YouTube Reinstates banned Climate video

In July, as part of my “Climate Denial Crock of the Week” video series, I published a piece that criticized and parodied the work of well known climate denier Anthony Watts, and his “” project.

On July 26, Watts filed what I regard as an improper “DMCA” claim against the video, and had it removed from YouTube.

The DMCA, (Digital Millenium Copyright Act), was originally intended to protect copyright owners from internet abuse, but has been occasionally used improperly, notoriously by authoritarian religious groups and cults, in order to restrain criticism and free speech on the internet.

After some investigation of related cases and obtaining additional opinions as to relevant copyright law, I  confirmed my original belief that my videos in no way violate copyright law, especially in light of the principles of critical review, parody, and transformational use of material.

In accordance with established YouTube guidelines, I filed a “counternotice”, affirming, “under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief that the material  was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.”

As of today, I have received the following confirmation from YouTube:

” In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we’ve completed processing
your counter-notification regarding your video:

This content has been restored and your account will not be penalized.”

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to YouTube, to all those who advised and supported me in this effort, and most especially, to Anthony Watts and, for providing invaluable exposure to my video series, and greatly increasing my traffic and visibility.



Soviet Union, Iran, etc. are not carefully controlled, but merely mistake-ridden and clumsy, and if people can’t get their message out to raise questions, or are not exposed to other points of view, the only consequences are hurt feelings. I bet you think it’s probably their own fault too, huh?yarisma oyun forex mp3 dinle

optimism only takes you so far though :P

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Watts screwed up once and flagged something he shouldn’t have - oh well - it happens - no one likes getting their pride injured a bit.

Of course Watts clicking some kind of flag button when he shouldn’t doesn’t mean the video itself is really on target. I don’t quite get belittling his project of publicizing pictures of weather stations. Thats all it is as far as I can tell - just noting how some weather stations happen to be located by some ac units or on top of some tarmac or in some area under development - pictures of weather stations on the internet just adds to general understanding of average people about what goes on. It’s just a matter of raising questions

- as it turns out some of the questions have good answers but you don’t need to smack a guy for asking.

So in other words, you’re saying that

(1) it’s OK for Watts to start a project to ‘ask questions’ about surface temperature stations


(2) it’s _not_ OK for other people to ‘ask questions’ about Watts’s project.

– bi (

So deliberately trying to censure people for political reasons is “screwing up”? And all that’s at stake is someone’s pride?

Let me guess: you probably also think media communications in China, North Korea, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, Iran, etc. are not carefully controlled, but merely mistake-ridden and clumsy, and if people can’t get their message out to raise questions, or are not exposed to other points of view, the only consequences are hurt feelings. I bet you think it’s probably their own fault too, huh?

“Oh well, censorship happens.” Geezus.

BRAVO youtube!!!
Not only serve film video, but give lessons about our earth..
I hope youtube will make more video about this world in order to save our world..

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I stumbled across Anthony Watts’ little playpen earlier this year and tried to participate, but he actually began editing my comments to make them appear offensive!

Its comical to see that his pet weather station project has proven to be both irrelevant and politically useless.

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Not only serve film video, but give lessons about our earth…
I hope youtube will make more video about this world in order to save our world…
Don’t stop bringing us great videos like this one.

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It is sad that the instruments that are created to protect work in the opposite way. It is the first time I hear about such a situation. I read a lot about such projects as YouTube (especially I found a nice and very informative article about it at the pdf search engine ). And I always admired this project. Well, it is not the best of their moves, for sure.