information should receive a nobel prize! Desmog joked about Singer never getting a nobel prize but now can you think of a greater defender of mankind than Fred Singer? He took the slings and arrows and stood for science, not spin. He and all the other sceptics like Tim Ball should be rewarded for their honest comittment to their professional ethics!